Morning Post | Apple announced that the battery life of iPhone 15 has been greatly improved/Google released the most powerful open source large model Gemma/Has the price of Xiaomi cars been determined? Executives refute rumors


Apple OLED product roadmap exposed

Google DeepMind launches Gemma AI model

Douyin e-commerce launches low-price strategy

Nvidia’s fourth-quarter revenue was $22.1 billion

Apple AirPods team changes coach

OpenAI employee reveals 996 schedule

Xiaomi car price set? Executives refute rumors

Musk reveals Grok 1.5 release date

The first car of NIO’s third brand “Firefly” is suspected to be exposed

Anthropic raises $7.3 billion in one year

Apple retests iPhone 15 series batteries

Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra parameter information exposed

The new Ji Krypton 001 will be launched on February 27th

MediaTek announces its participation in MWC 2024

Lottery coffee shops are booming in many places

"Elden's Ring" DLC first trailer released


Apple OLED product roadmap exposed

According to Macrumors, citing the latest report from market research firm Omdia, Apple is planning to launch at least 9 new devices equipped with OLED displays for the iPad and MacBook series.

This shift is expected to begin with the new iPad Pro models released this year, with screen resolutions of 2388 x 1668 and 2880 x 1920 pixels respectively.

It is understood that in 2026, Apple will also launch OLED versions of the 8.3-inch iPad mini and 10.8-inch iPad Air, as well as 14.2-inch and 16.2-inch OLED MacBook Pro, which will replace the existing mini-LED display.

The report mentioned that Apple is developing 13.6-inch and 15.3-inch OLED MacBook Air models, which are expected to be launched as early as 2027. These new models will also not be equipped with high refresh rates, and their screen refresh rates will remain at 60Hz.

Google DeepMind launches Gemma AI model

Yesterday, Google DeepMind announced the open source of a new large language model (LLM) called Gemma. The name Gemma is inspired by the Latin word "gemma", which means "gem".

Gemma provides two scale models, namely 2B and 7B parameter versions. These models are built based on the same technology and research as Gemini. They not only reach the top level of similar models in performance, but also surpass in many important tests. Larger competitors such as the Llama 2 13B.

In terms of performance evaluation, Gemma's average score in 18 benchmark tests exceeded the currently popular open source models Llama 2 and Mistral, and it performed well in terms of mathematics and coding capabilities.

The Gemma-7B version outperformed the 7B and 13B versions of Llama 2 in eight benchmark tests, including language understanding, reasoning, mathematics, and coding, and performed particularly well in mathematics, science, and coding tasks, as well. Exceeds the Mistral 7B model.

In terms of security, the Gemma-2B IT and Gemma-7B IT versions with fine-tuned instructions outperformed the Mistral-7B v0.2 version in human preference assessments.

Google also provides a tool chain that supports JAX, PyTorch and TensorFlow and is compatible with Keras 3.0 to help developers create more secure AI applications.

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Douyin e-commerce launches low-price strategy

According to "LatePost" news, Douyin e-commerce has set "price power" as its top priority in 2024, which shows that Douyin e-commerce has joined the ranks of e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, Alibaba and and will "low price". "price" strategy is placed at the core.

According to people familiar with the matter, the platform plans to extend its low-price strategy to the content field in the new year, including malls and short videos, and will focus on promoting low-priced products, while the live broadcast room will continue to focus on selling high-priced brand products to maintain a relatively high price. High unit price.

Douyin e-commerce has set a total transaction volume target of more than 3 trillion yuan for the whole year. It is reported that Douyin e-commerce also used Alibaba as a comparison object in early 2023, but now the company has regarded Pinduoduo as its main competitor.

Nvidia’s fourth-quarter revenue was $22.1 billion

Early this morning, Nvidia announced its fourth quarter and 2024 financial reports. It is reported that Nvidia’s revenue in the fourth quarter of its fiscal year was US$22.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 265%.

In the fourth quarter, data center revenue reached a record high, reaching US$18.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 409%. Full-year revenue reached US$60.9 billion, an increase of 126%.

Nvidia founder Jensen Huang said in the financial report: "Accelerated computing and generative artificial intelligence have reached a critical point, and demand is surging among enterprises, industries and countries around the world."

NVIDIA expects revenue in the first quarter of fiscal 2025 to reach US$24 billion, plus or minus 2%. Thanks to revenue that exceeded expectations, NVIDIA's stock price rose by nearly 10% after the release of the financial report.

Apple AirPods team changes coach

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple’s audio team is about to undergo leadership changes due to the departure of long-time vice president of acoustics Gary Geaves, and senior deputy Ruchir Davé will take over his position.

It is reported that Apple's acoustic group has about 300 members and develops audio technology for AirPods, HomePods and other Apple devices. The team is responsible for creating spatial audio, the 3D sound feature built into AirPods, Vision Pro and other devices.

AirPods product designer Tang Tan, who was responsible for managing the acoustic team under John Ternus, has been preparing to leave Apple since December last year. Since then, the acoustics team has reported to Matt Costello, who is responsible for HomePod and Beats headphones.

Geaves joined Apple in 2011 from Bowers & Wilkins, and Bloomberg said he will remain at Apple as an adviser to Costello as he prepares to retire. Geaves has been working on overhauling the AirPods line for the past two years, with the first update expected this year.

OpenAI employee reveals 996 schedule

Yesterday, OpenAI researcher Jason Wei shared his daily work timeline at OpenAI, which immediately caused a sensation on social platform X.

Get up at 9 o'clock;

Take a Waymo self-driving car to the company at 9:30, and then have some avocado toast for breakfast;

9:45: Recite the OpenAI Charter (the core is to ensure that general artificial intelligence benefits all mankind), pray to the God of Optimization, and learn "Bitter Lessons";

A meeting will be held on Google Meet at 10 o'clock to discuss how to train larger models on more data;

11 o'clock writing code to train larger models on more data;

Go to the cafeteria for lunch at 12:00 (vegetarian, gluten-free);

Continue training the model at 13 o'clock;

14 points for debugging infrastructure issues;

15 points to monitor model training and play Sora by the way;

16 points to perform prompt engineering on the previously trained model;

Take a break at 16:30, sit on the avocado chair, and wonder how good Gemini Ultra is;

Brainstorm at 17 o'clock to think about potential algorithms to improve the model;

17:05 Conclusion: Changing the algorithm is too risky, and it is safer to just expand the calculation and data;

Dinner at 18:00;

Commute home at 19:00.

Have a glass of wine at 20 o'clock and continue writing code, reaching Ballmer's peak at this time (the legendary law discovered by Microsoft in the late 1980s, that is, programmers will have superhuman programming abilities when their blood alcohol concentration is between 0.129% and 0.138%) ;

21 points: Analysis of experimental runs;

22:00: Start the experiment, let it run overnight, and get the results the next morning;

1 a.m.: Really start running the experiment;

Go to bed at 1:15. Say silently "Compression is all you need".

Jason Wei joined the Google Brain team after graduating from undergraduate school, and then switched to OpenAI. While working at Google, he made important contributions to the development of large language models, proposed concepts such as thought chains, and participated in related research on emergent phenomena.

Xiaomi car price set? Executives refute rumors

Yesterday, the entry about "Xiaomi car price" once again appeared on Weibo's hot search list. A blogger wrote, "I saw a leak saying that the base model of Xiaomi cars is priced at 229,900."

In this regard, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, publicly disclosed the rumor through his personal Weibo: "They say that the Internet has memory, but I don't think so. At least this picture seems familiar. So this hot search…"

Previously, Wang Hua posted: "Until the official Xiaomi car product launch conference, all information and posters with Xiaomi car versions and prices are fake!"

Musk reveals Grok 1.5 release date

According to reliable blogger @cb_doge, Grok version 1.5 is expected to be released in a few weeks. The new version will include a "Grok Analysis" button that can summarize the entire topic and its responses.

Additionally, it will assist users in post creation. Earlier, the blogger also revealed that Musk’s X is in talks with the AI ​​​​Venture Chart company Midjourney about potential cooperation.

Grok is a chatbot developed by xAI, an AI startup owned by Musk. It is designed to be able to engage in conversations with users of social platform X and has the ability to access the X platform in real time.

The first car of NIO’s third brand “Firefly” is suspected to be exposed

Recently, blogger @HiEV Garlic Car Research Institute suspected of exposing the spy photos of the first model of NIO's new brand "Firefly".

Although the vehicle is wrapped in tight camouflage materials, the overall body of the vehicle in the spy photos is compact, with rounded and full lines, showing a simple and modern style.

It can be seen from the spy photos that the currently popular hidden door handles are not used on the side of the vehicle, while the rear part shows a simple design, and the overall design is closer to a traditional hatchback sedan.

Last year, NIO co-founder and president Qin Lihong revealed to the outside world that Firefly is expected to debut in the European market in the third quarter of 2024.

Anthropic raises $7.3 billion in one year

According to the New York Times, this month Anthropic reached an investment agreement with venture capital firm Menlo Ventures, receiving an additional $750 million in investment and financing.

In the past year, Anthropic has become one of the hottest startups in the AI ​​field, with a total of US$7.3 billion in financing. Among the investors are Internet giants such as Google and Amazon.

The startup's valuation has tripled last year to $15 billion, according to three people with knowledge of its finances. Its monthly revenue is about $8 million and is expected to grow about eightfold this year, other people familiar with the matter said.

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Apple retests iPhone 15 series batteries

Apple recently announced that it has conducted a new round of rigorous testing on the batteries of the iPhone 15 series mobile phones.

It is understood that the iPhone 15 series models released last fall can still retain 80% of their original capacity after 1,000 complete charging cycles. Compared with the earliest announcement that "up to 80% of the original capacity will be retained after 500 complete charging cycles," the durability of the iPhone 15 series seems to be better than originally expected.

Apple says this change in battery cycle life only applies to iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Previous iPhone models are still rated to retain up to 80% of capacity across 500 full charge cycles, and don't show a cycle count in the settings menu.

As for battery health, Apple says that as battery chemistry ages, the battery life of any iPhone model ultimately depends on how the device is regularly used and charged.

Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra parameter information exposed

Xiaomi will hold the Mi 14 Ultra and "Full Ecology for People, Cars, and Homes" new product launch conference at 19:00 on February 22. This is also the first "Full Ecology for People, Cars, and Homes" launch conference in Xiaomi's history.

Official preheating information shows that Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra will be equipped with the innovative "Xiaomi Jinshajiang Battery". This battery technology reduces the size by 8% while increasing the power to 5300mAh and increasing the battery life by 17%.

Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra will also adopt the "Xiaomi Dragon Armor Architecture", which supports 2 times the bending resistance of the middle frame, 10 times the screen drop resistance, and the back panel uses a new material Kona leather, which achieves 6 times super wear resistance, is not prone to yellowing and is more resistant to dirt. .

In terms of communication technology, the new phone will have a built-in Xiaomi Pascal T1 signal enhancement chip to support advanced two-way satellite communication functions. In addition, the phone is also equipped with a generative AI large model, which can achieve more than 30 times ultra-high-definition zoom shooting.

In terms of photography system, Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra will use Leica optical technology, equipped with Sony Optical LYT-900, and second-generation stepless variable aperture technology, with a maximum aperture of f/1.63.

The new Ji Krypton 001 will be launched on February 27th

On February 21, Jikrypton announced that Jikrypton 001 is about to receive a comprehensive refresh and will be officially released in Hangzhou on February 27. China's first F1 driver Zhou Guanyu will serve as the chief control officer of the new Ji Krypton 001.

It is reported that this is the second time that the Jikrypton brand has cooperated with an F1 driver after F1 world champion Raikkonen served as Jikrypton's chief performance consultant. At present, the new Ji Krypton 001 show car has arrived at major stores, and consumers can experience it in stores.

MediaTek Announces Exhibition at Mobile World Congress 2024

On February 21, MediaTek announced that it will participate in the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024). Based on the new generation AI processor integrated in Dimensity 9300, MediaTek will showcase a series of innovative generative AI technologies and applications.

It is reported that attendees at MWC 2024 will have the opportunity to experience the following end-side AI technologies:

  • SDXL Turbo: Text-to-image Stable Diffusion engine that can instantly generate images based on user input text
  • Diffusion video generation: can quickly generate videos based on text or pictures input by users, and supports the generation of multiple animation styles
  • Expansion of client-side generative AI skills: NeuroPilot AI platform integrates LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation) Fusion, which can process the recorded human images in real time on the device, and supports the generation of videos with different animation styles.
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Lottery coffee shops are booming in many places

Recently, Kamen reported that lottery coffee shops have rapidly emerged in many cities in China, such as Chengdu, Wuxi, Foshan, Yichang and other places. Among them, "Lottery Coffee" in Kunming has now opened two stores.

These stores must be approved for lottery sales qualifications, and their area and location must comply with local regulations. In terms of business strategy, in addition to providing traditional lottery sales services, lottery coffee shops also innovatively introduce a variety of ways to play, such as giving away lottery tickets when buying coffee, redeeming points for lottery tickets, etc.

According to data from the Ministry of Finance, national lottery sales increased by 36.5% year-on-year in 2023. Lottery sales increased in all provinces across the country, with Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shandong seeing the largest increases.

Pizza Hut is back with cilantro pizza

Recently, Pizza Hut's official Weibo announced the launch of a new pizza featuring coriander, called "Lots of Cilantro Preserved Egg Beef Pizza", as well as a new "Smashed Cilantro Lemon Juice" drink.

This pizza features coriander, preserved eggs and beef, giving it a unique and fresh taste. It is worth mentioning that Pizza Hut launched the "cilantro pig ear pizza" last year, which caused a lot of response.

Hartcopy x adidas first collaborative release

Hartcopy recently reached its first cooperation with adidas and launched a new joint sneaker.

This pair of classic shoes has been redesigned by the Hartcopy team. The T-shaped suede on the toe is replaced by soft nubuck leather. The red embroidery on the shoelace opening adds a unique charm, and the logos of both parties are also printed on the insole.

This special edition sneaker is now available in limited quantities at


"Elden's Circle" DLC "Shadow of the Golden Tree" trailer released

The first trailer of the DLC "Shadow of the Golden Tree" for "Elden's Circle" was officially released last night, with a length of about 3 minutes.

"Elden Ring" was released on February 25, 2022. It is a soul-based action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

New 'Jurassic World' movie finds new director

The highly anticipated "Jurassic World" franchise is about to usher in a new chapter, and Gareth Edwards ("Rogue One: A Star Wars Story") is in talks with the studio to direct.

The script of the new film is written by David Cape, the screenwriter of the first two parts of the "Jurassic Park" series, Frank Marshall will continue to serve as producer, and Steven Spielberg will serve as executive producer.

This new work will open a new story line and introduce a new cast, aiming to create a new Jurassic World. The film will be released in North America on July 2 next year.

Bong Joon-ho's "Mickey 17" rescheduled

Bong Joon-ho's new sci-fi film "Mickey 17" has been rescheduled after post-production delays due to strikes last year and is expected to be released in North America on January 31 next year.

"Mickey 17" stars Robert Pattinson, and is also joined by powerful actors such as Toni Collette, Mark Ruffalo, Naomi Ackie, and Steven Yeun.

The film combines the sci-fi elements of "The Martian" with the suspenseful atmosphere of "Dark Matter". It tells the story of the character Mickey 7 who was reborn as a clone after he died during a high-risk mission.

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