Morning Post | Apple releases purple iPhone 12 and new iPad Pro / Tesla apologizes / Yu Chengdong talks about Huawei’s advantages in selling cars

Morning report

  • Apple releases purple iPhone 12 and new iPad Pro
  • Tesla apologizes
  • Yu Chengdong talks about Huawei's advantages in selling cars
  • China's five major mobile app stores start 64-bit Android ecosystem migration
  • Baidu App changed the slogan to "Baidu click, life is better"
  • Netflix's paying subscriber growth in the first quarter is far below expectations
  • Pinduoduo releases 2020 reading report
  • Xiaohongshu clearly resists sharing principles such as showing off wealth
  • Now there is only an "eye" looking at you, do you remember?
  • Blue Bottle Coffee teamed up with HUMAN MADE to launch a series of peripherals
  • The Oscar hit movie "Father Trapped in Time" confirmed to be introduced
  • Netizens hotly discuss: Jinan intends to fine 2,000 yuan for abandoned dogs
  • Watch a good ad on Wednesday: "Fall back in love"

Apple releases purple iPhone 12 and new iPad Pro

At the conference this morning, Apple brought a series of new products. Among them, the purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are included. The color-matching version has the same pricing as other color versions. Pre-orders will begin on the evening of April 23.

In addition, Apple also brought a new iPad Pro, starting at 6,199 yuan, and the pre-sale date is April 30. The new iPad Pro is equipped with an M1 chip, cellular network models support 5G, and the 12.9-inch version is equipped with a mini-LED display that can achieve XDR effects.

In addition, Apple also brought the long-discussed AirTag, colorful version of iMac, updated Apple TV 4K, "Apple Card Family" and podcast subscription services at the press conference. If you want to know more, welcome to jump to our detailed report article .

Tesla apologizes

Last night, Tesla’s official Weibo post stated that “I apologize for failing to solve the problem of the car owner in time” and said that “respect and firmly obey the decisions of relevant government departments, respect consumers, abide by laws and regulations, and resolutely. Actively cooperate with all investigations of relevant government departments."

Tesla said in the statement that a special handling team has been established within the company to do its best to satisfy the demands of car owners and strive to satisfy car owners when compliance is legal.

Earlier yesterday, "Chang An Jian, the Central Political and Legal Committee" once commented on Tesla's response to the incident of defending car owners, and said that Tesla's response showed the arrogance of "Master Public Relations", which chilled Chinese consumers.

Yu Chengdong: Huawei’s high-end experience store is a huge advantage in selling cars

According to CBN news, yesterday, three Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 cars drove into Huawei's world's largest flagship store on Nanjing East Road, Shanghai. Huawei's consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong announced that Huawei officially began selling cars. Regarding "Why does Huawei sell cars," Yu Chengdong said:

Huawei has more than 5,000 high-end experience stores, which are not in the same order of magnitude as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and new car manufacturers. This is our huge advantage and covers every important city in China.

Latest epidemic figures

Domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) : On April 20, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 21 new confirmed cases, including 19 imported cases (Hainan 12 cases, Shanghai 3 cases, Tianjin) 2 cases, 1 case in Guangdong, 1 case in Sichuan), 2 cases of local cases (both in Yunnan); no new deaths; no new suspected cases.

Overseas : As of 7:00 on April 21, a total of 143.23 million confirmed cases overseas, a total of 3.04 million deaths, and a total of 11.28 million cured.

China's five major mobile app stores join hands to initiate the migration of the 64-bit Android ecosystem

China's five major mobile application stores-Xiaomi App Store, OPPO Software Store, Vivo App Store, Tencent App Store, Baidu Mobile Assistant, jointly announced that all applications released in each application store in the future must support the 64-bit Arm architecture in an orderly manner.

By the end of this year, all apps and games need to upload APKs with 64-bit builds as planned, so that all mobile Android applications on the Chinese market can be prepared for the full popularization of 64-bit architecture by the end of August 2022.

Baidu App changed the slogan to "Baidu click, life is better"

According to 36kr news, Baidu App changed the original "click on Baidu, you know" slogan to "click on Baidu, life is better". The new slogan may mean that Baidu will further develop life services.

In April last year, Baidu App officially launched the "Service Center", providing one-stop aggregated recharge payment, medical and health care, express services, city services, travel, family services and other third-party local life service functions.

Netflix's paying subscriber growth in the first quarter is far below expectations

Sina Technology and Netflix released the first quarter earnings report. The financial report showed that in the first quarter there were a net increase of 3.98 million paying users, and the market estimated a net increase of 6.29 million; the first quarter revenue was 7.163 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 24.2%, exceeding analysts’ expectations of 7.14 billion US dollars; net profit It was US$1.707 billion, a year-on-year increase of 141%. After the earnings report was released, Netflix's stock price plummeted 11% after the market.

Pinduoduo releases 2020 reading report

According to the Beijing News, the "2020 Duoduo Reading Report" released by Pinduoduo shows that in 2020, more than 400 million people will "Pinshu" on Pinduoduo's platform, and the book order volume will increase by more than 189%. Among them, book orders from rural areas increased by more than 180% year-on-year.

It is reported that Pinduoduo has also signed agreements on intellectual property protection with Beijing Fifteen Society Anti-piracy Alliance, Children's Publishing Anti-piracy Alliance, China Publishing Association, Xinhua Wenxuan and other institutions to jointly promote the fight against infringement and piracy of books.

Prior to this, Pinduoduo had caused controversy over pirated books . Some media claimed to have purchased 1,000 books on Pinduoduo, and actually received 574 copies, and 507 copies of pirated books were found after verification by various parties. Most of the media’s complaints to the store’s customer service and the platform’s customer service were not admitted by the store and ended the dialogue with "I don’t like the goods to be returned." The customer service told the media: "Pirated books are not fakes."

Xiaohongshu launched the "Community Pact", clearly resisting sharing principles such as showing off wealth

According to NetEase Technology News, Xiaohongshu recently launched the "Community Pact", clearly proposing the community values ​​of "sincere sharing, friendly interaction".

The convention requires community creators to follow the sharing principles of affirming interest, resisting showing off their wealth, opposing pseudo-science, and avoiding excessive modification when sharing content. At the same time, it calls on users to respect others and their labor results in their interactions, and encourage ordinary people to share, etc. specification.

Microsoft's acquisition of the chat application Discord fell through, and the two parties have terminated negotiations

According to Phoenix Technology, people familiar with the matter said that the game chat platform Discord has terminated its sale negotiations with Microsoft, and plans to focus on expanding its business as an independent company.

Now Discord will focus on building a chat platform to make money from the rapidly growing user base during the epidemic. Listing will be an option Discord is considering, but it is not imminent.

Now there is only an "eye" looking at you, do you remember?

"Fastcompany" news, if you are reading today's morning paper on your mobile phone or laptop, you now have an "eye" – a camera – looking at you, do you remember?

( Tencent Video )

Marc Teyssier, a researcher at the University of Saarland, created Eyecam, an anthropomorphic camera. He built a model of a human eye with silicone. The camera is the "pupil" and a face tracking algorithm is used to make the eye follow the person in front of the camera. Teyssier hopes to inspire more people to think about the technology around him.

Blue Bottle Coffee teamed up with HUMAN MADE to launch a series of peripherals

Hypebeast news, specialty coffee chain brand Blue Bottle Coffee teamed up with HUMAN MADE to launch a series of peripherals, including T-shirts, caps and flavored coffee beans named "Future Blend".

At present, the series has been landed in the official Japanese store of Blue Bottle Coffee.

The Oscar hit movie "Father Trapped in Time" confirmed to be introduced

According to, the six Oscar-nominated film "Father Stuck in Time" is confirmed to be introduced, and the file is to be determined.

( Tencent Video )

The film tells the daily life of a late old man with memory decline. Although it is the theme of family love, the film adopts a repetitive and fragmented sensory narrative technique, which brings a new kind of viewing experience to the perplexity and dizziness through the perspective of the sick elderly.

Jinan intends to fine 2,000 yuan for abandoned dogs

Yesterday, "Jinan City Civilized Dog Raising Management Regulations (Draft)" publicly solicited opinions. The "Draft" stipulates that dog owners shall not abuse or abandon their dogs. Those who abandon their dogs shall be fined RMB 2,000 per dog. In key management areas, each household can only raise one small dog.

Netizen: "Then what should I do if I don't want to raise it?" "I hope the same punishment for abandoning cats." "How do I know who has abandoned a dog? How to define abandonment and a dog running away on his own?"

Inkaras: "Fall back in love"

Duration: 3 minutes and 14 seconds

The retro sneaker brand Inkaras has returned to "rebirth" after being forgotten for many years. How will it make the world fall in love with it again through the story of a boy?

( Tencent Video )

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