Morning Post|Nvidia 4090 graphics card is out of stock online, with the price rising to 50,000/Musk said Tesla will insist on price cuts/OpenAI open AI drawing artifact


Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card is out of stock online

Musk: Tesla will continue to cut prices

OpenAI opens DALL·E 3 access


5 App Store employees fired for taking bribes

Netflix raises prices again: Premium plan rises to $22.99 per month

The founder’s father and daughter have left the country? Country Garden issued an emergency statement

Nokia plans to cut 14,000 jobs to cut costs

"2023 Artificial Intelligence Status Report" is released: GPT-4 is still the "strongest"

Apple is developing a 12.9-inch iPad Air

OPPO Find N3 released

Tesla Model 3 refreshed version officially goes on sale

The Simpsons x OVO limited capsule collection will be released soon

ROA joins hands with Crocs to launch new joint shoes

On Angpai launches new Cloudflow 4

Hollywood will remake "Hello, Li Huanying"

"Scholars" Renewed for Season 8

"Wading the Angry Sea" is scheduled to be released


NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card is out of stock across the entire network, and the inventory has been almost wiped out, with the highest price rising to 50,000 yuan

According to Jiemian News, NVIDIA RTX 4090 series graphics cards are gradually being removed from e-commerce channels. Currently, domestic NVIDIA flagship stores have removed RTX 4090 graphics cards from shelves.

NVIDIA partners such as Asus and Colorful have also removed non-public graphics cards of this model from their shelves, and their stores have shown that they are out of stock.’s self-operated channels have also completely removed all RTX 4090 graphics cards from the shelves. This has also caused some merchants with RTX 4090 inventory to directly jump in their prices, as much as more than 20,000 yuan, and even as high as nearly 50,000 yuan.

The RTX 4090 will be available at the end of 2022, with an official suggested retail price starting from 12,999 yuan. As a flagship GPU equipped with the Ada Lovelace architecture, this graphics card is more expensive and is mainly aimed at high-end players.

For a long time, due to high pricing and low demand, the supply and demand of graphics cards equipped with RTX 4090 GPUs have been stable and prices have been less volatile.

However, due to its high computing power, this graphics card has certain cost-effectiveness in AI computing, so some organizations choose the RTX 4090 graphics card for AI computing purposes.

The sudden large-scale out-of-stock and price increase of RTX 4090 across the entire network is usually caused by a combination of players’ panic buying and merchants’ stockpiling and reluctance to sell due to changes in the external environment.

Musk: Tesla will continue to cut prices

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on the third-quarter earnings call that the Cybertruck will not generate significant positive cash flow for 12-18 months after starting production.

"I'm concerned about the high interest rate environment we're in," he said. "People who buy cars are focused on how much they're going to pay each month. If interest rates stay high or go higher, it's going to be more difficult for people to buy a car." .

He emphasized that Tesla will still work hard to lower the price of its cars.

Musk pointed out, "The importance of cost cannot be overstated. We must make our products more affordable so that people can afford them."

Tesla Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer Vaibhav Taneja also emphasized that Tesla will continue to "unswervingly" "pursue further cost reductions in 2024" whether it is engineering or factory operations.

OpenAI opens DALL·E 3 access

OpenAI announced Thursday that it will provide ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers with access to run the new DALL·E 3 model in ChatGPT.

OpenAI said it has prepared a security mitigation stack for the model in preparation for the wider release of DALL·E 3.

DALL·E 3 was first released last month, and OpenAI showed how it improves on its predecessor, DALL·E 2.

Users can enter a text description of any length, from a sentence to a paragraph, to describe their desired artwork, and DALL·E 3 will generate the image in seconds.

In addition, OpenAI announced earlier this week that the ChatGPT networking function is officially online. All Plus and enterprise subscribers can officially use Bing to browse without switching the beta switch in the settings.

big company

5 App Store employees fired for taking bribes

According to The Information, Apple has fired at least five Chinese App Store employees following an internal investigation into business misconduct.

The investigation found violations by the employees, such as having unapproved contact with mobile game developers or their representatives.

The investigation ended in the middle of this year and involved multiple employees of the China App Store business. This business generates billions of dollars in profits for Apple every year, especially from mobile games.

The employees under investigation worked across multiple departments, helping developers get their apps approved for the App Store, providing advice on increasing app revenue, and deciding which apps should be featured on the App Store homepage.

In addition to the business misconduct investigation, Apple fired an App Store employee last year after he allegedly sexually assaulted a MiHoYo employee, people familiar with the matter said.

Netflix raises prices again: Premium plan rises to $22.99 per month

Netflix's third-quarter financial report showed that it added 8.76 million paid subscribers in the quarter, far exceeding analysts' forecast of 6.2 million, and the number of global users reached 247 million.

Netflix announced that starting from October 18, the price of the basic package in the United States will increase from US$9.99 to US$11.99; the price of the premium package will increase from US$19.99 to US$22.99.

Netflix's $6.99 ad-supported plan and $15.49 standard plan will remain unchanged.

Netflix last raised prices in January 2022 and stopped offering its basic $9.99 ad-free package to new and existing users in July, forcing them to pay more to avoid ads.

Additionally, subscription prices are rising in the UK and France. In the UK, the basic and premium packages cost £7.99 and £17.99 respectively, while in France the price rises to €10.99 for the basic package and €19.99 for the premium package.

Netflix wrote in a letter to shareholders that "our starting price is very competitive with other streaming services, such as $6.99 per month in the United States, which is well below the rated price of a single movie ticket."

The founder’s father and daughter have left the country? Country Garden issued an emergency statement

Yesterday, Country Garden issued a statement saying: The company is concerned about rumors that "the founder's father and daughter may have left the country." This rumor was posted on multiple online platforms with ulterior motives, causing a negative impact.

Country Garden said that its founder and chairman of the group's board of directors are currently working normally in China.

On the evening of October 18, Country Garden's official Weibo tweeted "Cao Jianglin, Chairman of China Agricultural Development Group, and his delegation visited Country Garden Group for inspection and exchange."

The article shows that on October 17, Cao Jianglin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited Country Garden headquarters for inspection and exchange, and communicated with Yang Guoqiang, founder of Country Garden Holdings Group.

Nokia plans to cut 14,000 jobs to cut costs

According to Reuters, Nokia said it would cut 14,000 jobs to reduce costs.

Nokia has adjusted its operating strategy and aims to reduce its total cost base by 800 million to 1.2 billion euros by the end of 2026 compared with 2023, which means that personnel expenses will be reduced by 10%-15%.

Nokia currently has 86,000 employees, and the plan is expected to bring the number of employees down to 72,000-77,000.

The third quarter report released by Nokia yesterday showed that third quarter net sales were 4.98 billion euros, with an estimate of 5.7 billion euros; third quarter adjusted operating profit was 424 million euros, with an estimate of 556.4 million euros.

"2023 Artificial Intelligence Status Report" is released: GPT-4 is still the "strongest"

Recently, the analysis company released the "2023 Artificial Intelligence Status Report", which is divided into 5 parts: research, industry, policy, security, and prediction.

The report pointed out that GPT-4 is still the most powerful language model. It demonstrates the capability gap between proprietary models and open source models, while validating the proprietary architecture and model capabilities for reinforcement learning based on human feedback.

There are increasing efforts to try to match the performance of proprietary models with smaller models, better datasets, and longer contexts. These efforts may become even more urgent given that human-generated data may only last a few years as AI expands.

Large language models and diffusion models continue to drive real-world breakthroughs, particularly in the life sciences, with meaningful progress in molecular biology and drug discovery.

In addition, the report also mentioned that computing power has become the new "oil". Nvidia has successfully joined the trillion-dollar club with its AI focus. Its GPU products are sought after by many countries, start-ups, large technology companies and researchers.

 Full report:

New product

Apple is developing a 12.9-inch iPad Air

According to DigiTimes, Apple is developing an iPad Air with a 12.9-inch screen, which will be the largest iPad Air model to date.

DigiTimes said that unlike the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the new iPad Air will not be equipped with a mini-LED screen and will still use the same LCD technology as the current 10.9-inch iPad Air.

According to 9to5Mac, if Apple divides the iPad Air series based on screen size, it will match the iPad Pro strategy and provide users with larger-screen iPad options without having to pay a higher price for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

With the launch of M3 and OLED versions next year, the price of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is also likely to become more expensive.

OPPO Find N3 released

OPPO Find N3, a new foldable screen phone, is officially released, claiming to "open a new era of mobile imaging". The price of the new phone starts at 9,999 yuan.

In terms of appearance, OPPO Find N3 has tough body lines and a classic circular lens module design. The unfolded thickness of the body is only 5.8mm and the folded thickness is 11.7mm. It is available in three colors: Qianshan Green, Log Gold and Submariner Black.

In terms of hinges, it uses aviation-grade high-strength steel and integrated zirconium alloy liquid metal. In tests at the TÜV Rheinland laboratory in Germany, Find N3 led the folding phone to exceed one million folds for the first time.

In terms of performance, OPPO Find N3 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile processing platform, supplemented by LPDDR5X memory, UFS 4.0 flash memory, and supports dual-axis graphite heat dissipation.

In terms of imaging, Find N3’s ultra-light and shadow folding pixel triple cameras have the strongest imaging performance among folding screens.

Among them, the wide-angle uses folded pixel sensor technology, which achieves a leap in pixel photon capacity through a larger-capacity double-layer transistor structure.

This means that OPPO has achieved image quality comparable to one-inch on a 1/1.43-inch sensor.

The periscope telephoto lens has the same sensor size as the ultra-wide-angle lens, which is 1/2 inch. One difference is that the ultra-wide angle is 48 million pixels and the telephoto is 64 million pixels.

OPPO Find N3 also brings the "File Opening" function, which supports more than 40 file types. Professional files such as Keynote, Numbers, CAD, etc. can be opened directly to achieve a breakthrough in the file ecology.

In addition, the "Portable Workbench" allows you to access documents and other data on your mobile phone on your Mac through cloud services.

Tesla Model 3 refreshed version officially goes on sale

According to Tesla official news, the refreshed version of Tesla Model 3 officially went on sale yesterday.

Among them, the rear-wheel drive refreshed version starts at 259,900 yuan, and the long-range all-wheel drive refreshed version starts at 295,900 yuan. The current delivery cycle is 6-9 weeks.

It is understood that Tesla will start the first batch of vehicle deliveries at the end of October, and test drives will arrive at stores by the end of the month.

According to information on Tesla's official website, the rear-wheel drive model can provide a CLTC range of 606 kilometers, a top speed of 200km/h, and an acceleration time of 6.1 seconds from 100 kilometers per hour.

As for the long-range model, its top speed is also 200km/h, but the acceleration time from 0 to 100 kilometers is shortened to 4.4 seconds, and the CLTC cruising range reaches 713 kilometers.

In terms of optional configurations, the new car provides free pure black paint, pearl white and deep sea blue paint for 8,000 yuan, and starry sky gray and flame red paint for 12,000 yuan.

The refreshed version of Model 3 has a new seat ventilation function, and the shifting mode has been changed to the same touch shifting mode as the Model S.

new consumption

The Simpsons x OVO limited capsule collection will be released soon

Drake's October's Very Own (OVO) has collaborated with the popular TV series "The Simpsons" to launch a limited edition clothing capsule series, which will be available in the brand's stores and official website this Friday.

The collection includes hoodies, T-shirts and hoodies, available in black and khaki color options.

One of the T-shirts also features the image of the superhero Batman, the alter ego of the character Bart in the play. Bart appears in a dramatic style wearing a mask, with Batman's iconic cape flying behind his back.

ROA joins hands with Crocs to launch new joint shoes

Both pairs of shoes are designed in ROA's ultra-modern language, fully reflecting the tranquil atmosphere of vacation.

The olive "All-Terrain Atlas Clog" is made of Crocs MTN outsole molding, with a terrain texture that supports the sole, and an adjustable nylon strap is added to the heel to secure the foot.

"Mellow Clog" adopts Slip-On design. The shoe color is mainly black, supplemented by "Slate Green" color pattern embellishment, and ROA Hiking's brand logo is displayed on the toe.

The ROA Hiking x Crocs joint shoes will be officially released on October 20, local time.

On Angpai launches new Cloudflow 4

On launches its new shoe model Cloudflow 4, bringing runners a refreshing and pleasurable experience.

This lightweight Cloudflow 4 not only helps runners move forward with high energy feedback and strong cushioning, but also brings quick response through the forward-rolling scoop-shaped Speedboard® speed board to achieve easier speed breakthroughs.​


Hollywood will remake "Hello, Li Huanying"

According to "Variety", Sony Pictures has won the remake rights and announced that it will make an English version of the 2021 domestic comedy "Hello, Li Huanying", and Jia Ling will serve as the executive producer.

Jia Ling said: "I'm looking forward to this collaboration, and I'm glad that the story of my mother and I can be shared with more people. I believe that everyone's story with their mother is unique, but the love contained in these stories is universal. , we will all resonate."

"Scholars" Renewed for Season 8

Netflix announced that "The Great School" has been renewed for an eighth and final season, and the high school is full of people heading towards the finale.

The final season has not yet been released, but the seventh season will be launched this Friday.

"Wading the Angry Sea" is scheduled to be released

The crime suspense film "Crossing the Angry Sea" directed by Cao Baoping and starring Huang Bo and Zhou Xun will be officially announced on November 25.

Nana (played by Zhou Yiran), a teenage girl, died mysteriously after being stabbed seventeen times. The deceased's father, Lao Jin (played by Huang Bo), followed clues and found the mother of her daughter's former boyfriend Li Miaomiao (played by Zhang Youhao), Jing Lan (played by Zhou Xun), who asked for the murderer. .

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