Morning Post | Byte officially announces the contraction of gaming business / Didi ride-hailing service resumes / Tesla requires owners of brake failure incidents to compensate 5 million yuan


ByteDance official announcement: Large-scale contraction of game business, retaining some innovative game exploration

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television: Cable TV terminals should default to "turn on to full-screen live broadcast"

Didi Reply App crashed

Tesla demands compensation of 5 million from female car owner after brake failure

Bytedance establishes new department Flow to focus on AI application layer

Changan Automobile: Huawei’s planned new company will not build cars

It is reported that Taotian Group is preparing to build a large model team

ChatGPT gives better advice than professionals, study finds

iOS 17.1.2 update may be released this week, still focused on bug fixes

Cumulative number of new M7 from Wenjie exceeds 100,000 units

OnePlus 12 launch conference scheduled for December 5

Douyin e-commerce refutes rumors that Douyin supermarket operates as an agent

Disney x KITH new Box Logo series released

Salehe Bembury Shares New Crocs Collaboration Shoes

"Wonka" releases exclusive poster for China

The first-week box office of "Star Wish" fell short of expectations

"Nothing That Can't Be Solved by a Hot Pot" is scheduled to be released


ByteDance official announcement: Large-scale contraction of game business, retaining some innovative game exploration

According to Sina Technology, ByteDance officially announced that its gaming business will undergo large-scale business contraction——

For games that have been launched and are performing well, we will seek to divest them while ensuring operations; for projects that have not yet been launched, except for a small number of innovative projects and related technology projects, they will be shut down.

Zhaoxi Guangnian stated that there will indeed be business direction and organizational adjustments, and it will focus more on the exploration of some innovative games and related technologies. But at the same time, we will also do a good job in the continuous operation of already launched products to fully protect the rights and interests of players.

Founded in 2019, Zhaoxiguangnian is the game R&D and publishing business brand of ByteDance. Similar to ByteDance’s emphasis on globalization, Chaoxi Guangnian also attaches great importance to globalization.

Its overseas releases of "RO Ragnarok: The Birth of a New Generation" and the Marvel IP card mobile game "MARVEL SNAP" have achieved certain success. In the domestic market, "Crystal Core" launched by Zhaoxiguangnian in July this year is considered to be the first "hit" of Zhaoxiguangnian's self-developed game.

People close to ByteDance revealed that the decision was discussed repeatedly for a long time by business leader Yan Shuo and ByteDance CEO Liang Rubo.

Liang Rubo believes that although the game business has achieved certain results, Byte Games has pursued "big and comprehensive" in the past few years, with unfocused projects and scattered resources. It should invest energy and resources into more basic, innovative and imaginative things. project.

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television: Cable TV terminals should default to "turn on to full-screen live broadcast"

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently issued notices on three radio, television and online audio-visual industry standards including the "Technical Requirements for Cable TV Business".

Cable TV terminals are required to provide two "power-on mode" options, "power on to enter full-screen live broadcast" and "power on to enter an interactive homepage that highlights the live broadcast channel." The system default setting should be "power on to enter full-screen live broadcast."

According to relevant notices, the power-on process of a cable TV smart set-top box should take no more than 35 seconds.

When providing cable TV services such as live channels, time-shifted TV, channel playback, and video on demand, cable TV operators should ensure that the interface is simple and friendly, the operation is convenient and fast, and the programs are transmitted with high quality.

Didi Reply App crashed

Yesterday evening, many Didi users in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities reported that the Didi app crashed and displayed network abnormalities, and users were unable to use the positioning function and hail a taxi.​​​

Didi responded and apologized that night: "Due to a system failure, the Didi app service experienced an abnormality tonight. It was urgently repaired by technical colleagues and is currently being restored."

Didi said, “It’s very cold at night, and cyclists who cannot lock their bikes do not need to wait where they are. Passengers who cannot check out at the end can get off the bus and go home normally. There is no need to worry about fares caused by the malfunction. Please be patient and wait for follow-up notifications. , it will be handled properly in the future.”

Didi issued an announcement this morning saying that after overnight repairs by its technical team, Didi's ride-hailing and other services have been restored, and users can download the Didi app to use ride-hailing services.

Cycling and other services are still being restored, and all Qingju vehicles that can be unlocked or unlocked can be ridden for free.

big company

Tesla demands compensation of 5 million from female car owner after brake failure

Recently, the court made a first-instance judgment in the case of Tesla suing the car owner for reputational infringement in the "Shanghai Auto Show Incident".

It was determined that Ms. Li from Xi'an was liable for reputational infringement. She must publicly apologize to Tesla and pay 2,000 yuan in compensation, and also bear 20,000 yuan in vehicle appraisal fees. After identification, the vehicle involved did not have a brake problem.

According to China News Weekly, Tesla requested Ms. Li to pay 5 million yuan in compensation in the first instance, but the judgment was only 2,000 yuan.

Tesla said yesterday that the incident had caused huge losses to it, with judicial assessment agencies estimating that the loss of Tesla orders and goodwill was as high as hundreds of millions of yuan. Tesla said it would continue to appeal.

According to previous reports, the defendant, Ms. Li from Xi’an, was involved in a traffic accident while driving a Tesla in March 2021. On April 19, 2021, Ms. Li from Xi'an and Ms. Zhang from Henan appeared at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show, wearing clothes with the words "Brake Failure".

On the same day, Ms. Zhang from Henan was administratively detained by the public security organs for disturbing public order, and Ms. Li from Xi'an was given an administrative warning.

Bytedance establishes new department Flow to focus on AI application layer

According to 36 Krypton, ByteDance recently established a new AI department, Flow, and the technical person in charge is Hong Dingkun, Vice President of ByteDance Technology.

A person familiar with the matter said that the business leader of this new department is Zhu Wenjia, the head of Byte’s large model team.

According to reports, Flow mainly focuses on the AI ​​application layer. In the byte circle, Flow recently released a recruitment post, and social recruitment has also started for some time.

In the post, it stated that it is ByteDance's AI innovation business team. "Currently, two products, Doubao and Cici, have been launched domestically and overseas respectively, and there are multiple AI-related innovative products incubation."

At the beginning of November, various business units of Byte have made many business and structural adjustments. These adjustments are still in progress, and the current structure and reporting lines of Flow have not been fully determined.

Many people familiar with the matter also said that in this adjustment, Byte has also transferred candidates from various BUs such as Feishu and Douyin to this department to make a new C-end product.

Changan Automobile: Huawei’s planned new company will not build cars

On November 25, Huawei and Changan Automobile signed an "Investment Cooperation Memorandum". After negotiation, Huawei plans to establish a new company to focus on the research and development, production, sales and services of intelligent driving systems and incremental components for intelligent connected vehicles.

According to the cooperation intention, Changan Automobile and related parties will invest in the company, with a proportion of no more than 40%, and jointly support the future development of the company with Huawei.

According to China Business News, specific cooperation matters between Changan Automobile and Huawei are still under negotiation and are expected to be completed within 6 months.

Changan Automobile stated that the new company to be established by Huawei will only provide technical support such as solutions and will not build cars.

In addition, according to Jiemian News, a person familiar with the matter said: "It is wrong that Changan is the only car company to take a stake. Huawei has made it clear that the new company is an open platform, and more car companies will join in the future."

People familiar with the matter said that Cyrus has received an invitation to jointly invest in the target company and jointly participate in the creation of an electrified and intelligent open platform. There is no argument that the latest technology is expected to be available to Avita first.

It is reported that Taotian Group is preparing to build a large model team

According to, Taotian Group is preparing to build a large-scale model research team, and recruitment has begun. The team formation work is jointly led by Taotian Group CEO Dai Shan, Taotian Group CTO Ruo Hai, Alimama CTO Zheng Bo and others.

According to reports, Taotian Group’s large-scale model research will mainly focus on two scenarios: one is search and promotion, and the other is content-based shopping.

A technical talent related to large models said that the large model positions at Taotian Group are still very attractive.

On the one hand, Taotian Group's ability to resist risks is very strong in the current environment; on the other hand, the application scenarios of Taotian Group's large models are relatively clear, and compared with general large models, the certainty is higher.

 ChatGPT gives better advice than professionals, study finds

A new study recently published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology shows that the latest version of ChatGPT can provide better advice than professional columnists, PsyPost reports.

Providing personal advice requires demonstrating a level of empathy. The latest version of the chatbot based on GPT-4 allows users to request multiple answers to the same question and then choose the answer they prefer.

This feedback allows the model to gradually develop responses appropriate to social situations and helps it appear more empathetic.

The researchers asked each of 400 participants a social dilemma question, along with responses from ChatGPT and professional columnists, without revealing the source of each response.

Results showed that about three-quarters of participants believed ChatGPT's advice was more balanced, complete, empathetic, helpful, and overall more effective than that of a professional.

The researchers say this is not a suggestion that ChatGPT should replace professional counselors or therapists, not just because the chatbot itself will warn about this, but also because chatbots have given potentially dangerous advice in the past.

Still, the findings suggest that, as long as some of the problems are solved, properly designed chatbots might one day be used to assist therapy and provide columnists with suggestions for improvements.

New product

iOS 17.1.2 update may be released this week, still focused on bug fixes

According to MacRumors, Apple may release iOS 17.1.2 this week. As a minor update, iOS 17.1.2 will focus on bug fixes.

Some users reported that they are still experiencing Wi-Fi connection issues on iOS 17.1.1, so iOS 17.1.2 may include the same Wi-Fi connection issue fixes as in the iOS 17.2 Beta version.

iOS 17.1.2 will be the second bug fix update for iPhone this month after iOS 17.1.1. iOS 17.1.1 fixes a BMW wireless charging issue affecting the iPhone 15 series, as well as an issue where the Weather app widget cannot display the snow icon.

Following iOS 17.1.2, Apple is expected to release iOS 17.2, which has been in beta testing for about a month.

As previously reported, iOS 17.2 includes many new features and changes, including the Journal app, spatial video recording capabilities on iPhone 15 Pro models, and translation options for action buttons.

Cumulative number of new M7 from Wenjie exceeds 100,000 units

Yesterday, AITO Automobile announced that in just two and a half months since its release, the new M7 has exceeded 100,000 units, with monthly sales exceeding 30,000 units.

The popularity of the Wenjie M7 may be related to its lower price. The car was released on September 12 this year, and the official starting price was reduced by nearly 10,000 yuan to as low as 249,800 yuan.

On the other hand, seat ventilation, heating, massage and other functions that were once only available on high-end M7 models have all become standard features on the new M7.

Yu Chengdong said, "Cyliss is our earliest and deepest car company partner in the Hongmeng Smart Travel model. Huawei will continue to work with Cyrus to bring more and better products and services to consumers, and create another One hundred thousand vehicles".

OnePlus 12 launch conference scheduled for December 5

OnePlus 12 will be officially released on December 5th. Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, said that the product power of OnePlus 12 surpasses all Snapdragon 8 Gen3 mobile phone Pro versions.

The new phone is available in three colors: “White”, “Light Green”, and “Rock Black”. According to reports, OnePlus 12 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, provide a 24GB+1TB large memory version, and be the world’s first memory gene recombination 2.0.

According to previous official warm-up news, OnePlus 12 will launch the world’s first 2K “Oriental Screen”, supporting 120Hz LTPO adaptive refresh rate.

At the same time, it is fully equipped with a "new generation of super light and shadow imaging system" and the world's first flagship main camera of Sony's Lightyu LYT-808, which is said to be "probably the most powerful main camera in its class";

The new phone will also be equipped with a 64-megapixel super light and shadow periscope telephoto lens, with "a larger sensor area, a longer focal length, and a more complete and powerful anti-shake capability."

new consumption

Douyin e-commerce refutes rumors that Douyin supermarket operates as an agent

Yesterday, Douyin e-commerce refuted rumors: It was rumored online that Simei Media operates Douyin Supermarket on behalf of the company. This is false news. Douyin Supermarket business is self-operated by Douyin e-commerce.

Subsequently, Simei Media stated on the interactive platform that the company's operation of Douyin Supermarket on behalf of the company refers to the company's operation of one of the official live broadcast rooms of Douyin's official supermarket.

It is reported that earlier yesterday, Simei Media responded to investors’ questions on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Interactive Platform and stated that “Douyin Supermarket is currently operated by our company.”

Affected by this, Simei Media staged a quasi-"ground-to-floor" performance in the afternoon, with a transaction volume of over 900 million, and the stock was close to the limit in early trading.

According to the Financial Associated Press, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange today issued a letter of concern to Simei Media, requiring a detailed explanation of the specific circumstances of conducting business related to Douyin Supermarket in a true, accurate, complete, concise, clear, and easy-to-understand manner.

Including but not limited to relevant business models, specific businesses or products provided, capital investment, staffing, technology research and development, market development, the proportion of this business in the company's main business income and net profit, etc.

Disney x KITH new Box Logo series released

Continuing to celebrate Disney's 100th anniversary, the Box Logo series created by KITH in collaboration with Disney is now on sale.

Featuring iconic characters from the Disney archives, the collection reinvents KITH's classic embroidered logo hoodies and crewnecks.

Iconic characters appearing in the costumes include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. The series is currently on sale.

Salehe Bembury Shares New Crocs Collaboration Shoes

Crocs appointed Salehe Bembury as brand creative director in April this year, and continues to add new products to Crocs Pollex Clog and Pollex Slide shoes.

Recently, Salehe Bembury exposed the new shoes created by both parties on Instagram.

As you can see from the pictures, the new Salehe Bembury x Crocs shoes have Pollex-style rubber soles and are printed with "Crocs Salehe Bembury" imprint.

The body of the shoe appears to be made of peach leather, beige mesh tongue, and lining. The sole is made of green rubber with a blue wave design, showing Pollex's unique Gorpcore style.


"Wonka" releases exclusive poster for China

The prequel movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" "Wonka" releases an exclusive poster for China, featuring a colorful world and an adventure of "love and chocolate".

The film will be released in mainland China on December 8 and in North America on December 15. ​​​Focuses on the adventures of young Willy Wonka before the opening of the world's most famous chocolate factory, with musical elements.

The first-week box office of "Star Wish" fell short of expectations

Disney's new film "Wish" grossed a rough estimate of 25.3 million yuan (approximately 3.5 million U.S. dollars) in its first week (three days) in mainland China; its first week (five days, including the Thanksgiving holiday) in North America had a rough estimate of 31.7 million U.S. dollars, which was lower than expected.

Ranked third behind "The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes" ($42 million in five days) and "Napoleon" ($32.5 million); global opening weekend of $49 million (17.3 million in 27 markets outside North America) ).

The industry believes that the film can observe the long-term performance of the box office at the end of the year and the performance of streaming media. According to reports, the production cost of the film is US$175-200 million.

"Nothing That Can't Be Solved by a Hot Pot" is scheduled to be released

The movie "Nothing That Can't Be Solved by a Hot Pot" is officially scheduled to be released on January 13, 2024.

The film is directed by Ding Sheng and stars Yang Mi, Yu Qian, Tian Yu, Yu Ailei, and Li Jiuxiao. It tells the story of four strangers who were sharing stolen goods in a theater backstage warehouse and were accidentally involved in a murder case. The special identities of the four people were also revealed. As the hot pot rolls, it gradually emerges from the water…

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