Morning Post | Apple: iPhone has a 40% higher value retention rate than Android phones/Honor CEO: Apple, Huawei and Honor are in the same direction in AI/Weilai responds to accelerator pedal breakage


ChatGPT macOS version is open to all users, GPT-4o voice assistant function will be postponed

Apple will strengthen support for third-party batteries and screens, saying iPhones retain their value better than Android phones

Wenjie M9 has exceeded 100,000 units sold


Perfect World responds to layoffs: Some products performed less than expected

Honor Zhao Ming: Apple, Huawei and Honor are in the same direction in AI

macOS 15 removes double storage space limit

Avita will be the first batch to be equipped with Huawei Qiankun ADS 3.0

Stability AI appoints new CEO, raises $80 million in new funding

NIO responds to accelerator pedal breakage

DingTalk launches new AI search and announces it is open to all large models

Samsung officially announces July summer conference

New BMW BMW M5 released

Google announces August Pixel hardware event

Adidas China announces results of whistleblower investigation: relevant executives have left the company

Animated movie "Your Name." 》will be re-screened in mainland China on July 19


ChatGPT macOS version is open to all users, GPT-4o voice assistant function will be postponed

Yesterday, OpenAI announced that the first ChatGPT chatbot application for macOS is officially open to all users. The application has been in the testing phase for the past month and is only available to Plus paid subscribers.

The ChatGPT application natively supports Mac systems and provides a shortcut method of "Option + Spacebar". Users can not only interact with the robot using text, but also send files, photos, screenshots and other content to the robot for analysis.

OpenAI also announced that the GPT-4o voice assistant function will be postponed. OpenAI needs to further ensure that it can handle user requests safely and effectively. Officials are currently improving the model's ability to detect and reject certain content.

GPT-4o's voice assistant function was originally planned to be launched to a small number of Plus paying users in late June. OpenAI currently plans to launch it to all Plus users in the fall, but the specific time depends on whether this function can meet security and reliability standards. . OpenAI is currently also working hard to launch video and screen sharing functions.

big company

Apple will strengthen support for third-party batteries and screens, saying iPhones retain their value better than Android phones

Apple released a white paper called "Longevity, by Design," which explains the company's "longevity design principles" in detail. It mentions that Apple will add more software to its software later this year. Functionality extended to third-party iPhone components.

For example, Apple originally disabled the "True Tone" function of third-party screens, but soon Apple will loosen this restriction, even though the company believes that the effect of third-party screens using this feature may not meet its standards.

Similarly, Apple will also add support for "battery health" data from third-party batteries. In the future, third-party batteries on the iPhone will also display battery operating parameters such as maximum capacity and cycle times, but Apple will also remind that this information has not been obtained by Apple. verify.

Apple also stated in the white paper that compared with Android smartphones, the iPhone's value retention rate is at least 40% higher, and there are hundreds of millions of iPhones with a service life of more than 5 years.

Wenjie M9 has exceeded 100,000 units sold

AITO Automobile’s official Weibo announced that within six months of its launch, the Wenjie M9 has sold more than 100,000 units in total, ranking first in the sales of luxury cars with more than 500,000 units.

Subsequently, Yu Chengdong, Huawei's Managing Director, Chairman of Terminal BG, and Chairman of Smart Car Solutions BU, forwarded this Weibo, saying that the breakthrough of 100,000 units of Wenjie M9 is "a milestone for Wenjie, a milestone for Hongmeng Zhixing, and a new milestone for Wenjie." A milestone in energy vehicles."

He also said that the flagship sedan Xiangjie S9 will be released in August, and the double "9" flagship will bring more surprises to everyone.

Perfect World responds to layoffs: Some products performed less than expected

According to "21 Finance", a piece of news titled "Perfect World's largest layoffs, two buildings are almost vacated" was fermented on the Internet. The news pointed out that Perfect World's highly anticipated "Perfect New World" and "One Punch Man" projects have been suspended. There are also rumors that some R&D departments have laid off hundreds of people, and the middle office team has also dropped sharply from 150 people to dozens of people.

In response to the above rumors, Perfect World responded to Sina Technology. In order to actively adapt to the rapid changes in the external market environment, the company continues to carry out innovation, exploration, transformation and upgrading, but it is true that the performance of some products is not as good as expected. In order to cope with the challenges, the company took the initiative to sort out and adjust and adopted a series of solutions to focus resources on its core advantageous businesses. The adjustment process will inevitably bring about pain. The company is trying its best to resolve the negative effects. At the same time, it also hopes that the outside world can give some time and space so that the company can focus on cultivating internal skills and improving operating efficiency.

As early as March, there was news that Perfect World was undergoing a new round of project and personnel adjustments, involving multiple game projects and studios. At that time, Perfect World responded that the adjustment was a normal optimization of the talent echelon and talent structure. The company would make reasonable and dynamic adjustments to the resource investment matched for different projects based on business development needs and project progress.

Honor Zhao Ming: Apple, Huawei and Honor are in the same direction in AI

According to Sina Technology, at the 2024 MWC Shanghai that opened yesterday, Honor CEO Zhao Ming introduced the four-layer architecture of Honor AI in his speech: AI's device-cloud collaboration, Al's application on the device side, AI's reconstruction of the operating system, and Al's use of Can be integrated across systems.

Zhao Ming also said that device-side AI empowers individuals with natural advantages and is the main track for AI innovation. The recent launches of Apple iOS and Hongmeng showed that the direction of AI is basically the same as that of Honor, and they have both gone to Honor's level. On the road, all manufacturers will definitely follow this path. Cloud-side AI is directly transplanted and cannot exert the capabilities of device-side AI.

Zhao Ming also revealed that Honor will soon release a "disruptive" AI PC product, which will have significant innovations in functions, design ideas and aesthetics. Honor's accumulated technology in the field of device-side AI will be applied to PCs, and the new product is expected to be It will be released together with the thin and light folding flagship Honor Magic V3.

macOS 15 removes double storage space limit

In a macOS update document, Apple announced that starting with macOS 15, the App Store no longer requires twice the available space to download and install initial apps. Developers should consider this change when sending any information about size requirements.

Previously, if users wanted to download a large game on the macOS 14 Sonoma system, they had to ensure that there was double the available space, which meant that the user had to reserve tens or even hundreds of GB of space.

Avita will be the first batch to be equipped with Huawei Qiankun ADS 3.0

Yesterday, Changan Automobile's electric brand Avita announced that it will become the first car brand to be equipped with Huawei Qiankun ADS 3.0 high-end smart driving, and plans to launch a month-long smart driving experience event across the country starting on June 29.

According to the official introduction, Huawei Qiankun ADS 3.0 adopts GOD (general obstacle recognition)/PDP (predictive decision-making and control) new end-to-end architecture, which can realize the NCA function of intelligent driving from parking space to parking space, and also upgrades the CAS 3.0 omnidirectional collision system. , which can cover emergency braking and lateral obstacle avoidance in more speed ranges.

At present, Avita has opened the VPD function experience service in 50 stores in 30 cities across the country.

Stability AI appoints new CEO, raises $80 million in new funding

AI startup Stability AI recently announced a major change in its leadership, announcing the appointment of Prem Akkaraju, the former head of visual effects company Weta Digital, as CEO, replacing outgoing founder Emad Mostaque.

In addition, Sean Parker, an early supporter of Facebook, will serve as executive director. According to reports, this executive has a lot of experience in scaling technology companies.

Stability AI has raised about $80 million in new funding, according to a person familiar with the matter, and the two new executives mentioned above also invested in this round of financing.

NIO responds to accelerator pedal breakage

A few days ago, a NIO owner in Henan Province experienced a broken accelerator pedal while driving a NIO car. The owner strongly questioned the quality of the vehicle and pointed out that the accelerator pedal material seemed to be "inferior plastic" and believed that this was directly related to driving safety.

Yesterday, Weilai Auto officially responded that the ES6 with a broken accelerator pedal was a second-hand car purchased by the owner through a third party. The car had previously been involved in a serious accident and was classified as a total loss by the insurance company; the current suspended accelerator pedal of the car Most of them are made of engineering plastics, and their design strength meets industry standards. To protect the safety of the driver, breakage may occur under certain stress conditions.

Some car company R&D personnel revealed that the passenger car electronic accelerator pedal is designed with a fracture protection mechanism and accurate forward and reverse fracture strength standards; the design of the accelerator pedal includes a fracture induction groove. When applied force, the pedal arm may break.

New product

DingTalk launches new AI search and announces it is open to all large models

On June 26, the Make 2024 DingTalk Ecosystem Conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, DingTalk announced version 7.6, and the new AI search product opened for invitation testing.

According to reports, this AI search product is based on a large AI model, intelligently integrates work information on DingTalk, and can help users organize discrete information into a structured knowledge network. DingTalk has also upgraded the AI ​​assistant’s thinking, perception, and action systems, launched multi-agent collaboration, anthropomorphic operations and other capabilities, and supports users to switch underlying large models on demand.

At the conference, DingTalk announced that it is open to all large model manufacturers. In addition to Tongyi's large models, six large model manufacturers, including MiniMax, Dark Side of the Moon, Zhipu AI, Orion Starry Sky, Zero One Thing, and Baichuan Intelligence, have reached cooperation with DingTalk.

DingTalk President Ye Jun said that as the industry moves from model innovation to application innovation, it is DingTalk’s responsibility to explore application scenarios for large models.

DingTalk also announced a piece of data at the conference: the total number of AI assistants created on DingTalk is about 500,000.

Samsung officially announces July summer conference

Samsung officially announced that it will hold a Galaxy Unpacked launch conference in Paris, France at 21:00 on July 10, Beijing time.

In the official promotional images, you can see hints of foldable devices. The tagline for this launch is: "Get ready to discover the power of Galaxy AI, now infused with the latest Galaxy Z series and the entire Galaxy ecosystem."

It is expected that this conference will bring products such as the new Galaxy Z Fold 6 large folding mobile phone and Z Flip 6 small folding mobile phone, as well as the new Galaxy Ring smart ring product. The Galaxy Ring was announced at Galaxy Unpacked earlier this year, and a prototype was later shown at this year's WorldCom.

New BMW BMW M5 released

The new BMW M5 is officially released. The new car uses hybrid power and retains the 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 engine with a combined power of 535kW. However, only the gasoline engine output is 557 horsepower, which is slightly lower than the 600 horsepower of the previous generation. BMW expects the M5 to have a purely electric, zero-emission driving range of 40 kilometers.

The addition of hybrid batteries and electric motors has significantly increased the weight of the M5. The new M5 weighs 2,445 kilograms, which is 474 kilograms heavier than the previous generation, an increase of 24%. As a result, the acceleration performance of this new car is lower than that of the previous M5. Acceleration goes from 3.2 seconds to 3.4 seconds.

Like the previous generation model, the new M5 is equipped with an all-wheel drive system, with power distributed to 4 wheels by default, but users can choose a rear-biased all-wheel drive mode, and a rear-wheel drive mode that fully locks the front wheels.

Production of the 2025 M5 will begin in July, with a starting price in the US market of US$119,500 (equivalent to RMB 868,000).

Google announces August Pixel hardware event

Google announced yesterday that it will hold a "Made by Google" event on August 13, local time, and said it will "showcase the best of Google AI, Android software and Pixel device combinations."

According to media predictions, Google is expected to launch smart hardware products such as Pixel 9 series mobile phones, Pixel Watch 3 smart watches, and Pixel Fold 2 at this event. It is worth mentioning that this Google new product launch conference was held earlier than in previous years. It may be due to the leakage of Pixel products that Google has to hold the conference earlier.

new consumption

Adidas China announces results of whistleblower investigation: relevant executives have left the company

"Daily Economic News" reported that the results of the investigation into the report on the Adidas China marketing department executive were released: the reported marketing department executive and another marketing department employee have left the company.

It is reported that Adidas China reported the investigation results in an all-staff online meeting at 13:00 that day:

Adidas China attaches great importance to the reports received recently and immediately launched an in-depth investigation with internal agencies and external professional agencies. There is evidence that an employee violated the company's relevant code of conduct in his dealings with a local supplier, and the employee has left the company. Relevant compliance investigations are continuing. In addition, a senior marketing executive failed to meet the company's leadership expectations for modeling mutual respect and trust, and as a result, the employee has left the company. Adidas has a zero-tolerance attitude towards non-compliant behavior and is committed to creating a winning culture led by values ​​in the Chinese market.

Previously, an anonymous netizen who claimed to be an employee of Adidas Greater China publicly posted a report letter on social media, claiming that Adidas China marketing department personnel were suspected of workplace bullying, corruption and other issues.

McDonald's launches new thin-crust charred V-wings

McDonald's China yesterday launched a new "thin-skinned V-wing" snack, which uses the "thin-skin" process to present a unique burnt flavor. According to reports, this new "thin-skin formula" can quickly form a thin-skinned outer layer of chicken when grilled, while maintaining a tender and juicy taste. It is reported that the chicken wings taste like a sweet and sour tomato flavor.

In addition, McDonald's also brought "Honey BBQ Flavored Thin-Skin Chicken Thighs", "Watermelon Pops Flavored McFlurry", "Raspberry Roselle Special Drink", "Sour Cheese Bobo Flavored Special Drink", "Ice Lemon" New products such as "Guagua Special Drink" and "Thin-Skinned V-wings + Any Summer Special Drink" for 19.9 yuan.

"Eternal" officially announces "The Witcher 3" and "Plants vs. Zombies" linkage, the mobile game release date is announced

CD Projekt Red and "Eternal Calamity" officially announced that "Eternal Calamity" will be linked with "The Witcher 3". Geralt and his friends invade the mainland of the Cave State. The linkage will be carried out this winter.

In addition to "The Witcher 3", "The Last Day" has also officially announced that the linkage with "Tomb Raider" and "Plants vs. Zombies 2" will be launched soon. Currently, the linkage with "Tomb Raider" has been implemented in the game. The official said that it will be Continue to expand the "infinite universe".

The official also announced that the public beta of the mobile game "Eternal Tribulation" will be launched on July 25.


Animated movie "Your Name." 》will be re-screened in mainland China on July 19

The animated film "Your Name" directed by Makoto Shinkai. "Officially announced that it will be re-released in mainland theaters on July 19th. This re-release also released a new poster, on which director Makoto Shinkai specially hand-written the Chinese name of the film.

"your name. " was first released in mainland China on December 3, 2016. It tells the fantasy love story of a Tokyo boy Taki and a country girl Mitsuha who swap bodies due to mysterious power, gradually develop feelings for each other, work together to find each other, and save the town where Mitsuha lives from disaster. . The film won the 2016 Japanese domestic film box office championship.

"Prison Break" brothers team up again for new drama

The two stars of the classic American drama "Prison Break" Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will co-star in a new drama "Snatchback" again. It is worth mentioning that this is not the two stars after "Prison Break" Reuniting for the first time outside of the film, the two have also collaborated on the series "The Flash" and "Legends of Tomorrow."

The series, currently in development at Universal Television, is inspired by real-life secret intelligence agents and focuses on a team of highly trained private contract operators who rescue hostages in exotic and dangerous locations around the world. "The Shield" screenwriter Scott Rosenbaum will Serves as writer and executive producer.

"Sister Shitou"'s new film is scheduled to be released, with the director of "Poor Thing"

"Stone Sister" Emma Stone's new film "Saving the Planet" is officially scheduled to be released in North America on November 7, 2025. This is her sixth collaboration with director Yorgos Lanthimos. Stone won the Best Actress Oscar this year for her collaboration with Lanthimos in "Poor Thing." Another film they collaborated on, "The Good Kind," was shortlisted for the main competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival and will be released this month. Released in North America.

"Save the Planet" was previously announced to be shot in July this year and is a remake of the Korean fantasy comedy film of the same name. The American version will tell the story of two conspiracy-obsessed young people who kidnap the CEO of a large company, believing she is an alien intent on destroying the Earth. In addition to Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons will also star in the film.

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