Morning Post|Some iPhone 14 may cancel SIM card slot / General Manager Zhang Xiaoquan apologizes / Ideal response to L9 air suspension breakage

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  • Some iPhone 14 may cancel the SIM card slot
  • General Manager Zhang Xiaoquan apologizes
  • Bilibili will display the account IP address
  • Ideal upgrade spring warranty program
  • Apple plans to slow some team hiring and spending in 2023
  • U.S. cities' bet: wooing home-based workers from major corporations
  • M2 Pro / Max version of MacBook or will be launched this year
  • realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is on sale
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 official image exposure
  • Crocs and King of Glory Launch Collaborative Shoes
  • LEGO releases Chevrolet Camaro Z28 brick model
  • Pet service platform "easy pet technology" received hundreds of millions of yuan in financing

Some iPhone 14 may cancel the SIM card slot

GlobalData analyst Emma Mohr-McClune said that the upcoming iPhone 14 may do away with the SIM port.

According to "WSJ", after the SIM card slot is cancelled, the eSIM service that does not require a physical card will replace the original function. eSIM relies on a fixed chip built into the phone, which is more space-efficient than a physical SIM card.

Compared with physical SIM cards, eSIM is more convenient for dual-card users to switch between two phone numbers, and it also makes it easier to change operators. At the same time, when operators or device manufacturers discover security vulnerabilities, they can use eSIM to quickly push security updates to a large number of users at the same time.

However, if the user needs to switch frequently between different phones, it may still be faster to use a physical SIM than to transfer the eSIM back and forth.

In fact, Apple has added eSIM to the iPhone XS since 2018, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Fold, and some Verizon phones now also have eSIM capabilities.

Of course, considering the differences in regional operators, it is expected that there will still be a physical dual-card version to choose from. (WSJ & 9to5mac)

Zhang Xiaoquan initiated the "Broken Knife Summoning Order"

Recently, the time-honored Chinese knife and scissors brand "Zhang Xiaoquan" has attracted continuous attention.

Previously, a consumer reported to the dealer that when using Zhang Xiaoquan's kitchen knife products, the blade surface was broken due to smashing garlic, but the customer service replied that the knife "can't smack garlic", which triggered the first wave of public opinion turmoil.

In response to the breakage of the kitchen knife when smashing garlic, Zhang Xiaoquan issued a statement on the evening of July 15 in response, saying that Zhang Xiaoquan's conventional knives can be used for slicing garlic, but knives with higher hardness or special purposes will be used for slicing garlic. Risk of knife breakage.

At the same time, the relevant person in charge of Zhang Xiaoquan also said that during this research and development strategy cycle, Zhang Xiaoquan will consider developing a special knife for garlic shooting.

On July 18, "General Manager Zhang Xiaoquan said that the way Chinese people cut vegetables is wrong" once again caused heated discussions.

In this regard, Zhang Xiaoquan's general manager Xia Qianliang apologized on Weibo that night, and said that the online video did not describe the situation and context at the time, which led to misunderstandings by the audience.

At the same time, Zhang Xiaoquan also immediately launched the "Broken Knife Calling Order" project. If the kitchen knife purchased in China has been broken in the past five years, it can be exchanged for a new one.

It is worth mentioning that when Zhang Xiaoquan was caught in a storm of public opinion, Wang Mazi's kitchen knife tried his best to emphasize that his kitchen knife product "can shoot garlic" in the live broadcast.

According to the investigation of upstream journalists, the customer service of Zwilling and Supor both stated that it is not recommended to use their kitchen knives to shoot garlic. ( Finance & Shenzhen Business Daily & Upstream News & The Paper)

Bilibili will display the IP address of the user account

On July 18, Bilibili officially announced that Bilibili will gradually open the "display account IP territory" function in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Bilibili users are temporarily unable to actively turn on or turn off the IP display status. This feature is expected to be officially launched for all users in a week.

At present, Weibo, Douyin, Zhihu, Kuaishou and other Internet communities have launched the account IP territorial display function.

Wang Fei, a member of the lawyer expert database of "Rules of Law Daily", believes that the user's IP territorial information belongs to the user's personal information. When the platform handles personal information, it should disclose the personal information processing rules and express the purpose, method and scope of processing.

At the same time, some important personal information processors should also perform relevant obligations in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, such as establishing independent agencies to supervise the protection of personal information, and regularly publishing social responsibility reports on personal information protection. (Rule of Law Daily)

Ideal upgrade spring warranty program

On July 17, according to a report by "Central Broadcasting Network", an ideal L9 test drive had a problem with the suspension. The left front wheel of the vehicle was stuck in the body and could not drive normally. It was suspected that the vehicle's air suspension was faulty.

In this regard, the ideal car staff replied that due to insufficient supply, the test car may have used a trial version of the buffer ring, which caused the buffer ring to be damaged after the vehicle hit the road pit at high speed. The actual production version of the buffer ring strength is 2.5 times that of the trial version, can withstand greater impact.

However, according to an interview with "Deep Web", a senior automotive engineer said: "The difference between the official part and the trial production part will not be so big", "The large difference should be excluded from the simulation calculation. will not have".

Yesterday, @Ideal Auto also posted a response on the social platform at noon, and decided to upgrade the air spring warranty plan of the ideal L9 to the same 8 years or 160,000 kilometers as the three-electric system, and the second-hand car transaction will not affect the validity period of the warranty. (Morning News & Deep Web)

Apple plans to slow some team hiring and spending in 2023

On July 19, according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, some Apple departments are preparing to slow down hiring in response to a potential economic downturn.

But at the same time, Apple is also planning to raise its company-wide salary budget for this year and is preparing to launch a large number of products in 2023. Among them, the MR headset will be the company's first major new type of product since 2015.

At the time of its last annual report, Apple had about 154,000 full-time employees worldwide.

Despite a 9% drop in smartphone shipments in the second quarter, the iPhone still captured 17% of the global market, second only to Samsung. (Bloomberg & Sina Technology)

'Small' bet in US cities: wooing home-based workers from big companies

When working from home became an option, employees at many big tech companies decided to "escape Silicon Valley." Cities outside Silicon Valley are trying to attract this group.

Some people will be curious, why should these people who work from home not be looking for jobs in the city where they live?

A recent report in "WSJ" pointed out that this is the same as the competition between cities in the past to attract investment and build factories, but these employees are a lower-cost "bet".

Every time a "big factory employee" is attracted, the city is more likely to become a city where a technology company branch is stationed in the future, or a place to build a factory.

Every time an office moves in, five new jobs are created for each "big factory employee" as they increase demand for healthcare, education and other services.

One of the most successful cities is Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Its "Tulsa Remote" project has attracted 1,360 new residents in 2021, and by 2022 the number is estimated to reach 2,400.

Among competing cities, the highest willingness to offer relocated employees $12,000 in cash, plus gym memberships, childcare and offices.

Still, those employees who moved said the cash allowance was good, but it was the city itself that really got them moving.

Mathew, an IBM product manager who moved to Tulsa in 2020, is now the landlord of four local apartments, the vice president of the neighborhood association, and has started new applications as a startup:

What keeps me here is the opportunities and the people here.

M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro may launch as soon as this year

Reporter Mark Gurman said in the Power On newsletter that Apple will launch MacBook Pros with M2 Pro and M2 Max processors as early as this fall.

The upgraded chip will focus more on graphics and is more suitable for users with video editing, encoding and other needs. The new M2 Pro and M2 Max Macs, meanwhile, will feature 14- and 16-inch screens, but their overall design and features "will likely remain roughly the same."

The M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pros are expected to launch between fall 2022 and spring 2023. (9to5mac)

realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is on sale

The realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition was officially launched at 0:00 on July 19th.

The new phone uses the new Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip, and debuts a new generation of LPDDR5X ultra-low-power memory; built-in 5000mAh battery, supports 100W fast charging; uses a 6.7-inch FHD+ 120Hz ultra-narrow sky screen, supports DC dimming, and optical fingerprint unlocking.

The machine is available in three colors: Hard Case, Wilderness, Iceland, and Cangyan, priced from 3499 yuan. (IT House)

If you want to know more about the realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition, you can click to view the evaluation of Ai Faner.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 official image exposure

According to the renderings released by 91mobiles, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 will continue the design idea of ​​the previous Z Flip3 as a whole, using a small and lightweight vertical folding screen solution.

The difference is that the size of the secondary screen of the new phone may exceed 2 inches, which can display information such as time and notifications. At the same time, a new "Bora Purple" color scheme will be added.

It is reported that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor, with a 6.7-inch FHD+120Hz centered single-hole flexible straight screen on the front

The machine has now obtained 3C certification and will be launched around August this year. (Techweb)

Crocs and King of Glory Launch Collaborative Shoes

Recently, Crocs and "Honor of Kings" have brought a "Born King" cooperation series, including a total of 5 pairs of "collectible models", 3 pairs of "elite models" and 7 models of "Intelligent Stars".

The design of the shoe is inspired by the five heroes of Xiao Qiao, Cai Wenji, Sun Wukong, Luban No. 7 and Mengqi. "Zhibixing" embodies game-related elements such as red and blue buffs, defense towers, wild monsters, and "wait for me right away" to game sound effects such as "Nice job".

The "collectible models" and "elite models" of the series are priced at 699 yuan and 499 yuan respectively, and the "Zhibixing" models are priced at 28 yuan each, and are currently pre-sold at the Crocs Tmall flagship store. (Ideal Living Lab)

LEGO releases Chevrolet Camaro Z28 brick model

Recently, LEGO has brought a new product, will launch the 1969 Chevrolet Chevrolet Camaro Z28 model, numbered #10304.

The Chevrolet Camaro Z28 block consists of 1456 blocks. In addition to restoring the classic appearance and interior design of the car, the model has many playable details for assembly and display, such as the openable hood and trunk, doors, convertible roof, hidden headlights, etc. The V8 under the hood The engine is also beautifully restored.

The LEGO Chevrolet Camaro Z28 brick model will be available at LEGO and select retailers on August 1st for $170. (Hypebeast)

Pet service platform "easy pet technology" received hundreds of millions of yuan in financing

Recently, the one-stop pet service platform "E-Chong Technology" has completed a strategic financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. This financing will be mainly used for "E-Chong Technology" self-developed brand building, supply chain upgrade and offline expansion of front-office business.

"Easy Pet Technology" was founded in 2008 to provide omni-channel management services for pet brands. It has a pet product consumption strict selection platform "E Pet Mall", a pet store empowerment platform "Itpin", an online operation management platform for domestic and foreign brands "Hangzhou Easy Pet", as well as Xiaoqingsha, Pretty Tail, Zero Gray and other popular Self-developed brand matrix.

The pet economy is mainly divided into three categories: services, food and medical care. In the future, Easy Pet Technology will open up medicines and medical services based on the supply of pet food and supplies. (Investment community)


Go to Westworld for a cup of coffee

Westworld is finally coming to its fourth season, with a new plot that sees robotic receptionists stepping out of the theme park to fight for freedom in the real world.

So HBO simply planned a pop-up event in Manhattan, New York, where "robots penetrate the real world" and let "robots" become baristas.

These "robots" are played by real people, but from the delay in answering questions, the stuttering of bug-like actions, to the standard 45-degree smile, these "receptionists" give people a kind of "Although I know you are a real actor, But these details really make me wonder if you're a robot mixed in with the actors."

The engineer receptionist in the play also came to work

By the way, these coffee and snacks are still provided for free, and it is said that scanning the QR code on the coffee cup can also unlock the exclusive content of the fourth season. (Topys)

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