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Sources say Nvidia will manufacture PC chips based on Arm architecture

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple will invest $4.75 billion in AI servers next year

Apple Store Wenzhou Vientiane City Store Official Announcement


QQ mailbox responds to disputes over paid membership services

iPhone 15 series e-commerce prices plummet

CATL’s market value evaporated by more than 250 billion yuan

Microsoft CEO Nadella: AI is the fifth major change I have experienced

Xiaomi Mi 14 series launch conference scheduled for October 26

MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor scores over 2 million

Wenjie M9 real car interior exposed

This year, my country’s express delivery business volume has exceeded 100 billion pieces

International fashion culture exhibition Style In Revolt officially arrives in Chengdu

Melting Sadness x Sean Wotherspoon x adidas Originals collaboration shoes to be released soon

"Killers of the Flower Moon" North American Box Office Opening Weekend: 23 Million

Movie "Old Gun" releases trailer

Production of the second season of the live-action version of "One Piece" begins


Nvidia will manufacture PC chips based on Arm architecture and may start selling them as early as 2025

According to Reuters, Nvidia has begun designing a central processing unit (CPU) that will run the Microsoft Windows operating system and use technology from Arm.

It is reported that AMD also plans to produce CPUs based on Arm architecture. Nvidia and AMD could sell PC chips as early as 2025, people familiar with the matter said.

Microsoft wants chip companies to build processors based on Arm architecture for Windows PCs to challenge Apple. Since the latter launched its self-developed Arm chips for Mac computers, the company's market share has almost doubled in three years.

One source said Microsoft executives have observed the efficiency of Apple's Arm-based chips, including for AI processing, and want similar performance.

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple will invest $4.75 billion in AI servers next year

Tianfeng International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will spend at least US$620 million on servers in 2023 and US$4.75 billion in 2024.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that his latest survey indicates that Apple is expected to purchase 2,000-3,000 AI servers in 2023 and 18,000-20,000 servers in 2024.

He believes that Apple is purchasing servers equipped with NVIDIA HGX H100 8-GPU for generative AI training and plans to upgrade to B100 next year.

Apple is expected to use AI servers purchased and installed by itself to train large language models, rather than virtual hosting from other cloud service providers, to improve security and privacy.

"The above does not include labor costs, infrastructure operations and other expenses. Therefore, it is reasonable to estimate that Apple needs to invest at least billions of dollars every year to have a chance to catch up with competitors."

Ming-Chi Kuo said that if Apple only spends $1 billion per year as reported by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, he is really worried about the future of Apple's generative AI business.

big company

Apple Store Wenzhou Vientiane City Store Official Announcement

According to Apple's official website, the Apple Store Wenzhou Mixc will open at 10:00 am on November 4.

This is the fourth Apple Store in Zhejiang Province. The other three are Hangzhou West Lake Store, Hangzhou Mixc Store and Ningbo Tianyi Plaza Store.

The slogan for this opening is "I'm new to Wenzhou and say hello." As the first Apple Store in Wenzhou, the store also received an exclusive store logo design.

It is inspired by Wenzhou's traditional blue valerian printing and dyeing fabric art, which began in the Qin and Han Dynasties and flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties. As a national intangible cultural heritage skill, Lanjia Valerian still has many intangible inheritors in Wenzhou.

On the special page of Apple’s official website, three different sizes of wallpapers for iPhone, Mac, and Watch dials are available for download.

QQ mailbox responds to disputes over paid membership services

Yesterday, QQ Mail started offering paid membership services, sparking controversy. According to reports, the official provides a variety of payment methods, such as continuous monthly subscription is 25 yuan per month, and the annual fee is 300 yuan.

QQ Mail responded that some users may have misunderstood. Basic functions such as sending and receiving emails are not affected at all. The free 16GB mailbox capacity of the basic version can meet the needs of most users.

Membership services are launched to meet some users with higher requirements, including capacity expansion services such as mailbox capacity 2048G, transfer station capacity 2048G, transfer station single oversized attachment 10G, as well as transfer station oversized attachments with a 90-day validity period, online decompression, and VIP Value-added services such as email addresses.

In addition, users who have higher capacity requirements can also choose more favorable expansion package services.

iPhone 15 series e-commerce prices plummet

According to the Securities Times, the Double Eleven promotion is about to begin, and many manufacturers have already launched major price cuts on their models. At the same time, Apple’s iPhone 15 series models, which have just been released about a month ago, have also experienced significant price fluctuations.

Currently, on an e-commerce platform, the iPhone 15 128GB is priced at 5,198 yuan, and the 256GB version is 6,098 yuan. The official prices are 5,999 yuan and 6,999 yuan respectively;

iPhone 15 Plus 128GB is 6148 yuan, 256GB is 7048 yuan, the official prices are 6999 yuan and 7999 yuan respectively;

The iPhone 15 Pro 128GB version is 7,498 yuan and the 256GB version is 8,048 yuan; the official prices are 7,999 yuan and 8,999 yuan respectively;

The iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB version is 9,098 yuan, the 512GB version is 10,798 yuan, and the 1TB version is 13,398 yuan. The official prices are 9,999 yuan, 11,999 yuan and 13,999 yuan respectively.

According to previous reports by Bloomberg, the sales of Apple’s iPhone 15 series in China are not ideal. Data from market research institutions show that the sales of the iPhone 15 series in China dropped by 4.5% in the first 17 days after its launch in China.

CATL’s market value evaporated by more than 250 billion yuan

According to 36 Krypton Finance, CATL’s share price has hit new lows almost every day in the past month. As of October 20, Ningde's latest stock price has halved from the beginning of 2022, falling 20% ​​in the past two months, and its market value has evaporated by more than 250 billion yuan.

In terms of market share, CATL has been declining year after year. Last year, CATL’s domestic market share was 48%, down 4 percentage points from the previous year. In the first half of this year, CATL’s market share further fell to 43.4%. In September this year, this figure further fell below 40%. Hit a 17-month low.

Faced with declining share and possible losses in the mid- to low-end battery market, CATL launched the controversial “lithium ore rebate” policy at the beginning of this year.

This type of customer-binding strategy reveals two layers of information. On the one hand, Ningde, which has always been strong, puts down its airs and offers profits to customers. This is undoubtedly a manifestation of Ningde's anxiety and market involution;

On the other hand, relying on its partial monopoly market position, Ningde still has the right to speak out to ask major customers to "show loyalty" to it and prevent them from defecting.

In order to curb BYD's momentum, CATL has rarely launched a lithium ore profit-sharing policy, which is not difficult to understand. Although the industry has mixed praise and criticism for this strategy of CATL, it is a move that CATL has to make under heavy pressure.

 Microsoft CEO Nadella: AI is the fifth major change I have experienced

According to Business Insider, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview recently: "AI is the fifth major reform I am experiencing."

He said, "AI is the biggest opportunity we currently have. Just as cloud computing has changed all software categories, we believe AI will also bring about such a change. Whether it is search or Office software, there will be huge changes."

Nadella said that he has experienced four major changes, first the rise of personal computers and Windows, then the rapid development of the Internet, mobile and cloud computing, and now AI.

"I'm very concerned about technological shifts that fundamentally change all categories." He said, "If you cannot adapt to the new technology paradigm, then you may lose everything."

It is reported that Microsoft is currently launching an artificial intelligence assistant called Copilot to further enhance the functionality of Microsoft 365.

New product

Xiaomi Mi 14 series launch conference scheduled for October 26

Xiaomi's ThePaper OS and Xiaomi Mi 14 series new product launch conference is officially scheduled for 7 pm on October 26, with the theme of "Transcending Moments".

Lei Jun said that this is the moment for a comprehensive "leap-forward upgrade" of the Xiaomi Mi 14 series; it is the moment for Xiaomi Pengbai OS to open up a "full ecosystem for people, cars and homes".

According to previous official previews, Xiaomi Mi 14 series mobile phones will be the first to be equipped with Xiaomi's new operating system Xiaomi HyperOS, and will be equipped with Leica Summilux lenses for the first time.

Lei Jun also announced the complete system architecture of Xiaomi ThePaper OS. From the beginning of the architecture design, Xiaomi has clarified four goals:

First, achieve the strongest single-end performance; second, empower with AI and become the "intelligent brain" of the entire ecosystem, able to provide active services to users; third, achieve more convenient and efficient connections; fourth, achieve full-end privacy Safe and solid protection.

According to reports, Xiaomi's ThePaper OS has created a full-end security system that runs through the kernel layer, service framework layer, and cross-end layer. Especially at the kernel layer, Xiaomi has launched a completely independent "self-developed microkernel security system" to ensure security from the most advanced level. Low-level implementation.

Lei Jun said that the first ten years of Xiaomi's founding (2010-2020) were the ten years to verify and develop its own business model and quickly form a scale.

The new decade of Xiaomi (2020-2030) will be a decade of long-term deep cultivation of underlying technologies and gradual formation of leadership.

Not long ago, Lei Jun proposed a new ten-year goal within Xiaomi, which is to "continue to invest in underlying core technologies and strive to become a new generation of global hard-core technology leader."

MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor scores over 2 million

Yesterday, AnTuTu said that it discovered running scores suspected of MediaTek Dimensity 9300 in the background.

Judging from the information identified by Antutu, the Dimensity 9300 uses an architecture of 4 ultra-large cores Cortex-X4 and 4 large-core Cortex-A720 in the CPU part. There is no small core. It is suspected to adopt the previously rumored "all-large-core processor". "Core" architecture; the GPU model is Immortalis-G720.

This test machine has built-in 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage. It runs Android 14 system. The total score calculated by AnTuTu is 2055084 points.

AnTuTu claims that this is the first time that the running score of the Android flagship platform has exceeded 2 million under the AnTuTu V10 version, and it is also a new high for Android flagships.

According to previous reports, the first mobile phone equipped with Dimensity 9300 will be officially released in November, and there is a high probability that the vivo X100 series will win the first launch.

Wenjie M9 real car interior exposed

Wenjie's flagship SUV model, the M9, is expected to be officially released at the end of this year. Recently, many bloggers have revealed the car's front interior layout.

According to the exposed photos, the new car adopts a three-screen design, with the instrument, central control, and passenger entertainment screens lined up, and is also equipped with AR-HUD.

In addition, in terms of materials, a large area of ​​the entire vehicle is wrapped in leather and decorated with brown wood grain veneers.

In terms of other details, the new car is equipped with push-button door handles and lever-type window control buttons. It is also equipped with a ball-shaped device in the center of the center console, which is expected to realize the relevant functions or interactions of Huawei's own audio HUAWEI SOUNDS.

new consumption

This year, my country’s express delivery business volume has exceeded 100 billion pieces

Real-time monitoring data from the Express Big Data Platform of the State Post Bureau shows that at 7:39 a.m. on October 23, my country’s 100 billionth express parcel was produced in 2023, 39 days ahead of reaching 100 billion in 2022.

Since the beginning of this year, my country's postal express delivery industry has continued to develop rapidly. Since March, the express delivery volume in a single month has exceeded 10 billion pieces, and the average monthly business revenue has exceeded 90 billion yuan, a record high.

It is understood that the 100 billionth express item this year was sent from JD Asia No. 1 Qingdao Logistics Park. It was a down jacket purchased online by a consumer in Qingdao that morning.

The down jacket is produced in a factory in Changshu, Jiangsu, and is placed in's Qingdao Yayi warehouse. Consumers can sign for it on the same day.

International fashion culture exhibition Style In Revolt officially arrives in Chengdu

Following the successful launch of the Beijing Station, the trend exhibition "Style In Revolt" was officially launched at the SKP-S T-10 Cultural and Art Space in Chengdu this month.

The exhibition traces the origins of streetwear and street culture, showing the evolution of street fashion over the past 40 years.

The exhibition mainly uses the multi-sensory experience brought by the exploration of various media techniques to reflect the style of street culture in daily life, and presents to the audience the birth process of various dimensions of youth culture in the 1980s and its great subversive moments.

Melting Sadness x Sean Wotherspoon x adidas Originals collaboration shoes to be released soon

This three-party cooperation selected adidas Originals SUPERSTAR as the design blueprint, supplemented by Sean Wotherspoon's favorite corduroy material splicing.

The tongue is supplemented by a rabbit ear shape, echoing the cartoon DNA of the Melting Sadness brand. The shoelaces and heel are also decorated with other cartoon element patches, which are full of details.

It is reported that the collaborative shoes will be officially launched at the ComplexCon event in November this year.


"Killers of the Flower Moon" North American Box Office Opening Weekend: 23 Million

"Killers of the Flower Moon" directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro was released last Friday. The box office in the first three days was a rough report of 23 million US dollars, and the CinemaScore audience score was A. -.

The production cost of the film is as high as US$200 million, and Apple, the publisher of the film, is counting on the long-term box office success, extending into the Oscar awards season.

"Killers of the Flower Moon" earned US$21 million in its first week outside North America in 63 markets, and US$44 million in its first week worldwide.

Movie "Old Gun" releases trailer

The crime movie "Old Gun" directed by Gao Peng and starring Zu Feng, Qin Hailu, Zhou Zhengjie and others has released a trailer.

At the end of the last century, the factory gradually declined and people's hearts surged. Gu Xuebing, an officer of the security department, persisted in his heart but continued to encounter the oppression of reality and fate. His emotional journey with Xiao Jin also had twists and turns.

After experiencing many obstacles, when will Gu Xuebing's best shot be fired?

Production of the second season of the live-action version of "One Piece" begins

The production of the second season of Netflix's "One Piece" live-action series has begun. The showrunners shared a photo of the writers' room to continue "sharing adventures."

The first season of the show premiered at the end of August, and half a month later it was announced that it would be renewed for another season.​​

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