Morning Post | Apple will be forced to adopt Type-C port / Luo Yonghao quits making friends management / Beijing Universal Studios will resume opening

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  • Apple will be forced to adopt Type-C port by EU
  • Luo Yonghao quits the management of "Make Friends"
  • Universal Studios Beijing theme park to open on the 15th
  • Coca-Cola launches Prunella herbal tea drink
  • APC and Lacoste Joint Series Officially Debut
  • Ali Health Pharmacy Releases "Braille Pill Box"
  • 60 domestic games approved
  • Tmall 6.18 Launches "M -" Series Limited Virtual Costumes
  • Douyin test "novel" function channel
  • The largest store in Bananai landed in Wuhan Tiandi
  • Gucci launches luxury industry's first esports academy
  • Pet bird service provider "Bird Bureau" completes tens of millions of yuan financing

Apple will be forced to adopt Type-C port by EU

According to the EU interim agreement reached on June 7, all 15 electronic products in the EU, including mobile phones, tablets and cameras, must use the USB Type-C interface as a universal charging port after the fall of 2024.

That means Apple will have until 2024 to ditch the Lightning port, which has been in place since the iPhone 5 launched in 2012.

At the same time, the agreement also requires chargers to be sold separately from electronic equipment. The European Commission said the move would not only benefit the environment, but would also save users around 250 million euros a year.

For the new regulations, Apple has previously raised objections: "We remain concerned that allowing only one type of charger will stifle innovation rather than incentivize innovation, which in turn will harm the interests of consumers in Europe and around the world."

But analysts have previously said that Apple's new iPhones in the second half of 2023 may be replaced with USB-C interfaces. In addition, Apple has also been revealed to be working on an adapter that will make future iPhones compatible with Lightning designs. (Wall Street News & Bloomberg)

Luo Yonghao quits the management of "Make Friends"

On June 7, Luo Yonghao announced in the online internal speech of "Make a Friend" that he would retire from the company's management and shift his focus to AR entrepreneurial projects.

Make a friend company will continue to operate the "Luo Yonghao" Douyin account by signing a contract to pay for authorization. Luo Yonghao's role in making a friend company has changed from "chief recommendation officer" to "chief brand supervision officer", but in the future, he will still conduct two to three live broadcasts in the live broadcast room every month to bring goods.

At the end of last year, Luo Yonghao said that he would return to the technology industry through the AR project. At the same time, he also mentioned that "I want to make a cool innovative product, and I don't want its public image to be funny." (Interface News & The Paper)

Universal Studios Beijing theme park to open on the 15th

On June 7, the official WeChat account of Universal Beijing Resort announced that it will resume opening on June 15, and pre-sale of tickets and hotels will begin on June 11.

Among them, Universal City Avenue, Universal Studios Hotel, and NUO Resort Hotel will resume operations on the 14th, and the Universal Studios theme park will open on the 15th. The park will limit the current at a rate of 75% every day. Entering the park requires a valid negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours.

Data from the same trip shows that since June, the number of domestic theme park ticket orders has increased by 328% from the end of May. Although Universal Studios Beijing has not yet opened, its travel search popularity has always ranked among the top three domestic theme parks. (21st Century Business News)

Coca-Cola launches Prunella herbal tea drink

The Coca-Cola Tmall flagship store has recently launched a new "Healthy Workshop" series of Prunella vulgaris plant beverages.

The drink mainly promotes natural ingredients such as Prunella vulgaris, Luo Han Guo and their effects of clearing away heat and reducing fire.

At present, this herbal tea is only available in 24 bottles of 500ml full box specifications, priced at 396 yuan.

This new launch means that the world's largest soft drink company has entered the herbal tea market in mainland China for the first time in recent years.

The predecessor of the brand of "Healthy Workshop" was Hong Kong Tongzhitang. Currently, it has launched a variety of traditional botanical beverages in Hong Kong, such as bamboo cane, choke root, sea coconut drink and lemon barley water. Coca-Cola said that introducing it to the mainland market is a preliminary exploration of the sub-categories of tea beverages. (Snack Generation)

APC and Lacoste Joint Series Officially Debut

APC and Lacoste's joint series is officially on sale today. This collaboration brings daily casual items such as trench coats, sweaters, and polo shirts. In addition, accessories such as giant denim tote bags, thick-soled sneakers and scented candles are also launched simultaneously.

In this collaboration, APC has redesigned many iconic items with Lacoste's classic crocodile logo, and blended APC's unique military style with sports style.

This series is the 14th time of APC's co-development project "INTERACTION" since 2019. It will be sold on the official websites of both brands and designated stores from June 8. (Hypebeast)

Ali Health Pharmacy Releases "Braille Pill Box"

Ali Health Pharmacy recently released a Braille pill box to help visually impaired people solve the problem of medication safety.

In appearance, the medicine box incorporates the guide dog shape of China Guide Dog Dalian Training Base into the appearance. In terms of internal design, the medicine box is made of soft rubber, with multiple compartments inside, and the corresponding Braille is marked by date, so that visually impaired people can quickly access daily medicines.

A total of 2,000 Braille pill boxes will be provided for the first batch, all of which will be donated to the China Association of the Blind.

In addition, Ali Health Pharmacy has also developed a set of Pratt & Whitney fonts that can realize the conversion of Chinese and Braille, which will be freely available to many pharmaceutical companies, in order to help pharmaceutical companies develop products such as Braille instruction manuals and Braille packaging boxes.

According to statistics, there are currently about 17.31 million visually impaired people in China, all of whom are facing challenges in drug use and medical treatment. (Beijing News Network)

60 domestic games approved

On June 7, the State Press and Publication Administration released the approval information for domestic online games in June, and a total of 60 games were approved.

Among the games with the approved version number, the key games include Perfect World's "Black Cat Anecdote", Hero Entertainment's "Ji Wushuang 2", Fang Yuan's "Gu Jian Qi Tan II: Zhaoming Jianxin" and Miha Travel's "Kochil Frontier" and so on.

In April of this year, the State Publishing and Information Administration issued the game version number again after an eight-month interval, but among the 45 approved games announced, games from Tencent and NetEase were not among them. In June, due to the temporary interruption of epidemic prevention and control, the distribution of game version numbers resumed, and Tencent still did not have a product version number this time.

During the period when the version number was suspended, a number of head game companies said in interviews that they would increase investment in overseas markets in the future. Last year, Tencent's overseas version of "Peace Elite", "PUBG Mobile", earned an average of $8.1 million per day, ranking first in the global shooting mobile game revenue list. At the same time, Tencent also upgraded the overseas version of "Honor of Kings" Arena of Valor to a strategic level project. (Wall Street News & Late Finance)

Tmall 6.18 Launches "M -" Series Limited Virtual Costumes

On the occasion of the 6.18 Shopping Festival, Tmall Big Name Day joined hands with many brands to create the "M -" series of virtual clothing, and opened the "MOMagazine Metaverse Show Special".

The "Metaverse Show" is based on the theme of "Mobius" and is co-interpreted by hyper-realistic digital figures AYAYI and Noah. Brands such as Off-White, Xiaopeng Motors, Yunnan Baiyao, Budweiser, MAKE UP FOR EVER, AMBUSH, and Lu Xue have all launched corresponding virtual clothing.

The virtual clothing created this time is limited to 2,000 copies each, and consumers can obtain corresponding digital collections and wear AR after purchasing designated brand products. Search "Metaverse Show" in Taobao to view the full version of the show. (SocialBeta)

Douyin test "novel" function channel

Recently, Douyin is testing a functional channel called "Fiction" on the homepage of the tablet side. Users can browse, read and save novels of interest in the novel channel for free.

Currently, the content in this channel is mainly provided by the “Tomato Novel” app launched by ByteDance in 2018. The reading app focuses on free online text reading.

According to Questmobile data, as of December 2021, the monthly activity of Tomato Novel reached 93.27 million, ranking first in the popularity of online reading products. At the same time, 72.1% of Tomato novels and Douyin users overlap. Douyin’s inclusion of the novel business into its internal ecology can effectively tap potential novel users.

In addition, ByteDance also launched nearly ten paid reading apps such as “Ice Shell Novels” and “Xincao Novels” in early March this year. (Tech Planet & Interface News)

The largest store in Bananai landed in Wuhan Tiandi

Recently, the first store in Central China opened in Wuhan Tiandi, with an area of ​​over 600 square meters on the upper and lower floors. It is currently the largest store in Bananai.

The store is run by Chang Nagasaka, the royal designer of "Blue Bottle Coffee". Through the acrylic main material that weakens the sense of existence, the grid layout with no orientation, and the "Lego-style" display that can be flexibly assembled, a "borderless" is created. theme space.

During the opening of the store, Bananai also launched city-limited Sweataway somatosensory T-shirts, pixel-style hot and dry noodles city tote bags, Wuhan University cherry blossoms, and the most wild bus 521 cultural and creative stickers.

In the future, Bananai plans to open more creative stores in Suzhou, Beijing and other places.

Gucci launches luxury industry's first esports academy

Gucci has teamed up with London-based esports platform Faceit, founded in 2012, to create the Gucci Gaming Academy, an esports academy.

This program aims to develop young esports talent through individual coaching sessions and group activities, while promoting a healthy competitive environment that addresses the competition and associated physical and mental stress that gaming professionals face.

There are currently four potential players involved in this project. Project judges will evaluate and support candidates based on the results of their competition in the Faceit Pro League, the top league in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as their values ​​and personal skills, such as a propensity for teamwork and conflict resolution. Winners transition from amateur to professional.

As part of the plan, the partners will also collaborate with the World Health Organization on Psychology Courses to tailor personal branding digital training and education courses. (Luxe.Co)

Pet bird service provider "Bird Bureau" completes tens of millions of financing

"Bird Bureau", an innovative comprehensive service brand for pet birds, recently announced that it has received 25 million yuan in angel round financing.

The brand was founded by Sun Bin, founder of the new pet retail brand "Jizhujia". At present, the "Extreme Pet Home" business includes all goods and services from pet adoption, cleaning, shopping, medical care to social networking.

"Bird Bureau" is positioned as a domestic one-stop comprehensive experience service provider of trendy and scientific bird raising, further expanding the category of small pets, and is committed to improving bird lovers' consumption experience of bird watching and raising birds through the "experience + retail" model , to provide a full range of services for bird pet users.

In the next three years, "Bird Bureau" plans to open 100 interactive retail experience stores of 200-300 square meters in first- and second-tier cities in China, and build its own brand supply chain. (Watching Trends and New Consumption)

Boss and "me"

The story begins with a bottle of ketchup about how a mad businessman grows his ketchup empire without the "mutual support" between him and a hardworking "laborer" Sami.

Despite the hilarious difficulties along the way, the boss kept his ketchup ambitions high.

Seeing this, do you think this is a ketchup advertisement? In fact, this is a financial advertisement – the excellent financial products of National Bank of Egypt are the reason why the boss is so "crazy".

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