Morning Post | Apple’s market capitalization returns to the world’s first place/Douyin denies that the loan balance is nearly 400 billion yuan/Oriental Selection may cooperate with TikTok to go overseas


Apple's market capitalization exceeds US$3 trillion again

Douyin denies lending balance of nearly 400 billion yuan

Wang Tao, core member of Xpeng autonomous driving, resigned

Huawei Lantu officially announces strategic cooperation

Japan's Akutagawa Prize winner confesses: 5% of the novel content is written by ChatGPT

Google 2024 New Year Goals Revealed

Stability AI launches Stable LM 2 model

The first large-model BI application in the automotive industry was launched in China FAW

"Phantom Parlu" sold over 5 million copies in 3 days

Oriental Selection may cooperate with TikTok

sacai 2024 autumn and winter series officially released


Genshin Impact 4.4 version is coming soon

"Godzilla vs. Kong 2" scheduled for release in Mainland China

'Penny' and 'The Flight Attendant' Not Renewed for Season 3

Jackson biopic "Michael" releases set photos


Apple's market capitalization exceeds US$3 trillion again

On Monday, Apple rose 1.22% to US$193.89, with its market value once again exceeding US$3 trillion.

This is the third time since the end of 2021 and the end of June 2023 that Apple's market capitalization has reached this milestone. With this, Apple's market value has once again surpassed Microsoft's, becoming the world's most valuable company again.

It is worth mentioning that according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's analysis, based on pre-order stocking levels and shipping time, Apple's Vision Pro sales reached 160,000-180,000 units in the first weekend after pre-orders started on January 19.

Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out that consistent with previous predictions, the Vision Pro pre-orders were sold out immediately, and the shipping time of each model generally extended to 5-7 weeks within a few hours of opening pre-orders.

In his opinion, it should not be difficult for Vision Pro to reach 500,000 units shipped this year. However, it is still necessary to closely observe other market demands and application updates in the future to judge changes in demand.

Douyin denies lending balance of nearly 400 billion yuan

Yesterday, Douyin's official "Douyin Blackboard News" published an article on Toutiao today to refute rumors that Douyin's loan balance is nearly 400 billion yuan. The following is Douyin’s announcement to refute the rumors:

On January 22, a certain self-media claimed that "the loan balance of ByteDance companies such as Douyin is nearly 400 billion." This is false information.

It is understood that Shenzhen Zhongrong Microfinance Co., Ltd. was established in June 2012 with a registered capital of RMB 9 billion. It is a limited liability company registered with the Shenzhen Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and supervised by the Shenzhen Municipal Finance Office, specializing in small loan business.

According to information from Tianyancha, Zhongrong Small Loan was held by Douyin Co., Ltd. after being penetrated. It is the only credit financial license held by Douyin Group. On December 29 last year, the industrial and commercial information of Shenzhen Zhongrong Small Loan Co., Ltd. changed, and its registered capital increased to 19 billion yuan.

Wang Tao, core member of Xpeng autonomous driving, resigned

Recently, according to Phoenix Automotive Research Institute, Wang Tao, the former head of Xpeng Motors' North American visual perception team, has recently resigned. Smart car reference query Wang Tao's LinkedIn page revealed that his working time at Xpeng Motors ended in January this year.

Wang Tao joined Xpeng in August 2019. At the Xpeng Technology Sharing Day that year, he was first introduced with the title of "Head of the North American Visual Perception Team". He was a core member of Xpeng's North American algorithm team for autonomous driving at that time. But in May last year, Wang Tao was transferred internally from Xiaopeng's algorithm team to Pengxing Intelligence, a robotics company owned by Xiaopeng, as director of innovation strategy.

Wang Tao, who studied under AI guru Andrew Ng, has rich theoretical and driving experience in the field of autonomous driving. Last year, Wu Xinzhou, the "soul figure" of Xpeng Intelligent Driving, left to join NVIDIA's China autonomous driving team, and Wang Tao was Wu Xinzhou's core team member at Xpeng.

Previously, Liu Langechuan, another core team member of Wu Xinzhou and director of algorithm research and development, also resigned. As Wu Xinzhou left Nvidia last year, his core team members at Xiaopeng are gradually leaving Xiaopeng.

Huawei Lantu officially announces strategic cooperation

Recently, Dongfeng Lantu and Huawei officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will work together to create the ultimate smart travel experience based on their respective strengths and user needs. Through cooperative vehicle models, we will innovate and explore in multiple fields to accelerate the large-scale commercialization of intelligent technology.

Lantu Auto CEO Lu Fang, Huawei Rotating Chairman Xu Zhijun, and Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU CEO Jin Yuzhi attended the discussion and witnessed the signing. Lantu Automotive COO Jiang Tao and Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU Vice President Chi Linchun signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

Huawei's cooperation models with OEMs include smart car selection, Huawei Inside (HI) and parts supply. In the smart car selection mode, Huawei goes deep into vehicle manufacturing, such as asking the industry; in the HI mode, it provides full-stack smart car solutions, such as in cooperation with Changan; and in the parts supply mode, it involves the supply of parts such as ARHUD and lidar.

Although Dongfeng Lantu and Huawei have not disclosed the specific cooperation model, the industry generally speculates that the two parties may adopt the HI model, which means that Dongfeng Lantu may become Huawei's second partner in the HI model after Changan.

Japan's Akutagawa Prize winner confesses: 5% of the novel content is written by ChatGPT

According to CNN, Japanese writer Rie Kudan won Japan's prestigious Akutagawa Prize for his novel "Tokyo Resonance Tower." The judges were full of praise for this AI-themed novel, calling it "impeccable".

But Kudan revealed at a press conference that about 5% of the novel's content is "verbatim quotation" of sentences generated by ChatGPT. The story of the novel revolves around a female architect facing a dilemma. She is assigned to design a comfortable high-rise prison in Tokyo to rehabilitate criminals.

Kudan said: “In recent years, we have found ourselves in an environment where words are infinitely expanded and their interpretations are endless… I want to use words carefully and think deeply about the positive and negative aspects of language.”

The official name of the Akutagawa Prize is the Akutagawa Ryunosuke Prize. It is mainly for short stories and novels in the field of pure literature. It is a representative award for elegant novels (Soul Novel) and one of the highest honors in Japanese literature.

Google 2024 New Year Goals Revealed

According to The Verge, an internal document leaked to technology reporter Alex Heath exposed Google’s internal annual goals for 2024:

  1. Providing the most advanced, safest and most responsible AI in the world.
  2. Improve knowledge, learning, creativity and productivity.
  3. Build the most useful personal computing platforms and devices.
  4. Empower organizations and developers to innovate on Google Cloud.
  5. Providing the world's most trusted products and platforms.
  6. Build a Google that's extraordinary for Googlers and the world.
  7. Increase your company's speed, efficiency and productivity and realize lasting cost savings.
New product

Stability AI launches Stable LM 2 1.6B small language model

Recently, Stability AI released a new model called Stable LM 2 1.6B. It is understood that the model was trained on approximately 2 trillion Tokens for two cycles, involving multilingual data such as English, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

Stability AI stated that Stable LM 2 1.6B outperformed other small language models with parameters not exceeding 2B in most benchmark tests, including Microsoft's Phi-2 (2.7B), TinyLlama 1.1B and Falcon 1B.

Additionally, this smaller Stable LM model even outperformed Stability AI's earlier Stable LM 3B model in some tests.

It should be pointed out that due to the small parameter scale of Stable LM 2 1.6B, potential problems such as high hallucination rates may occur. Currently, the model has been released on the Hugging Face platform.

The first large-model BI application in the automotive industry was launched in China FAW

On January 22, the large-scale model application GPT-BI created by China FAW and Alibaba Cloud Tongyi Qianwen was first launched, adding new vitality to China FAW's digital transformation and upgrading.

The application can receive natural language queries and automatically generate analysis charts based on corporate data, currently reaching an accuracy of nearly 90%. What's more worth mentioning is that, compared with the "fixed question and answer" of traditional BI (Business Intelligence), it can achieve any combination of questions and answers, and data can be penetrated at any time, so that "questions and answers are insights."

GPT-BI not only greatly shortens the report design, data modeling and other delivery cycles of BI analysis, but also can exhaust all indicators, models and reports in the limited areas of the enterprise.

After the user inputs a question, the large model identifies the question intent, parses the decision variables, generates SQL data query statements, matches the enterprise's real-time data, and automatically generates the best decision-making solution to meet the user's more flexible and intelligent data needs and realize "question and answer is insight", bringing Come to the decision-making revolution based on dynamic factors and real-time data.

For example, when asking "Why is the production of a certain model less than expected?", the future large model can first compare the expected production with the actual production, and after obtaining the difference, it will not only analyze the explicit variables (for example: production due to equipment (such as abnormal production stoppage for 20 minutes, abnormal quality of certain model accessories, etc.), but analyze all the variables involved. By investigating the data, we can finally find out the most relevant reasons and generate visual reports.

"Phantom Parlu" sold over 5 million copies in 3 days

According to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, a game called "Phantom Beast Parlu" has recently caused a huge sensation in the gaming circle. It is understood that as a brand new open world survival game, "Phantom Parlu" was launched on Steam on January 19.

Including monster cultivation, combat, field exploration, construction and production and other core gameplay functions, "Phantom Beast Parlu" is priced at 108 yuan. The game has launched an early access version, which contains rich game content such as more than 100 monsters, a vast open world area, more than 350 items, and more than 70 buildings.

According to SteamDB data, the peak number of simultaneous online players for "Pallu" on Steam has exceeded one million, setting a record for the highest number of simultaneous online players among all paid games in Steam history.

In addition, on the afternoon of January 22, the official announcement of "Phantom Parlu" on the X platform was that the sales of the game had exceeded 5 million copies within 3 days of its release.

new consumption

Oriental Selection may cooperate with TikTok

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the Oriental Selection Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting held recently revealed that the overseas supply chain of Oriental Selection's overseas business may cooperate with Tiktok.

A Southern Metropolis Daily reporter inquired and learned that the positions being recruited by Oriental Selection include Oriental Selection TikTok overseas store operations, Oriental Selection content operations manager (TikTok), Oriental Selection business manager (TikTok), etc.

It is understood that the work content of Oriental Selection Business Manager (TikTok) includes: responsible for the development and management of supplier resources for overseas business, optimizing the procurement process, providing constructive suggestions to the company, and constantly developing new brands and new categories.

In response to this rumor, a reporter from China Finance News sought confirmation from people familiar with the matter. A source familiar with the matter responded to reporters saying: "The news is true."

sacai 2024 autumn and winter series officially released

Recently, the popular designer brand sacai showcased its new autumn and winter 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week. This series uses the brand's signature deconstructive approach to innovatively interpret American classic fashion.

The new series uses a variety of classic styles, such as air force jackets, windbreakers, baseball jackets, down jackets and knitted cardigans, etc., and combines them with designer Chitose Abe’s unique twists, splicing and irregular designs to show a sense of space and three-dimensionality. Imaginative fashion style.

In the men's clothing series, sacai collaborates with streetwear pioneer and artist Mark Gonzales to create a collaborative series that incorporates rebellious embroidered logos into items such as ivy-style campus jackets and multi-pocket jackets, perfectly blending American classics with uninhibited youth culture. .

Genshin Impact 4.4 version is coming soon

"Genshin Impact" version 4.4 "Spring Breeze" will be officially launched on January 31, 2024. The new version will usher in the new limited five-star character "Luanyin Hexin·Xianyun (Wind)" and the new four-star character "Jun Ni Xianshou·Jia Ming (Fire)".

At the same time, the limited five-star characters "Shirakaba Jōka·Nasida (grass)", "Dragon Protector Yaksha·Mandrill (wind)" and "The Hundreds of Laughter in the World·Ye Shenzi (Thunder)" will make their return.

The Liyue Hailantern Festival celebration will also be launched with version 4.4. In various activities in the new version, travelers can receive generous rewards including 10 Entangled Fate.

Participating in the event can also invite a Liyue four-star character to join the team for free, and receive a set of new autumn clothes for free. In addition, new clothes for Shen He and Gan Yu will also be launched.


"Godzilla vs. Kong 2" scheduled for release in Mainland China

The long-awaited "Godzilla vs. Kong: Rise of an Empire" by mainland Chinese audiences has been announced to be released on March 29, and a new scheduled poster and trailer have been released.

In the poster, Godzilla and King Kong stand side by side, and their powerful roars herald the approach of a fierce battle. The claw marks on King Kong's chest increased from three in the previous game to five. These new marks aroused people's curiosity about the story behind it.

Behind Godzilla and King Kong, the "X" formed by crystal pillars echoes the title of the movie, seeming to imply that a fierce confrontation between Godzilla, King Kong and the evil force "Scar King" is about to take place.

'Penny' and 'The Flight Attendant' Not Renewed for Season 3

After two seasons, the comedy-thriller series "The Flight Attendant" starring Kaley Cuoco ("Penny" in "The Big Bang Theory") has confirmed that it will not have a third season. The show was originally planned as a limited series, but it was launched on the Max platform for two seasons in 2020 and 2022.

Cuoco previously said in an interview with People magazine that she felt the story was over: "The plane has landed [after Season 2]… I have a feeling that we have reached an end."

Jackson biopic "Michael" releases set photos

The Michael Jackson biopic "Michael," directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Jafar Jackson, recently released set photos showing classic dance scenes.

Jafar is a member of the Jackson family. He has been showing off his singing and dancing talents since he was 12 years old. His father, Jermaine Jackson, is the elder brother of Michael Jackson and a member of the Jackson Five.

The film, supported by the Jackson Estate, will delve into the complex figure who became the King of Pop, recreating his most iconic performances and giving viewers an inside look at his artistry and personal life.

The film is scheduled to be released globally on April 18, 2025, with Lionsgate responsible for distribution in North America and Universal Pictures responsible for distribution in other regions around the world.

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