Morning Post | Android 13 is officially released / Tesla responds to writing an apology letter from Wenzhou car owners / Manner responds to coffee being exposed to cockroach eggs

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  • Google officially releases Android 13
  • Tesla responds to ghostwriting letter of apology from Wenzhou car owners
  • Manner responds to coffee pods exposed to cockroach eggs
  • Sony announces Xperia1 IV phone
  • Tiffany teams up with F1 to create Grand Prix trophy
  • Adidas and Gucci launch a nostalgic sports-inspired collection
  • The second phase of Xiaomi's smart factory is expected to start production at the end of next year
  • Huawei announces the establishment of a special incentive plan of US$200 million for piloting overseas
  • NIO Group's new mid-to-high-end brand production base settled in Hefei
  • Food technology company "Voyage Foods" completes Series A financing
  • Rosen launches a variety of new plant-based meat products
  • Hugo Boss will launch a pet series

Google officially releases Android 13

Today, Google officially released Android 13.

Since Android introduced the Material You design language, the system has become more and more customizable and more open. On Android 13, you can not only customize the color and appearance of Google's official app icons based on wallpapers, but third-party apps also support this feature. function, which greatly improves the integrity of the icon look and feel.

In terms of information applications and security, Android 13 has built-in Google Message, an RCS information application that supports end-to-end data encryption, and brings a new digital wallet service, Google Wallet.

Android 13 will bring a comprehensive multi-device streaming function, video, text messages, from mobile phones to tablets to computers, everything is very natural, and even Google has extended the viewing screen projection service to the large car screen. You can copy pictures on Android phones and paste them on Android tablets.

In addition to the new system, Google also brought the Pixel 6a mobile phone and Pixel Buds Pro at the conference. If you want to know more, you can jump to read our detailed report .

Tesla responds to ghostwriting letter of apology from Wenzhou car owners

On May 10, Mr. Chen, the owner of Tesla in Wenzhou, issued an open letter apologizing to Tesla, which attracted widespread attention.

The letter of apology named Mr. Feng, the owner of the car in Shanghai, Mr. Han, the owner of the car in Tianjin, and Ms. Zhang Zhuang in Henan, saying that he had fabricated remarks to slander Tesla before, and was contacted by these car owners and introduced the lawyer platform, hoping that netizens would not be deceived.

In response, the owner of the car, Mr. Han, posted on Weibo and posted a screenshot of the chat with Mr. Chen on WeChat, saying that Mr. Chen admitted that the content of the apology letter was "written by Tesla."

Tesla then responded.

Tesla did not deny it, but replied: "The discussion on the content of the apology was formed under the witness of the judge. In the end, Mr. Chen confirmed all the content and released it voluntarily and by himself. All the content of the apology letter can withstand scrutiny. All are in line with the objective reality, the content is true, the procedure is proper, and the owner is voluntary.” (Cover News & Finance World)

Manner responds to coffee pods exposed to cockroach eggs

Recently, some Shanghai netizens claimed on social platforms that the purchased Manner coffee bag had cockroach eggs on the inside, and asked Manner Coffee to compensate accordingly.

Manner Coffee responded that it contacted the customer as soon as possible, and clearly stated in the recorded phone call that it was not a problem in production, and had never encountered a scene where all the hanging ears were poured out and then put back for drinking. It involves the possibility of bugs crawling over when customers place it outside. (future consumer app)

Sony unveils Xperia1 IV phone with variable optical zoom lens

Yesterday, Sony released the Xperia 1 IV smartphone, which continues Sony's usual candy bar shape, with Corning Gorilla Victus glass on both sides, providing IP65/68 dust-proof and drip-proof design.

Although the Xperia 1 IV has a triple rear camera configuration, it has four different focal lengths. These include 16mm, 24mm ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle lens focal lengths, and the third telephoto lens is a variable focal length lens. On the basis of the previous generation 70/105mm, it has been upgraded to 85mm and 125mm. The optical zoom range of 3× and 5×, zooming between these 3~5× focal lengths, the lens will not have an obvious “switching” screen.

All three lenses support 4K HDR 120fps slow-motion shooting, eye focus, and real-time tracking.

The core configuration is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, providing two storage combinations of 12+256GB and 12+512GB, while supporting microSD expansion, retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack and camera shutter button. The built-in battery is increased to 5000mAh, which is quite impressive, and supports 30W PD charging and Qi wireless charging.

However, it should be noted that Sony has been calling for zero-emission and carbon-neutral strategies in recent years, so when it comes to this year's flagship model, Sony not only canceled the charger in the box, but also canceled the USB-C data in the box. Wire.

The Sony Xperia 1 IV is available in black, white and purple colors. The price and release time of the National Bank have not yet been announced.

Adidas and Gucci launch a nostalgic sports-inspired collection

Recently, Adidas and Gucci collaborated to create a joint series.

This series combines adidas's clover and three-stripe logo with GUCCI's "Double G" pattern, red light and green webbing and other elements to create sports items with distinctive retro characteristics.

It is worth noting that many items in this series are made of recycled materials such as polyester fiber, cotton, viscose and other materials, adhering to the sustainable concept.

The series will be officially released on June 7th, and the details are currently available in the "adidas CONFIRMED" app.

Tiffany teams up with F1 to create Grand Prix trophy

Recently, at the F1 Grand Prix in Miami, Tiffany & Co. launched a new series of trophies for the Grand Prix. This trophy is the latest addition to the Tiffany & Co. trophy series following the Tiffany & Co. and MSCHF collaboration.

It is reported that the Tiffany & Co. trophy weighs 11.5 pounds, is nearly two feet high, and is carefully crafted from 925 sterling silver. More than 65 hours of crafting in the Rhode Island jeweler's hollow tool workshop to complete. The trophy is inspired by the local landmark Hard Rock Stadium, and the top middle of the front is engraved with the iconic plant that is commonly found in Miami – the palm tree. The trophy has now been awarded to the top three places in the F1 Grand Prix in Miami. (hypebeast)

The second phase of Xiaomi's smart factory is expected to start production at the end of next year

Yesterday, Lei Jun shared on his personal Weibo account that the second phase of Xiaomi's smart factory is expected to start production at the end of next year, with an annual output of 10 million high-end mobile phones.

Huawei announces the establishment of a special incentive plan of US$200 million for piloting overseas

Huawei announced the establishment of a special incentive plan of 200 million US dollars for pilots to go overseas to encourage developers to go overseas.

Among them, the overseas part is Huawei terminal global traffic resources of 100 million US dollars, including Huawei's core traffic channels such as AppGallery and HUAWEI Ads, covering all Huawei terminal devices, providing global operation traffic support for overseas developers, and helping developers achieve localization and efficiency. put.

The domestic part is 100 million US dollars of Yaoxing support. For overseas developers' business cooperation in China, they can obtain domestic Yaoxing support incentives.

NIO Group's new mid-to-high-end brand production base settled in Hefei

Recently, the Hefei Municipal People's Government Information Office announced that Hefei Economic Development Zone and Weilai signed a cooperation agreement on the second phase of the NeoPark Xinqiao Intelligent Electric Vehicle Industrial Park and the supporting projects for key core components.

The project covers an area of ​​1,860 acres. According to the agreement, it will introduce new mid-to-high-end brand smart electric vehicle products under the NIO Group. It is planned to be completed and put into production in 2024.

Ma Lin, senior director of corporate communications at Weilai, said that the price range of the brand will be between 30,000 and 50,000 US dollars, or about 200,000-330,000 yuan, and the brand will compete with Tesla and Volkswagen in the market.

At present, the core team of the new brand has been established, and the first batch of products has entered the key research and development stage.

American food technology company "Voyage Foods" completes Series A financing

Recently, American food technology company Voyage Foods completed a $36 million Series A financing.

Founded in California, USA in 2021, the company is dedicated to creating natural ingredient combination foods as sustainable alternatives to important food products such as peanut-free peanut butter, cocoa-free chocolate and bean-free coffee.

In the future, the company plans to forge retail and B2B partnerships with major food manufacturers. (Green Queen)

Rosen launches a variety of new plant-based meat products

Recently, Lawson convenience store has launched a variety of vegetable protein meat dishes.

These include "Vegetarian Chuanchuan" in cooperation with Shanghai "Haofood", "Vegetarian Tuna Rice Balls" in cooperation with Shenzhen "Zhou Zero", "Vegetarian Red Braised Beef Flavor Pack" in cooperation with Australia's v2food, and Beyond Meat in the United States Collaborative "Italian Lasagna Pasta" and so on.

Previously, convenience stores such as 7-Eleven and Family Mart have partnered with different plant-based meat manufacturers to launch new products. Various plant protein meat brands are relying on the extensive layout advantages of chain convenience stores to get closer to consumers.

Data from Euromonitor International predicts that by 2023, the size of China's plant-based meat market will be close to 84 billion yuan.

Hugo Boss will launch a pet series

German high-end apparel retailer Hugo Boss has signed a five-year, worldwide exclusive agreement with a Kanine Group subsidiary to design, manufacture and globally distribute dog-focused clothing, accessories, home products and toys for Hugo Boss. , which echoes the Boss fashion collection.

Hugo Boss said that the first complete pet series will be available on the brand's official website, Kanine's official website and designated offline stores from August. (Fashion Business Daily)

Qihang Kindergarten in Jiuzhaigou County @ Jiuzhaigou County China

The terrain of Yongle Town in Jiuzhaigou County is steep. Landscape, terrain, town, community and children are the core issues of the design.

The design of Dongyi Architecture will gradually open the boundaries between topography and scenery, and the kindergarten will be integrated into the community through the "sewing" of public space, the "spillover" of children's life and games, and the "reproduction" of street and mountain scenery.

The venue has a relatively obvious height difference. The design inserts an overhead and open game space, and lifts the activity room to the second and third floors to form an "arcade". The playful scenes and sounds of children in the lower part of the arcade "overflow" the street, becoming a new scene in the daily life of the street.

The interior space is close to the perceived scale of children's bodies, trying to provide children with an emotional belonging. Taking the triangular "hut" as the prototype, it is convenient for teachers to organize children's activities in the "corner space".

In terms of street relationship, the building is actively close to the edge of the platform, and the street interface is sewed up, creating a sense of tolerance for the building's street walking experience.

The kindergarten creates a new visual relationship of "seeing and being seen" for the street and the community, and promotes the interaction between community residents and children.

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