Morning Post | Apple may launch a MacBook with a new design next year / Officially confirmed that PS5 is sold out / Scotland becomes the first sanitary napkin free area

Morning report

  • Apple next year or launch MacBook with a new design
  • Officially confirmed that PS5 is sold out
  • XiaoIce releases 11 AI singers
  • ZTE Blade 20 Pro 5G releases files
  • Apple launches TikTok account to promote iPhone 12 mini
  • Station B became a strategic partner of the Golden Rooster Award
  • Microsoft will establish a sustainable data center area in Sweden
  • The French government will start to levy a tax on digital services
  • RIMOWA launches a new Never Still series
  • Ninja launches new sweater
  • Utah state government found mysterious metal body
  • Netizens hotly discuss: Scotland becomes the world's first sanitary napkin free area
  • Cloud check-in on Thursday: Lecheng Courtyard Kindergarten

Guo Mingchi talks about the new iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook next year

Guo Mingchi said in the latest report that they predict that Apple will launch an Apple Watch with "innovative health management functions and design improvements" in 2021, and in the second half of 2021, it will launch a low-cost iPad, equipped with Apple Silicon and a new look New model of MacBook designed. As for AirPods 3, Guo Mingchi predicts that its shipment time may be postponed to the end of the second quarter of 2021.

Officially confirmed that PS5 is sold out

According to Hypebeast, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said in an interview with the media that as of now, all PlayStation 5 produced by Sony have been officially sold:

I'm sure all our hosts are sold out. Last year, we spent a lot of time trying to ensure sufficient product supply, but now I have to spend more time trying to increase supply to meet the needs of global players.

After this year, I learned that I will not release another new game console during the epidemic, and I do not recommend anyone to do so. This is too difficult. It is a challenge in terms of production. No one can enter the factory.

Latest epidemic figures

Domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) : On November 25, 21 newly confirmed cases were confirmed, including 12 imported cases (5 in Shanghai, 4 in Guangdong, 1 in Jiangsu, 1 in Fujian, and 1 in Sichuan), local cases 9 cases (all in Inner Mongolia); no new deaths; 3 new suspected cases, including 2 imported cases (all in Shanghai) and 1 local case (in Inner Mongolia).

Hong Kong : On November 24, there were 85 new confirmed cases, of which 84 were local cases. A total of 5,866 confirmed cases have been confirmed in Hong Kong so far.

Overseas : As of 0:00 on November 26, a total of 60,240,761 confirmed cases overseas, a total of 1,413,728 deaths, and a total of 41,340,922 cured cases.

XiaoIce releases 11 AI singers

Kuai Technology News, yesterday, Xiaoice Framework released 11 first batch of third-party naturalized Al singers. Generally speaking, virtual AI singer training and commercial applications take one year to prepare, while using the Xiaoice framework takes only 45 days. Officials claim that these singers "have the expressive power close to professional singers, and the technical threshold for tuning is low and rising. big space".

The lyrics and music of the attribution, creation, and interpretation of these singers can belong to a third party instead of Xiaoice Company.

ZTE will launch Blade 20 Pro 5G on November 30

ZTE announced on its official Weibo that it will launch Blade 20 Pro 5G on November 30.

Earlier news showed that this phone will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip and support 5G. The chip is built using Samsung's 7nm EUV process, integrated with an eight-core Kryo 475 CPU and Adreno 620 GPU.

Apple starts to use TikTok account to promote iPhone 12 mini

9to5mac news, Apple created an official TikTok account six months ago. Recently, Apple started to officially enable the account and cooperated with existing TikTok creators to launch short videos promoting iPhone 12 mini.

Station B became the full strategic partner of the 33rd Golden Rooster Awards

From November 25th to 28th, the 33rd Golden Rooster Awards was held in Xiamen. This year, Station B officially reached a full strategic partnership with the Golden Rooster Award.

Station B will broadcast the Golden Rooster Awards activities, including the opening and closing ceremonies and the red carpet festival. At the same time, station B will also host a sub-forum "Filmmaker's Night". Li Ni, vice chairman and COO of station B, will work with director Ning Hao to jointly announce a series of future cooperation plans.

Microsoft will establish a sustainable data center area in Sweden

According to cnBeta, Microsoft will establish the first sustainable data center area in Sweden in 2021.

The project award involves the establishment of three sustainable data centers. Microsoft said that these data centers will focus on providing Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform throughout Sweden. The goal is to enable local enterprises to have advanced connectivity and data. Privacy and security.

The French government will start to levy a tax on digital services

According to CCTV news, the French Ministry of Economic Affairs confirmed on November 25 that it will officially start to levy digital service taxes on large multinational Internet companies from December 2020. According to sources, many US digital giants, including Amazon and Facebook, have received notices for the first payment of the tax.

The US government stated in July this year that it intends to impose a 25% tariff on French goods worth US$1.3 billion, including cosmetics and handbags, as a counterattack to France’s previous announcement of a “digital tax”.

RIMOWA launches a new Never Still series

German luggage brand RIMOWA has released a new series name called Never Still. Unlike the brand’s iconic aluminum-magnesium luggage, the series is not only suitable for daily commuting, but also uses softer materials.

Officials stated that the series is the result of "closely following the ever-changing traveler's cultural trends" and aims to create a more everyday, intimate and local feeling.

Ninja launched a new sweater, more suitable for wearing headphones

The Verge news, e-sports anchor Ninja launched a new sweater through its brand. The hat part of this sweater has a partial grid structure, which makes it easier for users to use headphones while wearing a hat.

This sweater is priced at US$60 (approximately RMB 393) and will go on sale on November 25th.

The Utah government found a mysterious metal body in a remote area

According to The Register, the Utah Department of Public Safety discovered a piece of metal in a remote area of ​​the state.

Although the official does not yet know who placed the metal blocks here, they warned that "it is illegal for individuals to use, occupy or develop public land or its resources without authorization." A humorous sentence was added later. "No matter what planet you are from." The metal body is reminiscent of a similar device installed by aliens on the earth in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Scotland becomes the world's first sanitary napkin free area

On November 24, the Scottish Parliament of the United Kingdom passed the "Free Mental Supplies Act" unanimously, making it the first region in the world to provide free menstrual supplies for everyone. The bill was introduced by Labour MP Monica Lennon in 2016, and she has been committed to ending "menstrual poverty" for many years. Previously, Scotland had provided free physiological supplies for students in various schools.

Netizen: "I don't want all of them to be free. I only hope that the subsistence allowances and women in poverty-stricken areas can receive relevant subsidies. It is best to send them in kind." Difficulties' are so sad."

Lecheng Siheyuan Kindergarten @ Beijing · China

The kindergarten project covers an area of ​​9275 square meters. On the original site, there is a triple-entry courtyard, an imitation courtyard built in the 1990s, and a modern four-story building.

Ma Yansong, the founder of MAD Architects, believes that “Kindergartens do not necessarily have to be very giving in terms of hardware, but they must let children feel freedom and love-they give children unlimited possibilities for development.”

The firm demolished the antique courtyard outside the ancient courtyard on the original site and built a new "floating roof" to integrate the originally unrelated sites into one.

The courtyard design of the kindergarten revolves around the natural landscape of the original site. "There is nature, heaven and earth, and human life in the courtyard. Together, these are the core of the building."

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