Morning Post | Apple began to record video of the conference / domestic anti-new crown oral medicine does not exceed 300 per bottle / iPhone supports Siri shutdown

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  • Apple may have started recording the iPhone 14 launch event
  • The first domestic anti-new crown oral drug does not exceed 300 yuan per bottle
  • Fire breaks out on China's longest existing wooden arch bridge
  • Yiwu Airport responds to bloggers opening unclaimed luggage
  • Tesla's Autopilot FSD test version to launch within a month
  • Baidu account supports modifying user name
  • The social app that young people love to play recently, how can the company "love it and hate it"
  • iPhone supports Siri operation to shut down
  • Apple Watch launches the first Chinese character dial
  • Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 may be released this month
  • Balenciaga's 12,000 yuan new bag looks like a big garbage bag
  • Nike's First Maternity Collection Officially Released
  • Hardcore Yan Institute launched "a whole root of No. 2 water"
  • Documentary "The World" will be released on August 19
  • Manga animation "Chainsaw Man" set for October broadcast
  • "Broken Bridge" will be released on August 13

Apple may have started recording the iPhone 14 launch event

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple has begun recording its September launch event, where it is expected to announce the iPhone 14 / Pro series, Apple Watch Series 8, "extreme sports" Apple Watch, and more.

That could mean Apple is planning two events this fall, similar to past years, Gurman wrote in his latest Power On newsletter. The September launch will focus on the new iPhone and Apple Watch, while the second launch in October will focus on the Mac and iPad.

Gurman also said that Apple has been working on an M1 Pro version of the Mac mini, which was supposed to launch as soon as last year, but he understands that "the M1 Pro is now out of the question."

As a result, the new Mac mini is expected to be powered by the M2 and M2 Pro chips, with no major design changes.

Finally, Gurman said that Apple is considering updating the HomePod mini and releasing a new version of the full-size HomePod in early 2023 , with plans to enter the home device market on a larger scale.

Source: IT House & Bloomberg

The first domestic anti-new crown oral drug does not exceed 300 yuan per bottle

On August 7, the price of azvudine tablets for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia was initially set at less than 300 yuan per bottle, 35 tablets per bottle, 1mg per tablet.

Previously, the State Food and Drug Administration approved the registration application of Henan True Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for the addition of azvudine tablets for the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia. Azvudine Tablet became the first self-developed oral small molecule new crown treatment drug in China.

After the official announcement of Azvudine, Real Life officially submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on August 4. According to the prospectus, Real Biology plans to seek to include azvudine in China's National Medical Insurance Directory.

At the same time, Fosun Pharma also announced that it will exclusively commercialize Azvudine by Fosun Pharma Industry.

Source: Henan Daily & Red Star News

Fire breaks out on China's longest existing wooden arch bridge

On the evening of August 6, the Wan'an Bridge in Pingnan County, Ningde City, Fujian Province caught fire. The fire was extinguished at 10 o'clock in the evening, but the bridge body was burnt and collapsed, and only the remaining part was left. As of now, the cause of the fire has not been identified.

Wan'an Bridge was built in the Northern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 900 years. It has been rebuilt many times and is listed as one of the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

The through-wood arch refers to an arch formed by interlacing a plurality of straight woods and cross-inserting beams and woods at the same time.

Wan'an Bridge is nearly 100 meters long. Through the structure of multiple piers and multiple spans, with upper wood and lower stone, the restriction that the through-wood arch bridge cannot be used on a wider river bed is solved. Before it was burned down, it was the longest surviving wooden arch bridge in China.

Fortunately, my country has completed the census registration of 767,000 immovable cultural relics, including Wan'an Bridge. At the same time, the inheritor of the traditional construction skills of the wooden arch bridge is still alive.

Therefore, Wan'an Bridge is expected to be rebuilt after government approval and expert argumentation.

Source: Nutshell & The Paper

Yiwu Airport responds to bloggers opening unclaimed luggage

Recently, a blogger's unpacking video of "Unclaimed Luggage Blind Box" has attracted attention.

Allegedly, the blogger spent 1,000 yuan to buy a suitcase that was unclaimed at the airport for a long time and opened its combination lock. Books, cosmetics, camera bags, necklaces and other items were found in the suitcase, with a total value of up to RMB 40,000 yuan.

The luggage sign in this video states the check-in date as June 27, 2022, from Yiwu Airport Station

In response, the relevant staff of Yiwu Airport responded that after repeated verifications by the staff of Yiwu Airport and the staff of the departure station, the luggage in the video did not flow out of the airport, and the consignment sign was inconsistent with the airport.

According to a previous report by the Rule of, the staff of the ground handling support department of Yiwu Airport responded: "We are only the receiving station, and the stranded (unclaimed) luggage is generally kept for 7 days, and if it exceeds 7 days, it will be returned to the passenger's origin station. "

Regarding the railway lost and found situation, the staff of 12306 replied that the general storage time is up to 180 days, and it is usually destroyed after the expiry date.

At the same time, the act of buying or selling these suitcases also has legal risks.

Attorney Xing Fa, senior partner of Shanghai Xinben Law Firm, said:

"According to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, unclaimed luggage should be classified as lost property, and the ownership of the lost property belongs to the owner of the lost property; if the lost property is unclaimed within one year from the date of the announcement of the claim, it shall belong to the state; Others have no right to dispose of lost property.”

In addition, lawyer Chai Xin of Beijing Dacheng (Wuhan) Law Firm also told the media that if buyers are tricked into buying unclaimed luggage, the seller's behavior is a typical consumer fraud.

Source: Beijing Business Daily

Tesla Autopilot FSD beta to launch this month

On August 7, Musk tweeted that the FSD Beta 10.69 version of Tesla's autopilot software will be launched on August 20.

Not long ago, Musk said at the 2022 shareholder meeting that FSD Beta's ability to turn in complex environments is surprising. At the same time, Tesla will also launch a non-beta version of the full self-driving software in 2022.

It is reported that Tesla's FSD Beta program currently has about 100,000 public testers in North America.

In the last earnings call, Musk also revealed that the FSD Beta testing team has now driven more than 35 million miles, far more than its competitors.

In addition, Tesla also released a teaser image at the recent shareholder meeting, announcing that the Optimus robot will be unveiled on September 30 to celebrate the upcoming AI Day: Part 2.

In January, Musk said that the development of the Optimus humanoid robot is a priority within Tesla over other products, saying that "in the long run, I think Optimus will be more valuable than a car, and it will upend the entire concept of the economy."

Source: IT House & Electrek & Dong Chehui

Baidu account supports modifying user name

Recently, Baidu account began to test support for modifying the user name.

It is reported that modifying the user name of a Baidu account must meet the following conditions at the same time: the user name has not been modified within one year, the account risk assessment has been completed, and the current account has not been subjected to sensitive operations in the last three days.

Users need to operate in the Baidu app, and can only modify it once a year.

Source: 36kr

The social app that young people love to play recently, how can the company "love it and hate it"

BeReal is becoming a new option besides Facebook and Instagram.

True to its name, it encourages users to post photos on the internet without post-production, showing their real side. This has a strong appeal to many Gen Zs who are tired of Instagram-style delicate photos.

What makes it special is that BeReal encourages users to snap and share whatever they're doing within 2 minutes of receiving the push popup.

This really highlights the realism of the content. But if BeReal's request was made during business hours, it could lead to some sensitive photos involving trade secrets being posted on the Internet.

Madison is a recent graduate working in the venture capital sector and regularly posts pictures of her workstation on BeReal.

She says she posts things like case studies she’s written on BeReal, and sometimes screenshots of Zoom meetings with photos of everyone in chat rooms.

Moreover, such posts directly showing the computer screen are quite common in her "circle of friends".

However, she also emphasized that this is because she works in a small company and works in an independent office, so she is not worried about being "caught".

If she's working at an open desk, she might be less inclined to post this.

Ron Storn, a chief people officer at the start-up, noted that such "shooting of computer screens containing sensitive confidential information" "could lead to dismissal."

However, he also saw a benefit. These BeReal posts could also "become a great recruiting tool" if there were no commercial risks involved in the photos posted.

Because these employee or intern BeReals posts can send other young candidates the message: "Oh my God, this company is a great place for young people to work."

To learn more, check it out on The Information:

iPhone supports Siri operation to shut down

Recently, some iPhone users reported that the iPhone now supports voice-controlled shutdown through Siri.

Previously, the power button and volume button had to be long-pressed to shut down the iPhone. After upgrading the latest preview version of iOS 16, users only need to convey the shutdown command to Siri, and a shutdown pop-up prompt will appear.

Compared with the official version of iOS 15.6, this operation reduces the shutdown steps of holding down the side button and volume and then dragging the slider.

Source: Fast Technology

Apple Watch launches the first Chinese character dial

Apple Apple Watch recently launched the first Chinese character dial "Typograph".

According to reports, the dial is designed to celebrate typography and has three custom styles: classic, modern and round.

The user can select four numbers or twelve numbers and display them in Arabic numerals, Arabic Hindi numerals, Devanagari numerals, etc.

It is reported that the watch face is currently only available after upgrading to iOS 16 and WatchOS 9 Beta.

Source: IT House

Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 may be released this month

According to a report from Fast Technology, Xiaomi may release the folding screen MIX FOLD 2 this month, possibly targeting the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

It is reported that the MIX FOLD 2 has an internal screen size of 8 inches and a refresh rate of 120Hz, which makes up for the short board of the MIX FOLD 1 refresh rate of 60Hz. The external screen size is 6.5 inches, which also supports high refresh rates.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is smaller in size, with an internal screen size of 7.6 inches, an external screen size of 6.2 inches, and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Both new phones are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor and offer a 512GB high-capacity version.

Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Fold4 on August 10, and the Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 conference may also be around August 10.

Source: Fast Technology

Balenciaga's 12,000 yuan new bag is called a big garbage bag

Balenciaga recently launched the 2022 winter 360 ° series show, among which the "garbage bag" shape of the bag with the mouth has attracted much attention.

The bag is actually made of calfskin and uses a special shiny fabric to create the texture of a garbage bag. It is available in four colors: black, blue, white and yellow.

Demna, creative director of Balenciaga, said in an interview with the controversial point of "inspired by garbage bags":

"How could I miss this opportunity to 'make the world's most expensive trash bag'? Well, who doesn't love fashion scandals?"

The bag is now officially on the shelves, priced at 1400 euros (about 1790 US dollars).

Source: Hypebeast

Nike Pregnant Women's Exclusive Series Officially Released in China

Nike's first exclusive series for pregnant women, "Nike (M) Maternity Series", has recently landed in China to help these "world's top endurance athletes" keep exercising during the most special stage of their lives.

The collection features new fabrics that stretch as a woman's body changes during pregnancy, providing comfort and support before, during and after pregnancy, while giving expectant mothers freedom of movement.

Some of the Nike (M) Maternity Collection will be available in Greater China starting August 1st.

Source: Hypebeast

Hardcore Yan Institute launched "a whole root of No. 2 water"

Following the "one whole root of ginseng water", the Hardcore Face Institute recently launched a new product "one whole root of No. 2 water".

According to reports, the new product adds oyster peptide powder, black truffle powder and pueraria root powder on the basis of retaining Changbai Mountain ginseng, and also incorporates the taste of daisy, with a fresh aroma.

At present, the new product has been launched, and the reference price is 149 yuan / 6 bottles (480mL / bottle).

Established in 2020, Hardcore Yan Institute is a brand focusing on health drinks. It is committed to de-traditional health products around the brand concept of "no drinking and no water".

Source: FoodTalks

Documentary "The World" will be released on August 19

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

The documentary "The World", co-directed by Tao Tao, Zhang Qi, Qin Bo, and Fan Shiguang, focuses on the families of two terminally ill patients and records the last days of their lives.

Manga animation "Chainsaw Man" set for October broadcast

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

Recently, the comic TV animation "Chainsaw Man" released the latest PV and CAST lineup.

In the original manga, the protagonist Denji is a boy who lives in extreme poverty because of a huge debt. One day, he rescued the demon Bochita, and together with it, he killed low-level demons as a demon hunter in exchange for a reward.

The animation is produced by MAPPA and will officially start broadcasting in October.

"Broken Bridge" will be released on August 13

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

The film tells that after the sudden collapse of the Huangqueshi Bridge, a pair of human bones that had been buried alive for many years were found in the piers. In order to trace the cause of her father's death, Wen Xiaoyu, the daughter of the deceased, joins hands with the boy Meng Chao on the road of seeking truth and revenge.

The film, starring Ma Sichun, Wang Junkai and Fan Wei, will be released on August 13.

Title: "The Invisible Woman"

Author: [English] Caroline Criado Perez

Pages: 400

Published: August 2022

This book is an exploration of the "gender data gap". From school to workplace, from conception to illness, "Beauvoir with data" shows her neglected, oppressed and threatened life.

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