Morning Post | Apple adds orders for iPhone 15 Pro Max / Huawei holds new product launch conference today / 12306 responds to vote suppression and releases votes in batches


Huawei welcomes autumn all-scenario new product launch conference

12306 Respond to vote suppression and release votes in batches

Apple to expand production in India fivefold

Meta is developing a personalized AI chatbot

Intel was fined approximately 2.9 billion yuan by the EU

"Nucleic Acid King" Zhang Hezi enters into prepared dishes

Xu Jiayin’s net worth shrank by 90%

Does AI want to kill humans?

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s fourth-quarter iPhone revenue may be better than expected

Google Pixel 8 series camera features revealed

The 2024 Xpeng P5 model will be released soon

HEYTEA x Su Dongpo Mid-Autumn Festival new product launched on 9.25

PALACE 2023 winter series officially released

Bad Bunny x adidas Originals Response CL New Color Color Revealed

"The Exorcist: The Believer" releases new poster

'Doctor Who' 60th Anniversary Special Releases Official Trailer

John Woo's new film "Night" is scheduled to be released


Huawei welcomes autumn all-scenario new product launch conference

Huawei will hold Huawei’s autumn full-scenario new product launch conference at 2:30 this afternoon.

According to the news released by Huawei Terminal’s official Weibo, there will be many new products such as Huawei Smart Screen V5 Pro flagship product and Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2-inch flagship product.

It is understood that the new Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2-inch will be equipped with StarLight technology, becoming the first tablet equipped with StarLight.

12306 Respond to vote suppression and release votes in batches

According to CCTV, many netizens recently posted on social platforms that when buying tickets on the 12306 platform, there were enough tickets left for the whole journey, but no tickets for the section tickets. They doubted whether the platform allowed passengers to "buy the long-distance ticket and take the short-distance ticket". Behavior.

On the evening of September 21, 12306 customer service stated that a corresponding number of tickets will be sold for each trip, and the needs of passengers from the origin to the destination will be given priority.

If there are remaining tickets, the railway department will dynamically adjust according to passenger flow and release the remaining tickets to stations along the way.

Is there a situation where votes are suppressed and then released in batches? 12306 The official customer service staff explained to reporters: "Remaining tickets" refer to those tickets that have not been sold out among all the tickets that have been released.

"Tickets are released for each section. Some sections may not be sold out a few days before the train departs. We will adjust and sell them to other sections based on actual demand."

Customer service staff said that tickets are released at the same time and there is no situation of ticket release one after another.

For practical reasons, it may be possible to temporarily add carriages and resell the vacated tickets, but there is no fixed time for ticket release.

big company

Apple to expand production in India fivefold to $40 billion

According to PTI, citing government officials, Apple plans to more than five-fold its production scale in India to approximately $40 billion in the next four to five years.

Apple's production in India crossed $7 billion in the last fiscal year, the official told PTI.

Apple makes iPhones in India and plans to start producing AirPods next year. The official said Apple currently has no plans to produce iPads or laptops in India.

According to reports, the Cupertino-based mobile phone manufacturer launched the "Made in India" iPhone 15 for the first time on the global launch day this month.

Meta is developing personalized AI chatbots to attract younger users

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook parent company Meta plans to release an AI chatbot with a distinctive personality as soon as this week to attract younger users.

According to reports, these generative AI robots are being tested internally by employees and are expected to be officially announced at the Meta Connect conference on Wednesday.

These bots are designed to drive interaction with users, and some of them may also have productivity-related skills, such as writing programs or completing other tasks.

Attracting younger users has been a priority for Meta with the emergence of TikTok, which has surpassed Instagram in popularity among teenagers in the past few years.

Intel was fined approximately 2.9 billion yuan by the EU for abusing its market dominance

On the 22nd local time, the European Commission announced that it had decided to impose a fine of 376 million euros (approximately 2.922 billion yuan) on Intel due to abuse of its market dominance by the US chip giant Intel.

Between November 2002 and December 2006, Intel paid three computer manufacturers to stop or delay the launch of products equipped with rival chips and to restrict sales channels for these products.

The European Commission said that Intel's use of this method to hinder competitors' products harmed open competition in the EU market and consumers' right to choose.

"Nucleic Acid King" Zhang Hezi enters into prepared dishes

According to Blue Whale Finance, Zhang Hezi, the founder of Shenzhen Nuclear Gene Technology Co., Ltd. and the "Nucleic Acid King" has set his sights on the prepared vegetable industry.

According to reports, the company associated with Zhang Hezi’s involvement in the prepared vegetable track is Wuhan Hezi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

On August 7 this year, Wuhan Nuclear Agricultural Technology applied to register a trademark called "Jiugu Yisheng".

The products mainly include instant rice, rice noodles, freeze-dried foods made from rice, cereal-based snacks, uncooked rice paste for food production, edible aromatics, etc.

Among them, instant rice, freeze-dried food and other products fall under the category of prepared dishes. At present, the trademark is still waiting for substantive review.

Xu Jiayin’s net worth shrank by 90%

According to the Daily Economic News, on the evening of September 22, China Evergrande issued an announcement stating that the group’s sales were not as good as expected.

Scheduled arrangements meetings on the proposed restructuring on September 25 and 26 will not take place.

Just two weeks ago, on September 8, China Evergrande issued an announcement announcing the postponement of multiple overseas debt restructuring arrangements such as the application for recognition hearing in the United States.

Five years ago, in August 2018, with the strong performance of the share price of Evergrande Health (now Evergrande Auto), according to Forbes' real-time rich list at the time, Xu Jiayin's net worth at that time reached US$41.4 billion, making him the richest man in China.

The "2023 Hurun Global Rich List" shows that Xu Jiayin's current net worth is only 20 billion, ranking 1,100 globally, which has shrunk by more than 90% from his peak.

 Does AI want to kill humans?

W. Russ Neuman, professor of media technology at New York University, recently shared key insights from his new book, Evolving Intelligence: How Technology Makes Us Smarter.

Does AI want to kill humans? Some prominent scientists and entrepreneurs have called for a "moratorium on the development of artificial intelligence technology" because uncontrolled development could have dangerous effects on humanity.

Russ believes that "we have these psychological traits and emotions because they were conducive to survival during human evolutionary history, especially in times of scarcity."

"We see this same tendency in our animal ancestors, but computers didn't come about by hunting small animals and gathering berries," he said.

"In fact, the corresponding primary instructions for computational intelligence come from our programming and design. So, no, Siri doesn't want to kill you."

New product

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s fourth-quarter iPhone revenue may be better than expected

Recently, Tianfeng International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo published an article saying that judging from a survey of initial iPhone sales results, Apple's iPhone revenue and profits in the fourth quarter of 2023 are expected to be better than expected.

Ming-Chi Kuo said he still maintains his forecast for iPhone 15 shipments in the second half of the year to be 80 million units, while iPhone 14 shipped 76 million units in the second half of last year.

Judging from orders for telephoto camera modules, the biggest bottleneck in the supply chain, orders for iPhone 15 Pro Max this year have been raised to 35 million units, becoming the main driving force for Apple's iPhone business growth in the fourth quarter.

Additionally, iPhone 15 Plus orders are likely to increase as its sales performance is better than expected.

The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro were both lower than expected. If Apple does not cut prices, orders for these two models may decrease.

Google Pixel 8 series camera features revealed

User Kamila Wojciechowska exposed a promotional video on 91Mobiles detailing the camera features of Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Several camera features are highlighted in the video, including Pro Mode (exclusive to Pixel 8 Pro), True Color, Night Scenery Mode, Starry Sky Photography and Super Resolution Zoom, as well as the ability to replace people's faces in photos via Magic Editor.

In terms of video, Google has added features such as video enhancement, night scene mode for low-light videos, Audio Eraser for reducing ambient background sound, and improved skin tone.

The Pixel 8 Pro will feature a 48MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a 48MP telephoto camera, both with a 50MP wide-angle camera. Pixel 8 comes with a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera with autofocus.

Google will launch Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro on October 4th.

The 2024 Xpeng P5 model will be released soon

Xpeng Motors’ official Weibo released a poster announcing that the 2024 Xpeng P5 will be released today.

Judging from the poster, the new Xpeng P5 will be upgraded in terms of cost performance, comfort, intelligence, and appearance. It is said to be "right, complete, and winning."

In terms of appearance, the new car continues to use the family design language. The triangular light group makes the front face more recognizable, and also echoes well with the car-grade lidar on both sides of the front apron.

Xpeng P5 will be officially launched on September 15, 2021. Currently, only the 550E version is available on the official website, with an official guide price of 188,900 yuan. The other versions are expected to be out of stock, indicating that new models will be launched.

new consumption

HEYTEA x Su Dongpo Mid-Autumn Festival new product launched on 9.25

On September 25th, the new HeyTea x Su Dongpo co-branded product "Yueguan" is launched. It is Tieguanyin oolong tea + raw milk. Officially, it does not contain creamer, tea powder and non-dairy creamer, and is refreshing and low in calories.

Themed paper bags, and Mid-Autumn Festival limited peripherals – luminous fragrance cards and lanterns, full of atmosphere.

PALACE 2023 winter series officially released

After releasing a preview a few days ago, PALACE has now officially released the 2023 autumn and winter series lookbook.

The collection consists of heavyweight, loose-fitting jackets, knitwear, outerwear and seasonal Gore-Tex products.

The wild down jackets made by Chilla Berman, the ice hockey jerseys printed with polar bear patterns, the cotton pants printed with Portuguese Azulejo patterns and the beanies printed with bear patterns are all eye-catching presence in the series.

It is reported that the PALACE 2023 winter series will be launched on the official website on September 29

Bad Bunny x adidas Originals Response CL New Color Color Revealed

Recently, reggae music artist Bad Bunny and adidas Originals jointly created a new color combination of adidas Originals Response CL.

The upper is still a corrugated "melted" overlay design, using a combination of beige and brown with blue embellishment details.

At present, no more detailed pictures of the shoe have been revealed, and the domestic release time is still to be determined.


"The Exorcist: The Believer" releases new poster

The new "Exorcist" movie "The Exorcist: The Believer" has released a new poster, and evil terror has come again. It will be released in North America on October 6.​​​

Directed by David Gordon Green and produced by Blumhouse, the film stars Ellen Burstyn and tells the story of a 12-year-old girl who is possessed by a mysterious demon, forcing her mother to enlist the help of two priests to save her. she.

'Doctor Who' 60th Anniversary Special Releases Official Trailer

The official trailer for the three 60th anniversary special episodes of "Doctor Who" has been released.

The 10th (+ 14th) Doctor David Tennant and "Donna" Catherine Tate return as partners, Neil Patrick Harris and Yasmine Finney also star. Crisis abounds and the adventure begins again .

The three episodes, titled "The Star Beast", "Wild Blue Yonder" and "The Giggle", will premiere on the occasion of the 60th anniversary in November this year.

John Woo's new film "Night" is scheduled to be released

John Woo's new film "Night" is scheduled to be released in North America on December 1 this year.

The film is John Woo's return to Hollywood and stars Joel Kinnaman. It is an action thriller without dialogue.

The film tells the story of a father seeking revenge for his young son. The male protagonist Godlock witnessed his son being involved in a fierce crossfire between gangs and died on Christmas Eve. Godlock himself was injured and lost his voice.

During the recovery process, he regarded his son's revenge as his life mission, began to formulate a punitive training plan, and devoted himself to seeking justice.

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