Morning Post|The percentage of iPhone battery is back / WeChat supports the mutual transfer of chat records between mobile phones and computers / MINISO apologizes

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  • iPhone battery percentage is back
  • WeChat supports mutual transfer of chat records between mobile phones and computers
  • MINISO issued a statement of apology
  • Designer Issey Miyake dies
  • Google says Apple doesn't support modern messaging standards
  • Electrical accident in Google data center
  • Renowned second-hand iPhone market in Huaqiangbei sees rent withdrawals
  • 58% of global human infectious diseases are exacerbated by climate change
  • Apple may launch C-mount charging case for AirPods
  • OnePlus Ace Pro officially released
  • Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 will be released on August 11
  • Billboard officially announced to enter China
  • On Ang Pao and Federer Collaboration Series Launches New Shoes
  • Chayan Yuese launches self-operated coffee brand
  • "I Am Groot" is online today
  • "See How They Get Away" opens on September 9
  • 'Pac-Man' will be a live-action movie

iOS 16 beta update, battery percentage is back

In the early hours of yesterday, Apple released the Beta 5 system of the iOS/iPadOS 16 developer preview on mobile phones, tablets, computers, watches and other devices, and many functional changes have attracted attention.

  • The battery percentage returns to the Liu Haiping status bar

Due to space constraints, iPhones equipped with Liu Haiping have been unable to display the battery percentage in the screen status bar for the past 5 years. Users must enter the control center or use the battery widget to check the battery level.

After the update, the exact battery percentage can be displayed in the battery icon in the status bar. This feature can be turned on in the Battery section of the Settings app.

  • Added lock screen music waveform

Previously, iOS 16 Beta 3 added a full-screen music player, and Beta 5 introduced a real-time mini-visualization waveform graph that changes with audio playback.

There are also new animations when the user clicks the "play"/"pause" buttons or the "forward"/"backward" buttons.

  • Added copy and delete screenshots

When the user takes a screenshot and finishes editing, the iPhone offers a new option to "copy and delete."

This means that users can directly copy the image and paste it into any other application without having to save the image to the photo album first and then enter the corresponding application to publish it.

  • Cancel Siri Voice Shutdown

Previously, the Siri voice shutdown feature appeared in Beta 4. When the user sends a shutdown command to Siri, a pop-up window will prompt "Confirm, do you want to turn off the power of this device?"

But Apple removed this feature in the latest Beta 5.

Source: IT House

WeChat supports mutual transfer of chat records between mobile phones and computers

WeChat Windows PC beta version 3.7.6 recently ushered in an update.

The beta version adds support for transferring chat history between computers and mobile phones. After the migration is complete, users can browse the merged chat history on their phone or computer.

At the same time, users who want to try this feature also need to pay attention:

  • 1. The chat history migration function is still in the internal testing stage. After the migration is completed, it is recommended not to delete the chat history immediately, but to keep it for a period of time.
  • 2. The chat history migration function needs to use the local area network for connection and transmission, please connect the mobile phone and the computer to the same network. If the network is complicated and cannot be connected, it is recommended to connect the computer to the mobile phone hotspot, the speed will be faster and more stable.

Source: IT House

MINISO issued a statement of apology

On July 25, MINISO's Spanish Instagram account posted a post on "Princess Series Doll Blind Box".

In the post, the Chinese cheongsam doll was wrongly translated as "Japanese geisha", causing controversy.

In response to this, MINISO said that the headquarters of MINISO has requested the Spanish agency team to delete the post as soon as possible, and imposed penalties on the local social media agency operator, and immediately terminated the cooperative relationship.

Designer Issey Miyake dies

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, the famous Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake died of cancer on August 5 at the age of 84.

Issey Miyake worked as an assistant to Givenchy in 1968 and founded Miyake Fashion Design Institute in 1970.

The diamond-shaped bags that many people carry in their lives and the iconic black turtleneck of Jobs are all designed by Issey Miyake.

In terms of styling, the famous fashion designer is known to the world for creating a deconstructionist design style in fashion design.

"Using a simple piece of fabric to make clothes suitable for everyone" is the design philosophy of Issey Miyake that continues to this day.

In terms of materials, Issey Miyake has also changed the flat and clean stereotypes of high-end fashion and ready-to-wear, using Japanese rice paper, white cotton and other materials to create various texture effects.

It is understood that today, Issey Miyake belongs to the famous Japanese luxury brand Shiseido.

Source: Daily Economic News

Google criticizes Apple for not supporting modern messaging standards, hindering cross-platform communication

Google slammed Apple on its website on Tuesday, accusing Apple of failing to improve the user experience between iPhone and Android users.

Google is blaming Apple for converting text messages sent between iPhone and Android into SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), both of which were sent between different devices decades ago as plain text messages. The old way of text messaging.

At the same time, when iOS users receive cross-device messages from Android, they will be displayed in green bubbles and cannot receive read receipts.

Google believes that Apple should use the RSC (Rich Media Communication) standard as a "modern industry standard."

Adoption of the standard will improve the way people send text messages and calls, as well as media such as emojis, videos, and photos:

"The ability to text each other between Phone and Android is broken. It's time for Apple to fix the green and blue bubbles so everyone can text."

Google also encouraged its website visitors to "help Apple understand" by sharing the event on social media.

Source: Phoenix Network Technology

Electrical accident in Google data center

On Monday morning, local time in the United States, an electrical accident occurred at the Google data center in Iowa, USA, and three seriously injured electricians were taken to the hospital for treatment.

It is reported that three electricians were severely burned by the fault arc while working in the substation near the data center building. The central temperature of the fault arc can be as high as 3000 ℃ ~ 4000 ℃, and accompanied by the splash of metal melt, it is very easy to ignite the line insulation layer and cause the line to catch fire.

Google has a total of 23 data centers around the world. The Iowa data center where the accident occurred was opened in 2009 and is currently one of Google's largest data centers.

On the same day, the Down Detector website, which collects user complaints, showed that both the Google search engine and the Google Maps application reported tens of thousands of failures, which were not excluded from the explosion of the data center.

Source: SFGATE & Interface News

Renowned second-hand iPhone market in Huaqiangbei sees rent withdrawals

Feiyang Times Building, located in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, used to be the largest second-hand iPhone wholesale market in China. However, after Shenzhen has cracked down on smuggling illegal and criminal activities for many times, nearly half of the stalls in the building have been emptied for sublease.

It is reported that from the beginning of 2022, due to the importation of overseas epidemics, Shenzhen has begun to crack down on smuggling and smuggling.

Since most of the second-hand mobile phones in Feiyang Times Building are smuggled iPhones that flowed into the domestic market through various channels, such as the Hong Kong version and the US version, and have not paid the taxes and fees stipulated by the state, Feiyang Times Building has become one of the key targets.

According to Jiemian News, at present, most of the second-hand iPhone stalls on the third and fourth floors of Feiyang Times Building have been emptied, and sublease information has been posted. The few stall owners who are still in business said that they no longer sell foreign version machines, and currently only the national bank machines are on sale.

The full report can be viewed in the interface news:

58% of global human infectious diseases are exacerbated by climate change

Pathogenic diseases exacerbated by climate disasters

A new study published in Nature Climate Change finds that 277 human pathogenic diseases may be exacerbated by climate disasters. Of these, 58% are infectious diseases that affect humans.

Among them, some disasters will bring people closer to the pathogen. For example, droughts can reduce drinking water supplies, force humans to drink unsafe water, and cause outbreaks of diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery.

Others bring pathogens closer to people. For example, global warming has expanded the active areas of diseases such as Lyme disease, dengue fever and malaria.

While research also points out that diseases such as influenza, SARS, and norovirus enteritis may be reduced by global warming, most diseases that are reduced by one hazard are sometimes reduced by another, or even the same aggravated by the danger.

For example, flooding may reduce the chance of schistosomiasis infection in local humans by destroying the habitat of the snails that serve as hosts.

But at the same time, the floods may also have expanded the snail's range, which in turn increased the risk of infection in other humans.

Therefore, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change may be an important positive intervention to avoid human re-exposure to pandemic infectious diseases.

Compared with previous studies, the project incorporates a wider range of pathogens, hazards and transmission types and analyzes the relationship between them, "revealing a large number of potential interactions that climate hazards may exacerbate human pathogenic diseases."

For a complete explanation of the research, you can view it in Academic Headlines .

Apple may launch C-mount charging case for AirPods

On August 9, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a post that Apple is expected to launch a USB-C-enabled charging case for all AirPods models in 2023.

However, the charging case of the new AirPods Pro 2 in the second half of the year may still support Lightning.

Previously, Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg technology reporter Mark Gurman both said that Apple will also transition to the USB-C interface for the iPhone 15 series in 2023. According to these reports, 2023 is expected to be the time when Apple will change the interface, marking the end of the Lightning interface.

Source: Financial Associated Press & IT House

OnePlus Ace Pro officially released

On August 9, OnePlus officially released the new OnePlus Ace Pro.

OnePlus Ace Pro is equipped with the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform, using a 6.7-inch AMOLED flexible straight screen, with a hole in the upper left corner instead of a hole in the center; built-in 4800mAh battery, and equipped with 150W super flash charge.

In terms of imaging, the OnePlus Ace Pro is equipped with a rear 50 million main camera, 8 million ultra-wide-angle and macro lenses, of which the 50 million main camera is Sony IMX766, has a 1/1.56-inch outsole, and supports OIS optical image stabilization.

OnePlus Ace Pro will be officially launched on August 15, starting at 3499 yuan.

Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 will be released on August 11

The Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 folding screen mobile phone was officially announced yesterday and will be officially released at Lei Jun’s annual speech at 19:00 this Thursday (August 11), claiming to “break through the last mile of the folding screen”.

It is reported that Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 will improve the biggest pain point "screen ratio" of the previous generation this time. The external screen resolution is 2520 × 1080, the screen aspect ratio is 21:9, and both internal and external screens support high brushing.

In addition, the machine may be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor, a rear 50-megapixel main camera, and may be equipped with Xiaomi's self-developed image chip C1/C2, as well as Leica image blessing.

Source: Fast Technology

Billboard officially announced to enter China

On August 9, the music content platform Billboard officially announced its entry into China, and will launch diversified localized content such as music charts.

At the same time, Billboard China will release the "Master Collection" collection, which includes works by representative Chinese musicians.

Founded in 1894, Billboard focuses on the world's most popular artists, songs, albums and shows. According to reports, Billboard currently has in-depth music content with reference and a complete database of charts covering all music genres.

On Ang Pao and Federer Collaboration Series Launches New Shoes

Swiss sports brand On Angpao and Roger Federer special cooperation series launched the first pair of mid-top shoes "THE ROGER Clubhouse Mid" retro casual shoes.

Its design is inspired by the mid-top tennis shoes of Federer's caddie days. The sole uses hidden cushioning CloudTec technology, combined with Speedboard and herringbone rubber pattern, suitable for daily life. Hidden pockets are added at the collar to help store laces.

The shoes were released on the official website on August 8, with a retail price of 1,290 yuan.

Chayan Yuese launches self-operated coffee brand

Tea Yanyuese launched the "Yangyang Coffee" brand today, positioning the track of "New Chinese Coffee" and "New Chinese Tea".

Its specialty drinks include milk coffee series, pure coffee series, special blend series, etc.

The first store of "Yangyang Coffee" will be officially opened on the 10th of this month in the Impressionhui business district of Wuyi Square, Changsha City, Hunan Province, and it is planned to continue to open 5 stores by adopting a direct operation method without franchise.

Source: Beijing News

"I Am Groot" is online today

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

Marvel Studios' animated short film "I Am Groot" launched on Disney+ today.

This five-episode short film tells the story of baby tree Groot, who can only say "I'm Groot", and a new character who embarks on an adventure together.

"See How They Get Away" opens on September 9

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

The story is set in 1950s London, and a murder takes place inside the film crew. Thus, a world-weary detective and an overzealous novice cop roam London's glamorous theatrical and sleazy underworld in search of the truth.

Starring Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody and Sam Rockwell and directed by Tom George, the film will be released in the UK on September 9.

'Pac-Man' will be a live-action movie

A live-action film project for the classic game Pac-Man is currently in development.

The film will be produced by Bandai Namco and Wayfarer Pictures, and the story is based on an original idea by Chuck Williams ("Sonic the Hedgehog"), and the specific plot has not been revealed.

playing silently

The heavy metal rock band sang passionately underwater, but the water was silent.

This is not a band performance, but a metaphor for drowning children because "drowning is silent".

In Portugal, drowning is the second leading cause of death among children and youth.

The public service advertisement of the Portuguese Association for the Advancement of Child Safety calls on everyone to pay attention to the "silent tragedy" of child drowning, and also warns against ignoring the existence of hidden dangers because "inaudible".

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