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Apple to close San Diego-based AI team

Peruvian forensic doctor: The so-called "alien" remains are synthetic dolls

OpenAI quietly updates usage policy

New members of Huawei Hongmeng Zhixing are exposed: "Xiangjie" and "Aojie" are about to debut

BYD discusses potential deal with Brazilian lithium producer Sigma again denies Douyin acquisition rumors

Apple Vision Pro 25-minute try-on process exposed

Porsche Macan EV to be unveiled on January 25

"Honor of Kings" Douyin live broadcast will be fully open from January 21


Liberty Walk builds new wide-body modified Lamborghini Countach model

Action Bronson x New Balance 1906R "Medusa Azúl" latest joint shoe released


"Top Gun 3" is in preparation

"The Good Doctor" will end after seven seasons

"War for the Planet of the Apes: New World" released ahead of schedule


Apple to close San Diego-based AI team

According to Bloomberg, Apple will close a 121-person team involved in artificial intelligence operations in San Diego, California.

The team, called Data Operations Annotations, was informed last Wednesday that it would be moving to Austin and merging with the same team in Texas. Employees have until the end of February to decide whether to relocate, or they will be fired on April 26.

The team, which also has offices in China, India, Ireland and Spain, is primarily responsible for improving Siri by listening to user queries about the voice service and determining whether it is accurately heard and handled.

People familiar with the matter said the decision was announced by Christine Delippo, a senior deputy to Apple's artificial intelligence chief John Giannandrea. An Apple spokesperson also confirmed the relocation decision. The move could result in dozens of Apple employees leaving the company.

Peruvian forensic doctor: The so-called "alien" remains are synthetic dolls

According to CCTV News, Peruvian forensic examination revealed that the two so-called "alien remains" that appeared in October last year were actually synthetic dolls made of paper, glue, metal, and animal and human bones.

Flavio Estrada, an archaeologist at the Peruvian Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Identification, said at a press conference held by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture on the 12th that the statement that these were the remains of two aliens "is completely false. Made up."

"They are not aliens, but dolls made of animal bones from this planet and modern organic glue."

According to a Reuters report on the 13th, Peruvian customs seized a cardboard box containing the remains of two so-called aliens from a package sent from an airport in the capital Lima in October last year. The Peruvian prosecutor's office has so far been unable to identify the owner of the package and can only confirm that the recipient is a Mexican.

big company

OpenAI quietly updates usage policy

According to The Intercept, OpenAI recently quietly removed the wording that "explicitly prohibits the use of its technology for military purposes" in its usage policy.

As of January 10, OpenAI's Usage Policy page also includes a ban on "activities with a high risk of physical harm," specifically applications to "weapons development" and "military and warfare."

The new policy only retains the clause "not to use our services to harm yourself or others" and uses "development and use of weapons" as an example, but the more comprehensive ban on "military and war" no longer exists.

However, OpenAI spokesperson Niko Felix responded that the new policy aims to create a set of common principles that are easy to remember and apply, with the goal of making documents "clearer" and "more readable."

New members of Huawei Hongmeng Zhixing are exposed: "Xiangjie" and "Aojie" are about to debut

According to the first electric news, Huawei and BAIC's smart car selection model cooperation brand has been determined to be "Xiangjie". The first model is positioned as a medium and large sedan and will be officially released before the Beijing Auto Show in April.

In addition, the smart car brand cooperated by Huawei and Jianghuai is designated as "Aojie", and there are three large cars under development, covering the three major categories of sedans, SUVs and MPVs. The first car will be released in Q4 of 2024.

According to the website of the State Intellectual Property Office, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applied to register the "Xiangjie" trademark in May last year. The international classification is "12 – Transportation". It was successfully registered in November last year. The "Aojie" trademark has not yet been registered. success.

At the Intelligent World S7 launch conference in November last year, Yu Chengdong, Huawei's Managing Director, CEO of Terminal BG, and Chairman of Intelligent Car Solutions BU, disclosed the progress of Huawei's intelligent car selection model, saying that BAIC and JAC's two "world" products Already in the development process.

BYD discusses potential deal with Brazilian lithium producer Sigma

According to the Financial Times, Alexandre Baldy, BYD’s chairman in the South American country, said that it has entered into discussions with Sigma Lithium, a Brazilian lithium producer valued at US$2.9 billion (currently approximately RMB 20.844 billion), on possible supply agreements, joint ventures or acquisitions. discuss.​​​

Baldy said BYD is looking for lithium assets in Brazil with the goal of building an integrated supply chain and is in "active dialogue" with Sigma.

BYD is backed by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and has surpassed Tesla to become the world's largest electric car maker.

BYD is building its first electric vehicle factory outside Asia in Brazil as part of its 3 billion reais (currently approximately RMB 4.45 billion) investment. The factory is expected to be operational in mid-2024. again denies Douyin acquisition rumors

Last night, according to "Financial Eleven", multiple people familiar with the matter said that Byte was in contact with Alibaba to purchase The acquisition is still in the negotiation process and there is no final result yet.

In December last year, there was news that ByteDance would acquire for US$7 billion. Later, both parties publicly denied the news.

According to the report, a person close to said that senior executives of Byte and had a meeting years ago. This meeting left two points of disagreement:

  • First, the acquisition price: Byte’s bid is US$7 billion, and Alibaba’s expected price is US$7.5-8 billion;
  • The second is the form of acquisition: Byte hopes to retain only’s instant delivery team, which will be responsible for undertaking orders for Douyin’s local life business. Alibaba hopes that Byte can take over the entire team, and then Byte will lay off any unnecessary personnel.

According to Sina Technology, in response to the fact that "Byte is still negotiating to purchase", firmly denied the relevant rumors, saying that "there is absolutely nothing, it is completely a rumor."

New product

Apple Vision Pro 25-minute try-on process exposed

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple Vision Pro will be released on February 2, and pre-orders will begin this Friday (January 19). Apple expects a rush of sales from early adopters, but then demand tapers off.

Gurman revealed that Apple prepared the most complex sales pitch ever, including a 25-minute demonstration. This month, Apple held a training session at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, where hundreds of employees participated to familiarize themselves with the entire demonstration process.

The demonstration began with a retail employee scanning the user's face using an app similar to the one used to set up Face ID. The scans will tell the demo staff what size hood, foam pad and headband the customer needs.

If the user wears glasses, the retail store will have a device that scans their lenses to obtain the power. The store will have hundreds of eyeglass lenses available to try on.

Once everything is ready, employees will explain how to operate the interface, including how to control the pointer with their eyes, how to make selections through gestures, and how to wear the headset.

Users will then be guided through still images, photos and videos of the space, and will be shown how to use the device as a replacement for a computer or iPad.

Porsche Macan EV to be unveiled on January 25

Porsche officially announced that its first pure electric SUV, the Macan EV, will be officially unveiled on January 25.

This new car is built on the PPE platform jointly developed by Porsche and Audi, and is equipped with advanced permanent magnet synchronous motors and 800V technology.

It is reported that Macan EV will be launched in two versions: entry-level model and flagship model. The system output power of both can reach about 450kW, and the maximum torque will exceed 1000N·m.

The new car uses lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 100kWh. The maximum charging power of Macan EV is up to 270kW.

On charging piles that can only use 400V technology, the battery power of a new car can be quickly increased from 10% to 80% in 22 minutes. This is due to the high-voltage switch in the battery, which can effectively divide the 800V battery into two 400V units, achieving a more efficient combined charging.

new consumption

"Honor of Kings" Douyin live broadcast will be fully open from January 21

Recently, the official Weibo of Tencent Game "Honor of Kings" posted that starting from January 21, the Douyin live broadcast of "Honor of Kings" will be fully open.

"Honor of Kings" stated that January 14th to January 17th is the technical testing period. In order to screen all technical problems that may be encountered during the broadcast, special guests @XYG E-sports Club were invited to test the live broadcast in the official live broadcast room.

The themed live broadcast period will be from January 18th to January 20th, and the king's head anchor Zhang Daxian will broadcast for 3 consecutive days.

Liberty Walk builds new wide-body modified Lamborghini Countach model

At this year's Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, the well-known Japanese car company Liberty Walk created a new wide-body modification kit based on the classic model Lamborghini Countach from the 1980s.

This kit continues the white main body style of the previous year's F40. It can be seen that it includes the front splitter, front bumper, widened wheel arches, a large rear wing fixed under the rear bumper, embedded taillights, side skirts, and a large diffuser. The application of other parts adds a bit of old-fashioned square lines, while still retaining a sporty and aggressive atmosphere.

Other configurations also include Y-shaped spokes, dark Rohana forged wheels, Toyo tires, etc. There are also multiple car stickers on the body to create a racing feel.

Action Bronson x New Balance 1906R "Medusa Azúl" latest joint shoe released

The 1906R joint shoes jointly created by rapper Action Bronson and New Balance continue to release new products, and the new color "Medusa Azúl" debuts.

The upper uses different shades of blue as the main visual to create a sense of hierarchy. It is paired with brown and gray tongues on the waist, purple and black laces, black toe and heel, two-color Abzorb midsole, rubber outsole and other configurations to complete the appearance.

Compared with the past two colors of "Rosewater" and "Scorpius", "Medusa Azúl" appears to be more neutral and softer. The new model is expected to arrive this year.


"Top Gun 3" is in preparation

According to multiple media reports, Paramount is developing the third installment of the "Top Gun" series.

The screenwriter of the previous film, Ehren Kruger, is writing the script, and the previous film's stars Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Glen Powell and director Joseph Kosinski are returning.

"Top Gun 2" will be released in 2022 and has received both word-of-mouth and box office success, with a global total of US$1.495 billion.

"The Good Doctor" will end after seven seasons

ABC has announced that the medical drama "The Good Doctor" starring Freddie Highmore will end after its seventh season, with the final season scheduled to premiere on February 20.

The play was created by David Shaw and also stars Hill Harper, Richard Schiff, Christina Zhang, Fiona Gaberman and others.

It tells the story of young surgeon Sean Murphy, who suffers from autism and savant syndrome. He continues to develop his outstanding medical talents at the famous St. Bonaventure Hospital, and at the same time, he continues to grow in life.

"War for the Planet of the Apes: New World" released ahead of schedule

The new film "Planet of the Apes: New World" in the "Planet of the Apes" and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" series has been rescheduled and will be released in North America ahead of May 24th to May 10th.

"Maze Runner" director Wes Ball directs, Owen Tiger plays the ape protagonist, Freya Allen, Peter Macon and others also star.

Set many years after 2017's "War for the Planet of the Apes", the apes embark on a new adventure.

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