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Apple CEO Cook visits Chengdu

Huawei officially announced that Nicholas Tse’s action short film "Mission" will be released today

Report shows: Huawei's overall sales exceed Apple, iPhone 15 sales in China are far lower than the previous generation


Xiaomi Wanghua denies naming new system MiOS/CNMIOS/Mina

Tencent launches anti-bird collision transformation

Porsche sales in China fell 12% in first three quarters

OpenAI quietly changes its core values ​​and will strive to build general artificial intelligence

Apple is reportedly about to release the 11th generation iPad

Apple's low-cost version of Vision Pro is priced at US$1,500-2,500

2023 vivo Developer Conference will be held on November 1

New spy photos of the interior of Huawei Smart Car’s first pure electric coupe Zhijie S7 exposed


M Stand launches "Sesame Latte"

Taobao responds that some users can use WeChat payment

Oriental Selection will launch a paid membership system, 199 yuan/year

"Taylor Swift" concert movie first week box office released

Singer Shinji Tanimura passes away

"Laifu Hotel" officially wrapped


Apple CEO Cook visits Chengdu

Last night, Apple CEO Cook announced his visit to Chengdu on Weibo and attached a photo of the Anshun Covered Bridge taken with an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Cook also watched an "Honor of Kings" exhibition match at the Apple flagship store in Taikoo Li. He posted: "The exciting "Honor of Kings" was born in Chengdu and is now popular all over the world on the App Store. Thank you Tianmei Studio and everyone High-end players participating in the competition at Apple Taikoo Li Chengdu. It’s very exciting tonight.”

In an interview with a reporter from China Daily, Cook said: "I have very high expectations for Chinese developers to develop on Vision Pro."

"We already have a group of developers working on Vision Pro in Shanghai. We have seen some applications and they will be very popular. We are very excited about it."

Cook said Chinese developers will repeat their global success story in the AR era, just as they did with Apple's iOS App Store platform.

Huawei officially announced that Nicholas Tse’s action short film "Mission" will be released today

Huawei Mobile's official Weibo released a warm-up poster, announcing that Huawei Mate X5 will join forces with Nicholas Tse to launch the action short film "Mission".

At the same time, Nicholas Tse also posted a teaser on Weibo: "A new drama to testify to one's strength. Breaking boundaries will reveal your limits. On October 17th, the high-octane action drama "Mission" will be released in theaters."

In the poster, Nicholas Tse appears holding a Huawei Mate X5, and the text below is "hardcore enough, trendy enough, and witty enough."

The small print below the poster also reads: "The restaurant is surrounded by dangers. Can the Xuanwu tempered Kunlun glass withstand the sudden impact? Can the underground breakout and telecom communication win a chance of survival? High-profile debut, eye-catching phantom purple, how? How can I leave the field in a low-key manner? At the critical juncture, Feng Chi flashes shots and operates from a distance, and uses combination skills."

Judging from the description of the poster, this micro-movie will highlight some of the selling points of Huawei Mate X5, such as Xuanwu tempered Kunlun glass, Lingxi communication, air-to-air operation, etc.

big company

Report shows: Huawei’s overall sales exceed Apple, iPhone 15 sales in China are lower than previous generations

According to Bloomberg, sales of Apple's new iPhone 15 in China are lower than those of its predecessor, reflecting continued weakness in consumer demand and the rise of competitors such as Huawei.

According to report data from market tracker Counterpoint Research, iPhone 15 sales fell by 4.5% compared with iPhone 14 in the first 17 days after its release.

Jefferies analyst Edison Lee and others said that due to the unexpected debut of Huawei Mate60 Pro, Huawei's overall sales have surpassed Apple's.

Jefferies wrote in a report on Monday that Huawei has now seized the top spot in the market from Apple and predicted that this trend will continue into 2024.

Xiaomi Wanghua denies naming new system MiOS/CNMIOS/Mina

Yesterday, Xiaomi Group CEO Lei Jun posted on Weibo that "Don't worry, everyone, this product is very, very strong," which sparked heated discussions among netizens.

Xiaomi's upcoming digital series flagship mobile phone Xiaomi 14 has frequently been on hot searches. It has also been exposed as Xiaomi's self-developed operating system, Xiaomi cars, etc., but it is still uncertain whether the two will be introduced at the same time. All information is based on Xiaomi's official release. shall prevail.

In addition, multiple sources have recently revealed that MIUI 14 will be the last official major version of Xiaomi MIUI. The subsequent self-developed OS has been speculated by netizens to be MiOS, and some people even posted pictures called CNMIOS, which has attracted a lot of attention.

Yesterday afternoon, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, responded, saying that MIOS, MiOS, and CNMIOS are all wrong, and these names are at risk of legal action.

Regarding the Mina system naming discovered by netizens, Wang Hua said that it was the system naming of TV sticks that Xiaomi once sold overseas, and also denied this naming method.

Tencent launches anti-bird collision transformation and uploads anti-bird collision design sharing toolkit

On World Migratory Bird Day in 2023, Tencent carried out a large-scale transformation of the bird-friendly architectural design on the outer glass curtain wall of the Binhai Building in Shenzhen headquarters, and pasted a two-story anti-bird collision dot sticker.

At the same time, the Tencent Charitable Foundation will continue to respond to the National Bird Collision Prevention Action Network initiative and will organize employee volunteers and property personnel to conduct bird strike surveys in many self-built buildings across the country. Subsequent survey data will be contributed to the National Bird Collision Prevention Action Network. Network Annual Report.

Tencent has also uploaded a bird collision prevention design sharing toolkit, which is free and open to other companies and institutions for use.

Porsche sales in China fell 12% in first three quarters

Recently, Porsche announced global sales data for the first three quarters of 2023. In the first three quarters, Porsche delivered a total of 242,700 new cars globally, an increase of 10% year-on-year.

While other major markets around the world have achieved sales growth, China has become the only market where Porsche sales have declined.

Porsche's sales in North America increased by 14% to 64,500 vehicles, while sales in the Chinese market fell by 12% year-on-year to 60,700 vehicles, which also means that North America has replaced China as Porsche's largest single market.

Porsche entered the Chinese market in 2001. After more than ten years of development, China became the largest single market for Porsche in the world in 2015 and remained so until the first half of this year.

If Porsche's sales in the Chinese market cannot buck the trend in the next fourth quarter, it is likely to continue to be surpassed by North America, and Porsche's largest single market in the world may change hands in 2023.

OpenAI quietly changes its core values ​​and will strive to build general artificial intelligence

According to Semafor, OpenAI has quietly changed its list of "core values" in recent weeks to include artificial general intelligence (AGI), which was not explicitly listed before.

According to a screenshot from the Internet Archive on September 25, OpenAI's recruitment page previously listed six core values ​​for employees, which are bold, thoughtful, unpretentious, impact-driven, collaborative and growth-oriented.

The same page now lists five values, with "AGI focus" ranking first. "Anything that doesn't help this is beyond the scope," the website writes.

The others are fierce and hard-working, scaling, creating something people love, and teamwork.

OpenAI has said it wants to develop AGI for years, although the specifics of such technology have been unclear.

In February of this year, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman wrote in a company blog post that AGI can be broadly defined as "systems that are often smarter than humans."

In an interview with New York Magazine last month, he downgraded AGI to "a mid-level human being that you could hire as a co-worker."

New product

Apple is reportedly about to release the 11th generation iPad

According to Majin Bu, Apple will launch the 11th generation iPad on Tuesday local time. He said the new iPad will have the same design as the 10th generation, and accessories "will be perfectly compatible."

Last week, he said that Apple would launch a third-generation Apple Pencil with an interchangeable magnetic tip.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said on Sunday that although new iPads are in development, new models are not expected to be launched this month.

9to5Mac and Supercharged News report that Apple plans to launch new iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad models on Tuesday.

According to reports, the new iPad Air will be upgraded to an M2 chip; the iPad mini 7 is expected to be equipped with an A16 bionic chip and improve the "jelly screen" problem.

Separately, Japanese website Mac Otakara reported that Apple has no plans to launch a new iPad, but will launch a new Apple Pencil 3.

We'll find out tomorrow whether Apple will launch a new iPad, Apple Pencil, or some combination of the two.

Apple's low-cost version of Vision Pro is priced at US$1,500-2,500

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said that before releasing the Vision Pro head display in June this year, Apple had focused on developing a cheaper head display product. After all, the Vision Pro's price is as high as $3,499, making it difficult to become a mainstream product.

The price range discussed internally by Apple is $1,500-$2,500. According to previous reports, Apple plans to reduce costs by using lower-resolution displays and iPhone processors instead of Mac chips.

Gurman said Apple may also eliminate the EyeSight feature, an external display that shows the user's eyes, and reduce the number of external cameras and sensors.

In addition to developing cheaper models, Apple is also developing a mature second-generation Vision Pro product. The new generation of headsets will have all the features, but be smaller, lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Apple also considers that the next generation of headsets can be customized according to the user's vision and have prescription lenses pre-installed at the factory to simplify the design.

2023 vivo Developer Conference will be held on November 1

Vivo announced that it will hold the "Together, Together" 2023 Developer Conference at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on November 1.

This conference will release vivo’s self-developed AI large model, self-developed operating system, and OriginOS 4.

According to reports, vivo will release a matrix of self-developed AI large models, including 5 self-developed large models with three different parameter levels: billion, tens of billions, and hundreds of billions, fully covering core application scenarios.

The latest data shows that vivo's self-developed AI large model ranks first in the global Chinese rankings of C-Eval and CMMLU, and its performance in humanities, social sciences and other fields far exceeds that of large models of the same level.

According to the relevant person in charge, vivo's self-developed AI large model will be used for the first time in the upcoming OriginOS 4 system, bringing consumers a more intelligent, convenient and secure mobile phone experience.

New spy photos of the interior of Huawei Smart Car’s first pure electric coupe Zhijie S7 exposed

Recently, spy photos of the interior of the Zhijie S7, a pure electric sedan jointly built by Huawei and Chery, leaked.

Spy photos show that the car has a hidden opening on the center console in front of the co-pilot, which is suspected to be equipped with a reversible light field screen.

In April this year, Huawei released a light field screen solution. The size of the light field screen in front of the passenger seat can reach 40 inches, with a screen ratio of 21:9.

In addition, according to @电竞士, there is news that the Zhijie S7 models have been rolled off the assembly line in batches, and a factory offline car map is attached.

According to previous news, Zhijie S7 is positioned as a pure electric mid-to-large coupe and will be the first to be equipped with the newly released HarmonyOS 4 Hongmeng system. The new car is scheduled to be ordered in mid-October, the show car will enter the store on October 20, and it will be launched in late November.

new consumption

M Stand launches "Sesame Latte"

Yesterday, M Stand’s official Weibo announced the launch of “Sesame Latte”.

"The unique delicate and mellow aroma of sesame, combined with the full and rich aroma of peanuts, is fully stimulated by the nutty Italian concentrate."

M Stand stated that "Chang" brand members will receive an M Stand glasses bag when they purchase the sesame sauce double cup set.

Taobao responds that some users can use WeChat payment

Recently, some netizens posted that the option of “Scan QR code to pay with WeChat” appeared on Taobao’s payment page.

According to Dumiao Finance, Taobao's official customer service staff said: "The WeChat scan code payment function is still being gradually opened. It is currently only open to some users, and only some products support this payment method. The specific whether it can be used is shown on the page. allow".

In addition, the WeChat scan code payment process is that the user saves the QR code and then uses the WeChat "scan" function to pay. This feature "may also be popularized in the future."

Oriental Selection will launch a paid membership system, 199 yuan/year

Oriental Selection will officially launch a paid membership system on October 17.

According to the official introduction, Oriental Selection paid membership is priced at 199 yuan per year. Oriental Selection provides exclusive benefits to paying members, including 12% off on 100 self-operated products, 12 membership coupons a year, 66 yuan coupons including membership gifts, etc. " Paid membership is expected to save up to 12,000 yuan a year."

Currently, the official Oriental Selection store sells more than 155 self-operated products.


"Taylor Swift" concert movie first week box office released

The box office of Taylor Swift's "Eras Tour" concert movie in its first week has been released: distributor AMC roughly reported a global opening of US$126-130 million.

The North American opening opened at US$95 million to US$97 million. It is unknown whether it will break the October opening record of "Joker" in North America (US$96.2 million);

Outside North America US$31-33 million. CinemaScore+ audience score received a rare A+.

Singer Shinji Tanimura passes away

According to the Japan Broadcasting Association, relevant people revealed on social media that the famous Japanese musician Shinji Tanimura passed away on October 8 at the age of 74.

Shinji Tanimura came to China many times to hold events during his lifetime. His representative works include "Star", "Flower", "Romantic Railway", etc. His works have been covered by Teresa Teng, Jacky Cheung, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung and others.​​

At the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Shinji Tanimura served as Japan's promotion ambassador for the World Expo and sang his famous song "Star" at the opening ceremony.​

"Laifu Hotel" officially wrapped

"Laifu Hotel" has officially wrapped up production and released a new concept poster.

The film is directed by Liu Bowen and stars Huang Xuan and Liu Yan. The story revolves around a hotel that does not say "Welcome". Guests who come and go are deeply troubled by diseases, and a series of warm and touching life stories are staged.

The film is expected to be released in 2024.

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