Morning Post|​iPhone 14 Pro Max may become the most expensive iPhone in history / BYD surpasses Tesla to become the world’s top seller / Geely officially acquires Meizu

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  • iPhone 14 Pro Max may be the most expensive iPhone ever
  • BYD surpasses Tesla to become the world's new energy vehicle sales champion
  • Geely Xingji Times officially acquires Meizu
  • Huawei nova10 series officially released
  • Xiaomi Mi 12S series officially released
  • AITO M7 officially released
  • Tesla may lose $440 million due to Bitcoin in the second quarter
  • Shein faces at least 50 infringement allegations in the US
  • Dezeen founder dies
  • Bang & Olufsen and Supreme create new co-branded speakers
  • MUJI launched the "Remaining Line" series
  • The script killing brand "Detective Youma" received angel round investment

iPhone 14 Pro Max may be the most expensive iPhone ever

According to tweeter @Anthony, the starting prices of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which are expected to be unveiled at the fall new product launch in September this year, are both $100 higher than their predecessors, reaching $1,099 and $1,199, respectively.

This means that the iPhone 14 Pro Max may become the most expensive iPhone in history.

It is reported that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will use a 6.1/6.7-inch 120Hz OLED display, equipped with a newly upgraded A16 bionic processor, and provide four storage specifications of 128GB-1TB.

At the same time, it will also be equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera + 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel triple camera module, equipped with 3200mAh and 4323mAh batteries respectively. (TechWeb)

BYD surpasses Tesla to become the world's new energy vehicle sales champion

On July 3, BYD announced the production and sales report for June 2022.

According to the data, BYD’s new energy vehicle sales in the first half of 2022 were 641,400 units, a year-on-year increase of 315%, surpassing Tesla to become the world’s No. 1 new energy vehicle sales volume in the first half of the year.

According to the production and delivery data released by Tesla in the second quarter of 2022, Tesla produced about 258,600 vehicles globally and delivered about 254,600 vehicles in the second quarter, down about 310,000 vehicles from the record delivery of 310,000 vehicles in the first quarter. 18%. (Interface News)

Geely Xingji Times officially acquires Meizu

On July 4, Xingji Times, a subsidiary of Geely, officially announced that it would hold a 79.09% controlling stake in Meizu Technology and gain sole control over Meizu Technology.

After this strategic investment, Meizu Technology will continue to operate as an independent brand, and the top management team of Meizu Technology will remain stable.

In addition, Meizu Technology CEO Huang Zhipan revealed at the signing ceremony that the Meizu 19 originally planned to be released in September will be delayed to the first quarter of 2023.

Huawei nova 10 series officially released

On the afternoon of July 4, Huawei officially released new products such as the nova 10 series.

The Huawei nova10 series is equipped with a 6.78-inch 120Hz OLED ring screen, uses a 4500mAh battery, and supports Huawei's 100W fast charge. In addition, the series is equipped with HarmonyOS 2, which has upgraded privacy protection functions.

Among them, Huawei nova10 Pro is equipped with a binocular stereo vision imaging system. It is the first to launch a front 60-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and an 8-megapixel portrait close-up lens, which supports 0.7 to 5x front full-focus zoom.

The nova 10 starts at 2,699 yuan, and the nova 10 Pro starts at 3,699 yuan.

For more news about Huawei's new products, you can click the link: nova new 10th generation, Huawei new era

Xiaomi Mi 12S series officially released

On the evening of July 4, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi Mi 12S series and new products such as the Mi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition, Mi Notebook Pro 2022, and Mi Band 7 Pro.

The entire Mi 12S series is equipped with Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1 processors, with a running score of over 1.1 million, and supports dynamic performance scheduling technology.

Among them, the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra debuted the Sony 1-inch outsole IMX 989 in terms of imaging, with a fusion pixel of 3.2μm, with a Leica professional optical lens and a master lens package, and supports full-focus 8K recording and Dolby Vision recording.

Xiaomi Mi 12S / 12S Pro is priced from 3999 yuan, and Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra is priced from 5999 yuan.

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AITO M7 officially released

On July 4, the luxury and intelligent large-scale electric SUV Wenjie M7 officially debuted.

In terms of power, the Wenjie M7 is powered by the HUAWEI DriveONE platform and uses a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender.

In terms of battery life, this car uses a 40-degree battery. The four-wheel drive version can achieve a 100-kilometer acceleration performance of 4.8s, a full-fuel and full-charge battery life of 1,100km, and a pure-electric battery life of 200km.

In terms of software, Wenjie M7 is equipped with Huawei Hongmeng HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, which supports L2+ level ADAS intelligent assisted driving.

The new car is divided into three versions, priced at 319,800 yuan, 339,800 yuan, and 379,800 yuan.

For more information about Wenjie M7, you can click the link: Wenjie M7 first release: Huawei blessing, the biggest and most fun Hongmeng device

Tesla may lose $440 million due to Bitcoin in the second quarter

As of the end of last year, Tesla held nearly $2 billion worth of bitcoin, according to The Daily Telegraph.

But the fall in bitcoin’s price in recent months has left Tesla facing a $440 million write-down, costing Tesla the equivalent of 9% of last year’s profits.

At the same time, Tesla also recently announced that deliveries in the second quarter fell by 18%, and the completion rate was less than 38% compared with its proposed target of 1.5 million vehicles.

In addition, according to Reuters, Tesla is currently recalling 59,000 vehicles worldwide due to a malfunction of its automatic emergency call system. ( The Telegraphy & Reuters )

Shein faces at least 50 infringement allegations in the US

According to the Wall Street Journal, Chinese fast fashion brand Shein is currently facing at least 50 lawsuits in the United States involving trademark or copyright infringement, almost 10 times the number of its main rival H&M.

Court records show that the plaintiffs in these infringement lawsuits include niche independent designers, as well as a subsidiary of Ralph Lauren and retailers such as Stussy and Oakley.

Shein said that any of its infringements were not intentional. Shein is currently valued at more than $100 billion. (WSJ)

Dezeen founder dies

Dezeen founder, CEO and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs passed away on June 30, 2022 at the age of 54.

Marcus Fairs founded the international architecture and design magazine "icon" in 2003. The magazine has won awards such as Best Magazine of the Year and Best Architecture Magazine at the International Architecture Publishing Awards.

In November 2006, Marcus launched Dezeen, which currently attracts more than 2 million unique visitors per month.

As for Dezeen, he once said: "Dezeen exists to give the global community a platform where the best work and the most important topics are shared, celebrated and debated." ( Dezeen)

Bang & Olufsen and Supreme create new co-branded speakers

Danish audio-visual brand Bang & Olufsen has teamed up with Supreme to launch a limited edition Beosound Explore portable speaker.

Available in Supreme's signature red and charcoal black, the speaker features Supreme's white branding logo and a laser-etched Bang & Olufsen logo on the surface and aluminum grille, respectively.

The new speakers are now available at Supreme's offline retail stores and official online store.

MUJI launched the "Remaining Line" series


Recently, MUJI launched the "Yu Line" series, which includes two single products: fitted right-angle socks and striped T-shirts.

The collection features the use of excess yarn in the production line that cannot be reused because it has been dyed as raw material, thus minimizing waste in industrial production.


At present, the Yuxian series has been launched in limited quantities in the MUJI official website mall and mini programs. Among them, the single product of socks is sold randomly in the form of blind boxes. (Ideal Living Lab)

The script killing brand "Detective Youma" received angel round investment

Recently, the script killing brand "Detective You Ma" received an angel round of investment from Beijing Jinhuifeng. This investment will be used for national industrial layout.

At present, the chain level of the script killing industry is relatively low, and Detective Ma hopes to seize the market with digitalization and strong operations.

Detective Ma first builds its digital system based on small programs, and then explores other forms of saas-based application systems. Up to now, Detective Ma has opened 53 stores in 19 provinces and cities across the country.

Founder Li Ke believes that the script killing scene is a destination that retains consumers for a long time, and new consumption forms such as catering, retail, tourism, and other entertainment will be developed around it. (Red Bowl Club)


Harry Potter Wizarding Restaurant

A Harry Potter pop-up restaurant recently popped up on the streets of Akasaka, Tokyo.

During afternoon tea, all "Hogwarts students" can come to the cafe here to try their own house's jam-baked scones.

If you are tired of studying at night, you can also order a "Dragon's Smoke Roast Beef" or "Owl Post Sunday Roast" here to treat yourself.


After the meal, there is also a "Hedwig Cake (Hedwig Cake)" as dessert.

Hedwig injured again

Adult cadets can also taste Hogwarts Logistics' revamped "Edible Potion" cocktail here.

Graduates, review the "Wingardium Leviosa" of the first grade

In fact, this magical restaurant, connected to the ACT Theater in Akasaka, is Warner Bros.'s surprise event in Japan recently to celebrate Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The restaurant is only open for a limited time from June 16th to July 7th, you can reserve a seat here

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