Morning Post | Apple opens third-party downloads for the first time/Yu Minhong said the company should not only rely on Dong Yuhui/It is reported that Xiaomi Motors has launched its first 2S store in Beijing


Apple allows EU users to download apps through third parties

FTC investigates AI investments by big tech companies like Microsoft

115 domestic online games have approved version numbers

Cybertruck China tour location announced

Tencent’s plan to represent Meta Quest has been shelved

Yu Minhong responded to retaining Sun Dongxu

Xiaomi Auto opens its first 2S store in Beijing

OpenAI CEO meets with executives from Samsung and SK

Apple CarPlay 2.0 new screenshots exposed

Didi releases announcement on safe travel guarantees for Spring Festival travel in 2024

Founder of Leapao Auto: Prices of new energy vehicles can still fall

Tongyi Qianwen visual understanding model Qwen-VL is upgraded again

Tencent Document Smart Assistant starts public beta


KFC co-branded Dragon Tiger brand essential oil launches peripheral products

One Fun Thing | Coax Simulator

What to watch on the weekend | "Puss in Boots 2"

A guide to buying books without reading|"The Loneliest Animal on Earth"

Game recommendation | "Infinite Factory"

 News worth watching over the weekend

Apple officially announces major concessions: EU users will be able to download apps through third parties

Apple announced that in order to comply with the EU's "Digital Market Act", it will implement a series of updates to the iOS system, Safari browser and App Store. These changes will take effect in 27 EU countries starting from March 2024.

The new policy will support developers in publishing iOS apps through third-party app stores and provide corresponding APIs and tools. Developers will also be able to use non-WebKit browser engines and have the opportunity to apply for additional hardware and software interoperability.

The Safari browser will allow iOS users to set a third-party browser as the default browser. When opening Safari for the first time in the new version, EU users will see a selection interface to select the default browser.

App Store policies will also be updated to include the introduction of third-party payment processing alternatives, allowing developers to process transactions through third-party payment services. However, apps that use this feature will have to handle refunds and transactions on their own.

Apple will also adjust the App Store's commission structure, lowering the standard commission from 30% to 17%, and the commission for subscriptions over one year and small businesses from 15% to 10%. For each installation of non-App Store apps over 1 million times, you will be charged €0.50 per annual first install.

Apple pointed out that these changes will cause 99% of developers in the EU to reduce the fees paid to Apple, and less than 1% of large developers may need to pay new application installation fees. Developers can experience the above new features in the iOS 17.4 beta version.

FTC investigates AI investments by major tech companies including Microsoft, Google

According to The Information, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced that it will investigate Microsoft's investment in OpenAI and Google, and Amazon's investment in Anthropic to assess whether these cooperation harm competition in the AI ​​market.

The FTC requires relevant companies to respond within 45 days. It is reported that the move follows similar investigations by British and European regulators into Microsoft's investment in OpenAI.

Microsoft, Google and Amazon have pledged to invest billions of dollars in the two AI startups in exchange for using their cloud computing services. Microsoft is entitled to 75% of OpenAI's profits until its $13 billion investment is repaid, and 49% thereafter.

The FTC is currently also reviewing Microsoft's non-voting board seat in OpenAI. Microsoft said it would cooperate with the investigation, Google said it hoped the inquiry would shed light on opaque company practices, and Amazon had no comment.

115 domestic online games have approved version numbers

On January 25, the National Press and Publication Administration website disclosed the approval information of domestic online games in January 2024. A total of 115 games were approved.

Public information shows that following the 105 models in December 2023, the number of approvals this time has once again exceeded 100.

Specifically, the approved games include Zhongqingbao's "Magic War", "National Entrepreneur" and "Fantasy Builder", Sanqi Interactive Entertainment's "Guests Please Stay", and Phoenix Media's "Sports Forest" ” and “Fishing Hero” etc.

At noon on January 26, A-share online game stocks performed strongly. Zhongqingbao's stock price rose by 20%, Shengtian Network rose by more than 8%, Xunyou Technology rose by more than 6%, and other related stocks such as Glacier Network also rose by more than 4%.

Cybertruck China tour location announced

Tesla announced on Weibo yesterday that its Cybertruck (Tesla Cybertruck) will launch a tour exhibition in China on January 28.

The exhibition will cover many first-tier cities across the country. The specific tour locations include Beijing's Huamao Center, Shanghai's HKRI Taikoo Hui, Shenzhen's Vientiane World, Hangzhou's Hubin77, Nanjing's Deji Plaza, Xi'an's SKP, and Chengdu's Taikoo Li and Longfor Times Street in Chongqing.

Ai Faner was also invited to take a full picture of Cybertruck, let’s enjoy the beautiful photos together.

Tencent’s plan to represent Meta Quest has been shelved

According to "VR Gyro", Meta informed Tencent in December last year that it would suspend cooperation between the two parties on XR hardware, which means that Tencent's plan to act as an agent for Quest headsets is temporarily shelved.

Yesterday, an industry insider confirmed the authenticity of the above news to Jiemian News. It is reported that Tencent and Meta originally planned to launch an entry-level version of Quest 3 in China with similar parameters to Quest 2, but the plan has not yet been implemented.

According to reports, Tencent reorganized its XR team in September 2023 and established the XR Device and Content Business Department, which is responsible for the research and development, sales and marketing of its own brand of XR devices.

This department is led by Qian Geng, who was responsible for the cooperation between Tencent and Nintendo and acted as an agent for the Chinese version of the Switch game console. However, because some popular games do not support the Chinese version, the agency business is not effective.

Yu Minhong responded to retaining Sun Dongxu

According to China Securities Journal, Yu Minhong, chairman and CEO of Oriental Selection, discussed the decision to continue to retain Sun Dongxu (Oriental Xiaosun) at a recent financial report meeting.

Yu Minhong said that the reason why he asked Sun Dongxu to continue working in Oriental Selection was based on his full trust in Sun Dongxu's ability in product selection and self-operated brand building.

When talking about the criteria for employing people, Yu Minhong emphasized, "I usually employ people based on their strengths and never 'beat them to death with a stick.' On this point, Sun Dongxu has led Dongfang Selection to fight tough battles and build app and exploration in the field of live broadcasting have all made significant contributions to Oriental Selection.

We cannot erase a person's original contributions because of his temporary mistakes, nor can we deny all of his abilities. "

In addition, Yu Minhong also said that if Dongfang Selection only relied on Dong Yuhui, it would not be a normal company.

Xiaomi Auto opens its first 2S store in Beijing

On January 26, a reporter from Cailian News learned from the staff of Beijing Borui Automobile Park that Xiaomi Motors' first 2S store in Beijing will be located in Borui Automobile Park.

It is reported that this store was originally a 4S store of Dongfeng Nissan, but the subsequent plan is to complete the relocation in March this year. In addition, reports indicate that the store is currently in the renovation stage, and the first batch of exhibition cars are scheduled to arrive in April or May.

Recently, Xiaomi Group Chairman Lei Jun revealed on Weibo that Xiaomi SU7 is undergoing comprehensive road testing nationwide. He said: "We must polish the quality and experience to a good enough stage before officially launching it."

OpenAI CEO meets with executives from Samsung and SK

According to Bloomberg, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman arrived in Seoul, South Korea, on Thursday night local time. On Friday, he visited Samsung Electronics’ chip manufacturing plant in Pyeongtaek and met with the top leadership of Samsung’s semiconductor business and heads of various departments. .

In addition, he arranged a meeting with SK Hynix CEO and SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won to explore the possibility of cooperation.

Since OpenAI released ChatGPT, the demand for AI applications has increased rapidly, and the demand for high-performance computing and processors has also surged. Altman has repeatedly emphasized in public that the current supply of chips is far from meeting the needs of his company's AI applications.

It's unclear what the specific goals of Altman's trip to South Korea are. Altman is trying to raise billions of dollars to build a series of semiconductor manufacturing plants, Bloomberg previously reported. Samsung is also expanding its foundry business to customize chips for more customers.

Apple CarPlay 2.0 new screenshots exposed

According to Macrumors, developer Steve Moser discovered 8 new applications for the next generation of CarPlay in Apple’s latest iOS 17.4 Beta 1 update, including automatic settings, car camera, charging, climate control, shutdown, media, tire pressure and stroke.

The apps will allow users to manage paired iPhones, adjust vehicle settings, view the vehicle's rearview camera, monitor the electric vehicle's battery status, control the vehicle's climate system, check whether doors are open and display vehicle warning symbols, and access FM and AM radio stations Controls and displays the air pressure of each tire and provides low-pressure, high-pressure and air leak warnings, provides various driving-related data, and more.

In addition, the new CarPlay may also support personalized customization of the dashboard, including adjustments to themes and color schemes. The first models to support the new CarPlay include Aston Martin’s new DB12.

Didi releases announcement on safe travel guarantees for Spring Festival travel in 2024

Starting from January 26, the 40-day Spring Festival travel period officially started. According to Didi’s official WeChat account, Didi Chuxing cooperated with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Security to hold the “Didi 2024 Spring Festival Security Work Deployment Meeting” to improve service safety.

Didi will work with the police to issue safety tips, train drivers, and implement 24-hour emergency response. At the same time, incentives are used to guide drivers to operate during peak hours and areas to meet passenger demand.

In response to possible severe weather and emergencies, Didi has upgraded its safety system to provide real-time protection during the trip and strengthened the safety management of long-distance orders. Didi also pays special attention to the travel needs of the elderly and special groups, and provides services such as guardianship of relatives and friends, and one-click taxi calling.

During the Spring Festival, Didi also held a driver welfare station to give holiday gifts to driver masters and provide benefits and subsidies in a variety of ways. Didi's driving and freight services have also launched corresponding winter care plans to provide drivers with more convenience and warmth.

Founder of Leapmotor: This year’s volume update, there is still room for price reduction

During the recent "China Economic News Figure Selection (2023-2024) – Entrepreneur Night" event, Zhu Jiangming, founder, chairman and CEO of Leapmotor, accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Finance's "Dao Zhi Xing" column.

During the interview, Zhu Jiangming predicted that competition in the new energy vehicle industry will become more intense in 2024. At the same time, he believed that there is still room for further reductions in the price of new energy vehicles.

Zhu Jiangming said that competition is beneficial to improving the competitiveness of Chinese products in the global market. He explained that as sales of new energy vehicles increase, the price of lithium batteries and other related parts is expected to decline as production scale expands, which will help increase automakers' gross profit margins.

Zhu Jiangming also mentioned that although Chinese car companies have a high market share in overseas markets such as Russia and Iran, judging from the global annual sales of more than 90 million cars, the sales of Chinese brand cars are less than 10 million. . Therefore, in his view, competition can further enhance the global competitiveness of Chinese products.

Tongyi Qianwen visual understanding model Qwen-VL upgraded and launched Max version

Alibaba Cloud recently announced that its large multi-modal model "Tongyi Qianwen" visual understanding model Owen-VL has been upgraded again, adding a Max version after the Plus version.

The new model performed excellently in multiple graphics and text multi-modal tests, comparable to or even surpassing the industry-leading GPT-4V and Gemini Ultra models. In the Chinese question answering and text understanding benchmarks, Qwen-VL-Max surpassed GPT-4V and Gemini.

The new model not only achieved high scores in benchmark evaluations, but also significantly improved its problem-solving capabilities in practical applications, including dialogue, identifying celebrity landmarks, generating text, and describing images.

Currently, these two models are free and open. Users can directly experience the model capabilities on the Tongyi Qianwen official website and Tongyi Qianwen app, or call the model API through the Alibaba Cloud Lingji platform.

In addition, "Phantom Parlu" has been extremely popular recently, and a large number of players have also encountered poor experiences such as lags, crashes, and high delays. In this regard, many players have chosen the dedicated server mode of "Eidolon Parlu" to build their own servers and play with friends.

It is reported that Alibaba Cloud immediately launched a special page for game online servers and provided a one-click deployment function in the computing nest. No need to manually configure parameters. Players can quickly complete the server setup according to the instructions, and the whole process only takes 2 to 3 minutes.

Tencent Document Smart Assistant starts public beta

On January 26, Tencent Document Intelligent Assistant officially launched public beta and is fully applicable to document types such as Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, smart documents, collection sheets, and mind maps.

This public test of Tencent's document AI capabilities brings new upgrades, covering multiple capabilities such as second-level processing of text content, application of function and formula calculations, accurate presentation of table data, rapid generation and beautification of PPT, automatic analysis of collection results, and one-click generation of mind maps. , and support the smooth flow of cross-category document content.

From now on, the smart assistant will be gradually open to all users for experience. After users are qualified to experience it, they can open the intelligent assistant on the homepage of Tencent Documents computer or in the lower right corner of various types of documents, and use "one sentence" instructions to start the intelligent office and efficient creative experience after AI integration.

KFC co-branded Dragon Tiger brand essential oil launches peripheral products

Recently, KFC and Longhu Fengyoujing collaborated across borders to launch a limited edition joint product "Longhu Fengyoujing".

"Dragon Tiger Crazy Oil Essence" comes in a 6 ml mini package, with the KFC Crazy Thursday logo specially added to the bottle. At the same time, there are also limited-edition essential oil stickers and customized packaging bags. The design combines the classic elements of the Dragon Tiger brand and KFC's "V Me 50" slogan, and is presented in red and white colors.

Consumers who want to get these co-branded gift bags only need to go to designated KFC stores to purchase them on February 1st.

In addition, KFC launched interactive activities on the Xiaohongshu app, inviting users to share creative "crazy jokes" in the comment area. Participants had the opportunity to win KFC gift cards or co-branded peripheral products.

✨ It's the weekend!

One Fun Thing | Coax Simulator

This week, a tool called Coax Simulator went viral on the Internet, attracting nearly 600,000 users in just one day.

The simulator innovatively designs a variety of common quarrel scenarios in couples/workplaces, such as "You came home too late, and your girlfriend was very angry." "Your partner likes to use kimi, but you said that only ChatGPT is easy to use, and the other party is angry." "wait.

Users can interact with the characters played by AI, and based on the response content, the system will adjust the "forgiveness value" score accordingly to test and improve the user's ability to coax people.

The web version experience address of the hongco simulator is:

What to watch on the weekend | "Puss in Boots 2"

The movie tells the story of Booth who had only one life left after many "fancy deaths". Facing the threat of death, Booth has to seek the help of his old partner and enemy Softpaw Kitty to find the legendary wish-making magic to restore his nine lives.

In this adventure, they also formed an "Iron Triangle of Friendship" with the puppy Peridot, and together they stepped into the dark forest and began an epic adventure.

The film's dubbing cast is extremely luxurious, including Antonio Banderas as Booth, Salma Hayek as Softpaw Kitty, and Harvey Gillen as Peridot.

A guide to buying books without reading|"The Loneliest Animal on Earth"

The new work "The Loneliest Animals on Earth" by the famous British illustrator Millie Marotta focuses on 43 rare and endangered animals in 8 major habitats around the world, using colorful illustrations and vivid text to reveal their living habits and challenges. threats.

The work aims to arouse public awareness of nature conservation and not only provides specific measures to protect endangered animals, but also provides detailed animal distribution maps.

Millie is known as the "Queen of Coloring Books" for her unique British style and exquisite details. Her works are very popular and she now lives in a seaside town in Wales to continue her creative journey.

Game recommendation | "Infinite Factory"

As a sandbox puzzle game, players in Infinite Factory must build massive machines and factories to please a mysterious alien overlord.

The game is played from a first-person perspective with a fully 3D environment. Before manufacturing the product, you need to create conveyor belts, push arms, welding machines and other equipment. The entire manufacturing process is just like reproducing the real industrial production process.

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