Morning Post|Tesla responds to BYD’s supply of batteries / ​711 apologizes for rubbing advertisements / Mobile phone number can now be unbound online account with one click

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  • Tesla responds that BYD will supply it with batteries
  • 7-ELEVEN apologises for rubbing ads
  • China Academy of Information and Communications Technology launched the "one-click unbinding" online account function of mobile phone numbers
  • Razer Announces World's First ECOLOGO Certified Gaming Mouse
  • Under Armour Releases First Women-Specific Recyclable Running Shoe
  • Ceeze uses discarded Air Jordan 1 to create 'Victory' seat
  • NIO denies partnership with AMD
  • Baidu responds to driverless test car accident
  • Tencent's "Honor of Kings" international version will be tested in July
  • Four new voice packs for Edge's read aloud feature
  • Nike Running App announced to stop service in mainland China from July 8
  • Super orangutan launches immersive on-screen fitness course
  • Brain science AI company "Mind Universe" receives tens of millions of investment

Tesla responds that BYD will supply it with batteries

On June 8, Lian Yubo, executive vice president of BYD, said in an interview with CGTN host Kui Yingchun that BYD respects Tesla and is also good friends with Musk. At the same time, BYD will provide battery products for Tesla.

"We didn't hear that," Tesla said, according to EMF.

In March 2020, the vice president of BYD Co., Ltd. stated at the blade battery conference that almost all car brands are discussing cooperation plans with BYD on blade battery technology.

However, according to the statistics of Gaogong Lithium Battery, in 2021, BYD's battery external supporting enterprises only have several brands of China FAW, Jinkang Automobile, GAC BYD, Dongfeng Motor, and Changan Automobile, and the external supply ratio is only 5.56%.

At present, Tesla China's battery suppliers include South Korea's LG, Japan's Panasonic and China's CATL. (Fast Technology & EMF)

7-ELEVEN apologises for brushing aside ads

Recently, a 7-ELEVEN convenience store advertisement that reads "She's not drunk, no chance" has sparked heated discussions.

On June 8, @7-ELEVEN Guangdong released a description of the store's inappropriate advertising language: "After verification, the poster was made and posted by a very few stores in Maoming without reporting to the company headquarters for review and approval."

At present, the company has ordered the relevant stores to immediately remove the posters on June 7 and deal with the relevant employees in accordance with the company's internal management rules and regulations. (New Express)

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology launched the "one-click unbinding" function of mobile phone numbers

The WeChat public account "Yihaotongcha" of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology has launched a mobile phone number "one-click unbinding" service, which can release the Internet account association that was registered and bound to the number before the number was held.

This function covers Weibo, Taobao, Douyin, Toutiao, Meituan, Dianping, Xiaomi Eco and other Internet applications, and mobile phone users of China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom on the Internet (excluding users who have ported in before 2021) You can apply for related services.

At the same time, the official account also provides users with one-stop services such as "number tag query" and "mistag query". The Internet account bound to me while I hold the number will not be affected. (People's Daily Online)

Razer Announces World's First ECOLOGO Certified Gaming Mouse

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer has announced the first UL-certified ECOLOGO gaming mice, the Razer Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential.

Manufactured from FSC-certified materials, both products are free of heavy metals and chlorine, and printed with eco-friendly soy inks, so they can be easily recycled and reused.

Both mice are currently available, with the Razer Basilisk V3 priced at $69.99 and the DeathAdder Essential at $29.99. (Yanko Design)

Under Armour Releases First Women-Specific Recyclable Running Shoe

Under Armour recently released UA Flow Synchronicity, a new recyclable running shoe designed for women.

It features a soft knit upper designed specifically for the female foot model and a one-piece Flow midsole without a rubber outsole or heavy adhesive.

At the same time, the materials used in the shoes can eventually be ground up, recycled, and used to make other products in the future.

The shoe is currently on the market, priced at 130 euros. (refined GymSquare)

Ceeze uses discarded Air Jordan 1 to create 'Victory' seat

Recently, New York creative studio Ceeze used discarded Air Jordan 1 to create a new "Victory" seat.

The seat features over 30 pairs of discarded Air Jordan 1 uppers in different shapes, with black Napa leather and birch wood frame. Its colorful back and seat stand out, and the Swoosh shape on the side of the chair legs is also ingenious.

At present, the "Victory" seat has been listed on Ceeze's official website for a limited sale, priced at $6,500.

Baidu responds to driverless test car accident

Recently, photos of the accident scene of the Carrot Run test car have been circulated on the Internet.

Baidu responded to this, the content of the photo is a traffic accident caused by a rear-end truck rear-end collision of a radish capacity test vehicle in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in the first ten days of May. The accident has been reported to the relevant regulatory authorities for the record.

“Carrot Run” is Baidu’s autonomous driving travel service platform. As of the first quarter of 2022, it has opened in 8 cities across the country, providing a total of 196,000 rides. (Sina Technology)

NIO denies partnership with AMD

On June 6, @AMD China posted on Weibo that its EPYC series processors will empower NIO’s HPC platform and provide NIO with computing power.

On June 8, Ma Lin, senior director of corporate communications at Weilai, forwarded the Weibo and denied the cooperation with AMD:

"NIO has not cooperated with AMD, and has not discussed cooperation at present, nor authorized AMD to carry out this communication. AMD's move is very regrettable. After negotiation, AMD only deleted the news on the official website, and the Weibo marketing activities still exist. Please AMD delete this Weibo.” (Sina Technology)

Tencent's "Honor of Kings" international version will be tested in July

Tencent’s overseas distribution brand, Level Infinite, recently announced on Twitter that it will launch the international version of “Honor of Kings” to players around the world.

"Honor of Kings" was produced by Tianmei Studio Group in 2015. Its international version "Honor of Kings" will be launched before the end of this year, and several rounds of internal testing will be gradually announced from next month.

But before that, Tencent has launched "Arena of Valor" overseas, and its gameplay, interface, and icons are similar to "Honor of Kings". (IT House)

Edge Browser Read Aloud introduces four new voices

Recently, Microsoft announced four new voice packs for Read Aloud in the Edge browser: Yunxi, Yunjian, Yunxia and Xiaoyi.

Among them, Yunxi's tone is a common short video dubbing, Yunjian has a sports commentary style, and Yunxia and Xiaoyi have a strong animation dubbing color, corresponding to the voices of Zhengtai and vitality girls in anime respectively.

The new sound is available on both mobile and PC versions of the Edge browser, and will also cover older versions of the browser.

Nike Running App announced to stop service in mainland China from July 8

Nike Running Club, a running app owned by Nike, recently announced that due to business adjustments, it will stop operations in mainland China from July 8, 2022.

From now on, the app will provide data export services for runners in need. At the same time, Garmin's sports equipment will also stop data synchronization with it from now on.

In addition, Nike Training Club will continue to provide fitness, yoga, dance and other training courses through WeChat mini-programs. (product play)

Super orangutan launches immersive on-screen fitness course

On June 8, Super Orangutan announced the opening of the country's first immersive experience fitness venue in Shenzhen, and the "Super Orangutan Drama" series of courses were launched at the venue.

Super Orangutan is an immersive series of sports courses and spaces originally developed by Super Orangutan. The main part is composed of an immersive theater classroom with a large panoramic screen and intelligent lighting and sound systems, making exercise and fitness a game-like experience. .

The first batch of five series of courses released by Super Orangutan, including META FUN Fun Fat Burning, META SHAPE Vitality Shaping, META RENEW Static Rejuvenation, META GLOBAL KONGFU Fusion Martial Arts, etc. (36kr)

Brain science AI company "Mind Universe" receives tens of millions of investment

Hangzhou Xinshi Universe Technology Co., Ltd., an AI cutting-edge technology company, recently announced the completion of an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan.

Mind Universe was established in January 2022, focusing on human-level AI virtual humans, and starting from the fusion technology of brain science and artificial intelligence, it has built a set of "consciousness framework" that integrates the macroscopic structure of the brain and the capabilities of microscopic neural networks. .

Different from the traditional dialogue virtual human relying on the artificial intelligence framework based on the large-scale pre-training model, the "mental framework" will generate an association mechanism during communication, which can turn memory information and environmental information into dialogue materials, and drive the virtual human's autonomous thinking planning. .

It is reported that this round of funds will be mainly used for product research and development, team expansion and market development. (Entrepreneurship State)

milan design week @ milan italy

After a three-year absence, Milan Design Week finally opened again in the near future. This year's theme is "Between Time and Space", let's come and see some of the large-scale installations in the exhibition that have caused long queues of local tourists.

Designer Daniel Arsham created a 3D printed clay walking tunnel called "Divided Layers" for Kohler. This tunnel on the water creates a flowing visual atmosphere through mirror reflection, hoping to bring visitors to think about the scalability of space.

Porsche's "The Art of Dreams" with floral artist Ruby Barber shows the surreal chemistry between fragile plants and drones that represent 21st century technology. Visitors can also sign up for yoga and meditation classes held here in partnership with Ciaomondo.

Walking into the room, you can come to see the special IKEA. With "Ögonblick", IKEA interprets the concept of "family space" that is transforming from a single-family studio to a multi-generational shared room, reflecting an understanding of family relationships today.

This year's Milan Design Week ends on June 12 .

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