Morning Post | Apple may release new products this week/OpenAI responds to Musk’s lawsuit/Nongfu Spring Chairman responds to rumors about Wahaha


OpenAI executive denies Musk's accusations

Shenzhen issues policies to support the development of Hongmeng native applications

Apple's hardware engineering guru is retiring

Liu Jie said that the top three new energy vehicles with more than 200,000 yuan will be determined by the end of the year.

Tianya community plans to resume access before May 1

Zhong Suisui denies that the first pot of gold came from Wahaha

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: AI may pass human testing within 5 years

iPhone SE 4 engineering renderings exposed

2024 iPad and Mac will be released online

Xpeng G6 has a limited-time discount of 20,000 yuan on all models

GAC Aion launches AION Y Plus Star Edition

Nvidia may enter the handheld market again

CAMPER launches new series of ROKU assembly shoes

Designer creates "Muto Yugi" style hat

"Dune 2" North American audience ratings released

"Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils" box office exceeded 100 million

"Hot and Spicy" scheduled for release in North America


OpenAI executive denies Musk's accusations

According to Axios, OpenAI executives have denied many of the claims made by Musk in the lawsuit.

"We believe the allegations in this lawsuit may stem from Elon's regret for not continuing to be involved in the company," Jason Kwon, OpenAI's chief strategy officer, wrote in an internal memo released Friday.

"I'm extremely disappointed to see Elon take such action against a company he helped found, especially considering that he worked closely with some of you who are still here working to achieve this mission."

Kwon insisted that OpenAI is independent and will continue to work to "ensure that AGI benefits all mankind."

  • Regarding the accusation that GPT-4 is general artificial intelligence:

GPT-4 is able to solve many small tasks in the job, but from an economic perspective, the work done by humans is still staggeringly high compared to the work done by GPT-4.

More importantly, general artificial intelligence will be a highly autonomous system with the ability to design novel solutions to long-term challenges, something GPT-4 is not yet able to do.

  • On the accusation that OpenAI has abandoned its mission to benefit humanity:

Our challenge is to both develop general artificial intelligence and ensure that its impact is maximized for positive effects.

We have found that a strategy of creating cutting-edge technology and making that technology widely available through APIs and products best aligns with both aspects of this mission, as we are able to attract the necessary capital to make the technology widely available and deliver it as society and conscience dictate Guardrail.

  • On the allegation that OpenAI is actually a Microsoft subsidiary:

We ourselves decide what to research and develop, how to run the company, who our products serve, and how to achieve our mission.

We also compete directly with Microsoft to provide the best value and products for businesses, developers, and everyday people. We know that OpenAI is the developer of ChatGPT and ChatGPT for Enterprise, while Microsoft provides Copilot and the large enterprise customer version Microsoft 365 Copilot.

On February 29, local time, Musk formally filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and its CEO and president, claiming that the company had violated its purpose of developing technology to benefit mankind when it was founded, and was now pursuing profits.

Shenzhen issues policies to support the development of Hongmeng native applications

On March 2, the Shenzhen Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau and the Shenzhen Municipal Administration Services and Data Administration jointly issued the "Shenzhen 2024 Action Plan to Support the Development of Open Source Hongmeng Native Applications."

The "Action Plan" proposes Shenzhen's specific goals for the development of Hongmeng native applications by the end of 2024, including:

By 2024, the number of Hongmeng native applications in Shenzhen will account for more than 10% of the country's total; all major vertical areas in Shenzhen will be fully covered by Hongmeng native applications;

Hongmeng development courses have been introduced to major universities and training institutions in Shenzhen, and the number of qualified Hongmeng developers accounts for more than 15% of the country's total;

More than 2 professional industrial parks focusing on Hongmeng native application software development and application companies have been built; there are more than 1,000 software companies with Hongmeng development talent qualifications;

Promote the stable operation of the Hongmeng Ecological Innovation Center and provide public services such as the display and promotion of Hongmeng native applications and talent training; the Global Smart Internet of Things Alliance has officially launched operations and continues to expand the international influence of Hongmeng native applications.

big company

Apple's hardware engineering guru is retiring

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple's former head of hardware engineering Dan Riccio told colleagues that he "is retiring" after more than 25 years at the company.

In 2021, John Ternus will succeed Riccio as Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering.

At the time, Apple said Riccio would "move to a new role and focus on a new project," which Gurman said was the Vision Pro headset.

The timing of Riccio's retirement has not yet been determined and the specifics of his departure are still being worked out.

Li Auto Liu Jie: The top three new energy vehicles with more than 200,000 yuan must have ideals and boundaries

Li Xiang, founder of Li Auto, said recently: "In the new energy vehicle market with more than 200,000 units, in the fourth quarter of this year, the top three brands will take up 70% of the market share."

According to The Paper, Liu Jie, vice president of commercial affairs of Li Auto, also mentioned in an interview, "In the new energy market of more than 200,000 yuan, we judge that there will be a particularly clear top three by the end of this year, and they will even account for 70% share”.

Regarding who will be the top three, Liu Qiang said, "Among the top three, we and Wenjie are definitely among them."

Data shows that in the past February, Wenjie and Ideal ranked first and second among the new forces with 21,100 units and 20,300 units respectively. The sales of other car companies generally did not exceed 10,000 units.

Tianya Community announces restart progress: access will be restored before May 1

Recently, Tianya Community issued an announcement announcing that it has officially restarted.

"We will raise funds by introducing strategic investments, resuming advertising business, launching social e-commerce platforms and vigorously developing member value-added services. On the premise of ensuring data security and compliance, we will resume operations within 2 months, that is, before May 1 Tianya community visit."

After Tianya Community resumes access, it will use a new international domain name to strengthen Chinese online community services for overseas Chinese and further consolidate its positioning as the "Global Chinese Online Home."

Regarding the bankruptcy application that has attracted much attention recently, Tianya officials said that this is a case in which an employee was filed for bankruptcy review due to unpaid wages. It is a normal legal proceeding faced by the company after encountering financial difficulties and will not have a substantial impact on Tianya's restart. .

Nongfu Spring Zhong Suisui responded: The first pot of gold did not come from Wahaha

Yesterday, Nongfu Spring’s official WeChat post was titled “Zhong Suisui: Two or three things happened between Zong Lao and me.” Zhong Suisui said, "Mr. Zong has always been an entrepreneur I respect. He and I are both teachers and friends, and of course, we are also competitors."

Zhong Suisui stated in the article that the cloth business is the first pot of gold for starting a business, rather than the online rumor that "the first starting income comes from Wahaha."

The article mentioned that at a sales meeting of Nongfu Spring, Zhong Suisui joked: "The Wahaha that we did not sell in Hainan back then was probably sold to Guangdong. If it were sold now, it would be considered a flush product. I didn’t expect that a casual joke at that time would now become my crime of being ‘ungrateful’. I have never received a salary at Wahaha, let alone been fired for rushing goods.”

Recently, the "history of grudges" between Wahaha and Nongfu Spring has begun to circulate on the Internet, saying that "Zhong Suisui was an agent of Wahaha in his early years. He was disqualified as an agent for colluding goods. Later, he imitated Wahaha and established Nongfu Spring." He accused Zhong Suisui of The behavior is "a modern version of the farmer and the snake."

 NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: AI may pass human testing within 5 years

According to Reuters, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said on Friday that under certain definitions, artificial general intelligence (AGI) could be available in as little as five years.

Huang answered a question at an economic forum at Stanford University about how long it would take to achieve one of Silicon Valley's long-standing goals: creating computers that can think like humans.

The answer, he believes, depends largely on how that goal is defined. If defined as the ability to pass human tests, he said, artificial general intelligence (AGI) would soon arrive.

As of now, AI can pass tests such as law qualification exams, but it still has difficulty in professional medical tests such as gastroenterology. But Huang said it should be able to pass any of those tests within five years.

New product

iPhone SE 4 engineering renderings exposed

It was previously reported that Apple is developing a new fourth-generation iPhone SE model, and the technology website 91mobiles recently obtained a CAD rendering of the model.

These CAD renderings indicate that the iPhone SE 4 will be equipped with a 6.1-inch display, a notch design similar to the iPhone 14 series, and equipped with Face ID facial recognition function.

The iPhone SE 4 reportedly measures 147.7 x 71.5 x 7.7mm, which is almost the same size as the iPhone 14. The current size of iPhone SE is 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm.

This also confirms MacRumors' report last year, which said that the iPhone SE 4 will largely reuse the design of the iPhone 14, including the Face ID facial recognition function and 6.1-inch OLED display, but use a single rear camera, operation buttons and USB-C interface.

The device is expected to launch next year.

2024 iPad and Mac will be released online

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple does not plan to hold a traditional launch event to launch the new iPad and Mac. Instead, it plans to announce these products on its website through a series of online videos and marketing activities.

Gurman said Apple will release a number of products in the coming weeks, including:

  • New iPad Pro models with OLED screens
  • New iPad Air series, including the first 12.9-inch iPad Air
  • New 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air models with M3 chip
  • New Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

Gurman said Apple plans to launch a "special version of iOS 17.4 that supports new hardware" at the end of March, so he expects the devices to be available sometime in March or April.

According to Macrumors, citing sources, Apple plans to release new products via a press release on its official website this week. However, the specific new product content has not yet been disclosed, and it is likely to be "new iPad/Mac or accessories."

Xpeng Motors: Limited-time discount of 20,000 yuan on all Xpeng G6 models

Yesterday, Xpeng Motors announced that before March 31, 2024, all Xpeng G6 models will receive a limited-time discount of 20,000 yuan, with the discounted price starting from 189,900 yuan.

Xpeng G6 was released in June last year. The length, width and height of the car are 4753/1920/1650mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2890mm.

The entire Xpeng G6 series is equipped with an 800V silicon carbide platform as standard, which can recharge 10%-80% of the battery in 19 minutes. In terms of battery life, it provides two specifications of battery packs: 66 kWh and 87.5 kWh. The longest CLTC cruising range can reach 755km.

The Xpeng G6 is equipped with a total of 31 smart driving sensors, coupled with 2 NVIDIA Orin-X assisted driving chips, with a total computing power of up to 508TOPS, which can realize the XNGP assisted driving function.

GAC Aian launches AION Y Plus Star Edition, priced at less than 100,000

GAC Aion announced yesterday that the AION Y Plus Star Edition model was officially launched, priced at 99,800 yuan.

It is reported that as a new entry-level model, the appearance of the AION Y PLUS Star Edition is expected to be basically the same as that of the models on sale. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4535/1870/1650mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2750mm.

There are no obvious changes in the overall interior of the new car. In terms of intelligent configuration, the new car does not provide active safety configurations such as lane departure warning, active braking, and fatigue driving reminders, and does not support external discharge.

In the power part, the AION Y Plus Xingyao version motor has a maximum power of 100kW and a maximum torque of 176N·m. It uses a 37.9kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack and has a pure electric range of 310km under CLTC conditions.

new consumption

NVIDIA may enter the handheld market again and create exclusive graphics IP

Moore's Law Is Dead revealed in a new video that Nvidia is developing its own PC gaming console and is considering expanding the launch of graphics chips with exclusive IP.

Nintendo's upcoming Switch 2 will use Nvidia chips, and Nvidia hopes to expand the scope of the chip and may even cooperate with Intel to create a high-end gaming handheld console.​​​

CAMPER launches new series of ROKU assembly shoes

After three years of research and development, the Spanish shoe brand CAMPER has launched a new series – ROKU, inspired by Japanese Wabi minimalism and centered on the concept of modular and sustainable innovative shoes.

ROKU means "six" in Japanese, which means that the shoes are composed of six parts: outsole, EVA insole, knitted upper, 3D inner socks, shoelaces and lightweight sole.

Buyers can choose from ROKU's complete shoes or different components to create their own personalized model, combining from a variety of colors and parts, offering up to 64 possible looks. This series of shoes will be officially launched on March 6th.

Designer Davide Perella creates "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and "Muto Yugi" style hats

Italian graphic designer Davide Perella recently created a new concept hat based on the theme of "Muto Yugi", the most representative character of "Yu-Gi-Oh!"

The design incorporates Muto Yugi's iconic hairstyle into a beige fur hat. In addition to highly restored styling and color matching, the entire design is made of knitted material.

However, this work is only a concept, and may be presented using generative AI. In reality, it may be a bit difficult to get this "Muto Game" hat.


"Dune 2" North American audience ratings released

"Dune 2" North American theater audience CinemaScore score is released: A. ComScore/Screen Engine PostTrak audience rating is 5 stars / 94% recommended, which is also very good.

The film's first-day box office in North America was estimated at US$32.2 million (including US$12 million in advance screenings). The first-week opening performance is currently estimated to be around US$76 million, which is lower than the first "Dune" which opened in North America at US$41 million. There is a significant improvement. "Dune" received an A- CinemaScore from audiences.

"Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils" box office exceeded 100 million

According to Maoyan Professional Edition data, as of 13:32 yesterday, the movie "Zhou Chu Destroy Three Evils" has been in theaters for 3 days, with a total box office exceeding 100 million.

The film tells the story of Chen Guilin, a fugitive criminal played by Ethan Ruan, who learns that he is terminally ill and wants to "do something big" before surrendering and get rid of the two villains ranked ahead of him on the wanted list, but this triggers a series of stories.

The film currently has a rating of 8.3 on Douban, with 226,857 people rating it.​​​

"Hot and Spicy" scheduled for release in North America

The new domestic comedy film "YOLO" directed by Jia Ling has announced that it will be released in North America and will be released in selected theaters on March 8.

The film was released on Chinese New Year's Day (2.10) this year, and as of 14:34 on March 3, the box office had exceeded 3.4 billion.

Starring Jia Ling and Lei Jiayin, this remake of "One Hundred Dollars of Love" tells the story of a "house girl" who has separated from society and decides to find a new life and start boxing training. Distributed in North America by Sony Pictures.

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