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Huawei regains top spot in China’s smartphone market

The cumulative number of passengers transported during the Spring Festival transportation across the country exceeded 100 million

Apple Vision Pro disassembly: complex internal structure

Nvidia's "special" H20 chips for China are now available for pre-order

It is reported that Zhijie has been upgraded to an independent business unit of Chery

Artificial intelligence will not be a "killer" of job opportunities

OpenAI launches Vision Pro version of ChatGPT

DingTalk announces launch of Vision Pro native app

News says Xiaomi Mi 15 will launch with Snapdragon 8 Gen 4


Baidu input method VIP is online: 22.8 yuan per month

adidas Mad IIInfinity launches new colorway "Carbon"

HUMAN MADE launches Long Yun New Year series

Mugler will open new pop-up concept store in China

"Godzilla vs. Kong 2" crossover "Bear Bears"

Downey Jr. was in talks with Nolan to play Scarecrow

The movie "Chasing the Moon" is scheduled to be released


In the first two weeks of 2024, Huawei regained its No. 1 sales position in China’s smartphone market

Yesterday, market research firm Counterpoint Research said that according to the latest data, Huawei will make a strong return to the Chinese market as the number one smartphone sales leader in the first two weeks of 2024.

Huawei's sales share has been declining since the implementation of U.S. sanctions in 2019, and this climb to the top marks the first time it has regained the top spot.

Counterpoint pointed out that China's high-end smartphone market will grow by 27% in 2023. Apple maintained its market leadership with its outstanding performance in the first half of 2023. However, starting in the third quarter of 2023, Apple's market share began to be eroded by Huawei and other Chinese brands. It is expected that Chinese brands will continue to make efforts in the high-end market.

Market competition remains fierce: Despite Huawei's strong comeback, market competition remains fierce. Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo are also constantly launching new models in the high-end market, challenging international giants such as Apple and Samsung.

The cumulative number of passengers transported during the Spring Festival transportation across the country exceeded 100 million

According to CCTV News, on February 4, the railway Spring Festival Transport entered the 10th day, and passenger flow remained high. Railways across the country are expected to carry 12.8 million passengers and operate 1,306 additional passenger trains.

As of February 3, the nationwide railway Spring Festival Transport has carried a total of 107 million passengers, with an average of 11.834 million passengers per day. The transportation is safe and stable.

The latest data released by Railway 12306 shows that since the Spring Festival travel ticket went on sale on January 12 to February 3, the Railway 12306 system has sold a total of 398 million train tickets, including 258 million train tickets during the Spring Festival travel period.

big company

Apple Vision Pro disassembly: complex internal structure

iFixit recently released a teardown video of the Apple Vision Pro, showing the internal structure of the device.

iFixit's teardown shows that there are a lot of components inside the Vision Pro, including a series of cameras and sensors, fans, lens motors, and more. As expected, disassembling and repairing the headset seems difficult.

After simply disassembling the external accessories of the Vision Pro, the next step is similar to previous Apple devices, and comes to the "heating cover opening" link.

After removing the glass casing, the internal structure of the EyeSight display is revealed. Overall, it has three layers: the extension layer, the lens layer and the OLED screen itself.

This design achieves 3D visual effects, but also brings about the compromise of reduced resolution, which is one of the reasons why the EyeSight display image looks "blurry".

iFixit said that this is only a preliminary teardown, and it will further study the internal display, sensor array, and give a repairability score.

We also got this "big guy" for the first time. In the near future, we will comprehensively evaluate Vision Pro from various dimensions: immersive movie viewing, Facetime virtual portrait calling, public testing experience… so stay tuned.

Nvidia's "special" H20 chips for China are now available for pre-order

According to Jiemian News, Nvidia’s “special edition” AI chip H20 terminal products for China are now available for pre-order. Product forms include computing cards and servers equipped with 8 H20 computing cards.

Some dealers said that the purchase price of a server equipped with 8 H20 computing cards exceeds 1.5 million yuan. Many dealers believe that this price is a bit "inflated" and therefore have not decided whether to purchase it.

Another dealer revealed that the price of the H20 computing card is not fixed and will fluctuate within a certain range. Currently, NVIDIA tends to sell complete server systems.

From a performance perspective, the performance of NVIDIA H20 is about one-sixth of H100, but the price has not been significantly reduced, so the price/performance ratio is not high.

On October 17 last year, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced plans to restrict the sale of more advanced AI chips to China. This move affected the export of NVIDIA's A100/A800, H100/H800, AMD's MI200, MI210 and other graphics cards.

Industry sources show that Nvidia also plans to launch two other chips for the Chinese market-L20 and L2. Currently, H20, L20 and L2 have not appeared on Nvidia’s official website.

It is reported that Zhijie has been upgraded to an independent business unit of Chery

According to reports, Chery has further upgraded its EH Division (ie Intelligent World Division) to an independent division.

It adopts independent accounting and operates independently, and is responsible for comprehensively developing the competitiveness of Zhijie brand products, business operations, investment and development management, etc. The current number of employees exceeds 2,500.

This also means that the cooperation between Chery and Huawei has not been affected by the recent turmoil, but is instead being upgraded.

Chery insiders revealed that the Zhijie project was established as early as 2022. Chery attaches great importance to the project. The company's CTO personally takes charge. Thousands of engineers have participated in the project, and a total of billions of funds have been invested.

Huawei has invested more than 800 people in co-working with Chery around this project, including experts and talents in product development, smart car solutions, quality control management and other fields. In conjunction with the launch of its first product Zhijie S7 in 2023, Huawei Hongmeng Zhixing has also built a team specifically for the Zhijie brand to be responsible for sales, delivery, service and other businesses.

 Artificial intelligence will not be a "killer" of job opportunities

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey recently said in an interview with the BBC that artificial intelligence will not become a "killer" of human jobs as predicted by Musk and others.

Andrew Bailey said: "The economy will adjust itself, jobs will change, and we will learn how to take advantage of these changes. I think humans and machines working together will produce better results than machines working alone. So I am optimistic about this .”

Bailey also revealed that around a third of UK companies have made significant investments in artificial intelligence in the past year, according to a Bank of England survey. This move will bring more jobs.

Previously, the European Central Bank also predicted that artificial intelligence will bring new job opportunities. However, the central bank's research points out that even if it does not directly replace jobs, the impact of artificial intelligence on workers' income "is likely to be neutral to slightly negative."

New product

OpenAI launches Vision Pro version of ChatGPT

OpenAI recently announced that ChatGPT has officially landed on Apple Vision Pro, and users can download the application from the visionOS App Store.

It is reported that the display effect of this application in visionOS is not much different from the iPad version, and it does not provide additional style effects for visionOS.

However, according to VentureBeat, the visionOS version of ChatGPT allows users to talk to OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 Turbo model.

Users can ask questions, get answers, get advice, learn about new topics, and even generate images and text directly within the app.

DingTalk announces launch of Vision Pro native app

DingTalk announced yesterday that it has officially launched Apple Vision Pro and launched the Vision Pro native application.

Users can download and experience DingTalk App in the US App Store, and use DingTalk chat, conference, live broadcast and other functions.

Based on the new system features of visionOS, DingTalk has created a complete 3D environment for this native application, and launched unique functions such as multi-screen interaction, gesture annotation, virtual human clones, and giant screen live broadcast.​

It is reported that Xiaomi Mi 15 will launch with Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and will be released around October.

According to blogger @ Smart Pikachu, Xiaomi Mi 15 will continue to be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 for the first time this year. The real machine will be released around October, using a low power consumption + large battery solution.

Previously, @ Digital Chat Station revealed that Xiaomi 15 series mobile phones are expected to be mass-produced in September, and the testing progress has been advanced.

He said that the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 machine is testing the domestic single-point ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking. The internal product progress is now ahead of schedule again, and the straight-curved dual-size strategy remains unchanged. The "Big Cup" model is testing the satellite communication function.

Baidu input method VIP is online: 22.8 yuan per month

Baidu Input Method recently pushed a version update, mainly launching "Baidu Input Method VIP". According to reports, you can enjoy the following privileges after opening:

  • The mall is free, and skins, fonts, emoticons, wallpapers, and inspirational quotes are free.
  • The "Super Writing" function is free
  • AI avatars are generated for free, with a variety of styles to choose from
  • Supports posting long text in WeChat Moments without triggering the system folding function

It is reported that Baidu Input Method VIP has a "first month special" of 5.8 yuan for continuous monthly subscription, and you need to pay a subscription fee of 22.8 yuan each month thereafter; continuous quarterly subscription: 58 yuan for the first quarter.

new consumption

adidas Mad IIInfinity launches new colorway "Carbon"

adidas Basketball unveiled a new series "The 2024 Collection: Chapter 02", and brought a new color matching of adidas Mad IIInfinity "Carbon".

adidas Mad IIInfinity is similar to the 2023 adidas Crazy IIInfinity, both refer to the design of the classic shoe adidas Crazy 1;

"Carbon" is made of mesh, suede and synthetic leather to create a futuristic appearance. The entire shoe is made of black with silver lines and blue brand logo embellishments. The shoe is a semi-enclosed shoe. The strap system is equipped with an EVA midsole embedded with TPU and a rubber outsole to increase cushioning and durability when moving.

HUMAN MADE launches Long Yun New Year series

HUMAN MADE launches the Dragon Rhyme New Year series with the theme of the 2024 zodiac.​

For this New Year series, HUMAN MADE created an original hand-painted dragon pattern with the word "福" and engraved it on the products. It launched a series of Yokosuka jackets, sweatshirts, Japanese traditional craft Hariko, key pendants, mugs, Paperweights and other New Year gifts.

The New Year series will be on sale on the HUMAN MADE official website starting from February 3rd.

Mugler will open new pop-up concept store in China

Mugler will launch a new fragrance "Alien Hypersense" endorsed by model Anok Yai. The "Alien" series is a women's fragrance launched by Mugler in 2005. It has now become the brand's largest-selling fragrance series.

The bottle of the new "Alien Hypersense" perfume continues the appearance design of the amulet, and adds ultraviolet red and orange to the original purple tone.

It is said that around the end of March, Mugler will open a pop-up concept store in Shanghai Réel Department Store. The pop-up store combines fashion and perfume and will also display six models from Mugler's relaunched high-end series "Les Exceptions" perfume.


"Godzilla vs. Kong 2" crossover "Bear Bears"

The monster blockbuster "Godzilla vs. Kong 2" has teamed up with the Spring Festival animal blockbuster "Bear Bears" to release a joint short film. Godzilla teamed up with King Kong to face the new villain Scar King, and Xiong Da, Xiong Er and Bald Qiang also reversed time and space and came to help.

"Bear Bears Reversal of Time and Space" will be released in mainland China on the first day of the Lunar New Year (February 10).

"Godzilla vs. Kong: Rise of an Empire" will be released in mainland China on March 29.

Downey Jr. was in talks with Nolan to play Scarecrow

According to film critic Griffin Schiller, during the latest "Oppenheimer" talk event, Robert Downey Jr. revealed:

He had previously met with Christopher Nolan for the role of Scarecrow in Batman Begins, but Nolan ultimately chose Cillian Murphy.

The movie "Chasing the Moon" is scheduled to be released

The movie "Chasing the Moon", written and directed by Qiao Liang, has been officially announced to be released on March 8. The film revolves around the famous Shaoxing opera actor Teacher Qi's two-sided life in the old days and now in desolation.

He Saifei played the challenging and complex role of Teacher Qi, and won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress for this film.

Teacher Qi, a famous actor in Yue Opera, has experienced countless cheers and applause. She has left her beloved stage at an old age, but what she is about to face is that the unbearable scars of the past are being uncovered one by one.

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