Morning Post | Audi responds to advertisements accused of plagiarism / Jay Chou’s concert has accumulated nearly 100 million views / Monkeypox virus has spread from person to person

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  • Audi responds to ads accused of plagiarism
  • Jay Chou's concert has a cumulative viewership of nearly 100 million, setting a new record
  • WHO: Human-to-human transmission of monkeypox virus has occurred
  • Rolls-Royce unveils limited-edition Floating Shadow
  • This is a glasses used to prevent myopia
  • Teenage Engineering Releases OP-1 Field Synthesizer
  • Xiaopeng Motors responds to the termination of the contract for fresh graduates
  • Station B denies layoff rumors
  • NIO's autonomous driving mileage has exceeded 400 million kilometers
  • Nike Showcases Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Force 1 in New York
  • Nayuki's largest tea store closed for reorganization
  • "Good Hope Water" Coffee Map Suzhou Station Launched
  • L'Oreal may buy fragrance brand Byredo at a high price

Audi responds to ads accused of plagiarism

Yesterday, Audi responded that the advertisement was accused of plagiarism, saying that the lack of supervision and lax review caused troubles to all parties. Before the facts are officially clarified, the video will be completely removed from the shelves, and it will cause harm to Mr. Andy Lau, "Peking University Mange" and related parties. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

On the evening of May 21, Douyin blogger Peking University Mange, who has more than 3 million followers, posted a video saying: An advertisement released by Audi that day was suspected of plagiarizing the copywriting of a video he made on May 21, 2021.

Before it was taken off the shelves, this advertisement of Audi's cooperation with Andy Lau has been widely disseminated – it has more than 100,000 likes and favorites on the video account, and more than 5 million likes on Andy Lau's Douyin.

In addition, Andy Lau posted on the official support club app: "I have 100% respect for the original, this incident, I personally deeply regret the problems that the advertising team had in the creative process and the trouble it caused to Brother Man. .Audi and advertising companies are now seriously dealing with it.” (Fenghuang Technology & Jiemian News)

Jay Chou's concert has a cumulative viewership of nearly 100 million, setting a new record

TME live Jay Chou's "The Strongest Demon on Earth" concert re-screening has attracted much attention.

Official data shows that before Jay Chou's first concert on the evening of May 20 was officially broadcast, the number of reservations on the entire network exceeded 15 million.

According to incomplete statistics, the number of viewers on the entire platform that night exceeded 50 million, and the re-screening of the two Jay Chou concerts on the evenings of May 20 and 21 was close to 100 million, setting a new record for the largest number of online concert viewers.

WHO: Human-to-human transmission of monkeypox virus has occurred

Currently, monkeypox cases have been reported in 12 countries and regions around the world.

WHO noted that available information suggests that human-to-human transmission is occurring among people who have had close physical contact with symptomatic cases.

In general, human-to-human transmission of monkeypox virus is uncommon.

The human-to-human transmission route includes close contact with the respiratory secretions, skin lesions or contaminated items of infected persons, and it usually takes longer face-to-face to transmit respiratory droplets. In addition, monkeypox virus can also be transmitted through mother-to-child and sexual transmission. (CCTV News)

Rolls-Royce unveils limited-edition Floating Shadow

Recently, Rolls-Royce has brought a new "Floating Shadow" car model, with the theme of pearls, using a combination of rose gold and bronze.

The Floating Shadow design concept comes from the yacht, with a drophead-shaped body, a sloping canvas roof and a long, narrow rear with wood panels.

The appearance continues the family design language of Rolls-Royce, using the classic Parthenon straight waterfall grille, and is equipped with a statue of the goddess of celebration.

The car has a split trunk that accommodates a deployable sunshade as well as a full set of wine and cutlery, and the folding chairs make the car the ultimate place to dine al fresco. (nowre)

This is a glasses used to prevent myopia

Designer Todd Bratcher and a former NASA scientist have teamed up to create "glasses" to prevent myopia.

The "glasses" have no lenses, and the frame is made of a special resin material that emits a weak light of 480nm after absorbing sunlight or bright light, thereby triggering the production of retinal dopamine and reducing the axial elongation of the eye.

The designer claims that wearing the glasses twice a day can prevent myopia.

It is worth noting that the design of the glasses is still in the patent application, and there is no third-party investigation support.

Half of the world's population will be nearsighted by 2050, according to a study. (Business News)

Teenage Engineering Releases New OP-1 Field Synthesizer

Recently, Teenage Engineering launched the OP-1 Field, the follow-up product of its star product OP-1 synthesizer. With more than ten years of experience and technology accumulation, the OP-1 Field is designed to be more portable, and the sound engine has been updated from the original 16-bit to 32-bit.

In addition, the OP-1 Field has over 100 new features, including Bluetooth, MIDI, USB-C, a high-definition display, a new reverb, a synth engine, and multiple tape and record modes. It is reported that the new synth is priced at $2,000 and has been sold on Teenage Engineering's official website.

Xiaopeng Motors responds to the termination of the contract for fresh graduates

In response to the recent news that about 20 fresh graduates of Xpeng Motors were exposed, Xpeng Motors responded that with the rapid growth of the smart car business, Xpeng Motors and ecological enterprises continued to increase investment in talents and R&D.

Since the beginning of 2021, more than 10,000 new employees have been added, including about 1,600 fresh graduates who have already joined the company, and about 900 fresh graduates who are to be employed.

Recently, due to job adjustment and performance optimization of some departments, a small number of fresh graduates and related employees have been adjusted. We will continue to communicate and handle them properly. (Tech Planet)

Station B denies layoff rumors

Recently, there are rumors that Bilibili has recently started a new round of layoffs, of which the overall layoff ratio of the game business has reached 20%-30%. According to sources, a large number of Bilibili's self-developed game projects have been abolished, and only a small number of projects have been retained.

In response, Bilibili responded that the rumor was untrue, and that some business adjustments have been made recently, so it was accompanied by personnel adjustments. No mass layoffs. (product play)

NIO's autonomous driving mileage has exceeded 400 million kilometers

According to data released by Weilai, on May 21, the cumulative mileage of Weilai's Chinese users exceeded 5 billion kilometers.

Among them, users have traveled more than 418,172,710 kilometers with NIO Pilot and 157,582,902 kilometers with Pilot Assist.

3162 users have driven more than 100,000 kilometers, 54 users have driven more than 200,000 kilometers, and 2 users have driven more than 300,000 kilometers.

Nike Showcases Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Force 1 in New York

To celebrate the launch of Nike and the late Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh's Air Force 1 collection, Nike has created an exhibition in New York from May 20th to May 31st.

Located in Brooklyn, the exhibit features a giant statue outside in a street-like Breakdance pose, in gradient colors by Virgil Abloh.

Inside the exhibition, a rich set of scenes was set up, showing a complete set of 47 designs.

Behind the exhibition space is a huge treehouse installation that showcases all the materials used in the production of the collaboration. (Hypebeast)

Nayuki's largest tea store closed for reorganization

Recently, Nayuki's Tea closed its largest store in the country, "Nayuki Dream Factory".

At present, the "Naixue Dream Factory" located in the Shenzhen Coastal City Shopping Center has been fenced off, and it is displayed that it will become a "Naixue Life" lifestyle collection store.

In response, Nai Xue's tea responded that Nai Xue Dream Factory Coastal City store will be upgraded and transformed into "Na Xue Life", which will take over the function of Na Xue Dream Factory's "Super Test Field". Naixue Life will provide baking tea, reading space, flower arrangement, light meals and other services.

Previously, the "Naixue Dream Factory" opened in 2019 covers a total area of ​​1,000 square meters and sells more than 1,000 SKUs in 15 categories including tea, baking, western food, and retail. (Interface News)

"Good Hope Water" Coffee Map Suzhou Station Launched

Recently, the Suzhou Station of the second season of the "Good Hope Water" coffee map was officially launched, with the theme of "One Drink of Coffee and the South of the Yangtze River".

During the event, "Good Hope Water" cooperated with 19 coffee shops to create Wangshan Hawthorn special drinks. The event time of Suzhou Station will end on June 21st. (New consumption Daily)

L'Oreal may buy fragrance brand Byredo at a high price

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, L'Oreal is preparing to acquire Swedish fragrance brand Byredo to expand its portfolio of luxury fragrance brands.

The amount of this transaction has not been disclosed, but it will be based on the brand's valuation of 1 billion euros (about 7.107 billion yuan).

In November 2019, Byredo opened its first boutique in the Chinese mainland market in Shanghai. (Cosmetics Finance Online)

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