Morning Post | Didi Chuxing resumes new user registration / Apple may release new products this week / iQiyi responds to prohibiting HDMI connection playback

Ai Faner's early report reading

  • More than 100 Tencent employees were fired for violating high-voltage lines
  • Tencent intends to withdraw the lease of Langke Building in advance
  • iQiyi Responds to Prohibition of HDMI Connection Playback
  • Didi Chuxing resumes new user registration
  • Wechat video account exclusively broadcasts the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Rabbit in vertical screen
  • Ideal car responds to nighttime central control display car chase
  • Black Shark Technology layoffs reach 80%
  •  Schools don't have to ban ChatGPT
  • It is reported that Apple will release new products today and tomorrow
  • PSVR2 is priced at 4499 yuan
  • Seagull may become BYD's lowest-priced model
  • Bilibili Live Goose and Duck Killing needs to apply in advance
  • lululemon officially enters Guiyang
  • Adopting a Cow Responds to Suspected Illegal Fundraising
  • "Cosmos Exploration Editorial Department" is scheduled for April Fool's Day
  • "Black Myth: Wukong" confirmed to be released in the summer of 2024
  • "When the Wind Rises Again" is scheduled for February 17th

Dachang anti-corruption: Last year, more than 100 people from Tencent were dismissed for violating high-voltage lines, and 107 people from Meituan were transferred to justice

According to news on January 16, the anti-fraud notification issued by Tencent Group shows that in the whole year of 2022, more than 100 people from Tencent will be dismissed for violating the "Tencent high-voltage line", and more than 10 people will be transferred to the public security organs for suspected crimes.

Among them, Zhang Meng, the former PCG film and television content production department, was found by the court to be guilty of accepting bribes by non-state employees and sentenced to three years in prison. Previously, Zhang Meng served as the producer of dramas such as "You Are My Glory", "Skyscrapers" and "Let's Listen to Fengming".

In addition to Tencent, other major manufacturers are also holding high the banner of anti-corruption internally. On the 13th, Meituan announced the 2022 ecological anti-corruption announcement: Meituan will investigate and deal with 41 criminal cases in 2022, transfer 107 people to judicial organs, and remove 41 partners who will never cooperate because of integrity cooperation issues.

Source: Sunshine Tencent & Daily Economic News

Tencent intends to withdraw the lease of Langke Building in advance

According to news on January 16, Netac Technology issued a brief announcement on the evening of the 16th, stating that Tencent intends to withdraw the lease early.

According to the company, Tencent decided to withdraw the lease due to factors such as the intensified downward pressure on the economy and the slowdown in consumption growth. At present, the two parties have not formally signed the "Lease Contract Termination Agreement".

"Because of its strong profitability, Tencent has always been the most generous among the major Internet companies, and its compliance is also very strong. Before that, it was rare to voluntarily change the contract." A person in charge of a Shenzhen Internet company close to Tencent said, "This time This second rental lease may be directly related to a series of major changes that Tencent is currently promoting.”

Source: Securities Times

It was exposed that HDMI connection playback was banned, iQiyi responded: It has nothing to do with member rights

According to news on January 16, some users reported that iQIYI restricts the HDMI connection playback function: when using an iPad to connect to a TV with an HDMI cable, the interface can be displayed normally, but when you click to play, a pop-up window "due to copyright reasons, this content does not support HDMI connection Play online".

In this regard, @爱奇艺 responded that the restriction of HDMI connection playback function is at the request of the copyright owner, and has nothing to do with whether to subscribe to members:

Source: Jiemian News & @爱奇艺& Sino-Singapore Jingwei

Didi Chuxing resumes new user registration

According to news on January 16, after 563 days of off-shelf rectification and suspension of registration, @川耶行动 posted on Weibo, announcing the resumption of new user registration for the "DiDi Chuxing" app:

On July 21 last year, the State Internet Information Office imposed a fine of 8.026 billion yuan on Didi in accordance with the "Network Security Law" and other laws and regulations, and imposed a fine of RMB 8.026 billion on Didi Global Co., Ltd. A fine of 1 million yuan.

According to "Wan Lian Cai" report, Didi's daily order volume in January 2022 will be about 20 million, a decrease of 1/5 compared to the 25 million orders at the time of listing, and the online car-hailing market share will drop from nearly 90% to 70%.

Source: Financial Associated Press & Alphabet List

Wechat video account exclusively broadcasts the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Rabbit in vertical screen

Scan the QR code to make an appointment for the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala on the video account

On January 16th, the WeChat video account announced that it will exclusively broadcast the Year of the Rabbit Spring Festival Gala in vertical screen.

According to reports, the video account has an original split-screen effect, which can use two different effects: three-part screen and two-person split-screen, bringing an immersive experience.

At the same time, a hot word search function has been added to the live broadcast room of the Spring Festival Gala on the vertical screen of the video account. Users who participate in the interaction of the live broadcast room can also draw lucky bags with red envelopes on the cover, and the Spring Festival couplets will also appear again.

This is the second time that the WeChat video account has obtained the exclusive vertical screen broadcasting rights of the Spring Festival Gala. On New Year's Eve last year, more than 120 million people watched the Spring Festival Gala on the vertical screen of the video account.

In terms of horizontal screen broadcasting, Douyin and Kuaishou have both reached cooperation with the Spring Festival Gala.

Source: WeChat Pai & Geek Park

Ideal car responds to the central control at night showing someone chasing the car: algorithm BUG

According to news on January 16, recently, a video of "an ideal car owner driving at night shows that someone is chasing the car" has attracted attention.

In this regard, @ Ideal Auto responded, saying that the above phenomenon is a loophole in the visual perception algorithm of Ideal L8 Pro (AD Pro platform version 4.2):

Li Auto explained that AD Pro’s mass-produced version algorithm has a loophole in the perception of the environment display, which may misidentify the halo formed by the water droplets on the rear windshield camera as human characteristics.

However, Ideal also said that this problem only affects the display of the perceived environment and will not affect the functional control. In addition, the Ideal L9 Max and Ideal L8 Max of the AD Max platform do not have this vulnerability.

Source: @ Ideal Car

Black Shark Technology layoffs reach 80%

According to news on January 16, under Black Shark Technology CEO Luo Yuzhou’s Weibo post on January 10, hundreds of employee comments asking for compensation for layoffs have recently gathered.

According to China Entrepreneur Magazine, a number of laid-off employees said that Black Shark has started about 5 rounds of layoffs since September 2022, with a layoff ratio of 80%. Among them, the mobile phone department and the VR department are the hardest-hit areas, and the Internet business and basic functional departments still retain more than 100 people.

In October 2022, Tencent suddenly stopped the acquisition of Black Shark. According to 36 Krypton, part of the reason for the stranded acquisition is that the Black Shark mobile phone is the first in the sub-category of game mobile phone shipments, and there are suspicions of monopoly. Therefore, it has not been approved when the relevant departments passed the application.

Source: China Entrepreneur Magazine

 ChatGPT doesn't have to be banned in schools

As more students use ChatGPT for homework, some schools are starting to list it as a tool for cheating. But, in practice, ChatGPT might be helpful for teaching.

In order to prevent ChatGPT, GPTZero and other detection tools for ChatGPT have become popular with teachers. However, with ChatGPT banned, students can switch to other similar AIs. Then teachers must continue to keep up and find new testing tools.

“I think having to set up a better mousetrap to catch cheating kids is the wrong approach. Because kids will figure it out,” said an English department chair. enemy."

Instead of letting students and teachers fall into an endless "cat and mouse game", let it be a teaching assistant.

High school English teacher Cherie Shields encourages students to use ChatGPT in class to create outlines for essays. But after the outline is generated, she asks students to put away their notebooks and complete their papers by hand.

Cherie Shields believes that doing so actually gives students a deeper understanding of what they're learning, because it requires them to think about how to modify it to get the desired result.

More importantly, it also allows students to learn how to interact with AI models. Because in the future, students must face a world full of AI.

Let children understand how to use AI, teach them to live with AI, and encourage them to bravely enter this strange new world. No one is more suitable as a guide than a teacher.

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It is reported that Apple will release new products today and tomorrow

On January 16th, according to Jon Prosser, Apple will release its first product announcement for 2023 on Tuesday, January 17th, local time, through a press release on its website.

Macrumors guess, will be the MacBook Pro and Mac mini models.

The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are expected to feature the M2 Pro and ‌M2‌ Max chips, and the new ‌Mac mini‌ will also feature the new ‌M2‌ chips.

Source: Macrumors

PSVR2 will be on the market on February 22, priced at 4499 yuan

On January 16, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that PlayStation VR2, a virtual reality device developed for PlayStation 5, will be officially launched globally on February 22, 2023.

The suggested retail price for the Chinese mainland market is RMB 4499, including PlayStation VR2 headset, PlayStation VR2 Sense controller and stereo headphones.

In addition, the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging stand will also be launched on the same day, with a suggested retail price of RMB 359 in mainland China.

Source: Interface News

BYD Seagull's declaration map exposed, or BYD's lowest-priced model

According to news on January 16, the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the declaration map of BYD Seagull.

Judging from the declared size and photos, the Seagull adopts a 5-door, 5-seater body structure, but it is one size smaller than the Dolphin as a whole. In terms of power, BYD Seagull will be equipped with a front-drive motor with a maximum power of 55 kW. If the battery is equipped with the same 44.9 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery as the Dolphin, the pure electric cruising range will reach 401 kilometers or 420 kilometers.

Referring to the official retail price of BYD Dolphin at 116,800 to 136,800 yuan, the reference retail price of the lower-end Seagull may be below 100,000 yuan, making it currently BYD's lowest-priced model.

Source: Interface News

Bilibili has launched a new standard for goose and duck killing live broadcasts, and advance application is required

According to the news on January 16, Bilibili officially updated the live broadcast specification of "Goose and Duck Kill".

According to the regulations, Bilibili anchors need to apply in advance to start broadcasting in the "Goose and Duck Killing" subsection, and they will only be eligible to start broadcasting after review. After the application is successful, the broadcast must be broadcast in the specified area, and the ID information of the players of the day must be submitted to the platform one day before the broadcast, and the delay of the broadcast start and the room number should be blocked by oneself.

The English name of "Goose_Goose_Duck" is "Goose_Goose_Duck". It is a werewolf killing game that has exploded recently. It has had more than 600,000 online users on Steam for three consecutive days.

Source: IT House

lululemon officially entered Guiyang and appeared in Hunter City Plaza

According to news on January 16, lululemon officially entered Guiyang and opened in Hunter City Plaza.

The interior design uses terrazzo and oak as the main elements, and incorporates many local elements to create a natural and warm experience space.

The lululemon store in Guiyang will provide a full range of products covering yoga, running, training and daily commuting, and a special display of the 2023 New Year limited series

Adopt a cow in response to business model being questioned and suspected of illegal fundraising: such issues are not involved in daily operations

According to news on January 16, the China Securities Regulatory Commission provided feedback on the IPO document for adopting a cow, involving 48 issues, including whether the business model related to adopting a cow involves pyramid schemes and illegal fund-raising.

According to public information, adopting a cow has created a model of adopting a cow. In the early stage, the "Ranch Co-Builder" activity was launched through "Start" and the "United Rancher" activity was launched through "Wonderful Store" to promote the milk card business.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of adopting a cow responded that the China Securities Regulatory Commission provided feedback on the company’s IPO documents in accordance with the regulations. The feedback was only a routine question about whether the company was involved in illegal fund-raising, and the company did not involve such issues in its daily operations.

At the same time, the person in charge also mentioned that there are indeed some illegal apps on the market that use the brand name "Adopt a Cow" to illegally raise funds. At present, the adoption of a cow has been reported and the rumors have been publicly refuted.

Source: Sino-Singapore Jingwei

"Cosmic Exploration Editorial Department" is scheduled to be released on April 1st, April Fool's Day

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

According to news on January 16, the sci-fi comedy film "Cosmic Exploration Editorial Department" released the trailer for the "What universe joke?" version, which is scheduled to be released on April Fool's Day.

The story tells the comedy story of Tang Zhijun, the middle-aged editor-in-chief of the science fiction magazine "Universe Exploration", who strays into a journey of searching for extraterrestrial civilization because of a problem that has puzzled him all his life.

The film is produced by Wang Hongwei and Guo Fan, directed by Kong Dashan, and starring Yang Haoyu and Alia. It won Fei Mu Honor Best Film at the 5th Pingyao International Film Festival in 2021 and the most popular film of "Hidden Dragon".

Source: Jiemian News & Douban Movies

"Black Myth: Wukong" releases a short film for the Year of the Rabbit, confirming that it will be released in the summer of 2024

Click on the picture to jump to view the short story

On January 16th, Game Science released a stop-motion animated short film for the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, "Brother Rabbit's Horror", and announced at the end of the film that "Black Myth: Wukong" will be officially released in the summer of 2024.

In the comment section of the official video, the official Nvidia GeForce account announced that the game will support ray tracing and the exclusive DLSS 3 function of the GTX 40 series graphics card.

After Game Science announced the release window, some netizens predicted that the game might be released on June 13, 2024. It is said that the day will be the tenth anniversary of the development team Game Science, and at the same time, June 13 is also the first day of the E3 Game Show.

Source: Youmin Xingkong

"When the Wind Rises Again" is scheduled for February 17th, starring Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung

According to news on January 16, the movie "When the Wind Rises Again" announced that it will be released on February 17.

The story tells that in the Hong Kong police force in the 1960s, two police officers hoped to change the current situation of corruption in the police force by using corruption to control corruption.

The film was written and directed by Weng Ziguang, starring Tony Leung and Aaron Kwok. It once represented Hong Kong, China, in the competition for the Best International Film Award at the 95th Academy Awards.

Source: Interface News


How does a black hole swallow a star?

Click on the picture to jump to view the video

The Hubble Space Telescope recently photographed the process of a black hole swallowing a star 300 million light-years away:

"Black holes are not hunters. They wait until an unfortunate star wanders by.

When the star gets close enough, the black hole's gravity violently tears it apart and devours its gas, releasing intense radiation at the same time. "

In the end, the star's remnant is pulled into a "doughnut" by the surrounding black hole.

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