Morning Post | Bing will usher in more advertisements / Zhou Hongyi said that the biggest insecurity is not to develop GPT / Blizzard once asked NetEase to pay 500 million US dollars

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  • Zhang Yong talks about the purpose of Ali's organizational structure change
  • Microsoft's new Bing will have more ads in the future
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max may have exclusive periscope lens
  • Zhou Hongyi: Not developing GPT-5 is the biggest insecurity
  • Baidu Shenjiu: Generative AI will bring new jobs
  • NetEase Youdao will launch ChatGPT model
  • Blizzard demanded $500 million from NetEase
  • Didi's national layout "Xiaoju preferred station"
  •  It's time to make "doubt everything" the default
  • Meizu 20 series officially released
  • Apple Releases First Public Beta of iOS 16.5
  • Ming-Chi Kuo: Whether Apple's MR headset will be unveiled at WWDC is still variable
  • Nayuki’s tea revenue fell 1% year-on-year last year
  • Hema launches "1-hour delivery" service
  • Heinz launches 'ketchup' tattoo paint
  • Wes Anderson's new movie "Asteroid City" release trailer
  • Keanu gives "John Wick" stuntman "death T-shirt"
  • Disney unveils live-action "Peter Pan" movie poster

Zhang Yong talks about the purpose of Ali's organizational structure change

Yesterday, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong and CFO Xu Hong attended the new organizational governance structure communication meeting to answer questions from investors and industry analysts.

When asked what the purpose of this structural adjustment is, Zhang Yong said that since Ali was established 24 years ago, it has long been necessary to "promote the development of productivity through the reform of production relations", and ultimately to "release productivity".

After these years of reforms, Ali's structure has become very complicated. Therefore, this reform is to "make the overall production relationship simpler and promote us to take a real step forward from the top level."

As for the synergistic effect of many of Ali’s internal businesses, Zhang Yong said that how to maintain the synergistic effect after the reorganization is also Ali’s “very unique part in the fierce market competition.”

Specifically, Zhang Yong said that each business group has formed a stable cooperative relationship over the years, and organizational changes will not affect it, but the initiative has changed from group orders to creating value for their respective services.

At the same time, Zhang Yong believes that after the business group enters the market, it can also further verify the effectiveness of the services provided by each business.

As for the listing possibility, timing and location of each business group, Xu Hong said that apart from Taobao Tmall, the listing plans of the other five major business groups will be gradually implemented in the future, and whether Hong Kong is still the location needs to be further evaluated.

Microsoft's new Bing will have more ads in the future

Recently, some netizens shared that they encountered advertisements when using the new Bing conversation mode.

Microsoft's response was straightforward, with a blog post saying the company is "exploring the placement of ads in the chat experience":

Yes, ads will appear in the new Bing, especially in chat mode. Because the new Bing is still in preview, the appearance of ads may vary from user to user.

Although many people can already foresee that there will be ad placement in the future, The Verge reporter Jay Peters is very dissatisfied with Microsoft's avoidance of talking about the impact of advertising on the quality of Bing content responses:

No matter how balanced, the integration of advertisements will make it harder to judge (Bing) replies that are originally difficult to judge whether they are credible.

According to previous reports, Microsoft has already started negotiating with advertising companies in February this year. Since the preview version in February, there have been advertisements in Bing. At that time, the form was an advertisement link, which was not as natural as in the dialogue mode.

iPhone 15 Pro Max may have exclusive periscope lens

Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out in his prediction report that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will exclusively be equipped with a periscope telephoto lens, and this series of lenses will be exclusively supplied by Largan Optoelectronics.

The report pointed out that the average price of Largan's periscope lens is about US$4, which is lower than the US$4.5-US$5 that the market thinks or even higher. This also means that Largan cannot profit from these camera lenses.

Guo Mingchi believes that, judging from Apple’s traditional habits, both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max launched in 2024 will be equipped with the same or similar periscope lens.

At the same time, Guo Mingchi also predicted that Apple supplier Yujingguang will supply periscope lenses for the iPhone 16 Pro series at that time, and provide them at a lower price, which will also have a negative impact on lens suppliers.

Zhou Hongyi: Not developing GPT-5 is the biggest insecurity

Yesterday, Zhou Hongyi posted a long article on Weibo, sharing his views on the event that thousands of people including Musk petitioned to suspend the development of GPT-5.

I am doing security myself, but I firmly believe that the biggest insecurity is not developing.

Zhou Hongyi believes that GPT will lead a new industrial revolution and will bring about a substantial increase in productivity, thereby enhancing national competitiveness, so China must catch up.

He also admitted that the recent exponential leap in artificial intelligence has really caught people off guard. No one can give a definite answer to how humans will respond to the future security challenges brought about by AI.

See Zhou Hongyi's full text

Midjourney Ends Free Trial

AI image generation platform Midjourney has announced the end of its free trial due to a sudden influx of new users.

Midtrip CEO and founder David Holz announced the change, initially citing "extraordinary demand and trial abuse" in a Discord message. Holz told The Verge that the decision was also due to "the large number of people using disposable accounts to get free images."

Holz said that while a viral instructional video went viral in China, there was also a shortage of GPUs on the platform. "The two factors combined to degrade the quality of service for paying users."

As for the "abuse" mentioned by Holz, people are reminded of the recently widely circulated pictures of Trump and Pope. But Holz pointed out that the free trial does not work with the latest V5 version of Midjourney.

Baidu Shenjiu: Generative AI will bring new jobs

Shen Dou, Executive Vice President of Baidu Group and President of Baidu Intelligent Cloud Business Group, said at the Boao Forum for Asia:

The emergence of generative AI will gradually differentiate enterprises into intelligent enterprises and non-intelligent enterprises. Non-intelligent enterprises will gradually be eliminated, and new giants will be born.

Shen Dou believes that generative AI will bring a very large-scale new profession. In the future, more than 50% of people will be "instructors". The disappearance of one wave of professions will definitely give birth to another wave of new professions.

NetEase Youdao will launch ChatGPT model

The Financial Associated Press quoted Netease Youdao as saying that Youdao’s self-developed ChatGPT-like model in educational scenarios will be launched in the near future and named “Ziyue”.

It is reported that the demo based on the scene of AI oral English teacher and Chinese composition correction has been completed, and the internal test will be opened in the near future.

At the same time, Tianyancha also showed that Netease Youdao Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has recently applied for the registration of multiple "Youdaoziyue" trademarks. The international classification includes education and entertainment, advertising sales, communication services, etc. The current trademark status is application middle.

Blizzard demanded $500 million from NetEase

The New York Times pointed out in a report that the relationship between NetEase and Blizzard had been tense before the contract renewal negotiations last year.

According to people familiar with the matter, NetEase executives believe that Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has made many unreasonable demands over the years.

In 2018, NetEase announced that the game developer had invested $100 million in Bungie, and Kotick was unhappy. Blizzard itself has a cooperation with Bungie, and the progress is not ideal, and Kotick feels that this investment will further distract Bungie from Blizzard's projects.

NetEase also invested in another game company that year, and the founder was a Blizzard employee who left the company not long ago. Kotick wasn't happy about that either.

In 2019, the two companies reached an agreement to limit NetEase's investment in former Blizzard employees or their companies.

What made the cooperation between the two parties finally come to an end was that Blizzard asked NetEase to pay a one-time advance payment of 500 million US dollars in advance.

Later, NetEase said in a statement that Blizzard's terms were "commercially illogical," and the two parties terminated their partnership in January.

Didi's national layout "Xiaoju preferred station"

Xiaoju Charging, a digital intelligent charging operator under Didi, launched the "Xiaoju Optimal Station", focusing on the pain points of electric vehicle charging from all aspects of operation, service, and product technology.

Xiaoju Optimal Station has a unified orange image logo. Users can also quickly find the target charging station by logging into the Xiaoju Charging Mini Program, Didi Chuxing App, and Didi Car Master App through their mobile phones.

By the end of 2022, Xiaoju Charging has deployed nearly 90,000 fast charging piles in more than 120 cities across the country.

 It's time to make "doubt everything" the default

The Guardian and Vice writer Joel Golby has always thought he knew the web well – from the days when it was slow to download a single image, to playing Flash games, to now seeing Facebook as an inaccurate local newspaper, Twitter It's a "blame field", knowing that everyone only reads the first hundred words of a newsletter.

However, he was surprised to find that he had been "cheated".

Recently, a photo of the pope's upper body, Balenciaga, has been circulating on the Internet. He suspected that it was an AI-made picture, but after looking at the hands and other details of the character, he thought it should be a real photo.

He has always thought that being deceived by online fake news is only a situation for the elderly who are out of touch. This experience made him realize that a turning point has arrived:

The "Internet Generation" has finally been deceived on the Internet.

Now, Golby insists, is the time to "make skepticism about everything the default," or we're going to be in big trouble.

This opinion comes from

Meizu 20 series officially released

Last night, Xingji Meizu Group released a new generation of flagship mobile phone Meizu 20 series.

The entire Meizu 20 series is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, equipped with a 6.5-inch gaming-grade eye-protection full screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, and supports 1.07 billion color displays with the support of a 10-bit panel.

Meizu 20 has four colors: Pioneer Grey, Dingsheng Green, Love Pink, and Joyful Yellow.

Meizu 20 PRO follows the unbounded design, the body is 7.8mm, the weight is only 209g, with super-sensing curved mirror and straight edge, suspension dispensing 3.0 and other designs, even the 6.81-inch large-screen body has just the right grip Hand feeling.

Dawn Grey, Dawn Silver, and Sunrise Gold are the three main colors of Meizu 20 PRO, depicting the sense of life born from the sun.

Meizu 20 INFINITY Unbounded Edition is the world's first smartphone with front and rear double-sided "Meizu Titan Glass", which improves the drop resistance by 4 times. The middle frame of the whole machine is made of Hybrid ultra-lightweight stainless steel, which reduces the weight by 30% and improves the heat dissipation efficiency by 40%.

Meizu 20 INFINITY Unbounded Edition adopts a 5000W three-main camera humanistic imaging system. For the first time, the rear camera abandons the frame and adopts the crystal dome unbounded lens group. The inner ring of each lens is optically inlaid with two pieces of sapphire, and through the super-sensitive ALD coating technology, the reflectivity is directly reduced by 4 times, avoiding the ghost of afterimages when shooting night scenes shadow problem.

Meizu also cooperated with Space-Time Daoyu to customize the design and development of the satellite communication chip "Meizu Tianwen S1". The chip integrates multiple communication modes such as 5G+satellite, and claims to have created the first mobile communication network in China that is "unbounded by heaven and earth".

 Click here to see the first review of Meizu 20 PRO.

Apple Releases First Public Beta of iOS 16.5

Early this morning, Apple released the first public beta versions of iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5, allowing non-developers to test the new system.

Users who have signed up for Apple's free beta program can select "General" in the device's "Settings" and get this public beta system through "Software Update".

Apple's next update to iOS 16 may slow down, as the company is also preparing for iOS 17, which will be unveiled at WWDC in June.

Ming-Chi Kuo: Whether Apple's MR headset will be unveiled at WWDC is still variable

According to Mark Gurman's prediction, Apple will release its first MR head set at WWDC on June 6.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said on social media that the mass production plan of Apple's MR headset has been delayed by 1-2 months to the middle and late third quarters, so it may not appear at the WWDC 2023 Developer Conference as scheduled.

Guo Mingchi explained that Apple is not optimistic that the MR headset can bring a blockbuster "iPhone moment" at the press conference, so mass production has been delayed.

Nayuki’s tea revenue fell 1% year-on-year last year

Nayuki's Tea released its 2022 performance announcement.

The financial report shows that Naixue’s total tea revenue in 2022 will be 4.2916 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1%; the net loss will be 461 million yuan, which will further expand from the previous year’s net loss of 145 million yuan.

The revenue of fresh tea drinks will be 3.135 billion yuan in 2022, accounting for 73.1% of the total. The revenue of bakery products was 776 million yuan, accounting for 18.1% of the revenue.

Although the above two items are the big ones, their absolute values ​​last year were lower than those of the same period, while bottled beverages, souvenirs and other businesses have grown.

Hema launches "1-hour delivery" service

Yesterday, Hema officially announced the launch of the "1-hour delivery" service, which will provide the fastest 1-hour delivery service for areas within 3-5 kilometers from the store. The delivery fee and free shipping threshold are consistent with those within 3 kilometers .

This is the first expansion of Hema since its launch; according to calculations, the distribution area after the expansion has increased by nearly 3 times.

Heinz launches 'ketchup' tattoo paint

Heinz and the Brazilian creative agency have teamed up to develop the tattoo pigment "Heinz Tattoo Ink" in Pantone color number "57 Red".

"57 Red" is inspired by Heinz's classic ketchup. The materials used in this particular ink are also limited to harmless ingredients and will be available to Brazilian tattoo parlors in the future.

Wes Anderson's new movie "Asteroid City" release trailer

Wes Anderson's new film "Asteroid City (Asteroid City)" has released a new trailer, and the film will be released in North America on June 16 this year.

Asteroid City is set in a fictional American desert town circa 1955, where a teenage stargazer's itinerary is disrupted by world-altering events.

Keanu Gives 'John Wick' Stuntman 'Death T-Shirts'

The "New York Times" shared a fun fact about the crew of "Quick Chase 4": starring Keanu Reeves gave all the stuntmen a special "death T-shirt".

These t-shirts list the number of times each person died during the filming of the film, and some people even have more than 20 deaths.

This is not the first time either.

Previously, "People" said that Reeves had specially customized a Rolex watch for his four-person stunt team, engraved with a message written by Reeves for each person, and the stuntman himself shouted "This is the best ever Killing gift".

Source: Variety

Disney unveils live-action "Peter Pan" movie poster

Disney+ released the character posters of the live-action movie "Peter Pan and Wendy", showing the public the specific shapes of many protagonists.

Unlike the recently announced introduction of "The Little Mermaid", "Peter Pan and Wendy" will not be released in theaters, but will be launched directly on the streaming media Disney+ on April 28.

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