Morning Post | China Mobile responds to the difficulty of downgrading tariff packages: Downgrading is complicated and requires dedicated personnel/It is reported that Microsoft employees in China have banned Android phones/Zhou Hongyi said that large models are outlets, not bubbles


Microsoft China employees rumored to ban Android phones

X will add support for multiple Grok model functions

China Mobile responded to the issue of tariff downgrade: downgrading is more complicated and requires dedicated personnel to handle it

Cumulative delivery of Ideal L7 exceeds 200,000 units

Beauty camera tops the overall list of AppStore in China

Xiaohongshu’s valuation has dropped to 100 billion yuan

Porsche Taycan may cut production due to low demand


6,540 Samsung union workers launch three-day strike

It is reported that Douyin is reducing the proportion of live broadcasts by experts, and the traffic is tilted to shelf e-commerce

Alipay launches new "touch" payment method, which can complete payment without showing payment code

Zhou Hongyi said that large models are a vent, not a bubble

Dark Side of the Moon announces the launch of Kimi browser plug-in

MIX Fold 4 /Filp folding screen phone will be released this month


Apple Watch Series 10 may have a larger screen


Microsoft China employees rumored to ban Android phones

A report from Bloomberg yesterday pointed out that Microsoft told employees in China that starting from September, they will only be able to use iPhones at work, effectively cutting off the connection between Android devices and the workplace.

Microsoft will soon require employees in China to use only Apple devices to verify their identities when logging into their work computers or phones, according to an internal memo reviewed by Bloomberg News.

The measure is part of Microsoft's global security future plan, which will affect hundreds of employees in mainland China and is designed to ensure that all employees use the Microsoft Authenticator password manager and Identity Pass application.

The internal memo states that any employee with an Android phone will receive an iPhone 15.

big company

X will add support for multiple Grok model functions

X blogger Nima Owji recently posted an article stating that the X social platform is developing a number of features based on the xAI Grok model to provide a richer experience for X Premium subscribers. The specific functions are as follows:

· Account summary function: When the user places the mouse on the user name, a floating panel will appear. The words "More about this account" will appear on the panel, which is expected to provide summary information about the account from the Grok model.

· Highlight text search: When the user drags the cursor to highlight dynamic content, an "Ask Grok" button will appear on the page, and the user can directly use the Grok model to conduct AI search.

· Grok side panel: The current look and feel of this side panel is similar to that of a generative AI chatbot. Users can communicate with the Grok robot while using any function of the X platform.

China Mobile responded to the issue of tariff downgrade: downgrading is more complicated and requires dedicated personnel to handle it

According to The Paper News, user Mr. Liu reported to The Paper Quality Complaint Platform that in order to downgrade the tariffs for his elderly family members, he traveled to and from his hometown twice, which took 2 months. In the meantime, he also experienced an increase instead of a decrease. Therefore, he questioned China Mobile's deliberate efforts to prevent users from downgrading their tariffs.

In addition to Mr. Liu, many users on social platforms reported that it was difficult for China Mobile to downgrade. Some users said that they had missed the call from the downshift specialist and had been unable to downgrade for nearly a month after registering back and forth.

In this regard, relevant staff of China Mobile stated that the current downgrade does need to be registered by 10086 customer service, and then the specialist will call back.

The staff said: "Our customer service desk seats are limited, so they will be divided according to the needs of users. The customer service person who answers the phone for the first time may not have the authority to change the package, so it must be transferred to the relevant specialist for processing." She said that if this causes trouble to users, she will report it to the company to improve service efficiency.

Cumulative delivery of Ideal L7 exceeds 200,000 units

Yesterday, Li Auto announced on its official Weibo that 16 months after the release of the Li Auto L7, the cumulative delivery of this model exceeded 200,000 units.

According to the official introduction of Li Auto, the Li Auto L7 was launched on February 8, 2023. Deliveries started on March 11 of the same year, and the delivery exceeded 10,000 yuan in April of the same year.

On March 1, 2024, the 2024 Ideal L7 was officially released.

Beauty camera tops the overall list of AppStore in China

Recently, the "Apple Mode" of the beauty camera has become popular on multiple social platforms, driving a large number of users to download and use it. The beauty camera has also topped the overall AppStore list in China, and has once again triggered the popularity of "system cameras" and "camera apps". Industry discussion.

Based on insights into popular trends among young users, beauty cameras have continued to launch innovative functions such as Apple mode, mirrorless mode, AI photo taking, AI animation, AI photo dancing, and AI portrait refining in this wave of AI craze, attracting a large number of users. , causing beauty cameras to frequently hit the screens on domestic social platforms such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and Weibo.

Public data shows that beauty cameras have also experienced explosive growth in Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. In 2023, Beauty Camera ranked second on the AppStore overall list in Japan for many consecutive days, and has repeatedly ranked first in the AppStore category list in Japan, South Korea, and Thailand and in the Google App Store category list.

Xiaohongshu’s valuation has dropped to 100 billion yuan

Recently, media reported that Xiaohongshu has launched a new round of layoffs in many departments, with the layoff ratio reaching up to 20%. At the same time, there was feedback from Xiaohongshu job seekers that before the Xiaohongshu staff inventory was completed, the staffing levels of many departments had been locked.

On the workplace social platform Maimai, the news "It is rumored that Xiaohongshu will lay off 15% of its employees, does anyone know about it?" has been on the hot list for many days in a row. Some Xiaohongshu employees responded to news about layoffs under the topic, and attracted employees from Pinduoduo, ByteDance, Huawei and other companies to post recruitment posts.

A report from Times Finance App pointed out that the reason behind the frequent changes in Xiaohongshu’s personnel is the decline in Xiaohongshu’s valuation and its commercialization difficulties.

Data shows that Xiaohongshu has completed 6 rounds of financing, and the valuation of the last round of financing at the end of 2021 reached US$20 billion (approximately 145.4 billion yuan) after investment. However, in the "Global Unicorn Index 2024" released by Hurun in April this year, the company's valuation has dropped to 100 billion yuan.

Porsche Taycan may cut production due to low demand

Porsche's factory in Zuffenhausen will soon adjust to single-shift production due to lower-than-expected demand for the Taycan, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Porsche is consulting with local factory councils and the change is not expected to result in any job losses, but it may only apply to permanent employees. A few weeks ago, Porsche had chosen not to renew the contracts of hundreds of temporary workers.

Another important reason for the reduction in Taycan model production may be related to the recent recall incident. In early July, Porsche announced a global recall of all Taycan models sold from 2019 to 2024, throughout the entire sales period, with a total volume of more than 150,000 vehicles.

In the United States alone, 31,689 vehicles need to be processed, while 11,860 vehicles are involved in Germany and 17,278 vehicles are involved in China. This recall is mainly due to design reasons. The front brake hose may crack, causing brake fluid to leak, resulting in reduced braking efficiency, longer braking distance, increased risk of vehicle collision, and potential safety hazards.

According to third-party data, it currently shows a 5% failure rate, and there have been no casualties as a result.

6,540 Samsung union workers launch three-day strike

According to Bloomberg, more than 6,500 workers at Samsung Electronics have launched a three-day strike, which is also the largest organized labor action in the company's half-century history.

The report pointed out that Samsung's largest union spent weeks preparing for a strike after negotiations over wages and vacation time broke down last month. The strike is an escalation from a one-day strike in early June.

The disputes between the two parties mainly focus on the following two points:

· Salary increase is too low: South Korea’s National Samsung Electronics Labor Union believes that the 5.1% increase is too low and demands that the salary increase be increased to 6.5%.

· Performance bonus system: The labor union requires Samsung Electronics to adjust the measurement standard for performance bonuses from calculating based on economic value added (net operating profit after tax minus capital investment) to calculating based on operating profit, the same as SK Hynix and LG Electronics.

Bloomberg said that for Samsung, it cannot afford internal chaos or production chaos at critical moments. It is currently trying its best to convince Nvidia Corp. to use its high-end AI memory chips — a prerequisite for capturing a larger share of the booming AI market. In May this year, it suddenly changed the head of its semiconductor unit, and SK Hynix has dominated the key high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chip field since 2023.

Currently, Samsung holds about 20% of the global DRAM market and about 40% of the NAND flash memory market used in smartphones and servers. Bloomberg said any disruption to Samsung's operations could have a ripple effect.

It is reported that Douyin is reducing the proportion of live broadcasts by experts, and the traffic is tilted to shelf e-commerce

36 Krypton reported that many industry insiders said that Douyin is reducing the proportion of traffic allocation to live broadcasts of experts (referred to as "Dabo") and tilting the traffic to high-quality short videos and brand store broadcasts.

An industry insider told 36 Krypton that he felt strongly about the decrease in traffic on Douyin Dabo. In June this year, the growth rate of Dabo GMV of his fast-food category stores dropped from double digits to single digits.

Another person close to Douyin said that this year the GMV generated by Douyin’s product cards (including showcases, search, Douyin Mall, Guess You Like, etc.) will account for more than 40% of the entire Douyin e-commerce market. The rest are short videos and live broadcasts. In 2025, Douyin product cards will account for more than 50%.

36 Krypton asked Douyin to verify the above data, and Douyin denied this statement.

Alipay launches new "touch" payment method, which can complete payment without showing payment code

On July 8, at the Alipay Open Day, Alipay announced an upgrade to the barcode payment experience and the launch of "Alipay Touch". Users do not need to show the payment code, unlock the phone and touch the merchant's payment device to complete the payment in one step.

Officials said that compared to the existing Alipay "scan", "touch" is simpler and more direct. Originally, users needed to enter the Alipay App and click the payment code, which was divided into three steps. However, with "Touch", just touch your phone to complete the payment in one step at the fastest.

At present, more than 2,300 brands and merchants in 6 cities including Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, Hangzhou, and Fuzhou have successively accessed "Alipay Touch", such as Hongqi, Meiyijia, 7-11, Dandan, Yike, Convenience stores such as Bestore.

Cao Shiru, general manager of Hongqi Chain, said that "Alipay Touch" is more convenient in terms of payment functions and simplifies the process, making convenience store membership registration and login easier. The average store acquisition time for each new member has been shortened from nearly 1 minute to 3 minutes. seconds. "Less than two weeks after the store went online, member transaction orders surged by 38%."

Li Jiajia, vice president of Alipay, said that the highly popular domestic digital infrastructure and the rapidly developing Chinese mobile phone industry have created conditions for continued innovation in payment. On this basis, the innovative "Pengxiao" not only optimizes and improves user payment convenience, but also has more open possibilities, creating more business sparks for merchants' digital operations and creating new value for users and merchants. .

 : Zhou Hongyi said that large models are vents, not bubbles

According to Sina Technology, at the 360 ​​Large Model Children’s Watch Product Launch held yesterday, Zhou Hongyi, founder and chairman of 360 Group, said that 2024 will be the year of the large model scene, and killer applications will appear in the To C scene.

"Large models are outlets, not bubbles." Zhou Hongyi said that he praised Baidu founder Robin Li on the spot and said, "Director Li said at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference that large-scale models are useless, only volume applications are valuable. I strongly agree with this view."

He pointed out, "Nvidia's market value has been soaring this year, surpassing Microsoft and Apple. This is a sign that mankind has entered the era of artificial intelligence."

New product

Dark Side of the Moon announces the launch of Kimi browser plug-in

Yesterday, Dark Side of the Moon announced on its official account that it has launched the Kimi browser plug-in. Officials said that currently this plug-in only has two buttons. One is a click pen, which will appear after selecting text; the other is a summarizer, which appears in the lower right corner of the web page and can help users quickly summarize the full text and answer questions. There are mainly four types of usage:

1. Directly select the text in question and get an explanation immediately. The Kimi plug-in will help you better understand a term, a name, or a sentence based on understanding the context and combining it with specific scenarios; instead of simply searching and reorganizing information.

2. Quickly extract key content from long articles. Click on the lower right corner to quickly trigger the function of summarizing the full text; Kimi also welcomes your questions at any time and will accompany you to discuss and explore new knowledge.

3. Turn on the sidebar mode, continue the conversation with Kimi, and search while writing. The Kimi plug-in supports two display methods: global floating window and sidebar. In the creative scene, Kimi in the form of a sidebar may be more suitable as your creative partner.

4.Command + K, summon Kimi.

In addition, Dark Side of the Moon also stated that they have also optimized Kimi’s App and web version.

MIX Fold 4 /Filp folding screen phone will be released this month

On July 8, Xiaomi officially announced that its new-generation Xiaomi mobile phone smart factory in Changping, Beijing, has officially entered full mass production, with an investment of 2.4 billion yuan, a construction area of ​​81,000 square meters, and an annual production capacity of 10 million flagship mobile phones. Obtained the certification of "National Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmark Enterprise". In addition, officials said that the Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 / Filp folding screen mobile phone to be released this month will also be produced here.

Xiaomi said that through in-depth self-research on "manufacturing equipment", it has achieved 100% automation of key processes; it has completed the construction of an industry-leading "full-link industrial big data" base and achieved 100% digitization of industrial production.

At the same time, the self-developed "Xiaomi Pengpai Intelligent Manufacturing Platform" enables the entire factory to have self-awareness, self-decision-making, and self-execution capabilities. It can independently diagnose equipment problems, improve process processes, and realize full-scenario data from raw material procurement to delivery. Intelligent management.

Apple Watch Series 10 may have a larger screen

According to the latest issue of "Power On" by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, as Apple Watch celebrates its 10th birthday, Apple plans to make some major changes to the "Series" smartwatches this fall, including larger Display and thinner size.

Mark Gurman pointed out that both versions of the Series 10, codenamed N217 and N218, will get larger screens. This change means Series 10 users will be able to choose a screen as big as the Apple Watch Ultra. The Ultra range itself won't get major design changes, though.

However, as of now, Mark Gurman said that it is not clear whether Apple will launch Apple Watch Series 10 as an anniversary model this year, or wait until next year. Because the original Apple Watch was released in 2014, but was not officially released until 2015.

As for the long-awaited Apple Watch health tools, Mark Gurman said that Apple has been developing technology to detect high blood pressure and sleep apnea, and these technologies are planned to be released this year. But the job didn't go smoothly.

Since making progress on these features last year, Apple has hit some serious roadblocks. Because the technology used to measure high blood pressure isn't as reliable as hoped during testing. This may force Apple to delay the launch until after this year. There are particular concerns about whether the blood pressure feature will work properly with the new Series 10 design.

new consumption

Starbucks China launches new Soft Snow Frappuccino

Starbucks China announced the launch of the new "Soft Snow Frappuccino", which will bring four new flavors: coffee, matcha, berry popsicles, and red strawberry (exclusively available through exclusive star delivery channels).

· Coffee Soft Snow Frappuccino, the classic cold brew coffee and snow milk blend at the bottom. The smooth coffee taste and the rich milk aroma like thick snow linger on the tip of the tongue.

· Raspberry Popped Beads Soft Snow Frappuccino, with raspberry blackcurrant juice and raspberry flavored popcorn beads at the bottom hidden in the dense and smooth snow milk, giving the rich aftertaste like thick snow a lively and slightly explosive taste Sweet and sour.

· Matcha Soft Snow Frappuccino, the fresh matcha poured in slowly penetrates into the dense and smooth snow milk, bringing a rich tea flavor and a rich aftertaste like thick snow.

· Red Strawberry Soft Snow Frappuccino: only available through exclusive star delivery channels, with a rich and thick milk flavor and embellished vanilla seeds, combined with sweet red strawberry jam, you can enjoy a creamy and smooth taste bud experience

Burberry to cut hundreds of jobs

According to foreign media fashionnetwork, Burberry is expected to lay off hundreds of employees due to a sharp drop in its stock price.

Burberry has reportedly begun a 45-day consultation, suggesting hundreds of jobs could be cut. Its employees were also informed during a Zoom meeting in late June that affected employees were facing layoffs or having to reapply for positions.

Social Status x New Balance joint shoe 1906U exposed

According to foreign media sneakerfiles, Social Status will join hands with New Balance to launch a joint shoe called 1906U.

There are two colors for this shoe. The first is white breathable mesh. The shoe body is equipped with gray mesh. The overall design highlights the fresh blue color.

The second one also features white mesh, but uses gray suede on the overlays. The side of the shoe is decorated with a black "N" logo, and the sole is decorated with bright orange.


Animated movie "Ari" is scheduled to be released on August 17

According to, "Ari" has officially announced that it will be released in theaters across the country on August 17, 2024, and has released a preview and poster.

The movie "Ari" continues Ahri's warm and healing theme of "love and companionship", and on this basis, embarks on an unprecedented adventure.

Xu Han, the original author of Ali, is the director and screenwriter of this film. He said: As his own original IP in China, "I hope to use the art form of film to tell stories in rich themes such as dreams, adventure, and friendship. Our Chinese own fairy tale."

The movie "Catch a Baby" will be released in IMAX theaters

Yesterday, IMAX announced on its official Weibo account that the movie "Catch a Baby" will be released in IMAX theaters on July 16.

The film is directed by Yan Fei and Peng Damo, written by Peng Damo, Yan Fei and Lin Bingbao, starring Shen Teng and Ma Li, starring Shi Pengyuan, Sarina and Xiao Bochen, with special appearances by Wei Xiang and Jia Bing.

"Dislocation" is scheduled to be released on July 11 at Mist Theater

The suspense film "Dislocation" will be launched on iQiyi Mist Theater on July 11, starring Ma Yili, Tong Dawei, and Gao Zhiting.

The film tells the story of detectives Jiang Guangming (played by Ma Yili) and Shi Luo (played by Gao Zhiting), who accidentally discovered that the crime scene described in the novel by writer Gu Jiming (played by Tong Dawei) was related to the case they were investigating. The story of a bizarre coincidence at the discovery scene.

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