Morning Post | Apple WWDC will open on June 6 / KFC responds to Da Duck being hotly hyped / “Full Time Hunter” is expected to be updated

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  • Apple's WWDC22 Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on June 6
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 7 officially released
  • KFC responds to Duck being hotly fried
  • "Full Time Hunter" is expected to start serialization again
  • Apple Introduces New Apple Watch Rainbow Edition Series Bands
  • Canon Announces APS-C Format Micro EOS R7 and EOS R10 Cameras
  • The King of Glory co-branded Bubble Mart to launch the "Canyon Mengxin" figure
  • Platforms such as Meituan B&B, Tujia, and Muniao have begun to undertake Airbnb hosts in mainland China
  • Apple requires all apps to provide a "delete account" function
  • Baidu adjusts map business to automotive business group
  • Li Ning launches motorcycle-themed series
  • Men's make-up brand "Yanzhi" received one million yuan in financing
  • The snack brand “La Mo Luli” received tens of millions of angel round financing

Apple's WWDC22 Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on June 6

On May 25, Apple announced the WWDC22 annual global developer conference schedule, including keynote speeches and Platforms State of the Union. This year's WWDC conference will officially open on June 6th local time in the United States and at 1:00 am Beijing time on June 7th. Apple will invite a small number of developers to watch the keynote speech at the Apple Park campus of its headquarters.

WWDC22 is free and open to all developers.

Through Labs and Digital Lounges, developers can interact directly with Apple engineers and designers and get guidance on how to create innovative apps and games for different platforms.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 officially released

Last night, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 was officially released. It is equipped with a 1.62'' AMOLED runway screen, a new UI layout, supports continuous detection of heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep, and 120 sports modes.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 can provide up to 14 days of battery life, and supports interconnected functions such as synchronizing mobile phone schedules, finding mobile phones, and controlling mobile music playback; 5ATM waterproof, WeChat / Alipay offline payment, NFC version also provides Xiaoai classmate voice wake-up, bus card Features.

This time, in addition to providing six color-matched wristband options, the bracelet also introduces camouflage and fluorescent special editions.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 standard version is priced at 249 yuan, and the NFC version is priced at 299 yuan.

KFC responds to Duck being hotly fried

Recently, the Pokemon-themed Children's Day meal toys launched by KFC have attracted much attention. Among them, the Duck Music Box has become a hit. On the second-hand trading platform, the price of Duck Duck was even fired up to 2,000 yuan.

In this regard, KFC issued an announcement yesterday, stating that the company does not support the increase in sales, and clarified that the behavior is purely personal and has nothing to do with the company. The number of individual styles of this toy is limited, and due to supply, logistics and other reasons, it is being deployed urgently.

"Full Time Hunter" is expected to start serialization again

Japanese manga artist Yoshihiro Tomitake opened an account on Twitter.

Yesterday, the account posted its first tweet, which said "4 words left."

This may mean that the "Full Time Hunter" comic, which is refreshing the longest suspension record every day, is expected to usher in a re-serialization.

As of press time, the account has grown to 950,000 followers.

Yesterday, the voice actors who voiced the characters "Xiaojie" and "Qiyi" in "Full Time Hunter" also updated their tweets.

Apple Introduces New Apple Watch Rainbow Edition Series Bands

To celebrate the rainbow season this June, Apple announced that it will launch two new Rainbow Edition series straps and dynamic Rainbow Edition dials to show support for the global LGBTQ+ community and equality movement.

This year's rainbow version of the loop sports strap features gradient colors and the word "pride" is woven directly on the strap.

In addition, Apple will launch a rainbow-themed Shot on iPhone event on Instagram.

Canon Announces APS-C Format Micro EOS R7 and EOS R10 Cameras

Canon China announced the launch of two EOS R system APS-C format micro-cameras EOS R7 and EOS R10.

The effective pixels of the EOS R7 and EOS R10 have reached about 32.5 million and about 24.2 million, respectively, with built-in DIGIC X image processor, support for digital lens optimization and body five-axis image stabilization. The stand-alone weight of the EOS R7 is 612g, and the stand-alone weight of the EOS R10 is 429g.

The EOS R7 supports uncropped 4K 60P and 7K oversampling 4K 30P high-definition video recording, while the EOS R10 supports cropped 4K 60P and 6K oversampling 4K 30P high-definition video recording. Moreover, both models support 4:2:2 10bit HDR PQ recording mode. In addition, the EOS R7 can record 4:2:2 10bit Canon Log 3 gamma images.

The King of Glory co-branded Bubble Mart to launch the "Canyon Mengxin" figure

Recently, King of Glory and Bubble Mart launched the "Canyon Mengxin" series of figures.

Inspired by the images of heroic characters such as Li Bai, Cai Wenji, and Daji, the series launched 12 regular figures and 2 hidden figures based on Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao.

The series will be officially released on May 26, 2022. (SocialBeta)

Meituan B&B, Tujia, Wooden Bird, etc. have launched various measures to accept Airbnb hosts in mainland China

On May 24, Airbnb officially announced that it will close the booking of domestic travel properties in China from July 30. Subsequently, domestic homestay booking platforms Meituan Homestay, Tujia, Muniao, etc. introduced various measures to help landlords make a smooth transition.

Meituan B&B said that it will provide Airbnb hosts in China with services such as special operation courses, fast review of listings, and 5-minute quick response to help hosts smoothly through the adjustment period.

Tujia said that it has opened a "green review channel" for the landlords involved, and will launch a "one-click online" function to help landlords go online as soon as possible on the Tujia platform.

Wooden Bird also announced that it will soon launch the "one-click release" property listing function, and at the same time launch a number of service policies such as "Wei Shop No Commission". (Pinwan & Sina Technology & Techweb)

Apple requires all apps to provide a "delete account" function

Last year, Apple announced that it would require all apps in the App Store to provide users with the ability to delete accounts within the app, and the implementation of the request has been delayed twice.

Now, Apple has released a new deadline, requiring developers to complete the requirement by June 30.

In addition to providing the feature, Apple also requires that the feature "should be easy to find." The rules also state that developers should provide users with the option of completely deleting accounts, not just "deactivating accounts." (9to5Mac)

Baidu adjusts map business to automotive business group

Recently, it is reported that Baidu map business has been divested from Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng and adjusted to Baidu Intelligent Driving Business Group (IDG).

Map technology is the core technology of various businesses of Baidu's intelligent driving business group. At present, the business of this business group mainly includes: intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, L4-level Robotaxi, car cloud, intelligent transportation (including vehicle-road coordination, unmanned bus), etc.

Among them, "Jidu Auto" is regarded as the outpost of Baidu's intelligent driving technology, and its pre-order target to be achieved this year has been written into OKR. Baidu's "Carrot Run" under its self-driving taxi business is also expected to expand to 65 cities in 2025. (36kr)

Li Ning launches motorcycle-themed series

In May, China Li Ning launched a variety of motorcycle-themed items and limited peripherals with the theme of "off-road motorcycles", capturing the multi-dimensional characteristics of contemporary "knights" in a trendy context.

In terms of style, this series of clothing uses retro motorcycle clothing as a reference sample, combining modern fabrics and trendy versions; in details, motorcycle elements such as high-saturation colors, badge logos, camouflage printing, and collision lines are injected.

The shoes are modeled on Li Ning's iconic running shoes "Jueying Running Shoes", incorporating cutting-edge fashion elements and new technology fabrics, with industrial toughness and natural flowing beauty, and the soles continue the elements of Li Ning's professional track and field spikes. (nowre)

Men's Makeup Brand "Yanzhi" Receives Millions of Financing

Men's make-up brand "Yanzhi" recently received millions of yuan in angel round financing.

The brand was founded in 2020, and its products mainly include make-up products based on BB cream, skin care products based on cleansing, etc. The product positioning range is below 100 yuan. Cost-effectiveness, practicality and a natural look are the main features of its color cosmetics products.

The beauty awareness of Gen Z men has been increasing in recent years, but at present, domestic male brands are mainly based on washing and care functions, while overseas brands are expensive. Therefore, "Yanzhi" mainly targets the post-00s young male consumer group, mainly college students, and enters the cost-effective male makeup market. (36kr)

The snack brand “La Mo Luli” received tens of millions of angel round financing

On May 23, the snack brand “La Mo Luli” received tens of millions of RMB in angel round financing. This round of financing is mainly used for product research and development, supply chain upgrade, talent building, brand building, etc.

Lamo Luli was founded in 2021. It is a self-owned food brand integrating product design, research and development, production and sales. Its headquarter is located in Shenzhen. The brand mainly includes fruit and vegetable-based snacks, tofu products, cured meat and other products, and has launched a series of beef shakes, braised duck mix, raw cut beef, braised abalone beef and so on.

The snack food category has been fully developed in Japan for decades, and it is a category that should not be underestimated in the convenience store system. In addition, the rise of alcoholic snacks has been linked to the single-living lifestyle, hard sparkling water and increased demand for low-alcohol alcohol from bars to homes. (Knife Institute & Entrepreneurship State)

Men, women and children, everyone loves

Lacoste Crocodile has launched a series of advertisements, using "Zhuangshan" to interpret the brand's self-confidence that everyone, regardless of gender, age, and age, will look good in it.

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