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  • Employees use WeChat after get off work to identify work-related injuries
  • Robin Li: Autopilot technology is one generation ahead of Tesla
  • China discovers new zoonotic virus LayV
  • Wechat refutes rumors and can only send 7 circles of friends a week
  • Zhou Hongyi denies that 360 cannot be uninstalled
  • McDonald's CEO: Robots are not practical to replace humans
  • Evergrande Hengchi Auto was forced to execute 9.26 million yuan
  • Is Web3 a Detour for Blockchain?
  • iPhone 14 Pro from about 8999 yuan
  • The new iPad Pro will be equipped with two four-pin connectors
  • Avita 11 officially launched
  • Ghibli Park is about to open for appointments
  • The first set of dynamic sports icons in the history of the Asian Games released
  • joins hands with Keep to launch Frisbee
  • 'Rick and Morty' Season 6 Trailer Released
  • Zhou Xun starred in the movie "There is Her in the World" set for Mid-Autumn Festival
  • "Minions With Big Eyes 2" will be released in China on August 19
  • DC Movies will also launch a 10-year plan

Employee falls ill during get off work using WeChat after work, and is identified as work-related injury

A few days ago, the second-instance judgment of the Guangzhou Railway Transportation Intermediate Court aroused concern. In the case, Shi Mou, an employee of a trading company in Guangzhou, used WeChat to continue working after work. Unfortunately, he suffered a sudden illness during work and finally died, which was identified as a work-related injury by the court of second instance.

It is reported that Shi was an employee of a trading company during his lifetime. On the evening of July 13, 2020, Shi suddenly fell to the ground at home, and his WeChat chat records showed that he was still working after work.

The court of second instance pointed out that Shi's WeChat chat records showed that he often used WeChat to reply to work information after work. It can be seen that it is normal and consistent for Shi to continue to deal with work after returning home.

Therefore, sudden illness and death during this period shall be regarded as work-related injury.

In this regard, the Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions officially issued a document saying:

"WeChat and other communication tools with real-time text, voice, picture, and video functions are low-cost and efficient, and employees can handle work online anytime, anywhere, breaking the traditional time and space limitations of offline work and work to a certain extent.

Therefore, the understanding of relevant laws and regulations should also be based on the current social and economic development, and make a fair and just interpretation that takes into account the rights and interests of laborers. "

Source: Phoenix Network Technology & Shenzhen Trade Union

Robin Li: Autopilot technology is one generation ahead of Tesla

At Jidu's first auto robot ecological partner conference, Robin Li, founder of Baidu, said: "For smart cars, our judgment is that electrification is the midfield, and intelligence is the end game. In terms of autonomous driving technology, Jidu will lead the Slaughter generation."

According to Robin Li, Jidu Auto has the key advantage of "intelligence" and integrates Baidu's AI capabilities, which can truly bring users a high-level autonomous driving experience of "global integration" in high-speed, urban, and parking.

At the same time, he also said, "By 2030, electric vehicles without self-driving capabilities will be completely uncompetitive."

It is reported that Baidu invested more than 20 billion in autonomous driving research and development last year. At the same time, Jidu also promised to deliver its first automotive robot product in mass production in 2023, and plans to have the ability to deliver 800,000 automotive robots for the whole year by 2028.

Source: Sina Auto & The Paper

China discovers new zoonotic virus LayV

Recently, the New England Medical Journal (NEJM), a global authoritative medical journal, published a communication article on the collaboration between Chinese and Singaporean scientists.

According to the article, the research team discovered a new animal-derived henipavirus that can infect humans in Shandong and Henan, China, and the authors named it Langya henipavirus (LayV).

Henipavirus is one of the important emerging causes of zoonotic diseases in the Asia-Pacific region. The study pointed out that the LayV strain belongs to a new Henipa virus strain and is most related to the Henipa virus previously discovered in Mojiang, Yunnan in terms of evolutionary relationship. "Shrews" may be the natural host of LayV.

Northern short-tailed shrew

At present, a total of 35 patients with acute LayV infection have been found, some of which have symptoms such as fever, cough, anorexia, and myalgia, accompanied by thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, and impaired liver and kidney functions.

Although previous reports have shown that Henipa virus can be transmitted from person to person, at present, it has not been determined whether LayV, which is a new strain, can be "transmitted from person to person".

Professor Wang Linfa from the National University of Singapore School of Medicine said in an interview:

"So far, these cases have not been fatal or very serious. So it can be said that (we) should be vigilant about this new virus, not panic.

But we need to be careful, because there are many more similar viruses in nature, and if a different virus jumps to humans, the situation may be different. "

Source: The Paper & NEJM

Wechat refutes rumors and can only send 7 circles of friends a week

Previously, it was reported that "WeChat will limit the number of posts in the circle of friends, and may only post 7 posts a week in the future."

In response, the WeChat Security Center issued a statement saying that the content was false news.

Source: WeChat 110

Zhou Hongyi denies that 360 cannot be uninstalled

Recently, Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, had a dialogue with Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Group, in the program "Old Yu Gossip".

Regarding the alleged inability to uninstall 360, Zhou Hongyi said that 360 has the ability to uninstall itself, but the uninstall process is cumbersome, which is for security reasons:

"Because some black-produced software may call 360 to uninstall itself. So we will distinguish whether the user is really uninstalling when the user is uninstalling, or whether the user is uninstalling after being attacked by the black-produced product."

" It's for this protection, so it may prompt a more cumbersome process."

Source: Sina Finance

McDonald's CEO: Robots replace humans, suitable for news but not practical

On the second-quarter earnings call, McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski was asked about the extent of McDonald's future mechanization and responded:

“These ideas of robots replacing humans, while newsworthy, are not practical in the vast majority of restaurants.”

Kempczinski added that this is because it is not economically cost-effective to replace humans with robots.

First, there isn't necessarily enough space in a restaurant to accommodate robots. Second, a lot of infrastructure needs to be invested. Also, consider utility and air conditioning systems, among other things. For these problems, McDonald's currently has no solution that can be promoted.

McDonald's AI voice ordering system

Previously, McDonald's has tried to introduce AI speech recognition systems to help ordering, replace chefs with robots, etc. The test results found that AI ordering can handle about 80% of orders, and the accuracy rate of robot chefs has reached 85%.

But the series of attempts was subsequently met with backlash from customers.

One customer said: "I've lost my appetite when I hear McDonald's AI voice ordering service."

Source: Phoenix Network Technology

Evergrande Hengchi Auto was forced to execute 9.26 million yuan

Recently, Evergrande Automobile, a subsidiary of Hengchi Automobile, added the information of the person subject to execution. The target of execution is more than 9.26 million yuan. The execution court is Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of Guangdong Province. At present, the total amount executed by the company has exceeded 100 million yuan.

Previously, Evergrande Auto's first model, the Hengchi 5, opened for pre-sale on July 6, with a pre-sale of 179,000 yuan. Evergrande also promised to start deliveries in October this year, and to complete the first batch of 10,000 vehicles by the first quarter of next year.

It is worth mentioning that recently, a large number of Hengchi 5 preferential quota transfer orders have appeared on a second-hand platform, and it is reported that Evergrande employees have completed the sales assessment indicators of Hengchi 5 at their own expense.

In this regard, Evergrande denied the authenticity of the news.

Source: IT House

Is Web3 a Detour for Blockchain?

Web3 has become a phenomenal topic over the past few years. In the vision described by Web3 developers, Web3 exists to break the monopoly of centralized nodes.

However, the slow underlying technology iteration and highly homogeneous user structure have now made Web3 actually form a new monopoly.

In terms of technological iteration, compared with Web2, which can be continuously updated linearly, the technological development logic of Web3 is more like the expansion of a big city.

Due to the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, after its birth, Bitcoin has become a data body independent of any entity, and no entity can patch Bitcoin.

This means that the developers of Web3 can only build some "new houses" in the "old city" of Bitcoin, or simply plan a "new city" nearby, and then link them together through the transportation network (cross-chain). So there was the later Ethereum and Solona.

With the development of Web3, Bitcoin has become the cornerstone of Web3 that cannot be discarded. But at the same time, its more cumbersome transaction system, slow transaction speed, and huge user scale compared to the new chain also make it a Web3 reducer.

In terms of user structure, Web3 participants are highly homogenous in class attributes, and almost all of them are from the urban middle class and above.

This is because the worship of technology and money created by Web3 attracts these users who have a certain wealth and are always alert to "class fall", so that they have the dual pleasure of "seeing the future and gaining wealth".

At the same time, salaried workers have neither the money to participate in the speculation nor the means to quickly build trust in this unfamiliar system.

This means that fewer and fewer players will join in the future, and Web3 may become a casino where internal users compete with each other. The end result is that only the real early players can profit from it.

If you want to view the author Guo Haiwei's full article, you can view it in "Pinwan": Is Web3 a Detour in Blockchain?

iPhone 14 Pro from about 8999 yuan

According to supply chain news, the two models of the iPhone 14 Pro series will likely usher in price increases. The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to start at 8,999, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to start at 9,999.

But at the same time, the price of the iPhone 14 standard version will not increase this time, and the starting price of the previous generation will remain at 5,999 yuan.

The forecast is said to be based on rising prices for some components and machine materials.

The new iPad Pro will be equipped with two four-pin connectors

According to a supply chain report, Apple's 2022 iPad Pro 12.9-inch and 11-inch models will feature new "four-pin" Smart Connectors on the "top and bottom edges," an update to the current "three-pin" connector in the iPad Pro.

This means that the new iPad Pro is likely to no longer be compatible with accessories such as the "Magic Keyboard" currently on sale, but it is not ruled out that the "three-pin" can also be driven. At the same time, Apple officials should also simultaneously launch accessories with the new contact interface.

The report also speculates that these new connectors can also "power peripherals connected to Thunderbolt/USB-C ports."

At the same time, the 2022 iPad Pro is expected to be equipped with an M2 chip and MagSafe magnetic charging.

In addition, yesterday, "Apple will launch kitchen equipment" also attracted much attention.

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple will launch two new HomePods, one of which will combine an iPad, a speaker, and a robotic arm that can move with the user.

The new product is expected to be launched as soon as the end of 2023.

Avita 11 officially launched

Yesterday, Avita 11 was officially launched.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4880 * 1970 * 1601 mm, and the wheelbase is 2975 mm.

In terms of power and battery life, the Avita 11 adopts the CTP battery pack of the CATL, and the ultra-long battery life version has a cruising range of 680km. The entire system comes standard with the Huawei DriveOne dual-motor four-wheel drive system, with a maximum power of 425kW and a maximum torque of 650N m.

In addition, the car is available in a four-seat version and a five-seat version. The four-seat version can be equipped with rear double massage seats, heating and massage are all available, and it can be adjusted backward by 12°, and supports wireless fast charging of mobile phones.

There are 3 models of the new car, with a starting price of 349,900 yuan.

"Ghibli Park" is about to open for reservations

Click on the picture to jump to view the video

Recently, Studio Ghibli released a promotional video for the theme of "Ghibli Park". This short film is narrated by animation producer Toshio Suzuki, with music by Joe Hisaishi, and classic Ghibli animated characters such as Totoro, Second Son, and Faceless Man also appeared on the camera.

According to the content of the short film, Ghibli Park, which will open in November this year, will adopt a reservation-based ticket purchase method. The first batch of tickets will be reserved from August 10, and the lottery results will be announced on September 2.

Construction site of the Ghibli warehouse

It is reported that in Ghibli Park, the three areas of "Youth Hill", "Ghibli's Warehouse" and "My Neighbor Totoro Forest" will be opened in the first phase. TA-Q-Bin's "Witch's Valley" is expected to open in 2023.

Source: 3DM

The first set of dynamic sports icons in the history of the Asian Games released

On August 8, the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee officially released the first set of dynamic sports icons in the history of the Asian Games – the dynamic sports icons of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The dynamic sports icons continue the main image color of the Hangzhou Asian Games "Rainbow Purple", using motion capture and game engine as the core technology of the design. The background music is mainly composed of Jiangnan silk and bamboo, which combines the charm of Jiangnan water town with the power of sports competition.

After the release of this set of icons, it will be widely used in venue identification, media broadcasting, urban landscape, media fusion promotion and other fields during the Asian Games.

Source: Xinhua News Agency & GrayDesign joins hands with Keep to launch Frisbee

On yesterday's "National Fitness Day", and Keep launched a "double-sided" peripheral that can double as a dinner plate and a Frisbee.

There are 6 styles in the collection, featuring hamburgers, pizzas, donuts and more on the front, while the back can be used as a dinner plate. There is also a real knife and fork inside the Frisbee, which can be disassembled for normal use.

In addition, also cooperates with McDonald's, Xibei, Burger King and other brands to launch customized healthy meals.'s "Delicious and not fat" campaign will be launched from August 8 to August 19.

Source: SocialBeta

'Rick and Morty' Season 6 Trailer Released

The sci-fi sitcom animation "Rick and Morty" released its sixth season trailer yesterday, and it will be broadcast at 11:00 am Beijing time on September 5th.

Zhou Xun starred in the movie "There is Her in the World" set for Mid-Autumn Festival

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

The movie "There is Her in the World" released a final trailer and announced that it will be released on September 9.

Through the perspective of women, the film tells the healing story of ordinary people looking for love and hope in difficult situations, and reflects the extraordinary persistence and persistence of ordinary people in life.

The film is directed by Zhang Aijia, Li Shaohong, and Chen Chong, starring Zhou Xun and Zheng Xiuwen, and Yi Yang Qianxi is a special guest.

"Minions With Big Eyes 2" will be released in China on August 19

Universal Pictures officially announced yesterday that "Minions with Big Eyes: The Prequel of Despicable Me" is set for release in mainland China and will be officially released on August 19.

Directed by "Despicable Me 3" directors Kyle Barda and Brad Ableson, the film tells the origin story of the "villain" Gru. Michelle Yeoh will voice the kung fu acupuncturist "Master Zhou", and Taraji P. Hansen will voice the leader of the villainous six.

In addition, Wang Jiaer and Deng Ziqi will also sing the original soundtrack of the movie.

DC Movies will also launch a 10-year plan

Recently, Warner Bros. announced the cancellation of the release of DC's new film "Bat Girl", which has already been filmed and entered the post-production period, arousing the attention of the film industry to Warner Bros.'s exploration of DC's film strategy.

Subsequently, Warner CEO David Zaslav responded at the financial report, saying that he would implement a ten-year plan for DC, adopt a structure similar to Disney's construction of the "Marvel" brand, and strive to launch high-quality films.

give yourself a big smile

From a distance, the red hammock under this huge sculpture looks like the corner of a smiling mouth. When the person lays down, the weight pushes the hammock down, and it looks like the corners of the mouth rise a bit.

Awaken the "child" in adults

This "Happy Hammock" by Barcelona-based designer Federica Sala wants to create a "playground" for adults, encouraging everyone to smile more when they are tired.

The installation is part of Federica Sala's kinetic sculpture project "Playground". Before that, she had also tried turning a swing into a beating heart.

Love, wonder, curiosity, and happiness abound in childhood, but as we grow up, these memories disappear without knowing it.

When you are tired, remember to hug the "inner child" that lives in your heart more~

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