Morning Post|It is reported that Xiaomi Motors aims to install 300 vehicles in December/Mayday denies lip-synching/The first trailer of “GTA 6” is released in advance


Sources say Xiaomi Motors aims to load 300 vehicles in December

Zuckerberg sells more than 560,000 Meta shares

Aifaner won the "Industry Promotion Award" of the Crystal Qilin Award

Guangqi Honda announces 900 layoffs

NIO has obtained independent car manufacturing qualifications

Some soft articles on the WeChat public account were prompted by pop-ups

Meituan Live’s single-month GMV exceeded 2 billion, and commercialization may be on the agenda

Meta's chief AI scientist: Super artificial intelligence won't come soon

Huawei's innovative product launch conference was held in Dubai on December 12

Sources say ByteDance will launch an AI open platform to create its own chatbots

Making dream work possible, Prophetic launches “Halo” headset that can induce lucid dreams

Mayday’s agency said there was no lip-synching behavior

"GTA 6" first trailer released ahead of schedule

nobis x Jay Chou x PSG joint series pre-sale starts

Timothée Chalamet designs ultra-limited Nike Dunk Low for the movie "Wonka"

Luc Besson's new film "Dog God" is scheduled to be released in Mainland China


Marvel Studios president says he won't resurrect Iron Man

"Godzilla vs. Kong 2" releases first trailer


Sources say Xiaomi Motors aims to load 300 vehicles in December

According to AutoPix, Xiaomi’s first car entered the fifth stage of production line verification (PT5) at the Yizhuang factory last week. The factory needs to complete the goal of loading 300 vehicles this month, which is more than in November. times.

According to reports, this does not mean that the new car will be mass-produced this month, but that in order to supply the needs of terminal exhibition cars, the mass production node will not be earlier than the first quarter of next year.

An engineer close to Xiaomi revealed that the current new car is still in the production line debugging and verification stage, so output is not the core goal of this stage. The important thing is to close the problems encountered.

The report revealed the details of some problems in mass production. Some problems are at the machine end, but more problems are in the manufacturing process. It is often found that the final assembly line is stopped and parts are not delivered in time.

It is reported that Xiaomi has currently planned three cars, which will be released in the next three years, namely two pure electric products and one hybrid product.

Zuckerberg sold more than 560,000 Meta shares, cashing out nearly $200 million

According to Zuckerberg's filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), he sold Meta Platforms stock almost every day in November. As of November 29, he had sold a total of more than 560,000 shares.

According to its Form 144 submitted to the SEC on November 30, Zuckerberg plans to sell another batch of Meta Platforms shares totaling 28,009 shares.

Based on the weighted average price of the shares sold and the day's closing price of $327.15, the total value of Zuckerberg's shares sold was $192.90 million.

Meta shares rose 8.6% in November, marking a third consecutive month of gains. On November 22, the closing price was as high as $341.49, the highest closing price since December 30, 2021, and then fell back.

According to recent filings, Zuckerberg still holds approximately more than 365 million shares. As of November 30, Zuckerberg ranked ninth among the world's richest people, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Aifaner won the "Industry Promotion Award" of the Crystal Qilin Award, leading the integration of technology and life art

Last night, the [Furnishing China Crystal Qilin Award] awards ceremony held in Beijing with the academic support of the Display Art Professional Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association.

Aifaner won the important honor in the field of interior furnishings in China – the "Industry Promotion Award" of the China Crystal Qilin Award for Furnishings. The awards were presented by the famous architectural critic Professor Zhou Rong, the famous artist Liu Xiaodong and others.

Since its establishment in 2010, the Crystal Qilin Award has become an authoritative award in the field of furnishing art in China. In this year's selection, Aifaner won high recognition from the industry for its pioneering "digital trendy brand" positioning, professional technology media platform, silicon-carbon-based experimental field and its innovative contribution to future communities and products.

The award speech mentioned: "Aifan'er is more than just a media brand. It showcases future community leaders and tomorrow's pioneer products through the combination of digital content display and technological innovation space. This innovation combines high-brand media and IP The brand matrix brings innovative vitality of extraordinary value to the design industry."

As an important award in China's furnishing art category, winning the Jingqilin Award marks Aifaner's leading position in the industry and its profound insight into the art of future life. Ai Faner said that it will continue to move forward on the road of silicon-carbon based products and bring more innovation and inspiration to the design industry.

big company

Guangqi Honda announces 900 layoffs

Honda Motor Co. said recently that it will lay off about 900 contract workers at its Chinese joint venture, Guangqi Honda Co., due to its rapid shift to the electric vehicle market.

A Honda spokesman said the layoffs amounted to 7% of the joint venture's approximately 13,000 employees.

Honda noted that production was being reduced and dispatch contracts were being terminated as a result, but the company did not disclose which models had production cut. According to regulations, Guangqi Honda will compensate contract employees who leave early.

Honda said this layoff plan is the first time Honda has implemented layoffs in its 25-year joint venture with China's Guangzhou Automobile Company in 1998.

Honda sold 3.2 million vehicles globally from January to October, thanks to strong demand in the United States. In the Chinese market, which accounts for 30% of total sales, sales fell by nearly one-fifth year-on-year.

NIO has obtained independent car manufacturing qualifications

According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, NIO appears in the "Vehicle Manufacturer Credit Information Management System". This information indicates that NIO has obtained independent vehicle manufacturing qualifications.

The information shows that the production address of NIO Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. is No. 299 Baita Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province, and the legal representative is Qin Lihong.

According to China Business News, at the end of October, JAC Motors announced that the company planned to transfer some of its assets through public listing.

Involving the inventory, fixed assets, projects under construction, buildings and land use rights of the Passenger Car Company's third factory, as well as the structures and equipment assets of the Passenger Car Company's Xinqiao factory, the proposed listing price is 4.498 billion yuan, with a value added of 286 million yuan. , the value-added rate is 6.79%.

It is reported that JAC Motors will transfer two factories that cooperate with NIO – JAC NIO Advanced Manufacturing Base and NIO Second Advanced Manufacturing Base, namely NIO F1 Factory and NIO F2 Factory.

According to JAC's official website, JAC's third passenger car factory was completed in early 2013 with a total investment of 2.18 billion yuan and an annual production capacity of 240,000 units in double shifts. The first model to roll off the production line is the JAC Refeng S5.

WeChat official account strengthens marketing content management, and some “soft articles” are prompted by pop-ups

According to Jiemian News, in recent days, among many public account tweets containing promotional information, relevant pop-up prompts have begun to appear on WeChat, indicating that "the current content may contain unaudited third-party commercial marketing information." After confirmation, the user can choose to continue accessing or exit the article.

But not all tweets with marketing content have relevant pop-up prompts. An insider close to WeChat said: "Whether it is marketing content is judged based on the specific content expression. Any violation determination will be manually reviewed, and a complaint mechanism is also provided."

In April this year, the WeChat Public Platform Operations Center issued the "Notice on Compliance Standards for WeChat Public Account Marketing Content," requiring public account operators to strictly review published content to meet compliance requirements.

If goods or services are promoted through various forms and purchase methods such as shopping links are attached, the word "advertisement" should be clearly marked.

A month later, WeChat announced again that public account operators and third-party commercial cooperation to promote goods or services, such as additional shopping links and other purchase methods, need to use Tencent official advertising after June 30, 2023. Publish on the platform, that is, the "mutual selection advertising" model.

If it is not released through Tencent's official advertising platform, the platform will restrict relevant content and accounts in accordance with operational specifications and other rules.

Meituan Live’s single-month GMV exceeded 2 billion, and commercialization may be on the agenda

According to 36 Krypton, in July when the first-level live streaming entrance was first launched, Meituan Live’s single-month GMV was about 500-600 million, with a month-on-month growth rate of 20%. However, it quickly rose to 1-1.2 billion in August, and appeared one after another. Breaking 100 million live broadcast room. By October, GMV exceeded 2 billion yuan in a single month.

However, people familiar with the matter revealed that Meituan has not set an annual GMV target for the live broadcast business. The current focus is still on improving the basic live broadcast capabilities, expanding merchant participation, and exploring live broadcast formats suitable for local merchants.

"From July to October, the number of new live broadcast merchants added almost every month was in the tens of thousands," a Meituan live broadcast service provider said. "By October, the store penetration rate of live broadcast (live broadcast ordering, going to the store to verify quantity) is about 3-5%."

If we estimate based on Meituan’s active merchant count of 9.3 million at the end of last year, the number of merchants participating in Meituan’s live broadcast is now at least 300,000.

However, at present, Meituan Live is still giving more traffic to the official live broadcast room. Click on the entrance of "Meituan Live", and the core banner position is still mainly the official live broadcast. Insiders also revealed that more than 70% of the GMV of Meituan Live is still contributed by the official live broadcast room, but the proportion has shown a downward trend.

In addition, as the scale of merchants and GMV gradually expands, Meituan Live will launch a paid streaming function in the near future, and commercialization will also become one of the important goals next year.

 Meta's chief AI scientist: Super artificial intelligence won't come soon

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, recently held a media event in San Francisco to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its basic artificial intelligence research team.

Meta chief AI scientist and deep learning pioneer Yann LeCun said at the event that he believes that if humans want to train an artificial intelligence that not only has the ability to summarize text, but also has human-like perception and common sense in a certain sense, Intelligent systems will take decades.

His view is in sharp contrast to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's statement last week that "AI will catch up with humans within five years."

Yang Likun believes that before the emergence of artificial intelligence with human intelligence level, society is more likely to have "cat-level" or "dog-level" artificial intelligence. The tech industry's current focus on language models and text data is insufficient to create the advanced human-like artificial intelligence systems that researchers have been dreaming of for decades.

"Texts are a very poor source of information," he said. Yang Likun explained that it may take humans 20,000 years to read the large amount of text used to train modern language models.

"And even if you train a system with 20,000 years' worth of reading material, they still don't understand: If A is the same as B, then B is the same as A. There are a lot of very basic things in the world that big models just can't get past. This kind of training understands”.

New product

Huawei's innovative product launch conference was held in Dubai on December 12

According to Huawei Mobile's official Weibo, Huawei's innovative product launch conference will be held in Dubai on December 12, with the slogan "Inspiration gathering, beautiful creation".

The official has not yet announced which products will be launched at this conference. Judging from the poster, new MatePad tablets and open headphones may be launched. In addition, products that have been previously released domestically may also be launched for overseas markets. .

Sources say ByteDance will launch an AI open platform to create its own chatbots

According to the South China Morning Post, ByteDance is developing an open platform that will allow users to create their own chatbots.

ByteDance’s internal memo shows that the project, called “Robot Development Platform,” plans to launch a public beta version at the end of this month.

This new trend is in line with the company's new strategic vision, which is to "explore new generative AI products and how to integrate them with existing products."

ByteDance is already developing its own text-to-image generator, similar to Midjourney, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Making dream work possible, Prophetic launches “Halo” headset that can induce lucid dreams

According to Fortune magazine, Prophetic, a startup founded earlier this year, has developed a head-mounted device called “Halo.”

Prophetic says the device can induce a lucid dream state, allowing people to realize they are sleeping during their dreams, allowing them to take control of their dreams and use this time effectively.

For example, CEOs can practice for upcoming board meetings, athletes can rehearse games, engineers can write code in their sleep…

The development of this product is based on the research results of the Donders Institute, a Dutch brain research center. Based on the institute's research, Prophetic will determine which specific areas of the brain need to be targeted and at what frequency ultrasound to induce lucid dreams.

The company expects to have data in spring 2024 and release the device in spring 2025.

new consumption

Mayday’s agency said there was no lip-synching behavior

Recently, Mayday Shanghai and other concerts were questioned for lip-synching, which attracted great attention. On December 4, Mayday’s management company Bin-music issued a statement stating that “there is no lip-synching behavior.”

"Our company is actively cooperating with the relevant law enforcement departments to carry out investigations. Our company believes that the relevant departments will give us a fair result to set the record straight."

According to previous reports, Xinhua News Agency reporters learned from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism Law Enforcement Corps that they have paid attention to the public opinion that "the Mayday concert was questioned about lip-syncing."

In November this year, Shanghai Yunhua Cultural Development Co., Ltd. held 8 Mayday "I Really Want to See You" concerts at the Shanghai Stadium. According to the large-scale commercial performance management mechanism, during the performance, each performance will be monitored on-site by cultural law enforcement personnel at the municipal and district levels.

The Law Enforcement Corps of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism attaches great importance to the public opinion of suspected "lip-syncing" and has required the organizer to cooperate with the investigation in accordance with the "Commercial Performance Management Regulations". After the relevant situation is verified in accordance with the law, it will promptly respond to the concerns of netizens.

In addition, according to CCTV News, the original video and audio of the "Mayday" Shanghai concert have been submitted to the local cultural market inspection department. The relevant departments will conduct a scientific evaluation and analysis of the provided audio and video content and publish the investigation results.

"GTA 6" first trailer released ahead of schedule, to be released in 2025

It is reported that Rockstar released the full trailer of "GTA VI" on its official YouTube channel in advance.

The trailer confirms much of the information about GTA VI that has been leaked over the past two years, including that the game will be set in Vice City, and that the game will feature the series' first female protagonist, with characters inspired by Bonnie and Clay. German inspired story elements.

The trailer also mentioned that the game will be released in 2025, but did not specify the release platform.

nobis x Jay Chou x PSG joint series pre-sale starts

Nobis, a high-end outdoor brand from Canada, teamed up with Jay Chou and Paris Saint-Germain Football Club to create a tripartite joint "ACE of STADE" limited edition collection gift box.

The joint model runs through the concept of climate-responsive dressing system advocated by nobis. It is presented by the combination of ACE multi-functional urban shell and STADE high-performance laminated jacket. Magic and ingenious techniques are injected into the design to allow you to explore infinite possibilities.

The "ACE of STADE" joint series is limited to 800 sets worldwide. The limited sale of 500 sets in China includes hidden items, and lucky buyers will have the opportunity to get tickets to Jay Chou's 2024 "Carnival" World Tour Concert in Paris.

The joint series will be officially launched on nobis official mini program flagship store and products on December 9th, and will be officially launched in offline stores on December 10th.

Timothée Chalamet designs ultra-limited Nike Dunk Low for the movie "Wonka"

In order to commemorate the upcoming release of "Wonka", the prequel to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", Warner Bros. and Nike worked together to create a pair of never-before-seen Dunk Lows and gave them away as gifts in the form of a global limited edition of five pairs.

This pair of Nike Dunk Low "Wonka" is inspired by the movie protagonist "Wonka" himself and designed by his actor Timothée Chalamet.

According to him, he referred to some design elements of "What The Dunk" and Sacai x Nike, and its distressed details are a tribute to the costume of the movie character "Wonka".

Light blue, burgundy and purple stripes can be seen, as well as a symbolic burgundy hue. In addition, the tongue label has also been replaced with special leather, with the word "W" printed on the top; and the three-dimensional thunder cloud on the heel is taken from the most iconic chocolate in the movie.


Luc Besson's new film "Dog God" is scheduled to be released in Mainland China

The drama thriller "Dog God" directed by Luc Besson and starring Cannes best actor Caribe Landry Jones is scheduled to be released in mainland China on December 15.

The movie tells the story of Douglas, the protagonist, who finds himself through the love of dogs after being devastated by fate. He teamed up with hundreds of well-trained dogs with special skills to stage an "extreme counterattack".

Marvel Studios president says he won't resurrect Iron Man

Recently, there are rumors that Marvel is considering "resurrecting" two popular characters, Iron Man and Black Widow, and letting them return to the new Avengers movie to save the MCU's decline in recent years.

In the latest news, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that Iron Man played by Downey will not be resurrected.

In a new Vanity Fair profile of Robert Downey Jr., Feige said: "We're going to keep that moment [Iron Man's final moment of sacrifice in Avengers 4] and not touch it again. It took all of us many years of hard work to get to this point, and we have absolutely no intention of magically undoing it in any way.”

"Godzilla vs. Kong 2" releases first trailer

"Godzilla vs. Kong 2" releases first trailer. The film is titled "Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire" (Godzilla The "war".

The two monsters have joined forces to fight together… The underground kingdom continues to reveal its secrets, and many new monsters appear.

Dan Stevens, Fala Chen, and Rachel House are newly cast, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, and Kelly Hottle return, and first director Adam Wingard continues to direct. , released in North America on April 12, 2024.

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