Morning Post | Apple’s XR head-mounted display operating system was renamed / Musk demonstrated monkey typing / Gome responded to being filed for bankruptcy liquidation

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  • Musk demonstrates that monkeys type with their minds
  • Gome has been filed for bankruptcy liquidation
  • Musk says Apple hasn't considered removing Twitter
  • Apple XR Headset Operating System Renamed
  • Tmall asks for 500 million loans from ofo and Dai Wei
  • Tianya community refute rumors "shut down and terminate service"
  • SpaceX launches first private lunar lander
  • Apple hits 25% market share in China in October
  • Huawei launches HUAWEI Mate X2 5G official refurbished phone
  • Apple M2 Max Geekbench running score exposure
  • Apple iOS16.1.2 official version released
  • Bose charges extra to unlock new headphone features
  • Nike and Adidas expect to cut production by up to 40% next year
  • Uniqlo "PEACE FOR ALL" T-shirt series will be on sale soon
  • Airbus develops fuel cell engine for hydrogen-powered aircraft
  • "Ryoma! "The New Prince of Tennis" will be released on December 23
  • 'Cyberpunk 2077' sequel begins production next year
  • Cameron plans to shoot "Avatar" 5 and 6

Gome has been filed for bankruptcy liquidation, and the court has launched a review

According to @中城院重量中心, Gome Electric Co., Ltd. was filed with the Bankruptcy Court of the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court for bankruptcy liquidation because it owed millions of dollars to its suppliers and was unable to repay after being urged. The court has started a review.

That night, Gome responded: “As of now, Gome Electric Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries of Gome Holding Group have not received any legal documents or inquiries from judicial authorities regarding our company’s bankruptcy application.”

Later, @中城院重要案例中心 also responded: "It is still under review by the court, and we will inform everyone of the results in time!"

Previously, there had been rumors that "Gome stopped paying employees' wages". According to Yicai Global , a person familiar with the matter revealed at the time: "The company just reminded that there may be a delay in the payment of wages in the next six months, not that it will not pay wages."

Source: @中城院重事中心& First Finance & Economics&Securities Times

Brain-computer interface company Neuralink will start human trials within 6 months after demonstrating monkeys typing with their minds

Yesterday, Musk's brain-computer interface company Neuralink demonstrated a monkey typing on a virtual keyboard controlled by its brain at an event.

According to reports, Neuralink's N1 chip embedded in the monkey's skull can read the monkey's brain activity. By highlighting the letter keys on the virtual keyboard with a yellow highlight and guiding the monkey to move the cursor, Neuralink successfully enabled the monkey to achieve "ideal typing".

At the same time, Musk also announced that Neuralink's human trials are expected to begin within six months. In fact, start-ups such as Synchron have been able to implant small devices into patients' brains. However, Neuralink's plan is more radical, requiring patients to remove a large piece of skull before implanting the device, so it has been stuck in the animal experiment stage before.

In addition to the brain-computer interface, Musk also revealed that Neuralink is developing a spinal cord implant that can help paralyzed patients regain their mobility, as well as an eye implant to help restore vision.

Source: CNET & Foreign Media & Qubit

Cook met with Musk at Apple headquarters: Apple never considered removing Twitter

Yesterday, Musk said in a series of tweets that he had met with Apple CEO Tim Cook to dispel "the misunderstanding that Twitter may be removed from the App Store."

Musk said that Cook told him in the meeting that "Apple has never considered doing this."

According to The Information, Musk’s new Twitter Blue was originally scheduled to be launched today, but perhaps because Musk was dissatisfied with Apple’s 30% tax on the App Store, the new Twitter Blue certification service was delayed.

At the same time, Zuckerberg has also bombarded Apple on this issue recently, arguing that the "Apple tax" deprives consumers of choice:

"It's problematic for a company to be able to control the app experience on a device. The vast majority of the profits in the mobile ecosystem go to Apple."

Zuckerberg believes that Apple's content moderation rules for apps are a "conflict of interest" because they often point at competitors.

Source: Foreign Media & The Information & Beijing News Shell Finance

The operating system was renamed "xrOS", and Apple's AR/VR headset is expected to be released soon

According to technology reporter Mark Gurman, Apple decided to rename the system that will run on AR/VR headsets as "xrOS" instead of "RealityOS" or "rOS" as originally planned.

Like the Apple TV and Apple Watch, the headset will also have a dedicated app store.

It is said that Apple is currently developing at least three AR/VR headsets, code-named "N301", "N421" and "N602".

Among them, N301 is rumored to be "Apple Reality Pro"; N602 is expected to be the second-generation product, which may be an upgraded version of the first generation, or it may be a low-priced model; N421 may not be a head-mounted display, but closer to a smart phone. Glasses.

The industry believes that Apple's first head-mounted display device has entered the late stage of development and is expected to be released next year. But the price of the first-generation products may be high, and the most expensive may reach 3,000 US dollars.

Source: Macrumors

Ofo was again called for debt collection, Tmall demanded 500 million loans from ofo and Dai Wei

According to the Tianyancha app, the plaintiff Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd. requested the court to order: the defendant ofo’s affiliated company, Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd., should immediately pay the plaintiff’s loan principal and corresponding interest, totaling more than 538 million yuan, and the defendant Dai Wei bear joint and several liability.

However, according to the enforcement ruling disclosed by China Judgment Documents Network in 2019, Dongxia Datong, the operator of the ofo small yellow car, "has no real estate and land use rights, no foreign investment, and no vehicles under its name. Although it has opened a bank account, it has Frozen by other courts or the account has no balance".

The China Executive Information Disclosure Network also shows that Dai Wei, the founder of ofo, has been restricted from high consumption.

Founded in 2014, ofo is one of the first batch of bike-sharing companies in China, and once became a leading company on the bike-sharing track. In 2018, ofo experienced a capital chain crisis, and gradually disappeared from public view after being exposed to the news that the deposit was difficult to refund and operations were stagnant.

Source: Red Star News

Tianya community refuted rumors of "shutdown and termination of service": everything is normal now

Yesterday afternoon, Tianya Community released a statement denying the recent remarks about "Tianya Community shutting down and terminating services":

Everything is working fine on the Tianya community platform. At 17:00 on November 22, 2022, a network failure occurred on the Tianya community platform. After repairs by the technical team, it returned to normal at 18:00 on November 25. During the outage, Tianya Community also posted a notice on Sina's official Weibo.

Tianya Community is an online forum established in 1999. It has first published well-known online novels such as "Ghost Blowing the Lantern" and "Those Things in the Ming Dynasty", and landed on the New Third Board in 2015. As of a few days ago, Tianya has executed a cumulative amount of more than 139 million yuan, and the company and its legal representative Xing Ming have more than 30 consumption restriction orders.

However, the Tianya community has set a new goal on the metaverse track, established a company called "Lingjing" within this year, and released the "Tianya Virtual World White Paper 1.0", officially entering the metaverse.

Source: Tianya Community & Radar Finance

Apple's China market share reached 25% in October, the highest level in history

According to Counterpoint Research's monthly mobile phone sales report, in October 2022, Apple's monthly market share in China will reach 25%, the highest level in history.

Apple's sales rose 21 percent month-on-month, even as sales of other major mobile phone brands declined in October, the report said. It is reported that October is also the first full month of iPhone 14 series sales.

In addition, the overall sales volume in the Chinese market fell by 15% year-on-year, while Apple's sales volume fell by only 4%, which further improved Apple's market share.

Source: Pinwan & Multidimensional Finance

SpaceX launches the world's first private lunar lander, and private companies join the race to the moon

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the world's first private lunar lander yesterday. The lander is part of Mission 1, the first mission to the moon by the Japanese aerospace company ispace, which SpaceX is responsible for sending the lander to the moon.

So far, only projects led by the governments of the United States, Russia and China have successfully sent lunar probes to the moon. The ispace company was established in September 2010 and plans to launch three lunar exploration missions by 2025, with the ultimate goal of establishing an Earth-Moon economy.

The lander is said to be carrying a UAE-built lunar rover called Rashid, a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency baseball-sized lunar robot and music records by a Japanese rock band.

Source: The Paper & NASA Space Enthusiasts

 Will the data that humans "feed" to AI run out?

When training language models, AI researchers often use text from sources such as Wikipedia and news media to train AI, and the same data is only used once.

And a recent study pointed out that the text that can be used to train AI may be exhausted as early as 2026, because there is not enough high-quality data that can be used to train text data.

High-quality data tends to be created by professional writers, while low-quality data usually comes from comments on social media such as Twitter.

After that, if you want AI to use more data, you will inevitably have to relax the "high quality" restriction, but this will lead to a decrease in the quality of AI:

"We've seen how small models trained on high-quality data can outperform large models trained on low-quality data."

However, there are also AI researchers who are beginning to develop data sources other than text—online video.

For example, after watching 2,000 hours of "Minecraft" players' game screen recordings, Open AI can use this as a blueprint to continue to analyze a large number of unlabeled videos on the Internet, generate action tags, and then perform on a larger data set. train.

Based on these first-person video data, in theory, AI can help people browse websites, book flights or shop for daily necessities online in the future.

"With more data and a bigger model, I hope it makes it feel like you're watching a human being play a game, rather than a baby AI trying to mimic a human," said a researcher at OpenAI.

To learn more, you can check here: ;

HUAWEI Mate X2 5G Official Flip, Equipped with Kirin 9000 5G, Launched on HUAWEI Mall

HUAWEI Mall has recently put the HUAWEI Mate X2 5G official refurbished machine on the shelves. Currently, only the bright black 8GB+256GB version is available, priced at 17,499 yuan. For reference, the listing price is 17,999 yuan.

Released in February 2021, Huawei Mate X2 features a 6.45-inch flexible OLED outer screen, an 8-inch foldable flexible OLED inner screen, a Kirin 9000 5G processor, a built-in 4500 mAh battery, and a power fingerprint combo on the side of the fuselage. One key.

Huawei launched its first official refurbished phone in October this year, the first being the Mate 40 Pro. The difference between official refurbished phones and second-hand phones is that second-hand phones have scratches and other traces of use on the outside, while refurbished phones look brand new.

Source: IT Home

Apple releases iOS 16.1.2 to improve car accident detection false touches

Yesterday, Apple pushed the official version of the iOS 16.1.2 operating system. This update mainly includes improving the compatibility of wireless operators and further optimizing the car accident detection function of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.

Apple's car crash detection function mainly detects through the gravity sensor combined with other data. Many users have reported that riding roller coasters and skiing may inadvertently trigger the car accident detection function of iPhone and Apple Watch, causing the device to automatically call the police or contact emergency contacts.

In addition, this update also adds support for iCloud Shared Photo Library, Matter, and Live Activities.

Source: Macrumors

Apple M2 Max Geekbench running score exposure, 12-core/3.5GHz, with 96GB memory

The Geekbench platform recently appeared the running score of Apple's unreleased M2 Max chip.

According to the picture, the Apple M2 Max has a 12-core specification, a main frequency of 3.54GHz, and is equipped with 96GB of memory. For comparison, the Apple M1 Max has a 10-core specification, a GPU with up to 32 cores, and supports 64GB of memory.

In terms of running points, the Apple M2 Max has a single-core score of 1889 points and a multi-core score of 14586 points. In contrast, the M1 Max has a single-core score of 1700-1800 and a multi-core score of 12800. If you compare it horizontally with the x86 processor, the running score of the M2 Max is about the same as that of the Intel Core i7-12700K.

Source: Pinwan & ZEALER

Bose Headphones Plan Subscription, Pay Extra to Unlock New Features

Recently, Bose CEO Lila Snyder talked about Bose's competitive relationship with companies such as Apple and Google in an interview, which mentioned the idea of ​​​​bringing "subscription services" into the hardware field:

“Are there some features and capabilities that maybe not everyone wants or needs, but that are highly valuable to some? Could that be delivered over the air so that it becomes a subscription model? We’re definitely in Consider this question."

However, BMW has been criticized before for turning features such as heated seats into a paid monthly subscription service. When talking about this issue, Snyder also said that this requires a "testing and learning process."

Source: The Verge & CnBeta

Nike and Adidas are expected to cut production by 30 to 40% next year

According to Apparelnews, Nike and Adidas are expected to significantly reduce production starting next year, and have recently notified suppliers to reduce orders by 30 to 40% from the summer of 2023.

It is still uncertain how long the situation will last. The industry expects this wave of trends may last until the winter of 2023, which means that the products on the market will maintain low production until 2024.

According to reports, the operating rate of some Vietnamese shoe factories has also dropped from about 83% to 61%.

Source: Hypebeast

Uniqlo's "PEACE FOR ALL" series of new products will be on sale soon, and KAWS designs will return for a limited time

Uniqlo's "PEACE FOR ALL" series is new this month. Among them, American artist KAWS once again cooperates with Uniqlo to launch new products.

In addition to KAWS, the designs of the five T-shirts are also from the film directors Wim Wenders, Keith Haring, Schultz's comic "Peanuts" ("Snoopy" is a famous character) and Ceramic artist Lisa Larson.

The collection will be released on December 16th. All proceeds from the charity project will be donated to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Save the Children and Plan International.

Source: Nowre

Airbus announces development of fuel cell engine for hydrogen-powered aircraft, production in 2035

Recently, Airbus announced that it is developing a hydrogen-powered fuel cell engine and plans to put hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft into use in 2035.

Airbus is currently retrofitting the A380 MSN1 flight test aircraft for the new hydrogen technology, with ground and flight tests expected to begin around 2025.

Hydrogen fuel is currently one of the most promising sustainable alternative energy sources for zero-emission aircraft. It is reported that hydrogen fuel can be used as a power source for aircraft in two ways. First, hydrogen combustion is carried out in gas turbines, and second, fuel cells are used to convert hydrogen into electrical energy to power propeller engines.

Source: China Civil Aviation Network

Apple announces the Apple Music Top 100 list, Jay Chou continues to dominate the mainland list

Apple has announced the 2022 Apple Music Awards TOP 100 list.

In the annual TOP 100 list of the most popular songs in mainland China, the most popular single is "Qilixiang" by Jay Chou. In the top ten of the list, apart from Eason Chan's "The Lonely Brave" which ranks sixth, the remaining nine singles are all Jay Chou's songs, and 62 songs in the entire list are all Jay Chou's songs.

In terms of global charts, song of the year is won by "Stay" released in 2021 by singers The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. Although the song was released in 2021, it is still on the Daily Top 100 list.

Source: IT Home

Animated film "Ryoma! The New Prince of Tennis is set to be released in mainland China and will be released on December 23

Japanese animation film "Ryoma! The New Prince of Tennis was scheduled to be released in Mainland China on December 23rd yesterday. It is reported that this is the first 3DCG theatrical version in the history of "The Prince of Tennis".

The film tells the story of Echizen Ryoma who accidentally traveled back to his father's era after he came to the United States to improve his scoring skills. However, his partner Ryuzaki was kidnapped by a mysterious force. While rescuing his partner, Ryoma and his father accidentally discovered that the enemy was also a tennis expert.

The new film is directed by Hiroshi Shinshina, with the voices of Junko Minagawa (Ryoma Echizen), Takashi Matsuyama (Nanjiro Echizen), and Mikako Takahashi (Sakura Ryuzaki).

Source: Beijing News

Cameron: I have plans to shoot "Avatar" 6 and 7

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter recently, Cameron mentioned that he has plans to shoot "Avatar 6" and "Avatar 7". However, other directors may choose to direct at that time, because "by then I will be 89 years old":

"This series of sequels has been written from start to finish, with four scripts and a complete design … If the audience wants to see it, if they like "Avatar: Way of Water" enough, how many sequels will be completely driven by the market. "

In Disney's plan, "Avatar 3", "Avatar 4" and "Avatar 5" will be released in 2024, 2026 and 2028 respectively. At present, the shooting team has completed the shooting of the third and fourth motion capture parts.

However, Cameron also said earlier that the global box office of "Avatar 2" needs to exceed 2 billion US dollars to break even, and the progress of the sequel project is still uncertain.

Source: Mtime

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