Morning Post | Apple adjusts the preferential payment policy for education / Dong Chehui counterclaims to understand Chedi / Xiaopeng responded that the airbag did not pop up after the accident

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  • Apple adjusts education preferential payment policy
  • Dong Chehui countersues understands Che Di
  • Xiaopeng responded that the airbag did not deploy after the accident
  • Graphics card prices plummeted 57% in half a year
  • Apple Watch Series 8 will have a body temperature sensor
  • Meizu Officially Announces "Heart Meizu, New Start"
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro adds quick release strap design for the first time
  • Apple raises prices by 25% in Japan
  • Google will automatically delete location history of user visits to abortion clinics
  • June car report card: Xiaopeng won the championship, Huawei topped the list
  • Bilibili acquires Jay Chou song copyright
  • GUCCI x XBOX release joint series
  • Luckin Shangxin Cold Pressed Raw Coconut Milk Drink
  • MUJI electric bikes start pre-sale

Apple Education discount does not provide installment service for consumption below 12,000 yuan

On July 1, Apple updated the "New Semester Promotions and Installment Service" on its official website, requiring that a single order purchased from the Apple Store online store and enjoying educational discounts needs to be no less than RMB 12,000 before it can be used for 3 months interest-free. Installment payment service.

In addition, orders purchased from Apple Store offline retail stores with educational discounts can be paid in-store by credit card instalments, but interest-free instalment services are not available in-store.

Previously, the minimum installment limit for Apple Education’s Huabei instalment was 4,000 yuan, and the minimum installment limit for China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was 1,000 yuan. (Sina Apple Exchange)

Dong Chehui countersues understands Che Di

On July 1, the backstage of Dong Chehui’s public account received an infringement complaint from “Knowing Chedi”, claiming that its logo and name were infringed.

However, Dong Chehui was launched before Knowing Chedi. The name and logo of "Dong Chehui" are the first works. "Understanding Chedi" is later than "Dong Che", regardless of the combination of words, trademark registration or logo image (including color). meeting".

A number of historical evidences show that the two logos of Knowing Chedi are suspected of plagiarism. For the specific content, please poke the article " Dong Chehui: I understand that the emperor said I plagiarized, who copied who? ". Li Gui actually sued Li Kui, please give "Dong Chehui" justice!

Xiaopeng responded that the airbag did not deploy after the accident

According to the 1818 GoldenEye report, Mr. Yang, the owner of Xiaopeng P7, did not deploy the airbag after a recent accident while driving, and the door could not be opened, so he questioned the problem of his safety system.

Xiaopeng Motors responded that it was judged that the accident vehicle did not receive a strong impact on the front, and it was pulled and fell off.

Xiaopeng further added that whether the airbag deploys is not judged according to the degree of damage to the vehicle but the collision intensity collected by the collision sensor. Airbags may not deploy when the impact of a collision is absorbed or dispersed to the body.

Xiaopeng Motors said that it is willing to provide more detailed test reports from airbag suppliers, and at the same time cooperate with customers to find a third-party testing agency to test the vehicle airbag safety system. (Chengdu Business Daily)

Graphics card prices plummeted 57% in half a year

Tom's Hardware has calculated the trends of new card retail prices and eBay used prices of different models in the North American graphics card market in the first half of 2022.

The results found that since 2022, the second-hand price of RTX 30 series and RX 6000 series graphics cards has dropped by an average of 57%, and the RTX 3090 has dropped by as much as 64%. In 6 months alone, the prices of the two series of graphics cards dropped by an average of 14%.

It is worth noting that the price of new RTX 30 series cards is generally still higher than the suggested retail price, and only the three top graphics cards of RTX 3080 Ti and above are broken. (Fast Technology)

Apple Watch Series 8 will have a body temperature sensor

According to Bloomberg's latest Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman said that the Apple Watch Series 8, which will be launched this year, will have new sensors built into it that can warn the wearer if they have a fever based on their body temperature, but won't give the wearer a specific reading.

Both the Apple Watch Series 8 and the rugged version for extreme sports will have body temperature detection, but the Apple Watch SE 2 is unlikely to get this feature.

Previously, Mark Gurman said the Apple Watch Series 8 will use the same S6 chip as the Apple Watch Series 6, making it the first Apple Watch to use the same processor for the third year in a row. (Bloomberg)

Meizu Officially Announces "Heart Meizu, New Start"

On July 3, Meizu Technology released a teaser poster with the words "Heart Meizu, New Departure", and important news is expected to be released today.

Recently, Meizu has announced new trends one after another. On June 14, Meizu responded to the acquisition of a 79.09% stake in Meizu by the Geely holding company Xingji Times. Recently, Meizu also announced that it will hold the Meizu Flyme 10th anniversary celebration in August.

At the same time, there is also news that Meizu has plans to develop new mobile phones based on OpenHarmony, but Meizu officials said they would not comment. (IT House)

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro adds quick release strap design for the first time

Xiaomi officially announced a few days ago that it will launch the newly upgraded Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro at the press conference on July 4.

According to @ Xiaomi Smart Eco Official Weibo recently, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro will be equipped with a quick-release strap design, which can be easily replaced with different styles. This is the first time that the Xiaomi Mi Band has changed the way of disassembly and assembly of the strap since its launch in 2014.

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro will also use a square screen for the first time and support the screen display. (Fast Technology)

Apple raises prices by 25% in Japan

Apple began raising the price of its products in Japan on July 1.

Among them, the starting price of the iPhone 13 increased by 19,000 yen, an increase of 19%, and the price of the iPad series was also increased by 25%. While there was no price increase for the Mac product line, the Mac line had previously raised prices by more than 10% in June.

The price rise is due to the sharp depreciation of the yen this year that has further widened the interest rate gap between the yen and the dollar. In addition to apples, brands such as Asahi Beer and Lawson are raising product prices in the Japanese market. (Nikkei Asia)

Google will automatically delete location history of user visits to abortion clinics

The U.S. Supreme Court decided last week to remove constitutional protections for the right to abortion. Subsequently, Google Senior Vice President Jen Fitzpatrick recently announced that if Google's system recognizes that a user has visited an abortion clinic, Google will automatically delete the location history information from the account.

In addition, records of visits to domestic violence shelters, fertility centers, addiction treatment facilities, weight loss clinics, cosmetic clinics, etc. will also be identified and deleted.

It is reported that this is the first time the data giant has publicly responded to users' calls for it to limit the collection of information. (WSJ & WP)

June car report card: Xiaopeng won the championship, Huawei topped the list

At the end of May, the automotive supply chain gradually recovered. In June, the deliveries of Xiaopeng, Nezha, Ideal, NIO, and Leaprun all exceeded 10,000.

Xiaopeng, the top-selling new force in car-making in June, delivered 15,295 vehicles, of which 8,045 were P7s. The Wenjie M5 jointly launched by Celis and Huawei also delivered 7,021 units, and the sales volume increased by 5 times.

In addition, according to Tesla’s production delivery report for the second quarter of 2022, Tesla China delivered 484,100 vehicles in the first half of the year, and hit a record high in June.

In the second half of the year, NIO will bring the mid-to-large SUV ES7 and the remodeled ES8, ES6, EC6 and ET5, Xpeng will launch the mid-to-large SUV G9, and the Ideal L9, Nezha S, and Leapmotor C01 will also be delivered. (ZAKER & Times Finance & China Securities Network )

Bilibili acquires Jay Chou song copyright

Recently, Bilibili officially announced that it has reached a copyright cooperation with Jewell Music, which owns works by Jay Chou, Yuan Yonglin, Qiu Kaiwei, Ye Huaipei, Pai Weijun, Cao Yang and other singers.

At present, Bilibili has launched the 4K ultra-definition MVs of Jay Chou's "Give Me Time for a Song" and "Dao Xiang", and started Jay Chou's new song reservation activity.

In addition, Jay Chou also announced that the new album "The Greatest Work" will be released on July 6th at 12 noon. According to reports, the new album contains 12 new songs. (ZAKER)

GUCCI x XBOX release joint series

To celebrate their respective anniversaries, GUCCI and XBOX recently released a joint series.

The collection includes a black Xbox Series X console with an engraved double G, a wireless controller with Web stripes, and a GUCCI-style storage case with "GOOD GAME" printed on the bottom.

The price of this cooperation series set is about 66,900 yuan, with a limited number of 100 sets. (nowre)

Luckin Shangxin Cold Pressed Raw Coconut Milk Drink

In 2021, Luckin's Coconut Latte will achieve a sales volume of 100 million cups a year. Recently, Luckin has launched a raw coconut milk vegetable protein drink, which is more convenient for consumers to recreate raw coconut latte at home.

The new product was created by Luckin and the plant milk brand Fino. It is derived from the coconut milk formula of Luckin stores, without lactose and non-dairy powder, and claims to use cold-pressed raw coconut technology to make the taste more refreshing.

The new product is now on the market, and the discounted price is 44.9 yuan/box (200g). (food board)

MUJI electric bikes start pre-sale

At 0:00 am on July 4th, MUJI officially started pre-sale of the newly launched electric bicycles.

The price of the new electric bicycle is developed and manufactured by Xindazhou Honda, which has invested in Honda and specializes in the development of motorcycles/electric bicycles. According to reports, the shape design of this electric car will continue the minimalist concept of Muji, abandoning redundant decorative elements, leaving only the core body bones.

The new product has been pre-sold in MUJI's WeChat applet "MUJI Travel", priced at 4,980 yuan. For details, please click to read: MUJI Electric Vehicle Released! 4980 yuan a car, I: I am excited but don't buy it


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