Morning Post | Apple’s entry into Douyin / The domestic TV series “Three-Body Problem” released a new trailer / Douban responds that annual income of one million needs to provide running water

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  • Apple launches official Douyin account
  • The domestic "Three-Body Problem" TV series released notice
  • Douban responds that annual income of one million needs to provide running water
  • Ideal L9 officially released
  • Xiaomi's new smartwatch passes 3C certification
  • Samsung 110-inch Micro LED TV officially launched
  • Station B launches pay-to-view service
  • Tesla asks car owners to return 14,000 yuan in state subsidies
  • Coca-Cola launches new peach-flavored soda
  • CASETiFY and "Sailor Moon" launch a joint series
  • Apparel brand "Thumb White Little T" received 100 million yuan in financing

Apple launches Douyin official account

The official Apple Douyin account was officially launched on June 22, and is committed to building the @Apple Douyin official account into a creative paradise that everyone can create.

When users share their works on the Douyin platform, adding the hashtag "#photographed with iPhone" will have the opportunity to let more people see their creations.

"#shooting with iPhone" is a global creative platform launched exclusively by Apple. Apple hopes to encourage more local iPhone users in China to join in creation by extending this platform to Douyin.

The domestic "Three-Body Problem" TV series released notice

On June 21, the domestically produced "Three-Body Problem" TV series officially announced the makeup posters and new trailers of the main characters.

The latest notice mentions the " Farmer Hypothesis " in the original work, and restores the " Game World " and " Countdown " settings in the original work.

The TV series "Three-Body Problem", starring Zhang Luyi, Yu Hewei, Chen Jin, Wang Ziwen, Lin Yongjian, and Li Xiaoran, is expected to be released in 2022, when it will be broadcast exclusively by Tencent Video. (IT House)

Douban responds that annual income of one million needs to provide running water

On June 21, a netizen posted that "If you say on Douban that you earn one million a year, you need to provide proof of income and bank statements, otherwise you will be banned."

In this regard, Douban denied this regulation, and explained that this is a meme from netizens: "If you say that you earn one million a year, you will not be running water."

In April of this year, Douban updated its personal information protection policy. The new policy stipulates that user registration requires a real-name system, and needs to provide ID number and face information. (Red Star News)

Ideal L9 officially launched

On June 21, Ideal L9, the smart flagship SUV created by Li Auto for families, was officially launched.

In terms of intelligent driving, Li Li L9 is equipped with Li Li AD Max intelligent driving system as standard, equipped with 6 8-megapixel cameras, 5 2-megapixel cameras, forward-facing lidar, and high-precision map positioning system. The computing power platform includes two NVIDIA Orin-X processors, with a total computing power of 508Tops.

In terms of smart cockpit, the Ideal L9 has created a five-screen interactive mode, with a large-size HUD and a safe driving interactive screen as standard. The vehicle central control screen, co-driver entertainment screen, and rear cabin entertainment screen all use 15.7-inch car-grade OLED screens. At the same time, the smart cockpit is equipped with two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips as standard, with a computing platform composed of 24GB of memory and 256GB of high-speed storage.

The official price of the Ideal L9 is 459,800 yuan, and delivery will begin in August.

You can learn more about the ideal L9 here:

Xiaomi's new smartwatch passes 3C certification

On June 20, Xiaomi's new smartwatch passed the 3C certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The model is M2134W1, which supports 5W charging. The certification shows that it "has audio playback and storage functions." Digital blogger @Digital Chat Station said that the watch "does not support eSIM, large bracelet warning".

It is reported that Xiaomi built a full-featured eSIM chip in the first generation of Xiaomi Mi Watch in 2019, which supports independent phone calls and Internet access. However, the subsequent Xiaomi Watch S1, Xiaomi Watch Color 2, and Redmi Watch 2 do not support eSIM cards.

Sony may release a PS5 gaming monitor

Recently, whistleblower Tom Henderson revealed that Sony will release two gaming monitors next week.

It is reported that these two monitors will be Sony's dedicated display for gamers.

One of them is 4K 144Hz specification, HDR600 certified, it will be perfectly adapted to PS5, supports HDR automatic mapping and content adaptive image mode; the other is 1080p 240Hz specification. Both monitors will support a variety of gaming accessibility features. (product play)

Station B launches pay-to-view service

Bilibili UP's "Old Master Duncan" recently uploaded a series of videos of "Top Ten Unsolved Mysteries in the World", but viewers need to buy it before they can watch it, which means that station B has begun to implement paid viewing services.

There are 10 episodes in this video series, and viewers need to pay 30 B coins (equivalent to RMB 30) to watch through the latest version of the mobile client. Currently, paid videos cannot be viewed on the PC web side.

The number of fans of the UP master is currently 1.18 million, and the playback volume of the recently made videos is between 400,000 and 600,000. But at present, the number of views of this paid video is less than 15,000. (Phoenix Network Technology)

Tesla asks car owners to return 14,000 yuan in state subsidies

Recently, some Tesla owners received a notification letter from Tesla requesting supplementary payment, because the vehicle did not reach the mileage required by the national subsidy policy within the specified time, and the national subsidy needs to be returned.

In this regard, Tesla responded that the current car purchase discount already includes the state subsidy paid in advance by car companies, but the relevant policy requires that the vehicle must reach 20,000 kilometers within two years to enjoy the subsidy. Therefore, vehicles that do not meet the conditions need to return about 14,000 yuan of state subsidies.

It’s worth noting that this back-payment requirement is only for vehicles registered in the company’s name, and individual vehicle owners will not be affected. (The Paper)

Lenovo Appoints HTC Chairman Wang Xuehong as Independent Director

Lenovo Group announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on June 20 that Ms. Wang Xuehong and Professor Xue Lan were appointed as independent non-executive directors. Among them, Ms. Wang Xuehong is the founder and chairman of HTC.

In response, HTC's official response stated: "Ms. Wang Xuehong has served as a director of many listed companies, and has been deeply involved in the high-tech industry for a long time. She insists on innovation in the fields of VR, AR, 5G, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Enterprises continue to promote industrial innovation and development.”

So far, Lenovo Group's board of directors has a total of 11 members, 8 of which are independent directors, of which 2 are women. (IT House)

Coca-Cola launches new peach-flavored soda

On June 20, Coca-Cola launched its new peach-flavored cola soft drink at 7-Eleven in Chengdu.

The new flavor of cola brings consumers a peach flavor while retaining a cool taste, suitable for summer drinking. In addition, the beverage bottle retains the recyclable and recyclable logo of "Recycle Me", continuing the sustainable concept.

The peach-flavored Coca-Cola soda was first released in limited quantities in the Japanese market in 2018, and is now available in the Chinese market at a price of 69 yuan for 12 bottles (500ml). (FoodTalks)

CASETiFY and "Sailor Moon" launch a joint series

On June 21st, the lifestyle accessories brand CASETiFY and the animation "Sailor Moon" launched a joint series, which will be released simultaneously on the CASETiFY official website and Tmall from June 30th.

Among them, the phone case design uses popular characters, the classic dialogue "I will punish you in place of the moon", and a limited edition pink electroplated reflective phone case.

In addition to mobile phone protective cases, this series also includes black cat Luna AirPods protective case, Apple Watch strap, limited mobile phone lanyard and other accessories, priced from 345 yuan. (nowre)

Apparel brand "Thumb White Little T" received 100 million yuan in financing

Recently, the clothing brand "Thumb White T" announced that it has received 170 million yuan in Series B financing. The funds will be used for research and development of high-tech fabrics, brand building and business layout in offline stores and overseas markets.

Thumb White T was established in 2019. It is a clothing brand under Thumb Wardrobe. It starts with men's basic T-shirts. The product is simple in shape, pays attention to the functionality of clothing, and advocates "using technology to redefine clothing".

The brand pays attention to the "small but extreme" user experience, such as the explosion-proof anti-fouling white T-shirt, as well as other products' thermal insulation, unidirectional moisture guide, ice silk cooling, anti-wrinkle and antibacterial fabric functions. (Knife Institute & Entrepreneurship State)

"Eyes can say things that are best left unsaid"

Men, women, the elderly, children, happy, sad, troubled, shocked, confused, curious…

Eyes allow a person to instantly perceive another person's heart without having to part their lips, lift their mouthpiece, or open their teeth and cheeks. This is the language of the eyes.

In the software "Look to Speak" developed by Google for people with language and movement disorders, users can select the content of the conversation through eye movements, so as to achieve self-expression and communicate with others, making "let the eyes speak" have a more specific appearance. (Topys)

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