Morning Post|The new version of iOS 16 has a big change in the battery display/Second uncle author responds to nine questions/iPhone 14 Pro 5G speeds up by 38%

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  • The author of the second uncle released a response video
  • Apple will fix iOS 16 copy-paste frequent pop-ups
  • Many places across the country demand the removal of betel nuts
  • Nearly 80% of pilot companies achieved a four-day workweek without pay cuts
  • iPhone 14 series 5G network speed increased by 38%
  • Honor of Kings will open 120fps to some iPhones
  • Huawei Mate 50 satellite communication function is free for a limited time
  • Removable optical drive PS5 may be launched next year
  • Former Sony CEO joins Tencent
  • Zuckerberg's worth has plummeted by 500 billion
  • Hainan Airlines responded that pets can enter the cabin for 1399 yuan
  • AI paintings are starting to be banned
  • Dyson releases G5 Detect cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Ye's new vision: all YEEZY items are free
  • Canada's Jasper Dark Sky Festival returns this fall
  • Rockstar responds to GTA 6 leak
  • Woody Allen denies retirement
  • Animation "Chainsaw Man" released official trailer

"Second Uncle" author responds to nine questions

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Yesterday, nearly two months after the release of the video "Three days back to the village, the second uncle cured my internal mental problems", the video author @ 伊哥guess of station B released a 39-minute video again, denying the second uncle's disability. Questions from nine aspects, including the question of raising grandmothers, and the handling of disability certificates.

In addition, in terms of income, @ 伊哥 pointed out that he only obtained income through clicks, and did not realize it through other commercial channels. At present, he has "made a dozen calls to the second uncle".

In terms of the second uncle's leg disease, @ 伊格言 also said that it has rejected all private hospital invitations for free medical care, and will assume the responsibility of supporting the second uncle in the future.

Apple will fix iOS 16 copy-paste frequent pop-ups

Apple has introduced a new privacy feature for iOS 16 that requires apps to get the user's permission before accessing the clipboard. However, this pop-up function was subsequently accused of being too frequent and causing a bad experience.

In this regard, Apple confirmed that too many pop-ups are indeed a loophole: "This is definitely not an expected behavior, and we will investigate it to the end." In the meantime, Apple will address the issue in a fix next week.

In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro series has also been accused of problems such as lens jitter in third-party apps and stuck after data transmission. Apple said that these problems will be resolved after the update.

Source: Macrumors & WSJ

Many places across the country demand the removal of betel nuts

According to Red Star News, on September 15, the food safety supervision department of Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province required merchants in the city to remove betel nuts from their stores and permanently ban them from selling them as food, otherwise they will face penalties.

In addition to Yiwu, market supervision departments in at least six places across the country, including Xiamen, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Chengdu, have recently asked businesses to remove betel nut and betel nut products from their shelves.

Betel nut is a tropical plant and is mainly grown in Hainan, Yunnan, Fujian and Taiwan. Although Hunan does not produce betel nut, it is also a major consumer of betel nut because it is the main processing place. Due to the huge risk of oral cancer, betel nut has been banned from being promoted on TV and online audio-visual programs.

Data show that from 2011 to 2018, the output value of China's betel nut industry rose from 55.8 billion yuan to 78.1 billion yuan, and continued to rise. This time, I was asked to take it off the shelves, or press the pause button for this industry with an output value of nearly 100 billion.

Source: Red Star News

Nearly 80% of pilot companies achieved a four-day workweek without pay cuts

On June 6 this year, the world's largest "four-day workday" trial without pay cuts was launched in the UK, the US, New Zealand and other places for 6 months, with more than 70 companies and more than 3,300 employees participating.

Now, the trial is halfway through.

According to a survey recently released by organizers 4 Day Week Global, 78 percent of leaders said the transition from five to four days had been smooth, with only 2 percent finding it challenging. And 88% believe that the four-day workweek is effective.

Meanwhile, about one-fifth of companies opted out.

Executives at the pilot companies said they faced a double challenge: on the one hand, to overcome the five-day work norm within employees and the industry; output.

However, Literal Humans, who participated in the trial, said they prefer to boil it down to solvable "early problems":

"I'd rather lose 5% of productivity, increase employee happiness by 50%, and really bring in more talent… The benefits vastly outweigh the disadvantages."

Source: CNBC & Bloomberg

iPhone 14 series 5G network speed increased by 38%

According to SpeedSmart, the iPhone 14 Pro has a 38 percent increase in 5G download speeds compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, thanks to Qualcomm's 5G Snapdragon X65 modem.

The data shows that the maximum download speed of the iPhone 14 Pro can reach 255Mbps, and the uplink speed has also increased from 22Mbps to 28Mbps, and the average network speed has increased by 38%.

At the same time, network latency is also reduced. Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, the average latency of connecting the iPhone 14 Pro to the Verizon network was reduced by 15.15 milliseconds.

Lower latency means less time is required for devices to communicate with servers, which is critical for live streaming and online gaming.

Source: 9to5mac

Honor of Kings will open 120fps to some iPhones

"Honor of Kings" officially confirmed in the "Bug Repair Progress" shared that it will open a very high frame rate mode for some iOS models.

It is expected that the 120-frame "extremely high frame rate" mode will be open to the iPhone in the new season. The frame rate of 120 frames can make the character's attack and skill ballistics more delicate in the game, making knife cuts and killings smoother, and the operation of moving the perspective will be smoother.

However, only the iPhone 13 Pro series and iPhone 14 Pro series currently meet the 120-frame requirement in hardware.

Source: Fast Technology

iOS 16.1 Beta Update, Added Dynamic Progress Bar for Battery Percentage

Apple released the second beta of iOS 16.1 today, and the progress bar for the battery percentage will now shorten as the battery drains, giving a more intuitive indication of how the battery level is changing.

Before this, the battery progress bar in the battery percentage was always full, which could sometimes be misleading to the user.

In addition, the new beta also brings a battery indicator to the lock screen. While charging your iPhone, the lock screen briefly displays the battery percentage above the time.

Source: Macrumors

Huawei Mate 50 satellite communication function is free for a limited time

According to the function introduction page, the satellite communication function of Huawei Mate 50 series mobile phones is only free for a certain period of time. Mate 50 users open the Beidou satellite service account for the first time and can experience 30 free credits per month.

But for the charging plan, Huawei also stated that the follow-up commercial plan will be formulated based on the public beta.

The Mate 50 series is the world's first popular smartphone that supports Beidou satellite messages. In an environment without terrestrial network signal coverage, messages can still be sent through the "Beidou Satellite Messages" service number in the Changlian app, and it also supports one-click generation of trajectory maps. .

Source: Sohu Technology

Removable optical drive PS5 may be launched next year

According to Insider Gaming, Sony is working on a new PlayStation 5 console with a removable optical drive.

It is reported that the biggest change of the new PS5 is that it will be equipped with a detachable optical drive, which will be connected to the PlayStation 5 using the extra USB-C port on the back of the console. This means there is no need to buy a new console if it's just the optical drive that fails.

The new PS5 is currently named "D-Case PlayStation 5" and is expected to launch around September 2023.

Source: Pinwan

Former Sony CEO joins Tencent

On September 20, Shawn Layden, former US CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment and chairman of global studios, announced that he had joined Tencent Games as a strategic consultant.

According to the personal resume published on the website, Shawn Layden became the vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in 1999, joined the Sony PlayStation division in 2010 and became the COO of Sony Network Entertainment, and in 2016 became the president, CEO and Sony Interactive Entertainment America Division of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Head of Global Studio.

Shawn Layden said that this is an epoch-making moment for games and interactive entertainment. In this new position, he will provide advice and support to Tencent's game team.

Source: Interface News

Zuckerberg's worth has plummeted by 500 billion

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has lost $71 billion so far this year, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

In September 2021, Zuckerberg’s wealth once reached $142 billion, when Facebook’s stock price was also as high as $382. But the following month, Zuckerberg renamed the company Meta and said it was entering the metaverse.

In February, Meta disclosed that Facebook was not growing in monthly users, triggering a historic crash in its stock price and wiping $31 billion off Zuckerberg's fortune. With a net worth of $55.9 billion, Zuckerberg is currently ranked 20th among the world's billionaires, his lowest ranking since 2014.

Source: Interface News

Hainan Airlines responded that pets can enter the cabin for 1399 yuan

Recently, Hainan Airlines announced the relaunch of the "Pet Cabin Care Service" . Adult passengers without infants or children can bring one pet into the cabin, and the fee is 1399 yuan/segment/per pet.

At the same time, the service also makes requirements on the cleanliness of pets, the weight, volume, and material of clothing and equipment and pet boxes. Passengers also need to submit documents such as "animal quarantine certificate" and pet vaccination certificate.

In response to the more complicated restrictions, HNA customer service responded that it will inform the customer of unfavorable factors when ordering, and it is up to the customer to decide whether to bear the relevant risks.

Source: Hainan Airlines & Blue Whale Finance

AI paintings are starting to be banned

The established art community is at a crossroads as they worry that human art will be overwhelmed by a flood of AI art.

"After supporting for many years, I cancelled my subscription to DeviantArt as it is now just a sea of ​​AI images. If they become the dominant force for artists' rights, I will consider re-subscribing," one fan tweeted. .

Another Twitter user even pointed out that 10 of the 25 images on DeviantArt's front page were created using AI.

And some niche online art communities have moved to ban users from uploading works by DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

Newgrounds, a 27-year-old company, took the lead in banning images made with Artbreeder from appearing on the site.

If the painter just uses AI to generate unimportant content such as the background, it must also explain the role of AI in it:

"We want to continue to focus on the art that people create, rather than flooding art portals with computer-generated art."

For the full content, you can view it in "Design Taxi":

Dyson releases G5 Detect cordless vacuum cleaner

Dyson today announced the launch of what it says is the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner to date, the G5 Detect.

The new product can output up to 262AW of suction, capture particles as small as 0.1 microns, and lock in 99.9% of H1N1 and MS2 viruses.

Compared with other Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, the G5 Detect is equipped with a built-in crevice soft-bristle suction head, a more user-friendly LCD digital display and a Dyson maximum battery life of 70 minutes, which can bring a better deep cleaning experience.

Ye's new vision: all YEEZY items are free

Ye mentioned the future of YEEZY in an interview with Forbes:

"If my product is sold in the US, it will be made in the US; if my product is sold in China, it will be assembled in China. So my glasses are only $20, and I will buy them in YEEZY SUPPLY in the future. All products will be priced at $20. We are also planning to send all YEEZY clothing for free in the future, because "life is free"."

Judging from Ye's past promise of "everyone has YEEZY to wear", we may usher in an era of "everyone has free YEEZY to wear" in the future.

Source: Nowre

Canada's Jasper Dark Sky Festival returns this fall

Every fall, the Jasper Dark Sky Festival in Alberta's Jasper National Park celebrates the twinkling stars in the dark night.

Jasper Dark Sky Festivals typically include walking tours, symphony recitals, yoga under the stars, and more. The luxury event is a half-hour helicopter tour for two, priced at $349 per seat.

This year's Jasper Dark Sky Festival runs from October 14th to October 23rd.

Source: Yueyou

Rockstar responds to GTA 6 leak

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A few days ago, a number of early development game screens of "Grand Theft Auto 6" were leaked by a user named "teapotuberhacker".

In response, Rockstar Games admitted that they suffered a recent cyber intrusion, saying:

"The incident is not expected to cause any disruption to its online gaming services, nor does it have a long-term impact on its ongoing projects."

"We'll be bringing news soon, and a formal introduction when it's ready."

Source: IT House

Woody Allen denies retirement

Woody Allen Fang issued a statement yesterday denying a recent report by Spanish media "Herald" that he would retire. The statement said:

"Woody Allen never said he was retiring or that he was writing another novel."

"He said he was considering not making a movie because making a movie that went directly or soon to streaming platforms wasn't that pleasant for him, and he's an avid lover of the movie experience.

Currently, he has no plans to retire and is excited to be shooting his new film, which will be the 50th, in Paris. "

Source: The Guardian

Animation "Chainsaw Man" released official trailer

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The TV animation "Chainsaw Man" recently released an official trailer.

The animation tells the story of the protagonist Denji, who was burdened with huge debts, and became a demon hunter by saving the demon Bochita.

The new show is scheduled to start on October 11, and the opening song "Kick Back" will be sung by Kenshi Yonezu.


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