Morning Post|The Yangtze River white sturgeon was declared extinct / The entire iPhone 15 series may use an exclamation mark screen / Didi responds and was fined 8 billion

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  • Yangtze river white sturgeon officially declared extinct
  • Didi was fined 8.026 billion for responding
  • Dong Yuhui responded to Dongfang's selection and pulled Luo Min
  • Youku's second charge for screen projection attracts heated discussions
  • Baidu launches steering wheel-less driverless car
  • Tesla Cybertruck to launch in 2023
  • Tencent to shut down digital collection platform "Magic Core"
  • Announcement of dismissal on social networks has become a new "shortcut" for job hunting?
  • iPhone 15 may adopt exclamation mark screen
  • Honor Tablet 8 officially released
  • ASUS ProArt Genesis 16 2022 officially launched
  • LADY M stores in mainland China cease operation
  • Yuanqi Forest will launch sugar-free cola drinks, codenamed "YYDS"
  • MSCHF Teams Up With Jimmy Fallon for Creative Collaboration
  • Yuasa Masaki's "King of Dogs" landed at Beijing International Film Festival
  • "The Classic of Mountains and Seas: Goodbye to Monsters" is set for August 13
  • "The Band of Seven" opens in advance screenings on July 24

Yangtze river white sturgeon officially declared extinct

Yesterday evening, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) released an update report on the Red List of Threatened Species in the World, announcing the extinction of the white sturgeon and the extinction of the Yangtze sturgeon in the wild.

The general standard for the academic community to confirm a species extinction is that there are no further sightings within 50 years after the species was last sighted.

The last sighting of the white sturgeon occurred in 2003——

A 3-meter-long white sturgeon crashed into a large net of a fisherman in Nanxi County, Yibin, Sichuan, and dragged the boat straight into the rapids in the middle of the river, almost overturning the fishing boat.
After the white sturgeon was installed with an ultrasonic tracker and released to the Yangtze River, the speedboat that tracked it hit a reef and caused a malfunction. The signal was lost, and the white sturgeon eventually disappeared.

The white sturgeon discovered under the Gezhouba Dam in 1993 may be the clearest photograph of the white sturgeon left in the world. Image source: Nature Magazine

According to the IUCN report, all 26 species of sturgeon in the world are facing the threat of extinction, and about 2/3 of the sturgeon population is in a critically endangered state. Currently, the main threats facing sturgeon include:

  • Illegal fishing due to illegal trade in wild caviar and fish.
  • The dam blocks the migration route of the sturgeon.
  • Unsustainable sand mining destroys sturgeon spawning grounds.
  • habitat loss.

In addition, a research team led by fish conservation biology expert Wei Qiwei previously conducted a comprehensive fishing survey in the Yangtze River basin in 2017-2018. In addition to the white sturgeon, there are 140 other recorded fish species that have not been found.

Source: The Paper & Species Calendar & Southern Weekend

Didi was fined 8.026 billion for responding

On July 21, the Cyberspace Administration of China announced a fine of RMB 8.026 billion on Didi Global Co., Ltd. Cheng Wei, chairman and CEO of Didi, and Liu Qing, president of Didi, are responsible for the violations and fined RMB 1 million for each.

After investigation, Didi Company has 16 illegal facts, mainly involving 8 aspects:

  • The first is to illegally collect screenshot information from users' mobile phone photo albums.
  • The second is excessive collection of user clipboard information and application list information.
  • The third is to excessively collect passengers' facial recognition information, age group information, "home" and "company" taxi address information, etc.
  • The fourth is to excessively collect precise address information when passengers evaluate chauffeur service, and the app runs in the background.
  • Fifth, excessively collect driver education information and store driver ID number information in clear text.
  • The sixth is to analyze passengers' travel intention information and resident city information without clearly telling passengers.
  • Seventh, when passengers use the ride-hailing service, they frequently ask for irrelevant "telephone permissions".
  • Eighth, 19 personal information processing purposes, including user equipment information, were not accurately and clearly explained.

Didi responded that it would "sincerely accept and resolutely obey" and "conscientiously complete the rectification".

In this regard, Liu Run, founder of Runmi Consulting, believes that Didi spent 8.026 billion to buy a perception: respect for users. "Always think about, and only think about, how to provide users with better products and services."

Didi has been subject to cybersecurity reviews since July last year and has now suspended new user registrations for one year. “Manbang” and “BOSS Zhipin”, who were surveyed during the same period, had previously resumed new user registrations for related apps on June 29.

Source: The Paper & Runmi

Dong Yuhui responded to Dongfang's selection and pulled Luo Min

On July 18, the founder of Qudian, Luo Min, appeared in the Oriental Selection Live Room and sent 10 "Carnivals" (about 30,000 yuan) as gifts in a row, which was stopped by the host Dong Yuhui.

The next day, Luo Min posted a video saying that his account "Boss Luo" was blocked by Dongfang Selection.

Yesterday afternoon, Dong Yuhui explained this in the live broadcast room, stating that the "Oriental Selection" account is operated by the company and has nothing to do with Dong Yuhui himself. The actual operator is other staff:

"Because the director has just graduated from college, sometimes (because of) some personal grudges, he wants to block. After listening to it, I think it is quite reasonable."

It is reported that Luo Min is the founder of “Qudian” (formerly known as “Qufenqi”), which was originally an installment shopping and P2P wealth management platform for college students. It was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2017.

With its financial credit business, Qudian's market value at its peak exceeded 10 billion US dollars. But at the same time, it has also been exposed many times that students were unable to repay their loans and finally chose to commit suicide.

Since then, Qudian has withdrawn from the campus loan business, and instead has developed new businesses such as auto consumption installment (Dabai Auto), high-end housekeeping (Wipujia, Quxue), and cross-border luxury e-commerce (Secoo).

Recently, Luo Min started a high-profile business again, announcing his entry into the prefabricated food track, and livestreaming sales on Douyin.

It is worth noting that in late May this year, Qudian received a delisting warning from the New York Stock Exchange. However, after going out of the circle with the live broadcast, the US stock market of Qudian once rose by more than 80% on the day Luo Min appeared in the Oriental selection live broadcast room, and recovered to US$1.54 per share.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Youku's second charge for screen projection attracts heated discussions

On the evening of July 21, Youku's VIP membership service caused controversy.

Some Youku video VIP members said that if they are already members of Youku, if they use the screencasting function in Youku, they need to purchase additional members of the Youku TV app “Cool Meow”.

It is reported that "Cool Meow" is an Internet TV application jointly created by Youku and Guoguang Fangfang Network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. As a content provider, Youku's membership service charges 12 yuan per month.

Source: Yicai & Kumiao official website

Baidu to launch steering wheelless self-driving car service

On July 21, Baidu released the sixth-generation mass-produced unmanned vehicle "Apollo RT6" at the 2022 Baidu World Congress.

In terms of intelligent driving, the Apollo RT6 has L4-level autonomous driving capabilities, which can be used for unmanned driving on complex urban roads, and the cost is only 250,000 yuan.

In terms of smart cockpit, Apollo RT6 supports two modes: steering wheel and no steering wheel. The front row can be equipped with seats, vending machines, desks, game consoles, etc. according to different travel scenarios, while the rear row is equipped with 1050mm large space, independent seats and intelligent Backward design of interactive systems.

According to the plan, the Apollo RT6 will be the first to be put into use on the Carrot Run in 2023, and tens of thousands of vehicles can be deployed across the country in the future.

Source: Phoenix Network Technology & Titanium Media

Tesla Q2 earnings report: Cybertruck launch in 2023

On July 21, Tesla announced its financial report data for the second quarter of 2022.

Although Tesla experienced shutdowns, layoffs, supply chain disruptions, and logistics constraints in the second quarter, it still achieved a profit margin of 14.6% and a positive free cash flow of $621 million.

In the earnings conference call, in the face of investors' questions about Chinese electric car manufacturers, Musk said that he respects Chinese electric car manufacturers very much, but he believes that the best electric car manufacturer in China is actually Tesla China.

In addition, the earnings report and the conference call also revealed the following information:

  • 4680 battery: The official has not disclosed the preparation of the Shanghai factory, but there is good news.
  • Car selling prices: If inflation falls by the end of the year, prices may drop a bit.
  • Shanghai factory: With equipment upgrade, it will become the super factory with the highest production capacity in the world.
  • Cybertruck with multiple bounces: It will be officially launched in mid-2023, and it will have to wait in China.
  • Assisted driving FSD: More and more people use it, but the price may increase.
  • There are surprises at Tesla AI Day on August 19.

For the specific content of the financial report, "Dong Chehui" has already outlined the key points for everyone, and interested readers can click to view it.

Tencent to shut down digital collection platform "Magic Core"

According to Jiemian News, Tencent plans to abolish its “phantom core” business this week. Magic Core is currently one of the largest digital collection platforms in China, and was officially launched on August 2, 2021.

Digital collections are different from NFTs and cannot freely conduct secondary transactions. But at present, how Magic Core will deal with the digital collections owned by users on the platform is still unknown.

At the beginning of 2022, the Magic Core team revealed that it was developing a new “online virtual space” with the intention of going further to the concept of the metaverse, but then it entered the stage of personnel adjustment.

In addition, Tencent News has also suspended the sales service of digital collections on July 1.

Source: Interface News

Announcement of dismissal on social networks has become a new "shortcut" for job hunting?

In recent months, there has also been a wave of layoffs in the United States, with Netflix, Tesla and JPMorgan Chase all announcing layoff plans.

"WSJ" recently reported that, unlike the past, more people no longer regard being dismissed as "shame", but publicly expressed their dismissal on social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and also welcome netizens to recommend suitable work.

Liz Maupin announced her dismissal on Twitter, and she is not embarrassed, because she knows that being dismissed "has nothing to do with job performance", but the entire industry is affected.

Within 24 hours of tweeting, she received and accepted a new full-time job offer.

Of course, not everyone can "recover" so quickly.

Jason Allen tweeted that he was "emotionally shocked" and explained that he was not the only one who was fired. Over the course of the week, the tweets brought Allen several connections and an interview. He remains hopeful for the future.

Career-planning coaches suggest that job seekers speak online by expressing appreciation for their previous job while also expressing anticipation for a "new adventure."

In addition, other people who successfully landed new jobs said they presented specific job-seeking information about the position and level they wanted, as well as the value they brought to the team.

Source: WSJ

iPhone 15 may adopt exclamation mark screen

According to multiple media reports, the iPhone 14 series may have two screen solutions.

Among them, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will still use the current reduced version of "Liu Haiping", and the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will use the "exclamation mark screen".

The so-called "exclamation mark" screen is actually a double-hole appearance. Since Q4 last year, relevant news has been released all the way, claiming that the iPhone will further optimize the original bangs screen design and shrink it into a smaller exclamation mark with a smaller visual effect. Screen.

But the iPhone 14 series seems to be in a transitional stage now, so the digital series should still be Liu Haiping, and the Pro model is expected to have a new exclamation mark screen, which will not be fully replaced with a new exclamation mark screen until the iPhone 15.

Apple is taking one step at a time towards Jony Ive's original vision of an infinity pool.

Honor Tablet 8 officially released

On July 21st, the Honor Tablet 8 was officially unveiled at the Honor press conference.

The Honor Tablet 8 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chip, uses a 12-inch high-definition full screen, uses an integrated metal body, has a battery capacity of 7250mAh, and supports 22.5W fast charging.

The Honor Pad 8 will be officially launched on July 29, with a pre-sale discount starting from 1399 yuan.

Source: IT House

ASUS ProArt Genesis 16 2022 officially launched

On July 21st, ASUS ProArt Genesis 16 2022 was officially released.

The new machine is equipped with a new 12th-generation Intel Core i9-12900H standard-pressure processor and a GeForce RTX 3070Ti laptop GPU, an optional 16-inch 2.5K 120Hz screen, and an Asus-specific physical knob.

ASUS ProArt Chuang 16 2022 will be officially launched on July 21, with a starting price of 13,999 yuan.

LADY M stores in mainland China cease operation

At noon on July 21, New York high-end boutique cake brand "LADY M" announced that it would close all stores in mainland China on September 10.

According to people familiar with the matter, previously, the brand and the mainland agency had disagreed over the issue of revenue sharing. With the expiration of the licensing agreement, the LADY M brand may re-operate stores in mainland China using a direct-sale model.

Lady M was founded in 2001 and entered mainland China in 2017. Currently, it has opened and operated more than 20 stores in five provinces and cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

Source: CCTV & First Financial

Yuanqi Forest plans to launch sugar-free cola drinks

Recently, Yuanqi Forest responded to the news on the Internet, saying that it is developing sugar-free cola-flavored products without preservatives.

According to reports, Yuanqi Forest has begun to establish a project in 2019, and its project code is "YYDS". At present, the new product has passed the internal final test and will be available for sale at the beginning of next month, and plans to launch the e-commerce channel in advance.

This means that Yuanqi Forest will face the ace product lines of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the domestic market. However, according to rumors, Tang Binsen, the founder of Yuanqi Forest, also expressed his position internally, thinking that this is a "product with a high probability of failure."

Source: Future Consumer APP

MSCHF Teams Up With Jimmy Fallon for Creative Collaboration

Following the recent "Billionaire Ice Cream", the New York creative studio MSCHF teamed up with American talk show host Jimmy Fallon to launch the joint shoe "The Gobstomper".

The new upper is made of suede material with cement gray, and the sole is designed with a yellow and blue color scheme.

Its characteristic is that as the shoe gradually wears out over time, its surface will peel off like the eponymous candy "Gobstomper", revealing the rich tones of the inner layer.

The new product will be available in lottery through the MSCHF Sneakers app on July 28 for $195.

Source: Hypebeast

Next, take a look at what movies to look forward to recently.

Yuasa Masaki's "King of Dogs" landed at Beijing International Film Festival

The new film is adapted from Furukawa Hiroo's novel "Heike Monogatari Inu King Volume", which tells the story of the friendship between the Noh musician Inu King, who was active in the Muromachi era in Japan, and the blind Biwa master Youyu. Directed by Yuasa Masaki, Nomiya Noriko is the screenwriter, "Queen Bee" lead singer AVU chan is the voice of the protagonist Inu King, and Moriyama Miku is the voice of Youyu.

This year's Beijing Film Festival will be held from August 13th to 20th.

"The Classic of Mountains and Seas: Goodbye to Monsters" is set for August 13

The film tells the story of the Kunlun genius doctor Bai Ze and the unicorn boy Yi, who embark on a journey of redemption and adventure together to unlock the secret of the strange disease "Black Spirit". It is directed by Huang Jianming and written by Wu Xiaoyu.

The film, which was announced five years ago, is the first animation work with the theme of Shanhaijing in China.

"The Band of Seven" opens in advance screenings on July 24

The title of "Band of Seven" implies that Hong Kong directors with different styles and talents, like outstanding musicians, can assemble beautiful and resonant movements together.

Films include Sammo Hung's "Practice", Xu Anhua's "Principal", Tan Jiaming's "Farewell", Yuan Heping's "Return", John To's "Golden Everywhere", Lin Lingdong's "Lost", and Tsui Hark's "Depth". dialogue".

Finally, I want to tell you that Apple's official WeChat released yesterday and recommended the excellent works in the iPad + Apple Pencil handwritten note show initiated by #爱faner.

Now, more beautiful works have been exhibited in Chengdu Fangsuo and are open to the public. If you don't have the opportunity to visit, you can also watch the exhibition online in Aifaner's "Candy Paper" WeChat applet , which must be very inspiring and rewarding.

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