Morning Post | Apple allows EU users to install apps from the website for the first time/Lei Jun says he is ready for a car price war/Weibo launches hot search complaint portal


Xiaomi SU7 is scheduled to be launched on March 28

Blizzard’s national server may officially announce its return within a month

Apple allows EU users to download apps from website

OpenAI: Musk’s lawsuit claims are “incoherent”

Apple plans to open new research lab in Shenzhen

Apple is testing an AI-based advertising platform

Microsoft insiders worry that Microsoft has become "OpenAI's IT department"

Midjourney bans Stability AI employees from using its services

Mercedes-Benz CEO calls on EU to reduce tariffs on electric cars from China

Great Wall Motor was exposed to have a large number of employees leaving the company

Robotics company Covariant launches "robot brain"

Honor MagicBook Pro 16 may be equipped with smart assistant

TikTok is developing a photo-sharing social platform

Hot search complaint portal launched on Weibo


Ideal for adjusting L series products


Xiaomi SU7 is scheduled to be launched on March 28

On March 12, Xiaomi officially announced that Xiaomi Automobile SU7 will be officially launched on March 28, saying that "it will be delivered when it is launched, and it will be delivered when it is delivered." Reservations have been opened for 50 stores in 29 cities across the country. Static tastings will be opened in stores on March 25, and test drives will be launched after the press conference.

Xiaomi SU7 will be available in three colors: "Gulf Blue", "Elegant Gray" and "Olive Green", and is equipped with Xiaomi Super Motor, Xiaomi Smart Cockpit, Xiaomi Pilot and other technologies. The price of Xiaomi cars has not yet been disclosed. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun once said that Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a mid-to-high-end product, with a price of more than 149,000 yuan.

On the day of the official announcement, Lei Jun responded to the "price war between car companies" and expressed on Weibo that he was fully prepared for the current fierce industry competition and was confident of opening up the market. He also said that the most important differentiator of Xiaomi cars is "smart technology."

Regarding Xiaomi Auto's overseas distribution plan, Xiaomi Group President Lu Weibing responded to reporters that there is currently no timetable for Xiaomi Auto's overseas sales. He also said: "We still hope to make Xiaomi Auto's technology solid and solid in the domestic market. In this way You can reduce tuition fees in overseas markets.”

According to reports, Xiaomi registered multiple SU7 trademarks in November last year, including "Xiaomi SU7", "XIAOMI SU7 PRO", "XIAOMI SU", etc., covering transportation, advertising sales, website services, etc. We have also applied for multiple "MIEV" graphic trademarks.

Blizzard’s national server may officially announce its return within a month

According to "Jinghe" reports, NetEase will officially announce the return of Blizzard games to the national server at the end of March and early April. According to Zhang Dong, the former head of NetEase Blizzard, NetEase Interactive Entertainment Guangzhou will be responsible for operations and Leihuo will be responsible for marketing.

Jinghe learned that part of the reason why distribution and operations are separated is because Leihuo is interested in the value of the "World of Warcraft" IP. It also pointed out that its mobile game "Eternal Tribulation" will be launched for testing on April 1, and the national server of "World of Warcraft" may return to the line on the same day, and there may be some linkage in publicity and marketing between the two parties.

In December last year, the "NetEase Blizzard Customer Service Center" service account IP changed from Shanghai to Guangdong, confirming the news that Blizzard's return will be operated by the Guangzhou team. In January this year, all seven lawsuits between NetEase and Blizzard were dropped.

According to reports, some players discovered in the past two days that the iOS Chinese version of the app prompted an update.

After this return to cooperation, NetEase may no longer set up a special department to operate Blizzard games, but will be operated by the NetEase Interactive Entertainment Cooperation Products Department like other cooperation products. At present, the only product that the two parties are still cooperating on, "Diablo: Immortal", was developed by the Guangzhou team of NetEase Interactive Entertainment's Singularity Division.

AWE 2024, Ai Faner will take you around the exhibition

Asia's largest home appliance expo AWE 2024 is coming. AWE held in Shanghai pays more attention to the integration of future technology and current products: a new experience of home viewing, worry-free house cleaning, whole-house linked smart homes… We can Take a look at all the "home furnishings of tomorrow" directly at your doorstep.

From March 14th to 17th, Aifaner will be on site to discover "tomorrow's products" from 1,000 companies and 1,200 brands.

If you are interested in this AWE or have any home appliances you would like to know about, please leave a message in the comment area  We will select the most popular products and brand visiting experiences and give you the first time evaluation reports.

big company

Apple allows EU users to download apps from website

On March 12, Apple announced that it would open up more flexibility to EU developers, allowing them to distribute apps directly from the web, design their own in-app promotions, etc.

Developers who want to distribute apps on the website need to meet Apple's specific standards. For example, if you have been a member of the Apple Developer Program for more than two consecutive years, and have an application that has been first installed more than 1 million times on iOS in the EU in the past year; you must also commit to complying with subsequent relevant regulations, such as transparent data collection policies, etc. This distribution method must also meet Apple's notarization requirements and can only be installed from a domain name registered in App Store Connect.

The way websites distribute apps also requires core technology fees to be paid to Apple, and the billing method is the same as that of third-party stores.

Developers now also have the freedom to design interfaces for in-app promotions, discounts and offers, directing users to their website to complete transactions. Link design templates previously provided by Apple are now optional.

This is the first time Apple has allowed iOS to download apps directly from the website. Last week, Apple released iOS 17.4, allowing EU users to use third-party app store services.

OpenAI: Musk’s lawsuit claims are “incoherent”

AI company OpenAI blasted former founder Elon Musk's accusations against it in its latest court filing, calling the lawsuit "incoherent," "frivolous," "bizarre," and " There is fabrication of facts."

The filing is OpenAI's first legal response to a lawsuit Musk filed against it in February. Musk claimed that OpenAI has deviated from its mission of "benefiting mankind" and turned to the pursuit of commercial interests.

OpenAI emphasized in the filing that they did not violate their agreement with Musk because they had "no founding agreement or any agreement with Musk at all." "The Founding Agreement is just a fictional story fabricated by Musk. He just wants to gain benefits by making unwarranted claims against the company that he initially supported, then abandoned, and turned out to be successful," OpenAI said.

On March 5, OpenAI executives issued an internal memo denying many of Musk’s claims in the lawsuit.

Apple plans to open new research lab in Shenzhen

On March 12, Apple announced the expansion of its applied research laboratory in China to support product manufacturing.

Apple will enhance the capabilities of the Shanghai research center to provide support in product reliability, quality and material analysis.

Secondly, a new applied research laboratory will be opened in Shenzhen. This laboratory will enhance testing and research capabilities for iPhone, iPad, Apple Vision Pro and other products.

The laboratory will simulate user experience in various scenarios to ensure optimal product performance and promote solution innovation and the introduction of new materials.

Apple has currently invested more than 1 billion yuan in the laboratory and will continue to grow. The lab will provide resources for global engineering and design teams to help test and improve products to ensure they meet Apple standards.

The laboratory is located close to the production base and will work closely with suppliers to strengthen the sharing of expertise in high-tech production processes and improve efficiency.

Apple is testing an AI-based advertising platform

Business Insider reported that two people familiar with the matter revealed that Apple is following Google and Meta in testing a new AI tool to optimize App Store advertising campaigns.

Apple has begun offering a test product to a small group of advertisers that automatically determines where ads appear in the App Store, similar to Google's Performance Max and Meta's Advantage+.

People familiar with the matter said they expect Apple to officially launch the product in the coming months.

Analysts at research firm Omdia said Apple's advertising business is expected to generate $7 billion in revenue this year, an increase of $1 billion from 2023. The majority of that revenue comes from search ads on the App Store, although the company has recently made progress in other areas.

Microsoft insiders worry that Microsoft has become "OpenAI's IT department"

Some Microsoft insiders worry that the company's AI strategy focuses too much on its partnership with the AI ​​company OpenAI, leading some to believe that Microsoft has become an "honorary IT department" for OpenAI. This has also triggered the departure of some executives involved in Microsoft's own AI projects.

Microsoft's Azure AI organization will now prioritize Azure OpenAI services, resulting in the reduction of Microsoft's internal services (such as Azure Cognitive Search, Azure AI Robot Service and Kinect DK) or the need to bundle them with other products.

An insider said that although this approach is not innovative enough, it is a good business strategy.

Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw said that Microsoft is optimistic about its AI tools and that Microsoft is bringing artificial intelligence tools to the market in a meaningful way.

Midjourney bans Stability AI employees from using its services

Midjourney, an AI image generation platform, said it has banned employees of Stability AI, which is also an AI image generation platform, from using its own services, and accused Stability AI's employees of causing a system failure when trying to steal Midjourney data earlier this month.

Midjourney said in a March 6 conference call that the server outage that occurred on March 2 was due to botnet-like activity on paid accounts, and explicitly attributed it to Stability AI employees.

Midjourney subsequently updated the minutes of its conference call, announcing that it would ban all Stability AI employees from using its services "indefinitely" in response to the outage.

The CEO of Stability AI responded on X after learning of the allegations, saying that he was investigating the situation and that Stability AI had not ordered related actions.

Mercedes-Benz CEO calls on EU to reduce tariffs on electric cars from China

The Financial Times yesterday published an interview with Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius. Kallenius called on the EU to reduce tariffs on electric vehicle imports from China.

"In the long run, increased competition from China will help European carmakers produce better cars," Kallenius said.

He also believes that exports by Chinese companies to Europe are a normal development of competition, and the correct response is to respond with better products, better technology and higher flexibility, which is in line with the market economy. “Protectionism is ‘the wrong way to go’,” he said.

Great Wall Motor was exposed to have a large number of employees leaving the company

Tencent News "High Beam" reported that around the Spring Festival, many middle- and senior-level employees of the Great Wall Motors brand company (including Haval, Wei, Tank, Euler and other brands) took the initiative to resign. Among them, at least three senior employees at the vice president level and super Ten section chiefs and minister (director, senior director) level cadres.

Among the resigning employees, there are newcomers who have been with the company for as little as 2 months or even 7 days, as well as veteran Great Wall employees with more than 10 or 20 years of experience.

It is reported that there is a general consensus within Great Wall that an anti-corruption campaign in October last year led to this personnel turmoil.

Whip Niu Shi asked a Great Wall Motors employee for confirmation. The employee said that the resignations should be similar. The company's organizational adjustments have been going on for some time. There have been middle and high-level resignations from the end of last year until now.

The employee also said that the rigid working environment was also the reason for some of the departures. Compared with Internet companies, the working environment of Great Wall Motors is more traditional and repressive.

New product

Robotics company Covariant launches "robot brain"

Reinforcement learning robotics platform company Covariant has launched a robotics basic model (RFM-1). Company co-founder and CEO Peter Chen revealed that the platform is basically a large language model (LLM), but for robot language.

Unlike traditional robotic systems that are programmed to perform a job repeatedly and mechanically, RFM-1 is designed to enhance the robot's ability to understand language and human-like reasoning, and make it more human-like to interact with language.

According to reports, after recognizing patterns in images, sensory data and text, this technology gives robots the ability to deal with emergencies in the physical world. For example, when a robot is told "pick up the banana," it understands the instruction and picks up the banana.

Honor MagicBook Pro 16 may be equipped with smart assistant

Weibo blogger @digitchatstation broke the news that Honor’s upcoming MagicBook Pro 16 notebook may be equipped with Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor + RTX 4060 graphics card.

He also said that the laptop has added AI performance power consumption model + OS Turbo 3.0 function, has a high-performance release mode, and aims to enable smooth gaming on a thin and light notebook.

In terms of other functions, it will be equipped with Honor intelligent assistant YOYO, and also has global collection, multi-terminal intelligent interconnection and other functions.

Honor officially calls MagicBook Pro 16 the first “AI PC”. Honor CEO Zhao Ming said in interviews a few days ago that Honor is developing a cross-system level AI intelligent experience.

TikTok is developing a photo-sharing social platform

A blogger from TheSpAndroid discovered that TikTok will soon launch its own photo-sharing social platform, which will compete with the well-known social platform Instagram.

After decompiling the TikTok APK application, a blogger found that the updated code contained multiple references to the new "TikTok Photos" app. Based on the code, the new app appears to be very similar to Instagram, where users can share photos with friends and family.

The code shows that TikTok invites users to try the new TikTok Photos app. It also suggests that users will be able to share content from the main TikTok app to the Photos app. There is also code that describes the app as a place to connect with "other like-minded people who like photo posts."

Hot search complaint portal launched on Weibo

@微博admin issued an announcement on Weibo regarding the update of hot search terms handling rules, stating that a complaint portal for hot search terms will be launched online to protect the legitimate rights and interests of hot search parties and improve the efficiency of platform intervention, judgment and handling. Complaints and feedback suggestions for updating and improving relevant rules will be announced.

Updates to the handling rules for other hot search terms:

  • Complaints about personal attacks on popular search terms or infringement of legitimate rights and interests will be handled immediately.
  • Hot search terms that have been complained by a large number of users will also be dealt with if there are bad behaviors such as provoking wars and verbal abuse.

Weibo administrators said that the site will continue to strengthen the ecological management of hot searches on the platform, increase the crackdown on various violations that damage the hot search ecology, standardize the operation and management of hot search lists, improve hot search management rules, and continuously optimize hot searches. Product functions actively improve user experience while protecting users' legitimate rights and interests.

Ideal for adjusting L series products

Li Auto announced that it would make adjustments to the 2024 Li Auto L series models. The 2024 L7 and L8 models equipped with "CDC sports suspension" will be added and will continue to be named Air models. They will be launched and delivered in May this year.

Other adjustments in the announcement:

  • The serial naming of the 2024 L7 and L8 models has been adjusted from Air, Pro, and Max to Pro, Max, and Ultra, and the L9 Max has been simultaneously adjusted to L9 Ultra.
  • Users who order the 2024 L series before March 31 will have the right to add a 5,000 yuan deposit to offset the 10,000 yuan purchase price on the basis of the original 5,000 yuan option fund; for users who have paid and picked up the 2024 L series, 80,000 points will be provided as compensation.
new consumption

Starbucks mousse concentrate new

Starbucks officially announced the launch of a new mousse concentrate series.

The new series includes three types: strawberry cheese flavored mousse concentrate, matcha mousse concentrate, and mango passion fruit mousse concentrate.

According to Starbucks, the new product is made with double concentrate and whipped into a mousse texture, floating on top of specially blended thick milk, with a colorful and fruity tea aroma.

BAPE® launches new Asian-style camouflage pattern series "ASIA CAMO"

BAPE® Asian inspired series "A RISING BAPE®" has released a new camouflage pattern "ASIA CAMO" series.

This series combines Japanese tradition and street culture, inspired by the traditional "green shell" pattern of Japan's ancient Persia and the "Thunder Gate" pattern in traditional events and customs. Designers have incorporated these elements into items such as T-shirts, drizzler jackets, denim jackets and hoodies.

The series will be on sale in authorized stores and the brand's official website from March 16.

VERDY x HUMAN MADE® collaboration series "Vick" unveiled

The latest collaboration between NIGO® and VERDY, the VERDY x HUMAN MADE® "Vick" series, was officially unveiled recently.

This series includes denim work jackets, T-shirts, crew-neck sweatshirts printed with VERDY's original character Vick and HUMAN MADE® logos, as well as specially customized passport cases, key rings, pillow dolls and other items.

Related items are planned to be released in March.


"Dune 2" Director's China Tour Restarts

Denis Villeneuve, the director of "Dune 2" who was postponed due to health reasons, is about to resume his journey in China.

At the same time, Denis Villeneuve will have a conversation with Guo Fan, director of the "Wandering Earth" series of films, at the New Wave Forum on March 15.

It is also reported that Denis Villeneuve will also interact with the director and actor Chen Sicheng of "Detective Chinatown" and "Her" during his trip to China. The specific information has not been announced.

Lei Jiayin and Yi Yangqianxi join Peter Chan's new film "Jiang Yuan Lane"

According to Variety, the latest progress of Peter Chan's new film "Jiaoyuan Lane" was revealed at the Hong Kong Film and Television Trade Show. In addition to the previously exposed heroine Zhang Ziyi, actors such as Yang Mi, Lei Jiayin, Yi Yangqianxi, Zhao Liying, Fan Wei, Dapeng, Sandra Ng, Zhang Zifeng, Lin Yongjian and others have also joined the cast. The main shooting of the film has been completed.

"Jiang Yuan Lane" is adapted from a murder case in a sauce garden on Xinchang Road in Shanghai in 1944. The film has been hailed as "a woman's pain triggered a revolution in women's social rights in China." The specific release date has not been announced.

"Spy House Codename: Bai" is scheduled to be released in China on May Day

The animated film "Spy House Code: Bai" was previously officially announced to be introduced to mainland theaters, and yesterday it was officially scheduled to be released on April 30.

The movie tells the story of the spy "Twilight" who transforms into a psychiatrist, Lloyd Folger, and forms a secret but unexpectedly warm "pretended family" with Aniya, a girl with "mind-reading" superpowers, and Joel, a killer. Embark on your first family trip.

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