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  • Apple may kill iPad mini in 2025
  • The world's first domestically produced C919 was officially delivered
  • Zhong Nanshan: Omicron is not scary
  • 2022 Hurun Top 500: TSMC overtakes Tencent to become No. 1 in China
  • Huawei watch earphone 2-in-1 new product priced at 2988 yuan
  • The Appearance of Mi Mini Console Announced
  • OPPO signs global patent cross-licensing agreement with Huawei
  • 2023 Partial Holiday Arrangements Announced
  • Lululemon Releases 2022 Third Quarter Earnings

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  • "Can't understand contemporary art, am I not educated enough? "
  • How the Apple Car Became the Next iPhone
  • "Musk's brain-computer interface company shady exposure"
  • "Support ChatGPT to kill the Internet full of garbage"

✨ holiday relaxation

  • Fun to watch: "Shooting Girls" and "Saints Row 4"
  • Useful: GoodNotes is about to land on the Windows platform
  • Good-looking: "Three-Body" animation starts broadcasting today
  • Good shopping: Future Society x 2022 Guangzhou Contemporary Art Fair

 Fresh Express

Apple wants to cut off the iPad mini in 2025 and launch a folding iPad

According to Korean media The Elec, Apple plans to cut off the iPad Mini product line with a screen size of less than 10 inches in 2025 and launch a foldable iPad product line instead.

However, Apple will first launch 11-inch and 12.9-inch OLED iPads in 2024, and then release a folding-screen iPad in 2025.

According to reports, Apple will cooperate with two screen suppliers, Samsung and LG, to jointly develop foldable OLED panels. The screen will measure 20.25 inches when unfolded and 15.3 inches when folded, making it larger than the current largest iPad Pro but smaller than the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Source: Financial Associated Press

The world's first domestically-made C919 was officially delivered, and it is expected to take it in the spring of 2023

At 9:19 on December 9, the domestic large aircraft C919 was delivered to China Eastern Airlines, the world's first user.

The plane has 164 seats in two cabins, 8 in business class and 156 in economy class. The cabin interior, passenger seats, in-flight entertainment system and aircraft exterior painting are custom-designed.

The C919 large passenger aircraft is my country's first large civil aviation aircraft in the true sense after the Y-10. Its benchmark is the more popular Airbus 320 series and Boeing 737 series in the world.

Source: Shanghai Securities News & Beijing News

Zhong Nanshan: Omicron is not terrible, 99% can be fully recovered within 7-10 days

In the "Chinese Medical Association Respiratory Annual Meeting-2022" video conference held at 8 am on December 9, Academician Zhong Nanshan made a report entitled "New Crown Omicron (Omicron) Epidemic Trends and Response".

He introduced that studies have shown that the case fatality rate of the Omicron strain is lower. After the emergence of the Omicron strain in my country, the number of deaths/confirmations was 0.240%, and the number of deaths/infections was 0.035%. Vaccination, especially booster vaccination, is very protective.

"With any three doses of the vaccine, there was a substantial reduction in the risk of death, especially in older age groups. In addition, after vaccination, there was a significant reduction in sequelae including smell, taste, hearing impairment, and anxiety."

He also said, "Omicron infection is not terrible. 99% of infected people can fully recover within 7 to 10 days. Prevention of infection still needs to be implemented, but it should not be excessively 'preventive'. We must focus on self-protection and Ensure the protection of designated hospitals and medical staff.”

Source: People's Daily Online

The 2022 Hurun Global 500 list is released: Apple continues to top the list, and TSMC surpasses Tencent to become China's No. 1

On December 9, the Hurun Research Institute released the "2022 Jiaxing Economic Development Hurun Global 500".

Among them, Apple continued to top the list with a value of 17 trillion yuan, a drop of 3% from last year when the list was released. Microsoft ranked second, worth 13 trillion yuan, down 15%. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, replaced Amazon in third place.

Among the Chinese enterprises, 35 enterprises have entered the Hurun G500. Among them, TSMC surpassed Tencent to rank first in China, but the world ranking dropped seven places to seventeenth.

Overall, financial services topped the list, followed by healthcare, consumer goods, energy, software and services.

Source: Interface News

Watch and earphone two-in-one, Huawei WATCH Buds priced at 2988 yuan

Click on the picture to view the first-time experience video that Aifaner brings to you

Huawei's winter full-scenario new product launch conference was officially held yesterday. The new products released include Huawei nova 10 SE, Changxiang 50z, children's watch 5X and Huawei Watch Buds.

Among them, Huawei WATCH Buds adopts a highly integrated architecture design and customized miniaturized precision devices, and a pair of TWS earphones are built into the smart watch.

Its built-in earphones are not divided into left and right, and each weighs only 4g. It supports AI noise reduction calls and wide-area auricle touch. In terms of sports and health, it has 80+ sports modes and can provide 30 hours of battery life.

Currently, Huawei WATCH Buds are on the market, priced at 2988 yuan.

Source: IT Home

The appearance of the Xiaomi mini host is announced: a desktop computer with only the size of a palm

On December 9, Xiaomi officially announced the appearance of the Mi Mini Host, which is called a "palm-sized desktop computer".

Judging from the poster, this host is about the same size as the Intel NUC, and the layout of the front interface is almost the same as the Intel NUC "Wall Street Canyon".

More exact news about the configuration will be officially announced by Xiaomi at the press conference tomorrow.

Source: IT Home

OPPO signs global patent cross-licensing agreement with Huawei

On December 9, OPPO and Huawei announced the signing of a global patent cross-licensing agreement, which covers basic patents for cellular communication standards, including 5G standards.

Feng Ying, Chief Intellectual Property Officer of OPPO, said: "We are very pleased to have reached a package of patent cross-licensing agreement with Huawei, which fully reflects the recognition and respect of both parties for each other's intellectual property strength, and is a win-win result."

Fan Zhiyong, Director of Huawei's Intellectual Property Department, said: "After more than 20 years of continuous innovation, Huawei has formed a number of high-value patent packages around the world, including 5G, Wi-Fi, audio and video.

Huawei is pleased to have entered into a cross-licensing agreement with OPPO. The mutual recognition of the value of intellectual property among enterprises can promote the positive cycle of innovation in high-value standard technical research 'investment-return-reinvestment', enhance the sustainable innovation capability of the industry, and provide consumers with more competitive products and Serve. "

Announcement of some holiday arrangements in 2023: From January 21st to 27th, there will be a holiday for the Spring Festival, and a total of 8 days for the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day

  • New Year's Day: There will be a holiday from December 31, 2022 to January 2, 2023, a total of 3 days.
  • Spring Festival: 7 days from January 21st to 27th. We will go to work on January 28 (Saturday) and January 29 (Sunday).
  • Ching Ming Festival: 1 day off on April 5th.
  • Labor Day: 5 days from April 29th to May 3rd. We will go to work on April 23 (Sunday) and May 6 (Saturday).
  • Dragon Boat Festival: 3 days off from June 22nd to 24th. Go to work on June 25th (Sunday).
  • Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day: 8 days from September 29th to October 6th. Go to work on October 7 (Saturday) and October 8 (Sunday).

Source: China Government Network

Lululemon's third quarter of fiscal 2022 net revenue reached $1.9 billion, up 28% year-over-year

Lululemon released its financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2022. In the third quarter, the company's net revenue increased 28% year-over-year to $1.9 billion, representing a three-year compound growth rate of 27%.

In the third quarter of fiscal year 2022, lululemon has achieved outstanding performance in the three strategic pillars of product innovation, guest experience and market expansion:

Promote the innovation of core product lines, such as the Wunder Puff down jacket series, etc.; strengthen the connection between customers and the community through community activities and new membership programs; open 23 more stores in the third quarter, including the first store in Spain. There are 623 stores worldwide.

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If I can’t understand contemporary art, is it because I’m not educated enough?

A banana taped to a wall is art, a can of artist poo is art, and a urinal from a chain store is art. Contemporary art is full of controversy, and many people shouted that they "do not understand".

However, "whether you can understand it" is not the most important thing, and "beautiful or not" is no longer the only criterion. The essence of contemporary art lies in creating dialogue.

After one conversation after another, it is up to you to decide whether you like the artwork or not, but you may eventually find that the thinking process may have been "worth the ticket price."

Apple car was exposed to a big downgrade: it may become the next iPhone only if it completely abandons subverting Tesla

Apple's car-making project "Project Titan" has always been ill-fated. The development of Apple Car has been in development for more than eight years. It is costly and ambitious, and it carries Apple's desire to obtain high profits outside the iPhone.

Apple's top market value symbolizes the prosperity of technology. Technology stocks have plummeted this year, and the top position was once occupied by Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil company. The power of the "old money" is still strong, and the latecomers of the "new money" are eyeing – the fate of Apple Car determines the rise and fall of Apple in the next ten years.

Musk’s brain-computer interface company’s shady exposure, human experiments don’t repeat the tragedy

Last week, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) showed the outside world the latest developments in the Neuralink brain-computer interface.

Compared with the products of other peers, the Neuralink brain machine implanted on the head of Sake (the name of the test macaque) has not made much breakthrough in functionality.

But it is small, upgradeable, and replaceable, and it is infinitely close to mass-produced products on the market. It even joked (or seriously) at the communication meeting, "The advantage of miniaturization is that it seems that I have implanted a Neuralink now, and You don't even know."

Clearly support ChatGPT to kill the Internet content full of garbage | near future

ChatGPT, a chat robot that knows astronomy and geography, has screenshots of conversations spread throughout the Internet. It is incomplete if you haven’t chatted with it about Qin Huang, Han Wu, and the life of the new crown virus.

The profound significance of ChatGPT is that it raises the lower limit of all articles in the world.

Most of the articles flooding various channels are far inferior to ChatGPT in terms of accuracy, knowledge and logic. "As we all know", there are a lot of manpower on the Internet, either doing headline party, or producing hydrology, or concocting vulgar topics. According to Gary Illyes, a trend analyst at Google Webmaster, 60% of the content on the Internet is duplicated.

✨ holiday relaxation

This week Epic added two: "Runaway Girl" and "Saints Row 4"

Epic is giving away Guns Out, a dungeon shooter, and Saints Row: Re-Selected for free this week.

"Running Gun Girl" is a bullet hell dungeon exploration game. Players can use various guns, giant mech robots and cute cats to fight against hordes of disgusting flesh and blood beasts. It supports Chinese.

"Saints Row 4" inherits the spoof style of "Saints Row 3" and further "carries forward". It can be said to be a super spoof version of "GTA". The previous work "Saints Row 3" was also given away for free on the Epic Mall, and this time it can be included in the bag together.

Open Beta Invitation Test, iOS popular note-taking application GoodNotes is about to land on the Windows platform

When it comes to note-taking applications in the Apple ecosystem, GoodNotes will be the first choice for many users. And this popular note-taking application on the Apple platform is about to land on the Window platform, and Beta users have been invited to try it out.

The official stated that members will continue to be invited to experience the Beta version, and the first few rounds of experience invitations will focus on students and teachers.

Interested friends, you can try to submit a Beta test application through your Microsoft account

Finally waiting for you, the "Three-Body Problem" animation starts broadcasting today

In less than three hours, I will be able to watch the animation of "Three-Body Problem", and today I can watch two episodes at once.

If you are really in a hurry, you can also take a look at the "Future Hitchhiker's Guide" produced by the BBC Science Unit to solve your hunger. How far is human being from the real alien civilization? This sci-fi x astronomy popular science documentary takes 150 minutes to tell you.

Future Society x 2022 Guangzhou Contemporary Art Fair, the warm-up special exhibition officially opened

"The 3rd Guangzhou Contemporary Art Fair" warm-up special exhibition has been officially opened at Tianhebei Future Society, and the exhibition will last until the 12th.

This special art exhibition is based on the concept of "planting a dream". The pre-heating special exhibition site will be composed of more than 20 first-line international and domestic art institutions from Asia, Europe, and America, including Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Lisson Gallery, and Contemporary Tokyo, to promote the most representative contemporary artists in local art galleries. Works, let’s present this warm-up special exhibition together.

Today's "Art Market" (admission is free) also invited 20 original, handcrafted creators and fashion buyers from all over the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to come to Future Club to share their works with all friends who love art. You are more than welcome to come and chat with these managers about their creations and the interesting ideas behind them.

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