Morning Post | Apple was fined for refusing to send chargers / HowNet was accused of abusing market dominance / Xiaohongshu responded to the news of 20% layoffs

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  • Apple was sentenced to pay nearly 7,000 yuan to users for not sending chargers
  • CNKI accused of abuse of dominant market position
  • Xiaohongshu responds to news of 20% layoffs
  • OnePlus Ace officially released, starting at 2499 yuan
  • Lincoln unveils new electric concept car Lincoln Star
  • Off-White Launches First Gender-Free Beauty Collection
  • YOU+MORE! Launches Cream Soda Soda Transparent Umbrella
  • Musk considering takeover bid for Twitter
  • Hong Kong Disneyland reopens
  • Glory teamed up with Ideal Auto to carry out experience activities
  • lululemon announces store opening plan in mainland China
  • Converse joins hands with old British vintage stores to create a joint series
  • "Zihai Pot" × "" launched a joint custom-made Shuxiang pot
  • take it easy friday

Apple was sentenced to pay nearly 7,000 yuan to users for not sending chargers

A recent court ruling in the Brazilian city of Goiania showed that a judge ordered Apple to pay 5,000 riel (about 6,937 yuan) in damages after a consumer sued for not having a charging head.

The judge found that Apple violated the local consumer terms for the sale of smartphones, that is, the mobile phone must be equipped with a charging head. The charging head can be sold separately, but the premise is that it is not necessary to affect the normal function of the mobile phone.

Apple's defense in court is that the iPhone comes with a C2L data cable, and USB-C interface chargers abound, and it is not necessary to use the original Apple style. In addition, Apple reiterates that its approach is environmentally friendly. (Fast Technology)

CNKI accused of abuse of dominant market position

Recently, Guo Bing, a distinguished associate professor at the School of Law and Politics of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, sued CNKI for allegedly abusing its dominant market position. Currently, the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court has filed a case. "We are currently waiting for the court notice."

The case is known as "HowNet's first anti-monopoly case".

On October 18, 2021, Guo Bing received a text message notification that the paper he submitted to the first annual meeting of the Public Interest Litigation and Procuratorial Committee of the Prosecutorial Research Association of the China Law Society passed the preliminary evaluation and needed to submit a "duplication check report".

Guo Bing found that he could not obtain the "duplication check" service through the CNKI platform, and later learned that CNKI is not open to individual users. In the end, Guo Bing had to pay a fee of 30 yuan to the school library, and the library staff would "check the duplicates" on his behalf.

Guo Bing’s lawsuit includes three claims: CNKI publishes an apology statement on the official platform; immediately stops the abuse of its dominant market position, and opens the service of the academic misconduct document detection system to individual users including the plaintiff; compensates the plaintiff for economic losses and reasonable costs. 10,000 yuan and so on. ("Finance")

Xiaohongshu responds to news of 20% layoffs

Recently, it was reported that "Xiaohongshu is undergoing overall layoffs. Many employees were notified that they were required to resign on the same day, and there was no room for communication." According to the report, the proportion of laid-off employees accounted for about 20%.

In this regard, Xingyin Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the operating company of Xiaohongshu, stated that the "overall layoffs" reported on the Internet are based on the results of annual performance appraisals for normal personnel replacement.

The assessment is for all regular employees, and employees with unqualified performance usually account for about 10%. This time, more than 200 employees were negotiated to terminate the labor relationship due to unqualified performance, accounting for about 9% of the total number of employees. (Shanghai Internet refutes rumors)

Lincoln unveils new electric concept car Lincoln Star

Yesterday, Lincoln released the brand's first pure electric concept car, the Lincoln Star, and announced that it will launch three pure electric models by 2025.

The Lincoln Star showcases Lincoln's design language in the age of electrification, a look that will become the brand's future family design.

The front face of the new car takes the Lincoln logo as the visual center, and adds a large number of luminous dots. The front cover is surrounded by a circle of light strips, and the front cabin can be extended forward.

The concept car adopts a side-by-side door design, and the two independent seats in the front row can be rotated back to form a leisure mode with the rear row. The large-size screen on the center console and the centrally suspended operating platform are full of futuristic feel.

OnePlus Ace officially released, starting at 2499 yuan

Last night, OnePlus officially launched the new OnePlus Ace, equipped with a customized version of the Dimensity 8100-MAX chip, starting at 2499 yuan.

The design uses a straight edge shape with a 2.5D step design. The back shell is made of electro-optical waterfall technology. The texture of the back is from deep to shallow. The thickness of the whole machine is about 8.2mm and the weight is 186g.

OnePlus Ace is equipped with IMX766 + OIS optical image stabilization image combination, and the other two lenses are 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and 2-megapixel macro lenses.

If you want to know more, you can see our hands-on experience

Off-White Launches First Gender-Free Beauty Collection "PAPERWORK"

Recently, Off-White ™ Launched the first genderless beauty series "PAPERWORK", officially entering the field of beauty.

According to the brand, the "PAPERWORK" series represents a new dimension of beauty, "as a genderless, inclusive art form, at the intersection of human nature and individuality", created by Virgil Abloh before his death.

The collection debuts with a fragrance called SOLUTION, created by Virgil Abloh in collaboration with renowned perfumers Alexis Dadier, Jerome Epinette and Sidonie Lancesseur, featuring four scents inspired by 90s nostalgia, classic candles and nature element.

Next month, the collection will also expand into make-up, with face and body products, nail polish and more. (nowre)

YOU+MORE! Launches Cream Soda Soda Transparent Umbrella

YOU+MORE!, a subsidiary of Japan's FELISSIMO, has launched a transparent umbrella inspired by cream soda, available in three styles: cantaloupe, blue and pink.

In order to express the transparent layering of the cream soda, YOU+MORE! uses watercolor-style illustrations to present slightly melting ice cream, delicate bubbles and ice cubes floating on the soda, and when it rains, the raindrops on the umbrella appear It's like water droplets attached to a glass, adding to its fun.

This series is priced at 2,200 yen (about RMB 110) each and can be purchased on FELISSIMO's official website. (lavie)

With a $46.5 billion financing commitment letter, Musk considers making a takeover offer for Twitter

According to a new U.S. securities filing, Musk is studying whether to begin a takeover bid for Twitter, which would be contingent on completing financing and due diligence, for $54.20 per share (about $43 billion) for Twitter stock. Rather than the original depends on financing.

Musk has received about $46.5 billion in funding commitments from Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Barclays, the filing said.

Of that, half is Musk's own $21 billion in cash, and the other half is about $25.5 billion in debt financing raised in the aforementioned banks.

In addition, Musk is also considering a bid for Twitter. (Wall Street News)

Hong Kong Disneyland reopens

Yesterday, Hong Kong Disneyland officially reopened, but will continue to operate five days a week, and will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays (except public holidays and special days designated by Hong Kong Disneyland).

In response to government regulations, the park will implement crowd control. Guests must make reservations with valid tickets before visiting. Please refer to the park timetable for the latest opening days and hours of the park.

Glory teamed up with Ideal Auto to openly recruit 30 people to experience mobile phones and cars for free

In March this year, Honor Mobile officially announced that it had reached an interconnection cooperation with Ideal Auto.

Yesterday, Honor announced the open recruitment of 30 experience officers to experience the Honor Magic4 Prestige Edition, Pro Edition and 2021 Ideal ONE cars for free. The owner of the ideal car can use a mobile phone running Magic UI 6.0, such as the Honor Magic4 series, to achieve sensorless unlocking.

It is said that the Honor mobile phone can also realize remote remote car control. Through the negative screen card, you can remotely view the vehicle status of the ideal car, open the window, turn on the air conditioner, etc. (product play)

lululemon plans to expand to 220 stores in mainland China in fiscal 2026

Recently, lululemon announced a new “Power of Three x2” growth strategy, aiming to achieve revenue of $12.5 billion in 2026, double the $6.25 billion in 2021.

Specifically, the "Power of Three x2" growth strategy includes doubling revenue in men's business, doubling revenue in digital business, and quadrupling revenue in international markets. The women's business, store channel and North American business will also continue to play an important role in the strategy.

Regarding the Chinese market, lululemon also announced five pillars of its development strategy: store expansion, e-commerce construction, limited products, brand building, and people-oriented.

As of the end of fiscal 2021, lululemon has a total of 71 stores in mainland China, and it is expected that by fiscal 2026, the number of stores in mainland China will reach 220.

Converse joins hands with old British vintage stores to create a joint series

In the process of constantly trying to renovate various daily necessities, Converse has mastered the CONVERSE Upcycling transformation process.

This year's CONVERSE Rene collection is sourced and selected by Beyond Retro, a veteran British vintage store, and Converse is responsible for upgrading.

After these recycled garments are cleaned, sorted, cut, mixed and sewn, the original striped fabric ends up forming the unique Tri-panel upper.

The joint series is priced at RMB 549-649 and will be available on Converse's official WeChat applet from April 22. (nowre)

"Zihai Pot" × "" launched a joint custom-made Shuxiang pot

On April 20, "Zihai Pot" and "" jointly launched a joint custom-made book pot, and you can read the book for free by scanning the QR code on the new pot. In conjunction with the World Book Day on April 23, the brand promotes new products with the "Golden House in the Pot".

Zihai Hotpot was founded in 2018, with the core concept of "real hotpot in the self-heating hotpot industry", and has launched self-heating, brewing and other product series. (Knife Institute)

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