Morning Post | Apple authorized franchise store New Year’s activities to start tomorrow / Alipay Gold Selection Investment Advisory is suspended / Shanghai will manage the killing of the secret room script

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  • Apple Authorized Stores New Year's Eve Event Starts Tomorrow
  • Alipay's gold election investment advisor was suspended
  • Shanghai brings the secret room script killing into management
  • This chair, the tremor overflows the screen
  • Ali announces 9 promotions to vice president and above
  • Twitter starts testing crypto wallet login
  • It is reported that TSMC will set up a dedicated line for Intel to produce 3-nanometer chips
  • Dingdong Maicai responds to layoff rumors
  • Crocs Launches Aurora Collection Sneakers
  • Sequoia China to acquire majority stake in fashion brand WELLDONE
  • Forever 21 parent company Authentic Brands suspends IPO plans
  • McDonald's China and Alibaba upgrade cooperation
  • take it easy friday

Apple Authorized Stores New Year's Eve Event Starts Tomorrow

The Year of the Tiger event at Apple Authorized Stores will officially open tomorrow, covering all Apple Authorized Stores nationwide. Users who come to the store to participate in or purchase specific products before January 31 will receive a limited number of customized gifts for the Year of the Tiger.

This year, Apple authorized franchise stores and Forbidden City Culture, the "National Treasure" IP customized a series of limited gifts for the Year of the Tiger, including the Year of the Tiger AirPods earphone shell, Zhaofu Nacai stickers, custom red envelopes for the Year of the Tiger, "National Treasure" IP customization Metal sticker gift box.

Among them, the Forbidden City Culture Tiger Year AirPods protective case is based on the mythical beasts on the Palace of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City, and selected Xiezhi, Liyu, Suyan, and the flying tiger mythical beast that symbolizes the Year of the Tiger, respectively to create suitable for AirPods (second generation, The third generation) earphone shell allows you to "hear" the sound of blessing from the Forbidden City.

The new year is full of tiger spirit, and the number of gifts is limited on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested friends can use the official applet "Apple Authorized Store by your side" to quickly find an Apple authorized store around you, and then go to the store to participate.

Alipay's gold election investment advisor was suspended

Yesterday, Alipay, together with China Industrial Securities Global Fund, Southern Asset Management, China Europe Wealth Management, GF Fund, Harvest Wealth, and Caitong Securities, launched a new blockbuster investment advisor "Golden Choice Investment Advisor" on January 4 this year. stop.

According to Jiemian News, the “Golden Selection Investment Advisor” was taken offline this time because Alipay was not qualified for fund evaluation. A person from the compliance department of a fund company explained:

The non-compliant point of this golden election investment advisory is that, as a company holding a fund investment advisory license, Ant Fund should select matching fund products from funds in the entire market according to investors' risk appetite and investment needs. .

The golden selection investment advisor launched now is equivalent to ceding the first step of the right to screen funds in the whole market to Ant Fund. Several fund companies are required to select a single gold selection fund from the Alipay gold selection pool for position matching. Then, the corresponding investment strategy is launched.

Shanghai brings the secret room script killing into management

Yesterday, Shanghai released the "Interim Regulations on Content Management of Secret Room Script Killing in Shanghai", becoming the first city in the country to officially incorporate secret room script killing into its management.

The management regulations require that operating units should establish and improve the content self-examination system, assign content reviewers, implement corresponding technical supervision measures, and conduct self-examination and management of content and activities such as scripts used in operation, scenes set, costumes and props provided, etc. , to ensure the legality of content and activities.

The revised management regulations have added relevant requirements for the protection of minors, stipulating that "operating units shall establish and improve the protection mechanism for minors, and pay attention to protecting the physical and mental health of minors. Business units should give notices before prominent locations or activities, and should not allow minors to enter.”

Read the full text of the management regulations document

This chair, the tremor overflows the screen

London-based design husband-and-wife team Grant Wilkinson and Teresa Rivera have created a series of chairs that quiver through the screen.

The designer said that they actually like traditional design techniques, but their taste is more modern, so they decided to combine the two elements – play a little trick on the classic chair shape, turning the original straight line into a curve.

Ali announces 9 promotions to vice president and above

According to "Waidian Finance", Ali released a new round of promotion list of the Organization Department on the intranet, involving all middle and senior managers who have been promoted to the level of P10 (Senior Director), M6 (Vice President), and M7 (Senior Vice President). A total of 37 people were involved.

Among them, only two executives have been promoted to M7, namely Wan Lin, President of Cainiao, and Xu Hong, Deputy CFO of the Group.

Wan Lin joined Cainiao in June 2014. He built the entire Cainiao domestic warehouse distribution and international logistics network from scratch. He has been the president of Cainiao since January 2017. At present, Cainiao includes consumer logistics (post / wrap / village) , domestic supply chain, international logistics, logistics real estate and logistics technology five business sectors.

Xu Hong (Toby) has worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers for 22 years before, and joined Alibaba for only three and a half years. After joining, he first promoted the business cooperation project of Starbucks “Special Star Delivery”. In December 2018, he joined the CFO line, 20 A few months later, he was appointed as the deputy CFO of the group, and was successively responsible for the group's financial management and strategic investment business. Xu Hong will take over as Group CFO in the upcoming new fiscal year (April 1, 2022), becoming the third Alibaba Group CFO after Cai Chongxin and Wu Wei.

Twitter starts testing crypto wallet login

Twitter user RomanTirone tweeted that Twitter has begun testing logins via crypto wallets.

Beneath the tweet, Twitter's head of consumer products marketing, Justin Taylor, confirmed the news was real, and said the screenshot should have come from an internal employee who was testing.

Previously, Twitter has supported users to use Bitcoin to reward content creators. In the past six months, the trend of users using NFTs as Twitter avatars has exploded, and NFTs may become more and more valuable in the eyes of Twitter.

It is reported that TSMC will set up a dedicated line for Intel to produce 3-nanometer chips

Sina Technology quoted market news that sources said TSMC plans to produce 3-nanometer chips for Intel at its new production base in Taiwan.

The production base is located in Baoshan District, Hsinchu City. Intel wants TSMC to use the 3-nanometer manufacturing process to make parts for its CPUs and GPUs, the source said.

In the latest earnings conference call, TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia said that TSMC's 3-nanometer process development progress is in line with expectations and will be mass-produced in the second half of the year. This is in line with the industry's previous expectations.

Dingdong Maicai responds to layoff rumors

Yesterday, a netizen who was certified as a "Dingdong Maicai employee" revealed on social media that Dingdong Maicai has started a major layoff, 50% of the staff in the procurement department, 30% in the algorithm, 30% in operation, and 10%-20% in recruitment. There is also news that Dingdong shopping for food began to force the employees of the front warehouse service station to rest.

In response, Dingdong Maicai responded to Jiemian News that the news was untrue, "a malicious guess without factual basis and rigorous data sources."

Dingdong Maicai said that the change of individual positions is a normal organizational resource adjustment of the company, and the recruitment needs of some positions are also being released normally, and the business is currently operating normally.

Regarding the situation of forced employees to take time off, Dingdong Maicai responded that there is no situation where employees are forced to take unpaid time off in front-line positions, and they will usually be adjusted reasonably according to the working conditions of the site, especially the wishes and work intensity of employees. Dingdong Maicai also emphasized that the company reserves the right to investigate all false rumors.

Crocs Launches Aurora Collection Sneakers

On January 12, Crocs teamed up with Ouyang Nana, the brand's global spokesperson for vitality, to bring a brand new shoe "Crocs Aurora Hole Shoes".

The collection features aurora digital printing and dyeing patterns inspired by Y2K retro and cyber culture. There are 4 models in the collection: Classic Aurora Kloung (white and black), Classic Aurora Sandals and Classic Aurora Sandals. (Ideal Living Lab)

Sequoia China to acquire majority stake in fashion brand WE11DONE

Sequoia China announced that it will acquire a majority stake in Korean fashion brand WE11DONE, and will make full use of local and global resources, as well as its rich experience in technological innovation and retail innovation, to accelerate WE11DONE's direct access to consumption in major global markets such as China, the United States and Europe By.

The two founders, Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung, will continue to hold significant stakes in the company and will continue to lead the brand's artistic direction. Inspired by the fashion of the '90s and early millenniums, the WE11DONE aesthetic is a mix of streetwear and bespoke clothing, with clever use of logos, oversized fit and progressive tailoring.

Previously, Sequoia China also invested in French designer brand AMI and international trend e-commerce company SSENSE. (Hypebeast)

Forever 21 parent company Authentic Brands suspends IPO plans

Recently, the American brand management company "Authentic Brands Group" submitted documents to the securities regulator to withdraw its application for an IPO in the United States. The reasons for the suspension have not been disclosed.

ABG is a brand management company founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York, USA. The brand owns more than 50 consumer brands, including Forever21, Reebok, Nine West, etc. Its business scope covers clothing, sports, entertainment, fashion and other fields. (Brand Planet)

McDonald's China and Alibaba upgrade cooperation

A few days ago, McDonald's China and Alibaba Group announced the upgrade of their cooperation. In the future, the two parties will carry out more explorations in innovative membership plans, global integration insights, new products, IP cooperation, and omni-channel marketing. (World Internet Business)

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