Morning Post | Apple announced the 2024 Design Awards/Xiaomi responded to parking-related accidents and said it was actively cooperating with the police for inspections/Baidu sued Douyin over commercial defamation disputes


Baidu sues Douyin over commercial defamation dispute

Tongyi Qianwen releases open source model Qwen2

Xiaomi responds to parking-related incidents

iOS 18 Control Center will usher in changes

Tesla refutes rumors about energy storage supply agreement with BYD subsidiary

Yu Minhong apologizes for live broadcast remarks

WeChat response to the college entrance examination essay

Apple announces 2024 Design Awards

NIO Energy and GAC Energy charging network interconnection

Zhiji LS7 new model LS7 Max


College entrance examination Chinese composition encounters AI for the first time

Qualcomm Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 processor released

 News worth watching over the weekend

Baidu sues Douyin over commercial defamation dispute

According to public information disclosed by Tianyancha, there are new court announcements for commercial defamation dispute cases involving Beijing Baidu Network Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Douyin Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Douyin Information Services Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Toutiao Technology Co., Ltd.

According to information, the plaintiff in the case is Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., and the trial will be held at the Hangzhou Railway Transport Court on June 13.

As early as last year, Zhejiang Toutiao Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Weibo Vision Technology Co., Ltd. sued Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. over a commercial defamation dispute.

Tongyi Qianwen releases open source model Qwen2

Yesterday, Alibaba Cloud released Qwen2-72B, the world's most powerful open source model. Its performance exceeds that of Llama3-70B, the most powerful open source model in the United States, and also exceeds that of Wenxin 4.0, Doubao pro, Hunyuan pro and many other large Chinese closed source models.

Compared with Tongyi Qianwen Qwen1.5 launched in February, Qwen2 has achieved a generational leap in overall performance. In the authoritative model evaluation list OpenCompass, the previously open source Qwen1.5-110B has been ahead of a number of Chinese closed-source models such as Wenxin 4.0. The overall performance of Qwen2-72B, which has just been open sourced, has been greatly improved compared to Qwen1.5-110B.

Currently, everyone can download the latest open source model of Tongyi Qianwen for free in the Moda Community and Hugging Face.

Xiaomi responds to parking-related incidents

Yesterday morning, Sina Hainan reported a serious traffic accident in Haikou City. A Xiaomi SU7 pure electric car suddenly lost control when it was driving out of the parking lot and rushed into electric vehicles and passers-by driving normally on the non-motorized lane, causing serious consequences of killing one person and injuring three others.

Subsequently, a Xiaomi spokesperson issued a statement on Weibo about the parking lot accident, saying that it had intervened immediately and was actively cooperating with the police for inspection and investigation.

A spokesperson for Xiaomi said in a statement that it had cooperated with the police in retrieving vehicle background data. At the time of the accident, the vehicle was in normal condition, the brake pedal was in normal condition, and the accelerator pedal was continuously depressed. At the same time, they provided the vehicle data report at the time of the incident to the traffic police department, and will actively cooperate and assist the police in the subsequent investigation.

iOS 18 Control Center will usher in changes

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple will launch a first-party application called Passwords next week that will make it easier for users to log into websites and software.

People familiar with the matter said that Apple is planning to include the new application as part of iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS 15. The software, which can generate and track passwords, will be unveiled at Apple's WWDC.

Previously, Mac Rumors also reported that Apple is testing a redesigned version of the Control Center with a user-customizable layout. The new Control Center supports drag and drop, and the button layout of the Control Center can be rearranged or removed through the Settings app. It’s just that the version currently being tested is limited to the lower half, and users can adjust the flashlight and low-power modes, among other things.

Tesla refutes rumors about energy storage supply agreement with BYD subsidiary

Previously, it was reported that BYD subsidiary Fudi Battery had reached a supply agreement with Tesla in March this year for the Shanghai energy storage factory and will supply energy storage cells to Tesla in the first quarter of next year.

Yesterday, Tesla responded to a Shell Finance reporter that the above news was untrue.

Yu Minhong apologizes for live broadcast remarks

In the early morning of June 7, Yu Minhong posted on the social platform, saying, "First of all, I want to apologize to the customers, shareholders and investors of Oriental Selection here! Recently, my personal remarks have caused everyone's worries and worries."

In the article, he said that everyone in New Oriental knows that this is his habitual expression. He said on more than one occasion: New Oriental was made a mess by me. Yu Minhong also believes that almost no real entrepreneur would think that the business he runs is already in order and perfect.

According to Jimu News, on May 31, Yu Minhong was a guest in the live broadcast room of Wumart founder Zhang Wenzhong: "Oriental Selection is now in a mess and has no ability to make suggestions." Subsequently, Yu Minhong said that Oriental Selection was a mess. This topic quickly became a hot search topic, causing Oriental Selection's stock price to fall. On June 3, the market value of Oriental Selection shrank by more than HK$1.8 billion in a single day.

WeChat response to the college entrance examination essay

In yesterday's Chinese college entrance examination, the essay question in the Beijing paper mentioned WeChat likes. The specific questions are as follows:

WeChat Moments has a “like” function. Some people focus on the number of "likes", while others are keen on giving people "likes"… What do you think of the "likes" phenomenon? Please explain your opinion and reasons. Requirements: The point of view is clear and the statement is reasonable.

Later, WeChat sent a tweet saying, "I was prompted again by the Beijing College Entrance Examination essay question, which required no more than 150 words. I only used 10 words." In the tweet, WeChat posted a poster of the startup page of WeChat version 6.1 and gave its own answer: "It's too easy to like, but too difficult to praise in person."

Apple announces 2024 Design Awards

The list of winners of Apple's 2024 Apple Design Awards has been officially announced. Among them, the strategic role-playing game "Honkai: Star Rail" developed by miHoYo was also successfully shortlisted.

The Apple Design Awards are divided into seven categories: fun, diversity and inclusion, innovative thinking, outstanding interaction, social impact, visual images and spatial computing. The specific list of winning apps for the 2024 Apple Design Awards is as follows:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: "Bear's Gratitude Diary" & "NYT Games"
  • Lots of fun: "Oko" & "Crayola Adventure"
  • Excellent interaction: "Crouton" & "Rytmos"
  • Social Impact: "Gentler Streak" & "The Wreck"
  • Visual image: "Rooms" & "Lies of P"
  • Innovative thinking: "Procreate Dreams" & "Lost in Play"
  • Spatial computing: "djay pro" & "Blackbox"

Apple officials stated that every year the Apple Design Awards recognize developers for their outstanding creativity, originality and technical achievements in app and game design. The event now takes on new meaning, becoming a time to reflect on and celebrate the diversity and richness of Apple's developer community.

NIO Energy and GAC Energy charging network interconnection

NIO announced on its official Weibo website that NIO Energy and GAC Energy have officially reached a charging network interconnection cooperation, which will establish dynamic data sharing between charging platforms and realize two-way interconnection of charging facilities.

NIO said that this cooperation is the first project to be implemented after signing a charging and swapping strategic cooperation with Guangzhou Automobile Group on May 8, and will provide users of both parties with a wide range of charging services that are efficient in query and easy to use.

Previously, Weilai has successively cooperated with the charging network interconnection and interoperability of Geely Automobile Group, Jiyue, SAIC-GM, Deep Blue, Zhiji and other brands.

Zhiji LS7 new model LS7 Max

Yesterday, Zhiji Auto stated on its official Weibo that the Zhiji LS7 MAX model was officially released at the Chongqing Auto Show.

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with high-precision lidar + NVIDIA Orin X chip, zero-gravity seats, rear seat back angle adjustment, smart electric door for the main driver, etc.

In terms of vehicle size, the vehicle is 5049mm long, 2002mm wide, 1763mm high, and has a wheelbase of 3060mm. It has 1435mm rear legroom, 1030mm rear headroom, and 133mm rear kneeroom.

In terms of selling price, the LS7 Max Elite has a guide price of 339,800 yuan, with a limited-time discount price of 299,800 yuan, and the LS7 Max Lux has a guide price of 359,800 yuan, with a limited-time discount price of 319,800 yuan.

College entrance examination Chinese composition encounters AI for the first time

Yesterday, the 2024 college entrance examination officially started. As the first examination subject, the college entrance examination essay questions are the same as in previous years, and it is one of the topics that netizens from all walks of life are most concerned about. Yesterday at noon, the college entrance examination essay was also on Weibo's hot search list.

In this year's college entrance examination essay questions, the word artificial intelligence appeared for the first time in the new curriculum standard Volume I essay question.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 processor released

Qualcomm recently announced the Snapdragon 6s Gen 3 processor on its official website, which is built using a 6nm process.

According to the official website information, the processor is equipped with Kryo CPU with a maximum frequency of 2.3GHz; it is also equipped with Adreno GPU and Snapdragon X51 modem.

The processor supports up to 108MP cameras, as well as LPDDR4X 2133MHz memory and UFS 2.2 flash memory.

"The Lion King" will be re-released in North America starting July 12

Disney recently announced on social media that to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of "The Lion King," the film will be re-released in North America starting on July 12.

The first "Lion King" animated film was released in 1994. The story of the film was inspired by William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and told the story of a young lion named Simba who experienced the adventure of his father being murdered by his uncle Scar and his escape. The story of finally challenging Scar and regaining the throne.

✨ It's the weekend!

One Fun Thing | Erewhon launches "Sunscreen Smoothie"

Erewhon supermarket chain in Los Angeles collaborated with sunscreen brand Vacation to launch a "sunscreen smoothie" inspired by sunscreen.

According to Vacation on social media, the smoothie uses organic coconut and banana as a base, and adds Tahitian vanilla syrup, aloe vera and sea salt for a rich taste experience.

What to watch on the weekend | "Super Body"

The film is a science fiction action film directed and written by Luc Besson and starring Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-sik, and Amol Wakod. The movie was released in North America on July 25, 2014, and in mainland China on October 24 of the same year.

The film tells the story of the heroine Lucy, who gained superhuman strength under forced circumstances and became an omnipotent superwoman.

A guide to buying books without reading|"The Elephant Hiding Behind the Mosquito"

A small thing that looks like a "mosquito" has the emotion behind it like an "elephant". But sometimes, some small things that seem insignificant to others are like the sharp mouthparts of mosquitoes, piercing the depths of our souls, making us angry, even depressed and sad, and we ourselves don’t know the reason.

The author of the book, Ernst Fried Hanig, as a doctor of psychology, is a psychotherapist lecture host, teaching therapist, supervisor and lecturer at the Munich Institute of Behavioral Therapy Education in Germany. In this book, he will combine Years of psychological counseling experience will teach you how to get out of trouble and help you find psychological balance.

Game Recommendation | "Hunter Hunter"

"Haunt Hunter" is an exploration adventure game. In this game, the player becomes a player named Terry and drives or uses a paraglider to move around the town as he pleases.

During this journey, players can interact with the townspeople while collecting items along the way to make Terry's car faster.

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