Morning Post|The query result of itinerary card is reduced to 7 days / Jay Chou’s new album sales exceed one million / Zhong Xuegao pushes offline separate freezer

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  • Trip card query results down to 7 days
  • Jay Chou's new album pre-sale breaks one million in 8 hours
  • Zhong Xuegao pushes offline separate freezers
  • Haagen-Dazs problem batch not sold in mainland
  • M2 MacBook Air pre-orders begin today
  • Apple plans to launch a 2-inch Apple Watch for extreme athletes
  • Meta may launch a high-end headset Quest Pro
  • Yu Chengdong suggested to phase out pure fuel vehicles as soon as possible
  • Wechat ads are online, souyisou super brand zone
  • Liu Xiang sues New Oriental subsidiary for infringement of portrait rights
  • The State Sports General Administration plans to host the first Chinese Frisbee League
  • Balenciaga x Bang & Olufsen Launches Speaker Tote Bag
  • Pet brand "Mao Planet FURFURLAND" received 10 million yuan in financing

Trip card query results down to 7 days

On the evening of July 7, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an announcement: According to the "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan (Ninth Edition)", the coverage time range of the "Communication Itinerary Card" query results will be adjusted from 14 days to 7 days from now on. SMS, webpage, WeChat applet, Alipay applet, "Communication Travel Card" app and other query channels are updated simultaneously.

Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced on June 29 that it would cancel the asterisk mark on the communication itinerary card, and the itinerary cards of Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities have now reached the stars.

Jay Chou's new album pre-sale exceeds one million

On July 8, Jay Chou's "The Greatest Works" digital album sold more than one million after 8 hours of pre-sale, with sales exceeding 35 million yuan, temporarily ranking 17th on the historical digital album sales list.

At present, the title song "The Greatest Work" and its MV have been officially launched on QQ Music, Bilibili, Weibo and other platforms.

The new album contains a total of 12 songs, of which 6 are new songs, and the full album will be released on July 15th.

According to Zhihu netizen @Jack Bauer, before that, Jay Chou's physical albums won 8 times the annual record sales champion in Greater China from 2001 to 2010 (2002-2008, 2010), and 1 single record sales champion (2001) ).

As of press time, the sales volume of the new album on QQ Music has exceeded 1,207,666.

Zhong Xuegao pushes offline separate freezers

Recently, Zhong Xuegao has been controversial due to the high price, high temperature, false propaganda, etc., and is known as the "ice cream assassin".

According to @中国entrepreneurship magazine, Zhong Xuegao responded by saying that the display of separate freezers in offline channels is currently being promoted to facilitate consumers to distinguish.

At present, other high-priced ice cream brands such as Haagen-Dazs and DQ are often placed in separate freezers in retail channels, which is conducive to preventing consumers from purchasing high-priced products without their knowledge.

Haagen-Dazs problem batch not sold in mainland

According to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce, recently, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration announced that two batches of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream exported from France were found to have traces of the toxic ingredient "ethylene oxide".

It is reported that ethylene oxide is a carcinogen that can be used in the manufacture of household cleaners, personal care products, etc., and is currently widely used in washing, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries.

In this regard, the importer General Mills China responded: "None of the two batches of products involved in the import from Taiwan region of China were sold in mainland China." At the same time, it also stated that the relevant batch numbers were purchased after April 26. The public provides refund services.

Yun Wuxin, a popular science writer and doctor of food engineering, said:

"The source of contamination may be printing inks or ethylene oxide disinfection residues. Ethylene oxide is a highly effective bactericide, and different countries have different regulations on whether it can be used for disinfection in food production. Residues and inks, in It may appear in both raw material production and ice cream production.” (21st Century Economic Net & Red Star News)

M2 MacBook Air pre-orders begin today

The MacBook Air with the M2 chip is available for pre-order on July 8 and will be officially released on July 15.

The new MacBook Air features a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, supports MagSafe charging, and is available in four colors: Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Space Gray.

The starting price of the MacBook Air equipped with the M2 chip is 9,499 yuan, and the starting price of the educational discount is 8,749 yuan. Each consumer is limited to two units.

Apple plans to launch a 2-inch Apple Watch for extreme athletes

On July 7, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said that Apple is working on a rugged version of the Apple Watch for extreme sports.

Measuring 2 inches diagonally, the watch will have about 7 percent more screen area than the current largest Apple Watch, while maintaining a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels.

Compared to the standard Apple Watch, this watch has a stronger body, a more shatter-resistant screen, a larger battery, and the new screen area may provide more health indicator functions.

The Apple Watch is expected to be released within the year along with the standard Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE. (Bloomberg)

Meta may launch a high-end headset Quest Pro

Recently, according to developer @SteveMoser, Meta is about to launch a high-end VR headset named "Meta Quest Pro".

Previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believed that the new Oculus Quest model that Meta will launch in the second half of 2022 will support VR and AR, with a mini-LED display and 2P Pancake short-focus lens, equipped with Qualcomm's XR2 processor, support for eye tracking, Facial expression recognition and 3D sensing.

Mark Gurman said that this device is Meta's main priority project at present, and it will be the target of Apple's MR headset that may be launched next year, which is expected to be released in October. (Bloomberg & IT House)

Yu Chengdong suggested to phase out pure fuel vehicles as soon as possible

On July 7, Yu Chengdong spoke at the China Automotive Blue Book Forum and suggested that pure fuel vehicles should be phased out as soon as possible. At the same time, he also said that the extended-range electric vehicle is very suitable as the first car purchased by a family, and believes that the fuel consumption of the extended-range vehicle is less than half of that of the traditional fuel vehicle of the same level.

In addition, Yu Chengdong also said that "automobiles are Huawei's only loss-making business." Huawei currently invests more than one billion US dollars in automobiles a year, which is "a very money-burning game."

According to 36kr reports, since the beginning of this year, Huawei's smart car business has become one after another, and cooperation with Chery and Jianghuai has been finalized. The M7, jointly launched by Huawei and Celis, was also released recently. (China-Singapore latitude & longitude & 36kr)

Wechat ads are online , souyisou super brand zone

Recently, WeChat advertisements have been launched in the Super Brand Zone, covering chat sessions in the WeChat ecosystem, articles on official accounts, circle of friends and other search scenarios, which can satisfy users’ search demands of chatting and searching while watching and searching, and become a public domain to a brand Private domain connection entry.

At the same time, the Super Brand Zone supports the display of basic brand introductions, official accounts, online malls, offline stores and other information, which can help users quickly identify official identities, and can also help brands shape their brand image in a more three-dimensional manner to meet the needs of brand activity promotion and new products. Display, video account live broadcast warm-up and other demands.

You can now search and see Ai Faner, APPSO, Playthings, and learn about the official pages of our brands, which is very good~

Liu Xiang sues New Oriental subsidiary for infringement of portrait rights

On July 7, Beijing New Oriental Future Overseas Consulting Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of New Oriental, was sentenced to pay 6,000 yuan in compensation for economic losses for infringing on Liu Xiang's portrait rights.

In this case, New Oriental used several portrait pictures of Liu Xiang in the article on its WeChat public account "New Oriental American High School Study Abroad" without Liu Xiang's permission, and attached commercial promotional information about studying abroad, which constituted an infringement of Liu Xiang's portrait right.

During the same period, the related company of the movie "I'm not the God of Medicine" was sentenced to 20,000 yuan in compensation for using its photographic works in the movie without the permission of the creator. (Interface News)

The State Sports General Administration plans to host the first Chinese Frisbee League

On July 7, the Social and Sports Center of the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China issued a notice that the first Chinese Frisbee League will be held in the second half of 2022.

The sub-station competition will be held in many places across the country from August 2022 to February 2023. According to the specifications of the participating teams, the group stage and the knockout stage will be set up. The top two players in the sub-station competition will qualify for the finals.

The competition project is planned to be a mixed team Frisbee for men and women, using the 175g team Frisbee certified by the World Frisbee Federation. At that time, the 11-a-side football field will be divided into two Frisbee venues as the competition venue. (National Frisbee Sports Promotion Committee)

Balenciaga x Bang & Olufsen Collaborate Speaker Tote Bag

Balenciaga and Danish audio-visual brand Bang & Olufsen have launched a co-branded speaker tote bag.

The outer side of the handbag is an audio hole for outputting sound. After pressing the button on the inner side, the storage space for placing items can be opened, and a sound operation button is placed on the top.

The new speaker tote bag was unveiled at the Balenciaga Season 51 Haute Couture show and is currently only on display in black and white. (nowre & Hypebeast)

Pet brand "Mao Planet FURFURLAND" received 10 million yuan in financing

The pet brand "Mao Planet FURFURLAND" recently completed a Pre A+ round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing will be used for brand upgrading, product development and production, strengthening the supply chain, increasing market share and team building.

Mao Xingxing was established in 2019. It has two product lines of star fresh staple food and functional snacks. It mainly promotes products such as the full-price staple food can "Little Red Can" for cats, and the full-price black yeast fresh meat puffed staple food.

At present, Mao Xingxing insists on the combination of offline channels and online direct sales. It has entered major mainstream e-commerce platforms online, and established cooperative relationships with top pet category experts; offline docking includes over 10,000 distribution terminals including large integrated supermarkets Citysuper, KKV, and Hema. (Entrepreneurship & Brand Planet)


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