Morning Post|Huawei executives respond to rumors of raising pigs / Uniqlo responds to price cuts only in the Japanese market / New Switch may have a larger screen

Morning report

  • iPhone 13 Pro may use a higher-end ultra-wide-angle lens
  • The new Switch may be equipped with a larger display
  • Huawei executives respond to rumors of getting involved in pig raising
  • SpaceX starship SN10 explodes after successful landing
  • Apple's official website launches "Apple for Kids"
  • Honda launches the world's first level 3 self-driving car
  • realme releases "realme GT"
  • Tencent Red Devils gaming phone 6 series released
  • Marshall launches Mode II, the first truly wireless in-ear headphones
  • Keep listed in the U.S. in the second quarter soonest
  • In 2020, Chinese Internet companies will invest in R&D in the first half of the year, with Ali first and Tencent second
  • Uniqlo responds to price cuts in the Japanese market
  • Netflix's most expensive movie "Grey Man" starts shooting this month
  • "Attack on Titan" pushes the giant version of the oversized comics
  • Netizens hotly discuss: Haidilao beef cubes have become vegetarian
  • Relax Friday: Exhibitions & Movies

iPhone 13 Pro may use a higher-end ultra-wide-angle lens

Supply chain authoritative media DigiTimes reported that this year’s new iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models will use an improved ultra-wide-angle lens. The ultra-wide-angle lens will use Sensor-Shift (sensor shift), OIS (optical image stabilization) and AF (autofocus) technology. Apple may introduce the autofocus technology of the ultra-wide-angle lens to two of these models first, and in 2022 Promote to the whole series.

In addition, in addition to the upgrade of the rear lens of the new iPhone in 2021, the market has also reported that the front lens of the iPhone in 2022 will also introduce autofocus technology, which will directly drive the demand for voice coil motors (VCM) for camera modules.

The new Switch may be equipped with a larger display

According to Bloomberg News, people familiar with the matter revealed to them that Nintendo plans to launch a Switch console with a larger Samsung OLED screen this year, upgrading from the current 6.2-inch to 7-inch. They hope that the larger touch screen will boost players before the holiday. Our desire to buy.

The person familiar with the matter said that Samsung will start mass production of 7-inch, 720P resolution OLED panels as early as June, and its initial monthly target is slightly less than 1 million units. These displays will be shipped to assemblers around July. . In response, representatives of Nintendo and Samsung Display declined to comment.

Huawei executives respond to rumors of getting involved in pig raising

▲Picture from: Koomio

According to Sina Technology News, in response to the rumors of Huawei’s entry into the pig industry, Huawei’s machine vision president Duan Aiguo responded that Huawei does not raise pigs, but empowers companies to raise pigs. He believes that the application of AI in pig companies is still very backward compared to other industries. He said: "There are also large pig raising companies who came to us on the initiative, hoping to use technology to empower the pig industry."

It is reported that in February of this year, Duan Aiguo, President of Huawei Machine Vision, broke the news on the Internet: Huawei launched the Huawei Smart Pig Raising Solution. The plan proposes that the development direction of the aquaculture industry is digital, intelligent and unmanned.

Latest epidemic figures

According to the official website of the National Health Commission, from 0-24 on March 3, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 10 new confirmed cases, all of which were imported cases (5 in Shanghai and 3 in Guangdong) , 1 case in Zhejiang, 1 case in Sichuan); no new deaths; 1 new suspected case, which was an imported case (in Shanghai).

There are currently 165 confirmed cases imported from abroad (including 1 severe case) and 2 suspected cases. A total of 5,040 confirmed cases, a total of 4,875 cured and discharged cases, and no deaths.

SpaceX starship SN10 explodes after successful landing

Yesterday, SpaceX's starship SN10 successfully landed after a high-altitude test flight, but because it did not maintain its stability, SN10 exploded a few minutes after landing. The previous starship spacecraft exploded during the landing phase. This time SN10 at least completed the landing action and achieved a new breakthrough.

SpaceX CEO Musk firmly believes that the Starship spacecraft will reach a level of safety that can carry people by 2023. It is reported that since January 2019, SpaceX has started a long test road for starship prototypes.

Apple's official website launches "Apple for Kids"

9to5Mac news. Yesterday, Apple added a new "Apple for Kids" page to its website, where parents and guardians can learn the functions of Apple products suitable for children, and learn how to manage family groups, set up children's devices, etc. Wait.

The page contains more than a dozen topics. In terms of restricting and monitoring children’s use of Apple products, parents can use "Purchase after Approval" to prevent children from buying the wrong product, use "Find My Device" to find lost devices, and use screen time 6 tips for setting limits and so on.

Honda launches the world's first level 3 self-driving car

Today, Honda will begin selling Legend cars equipped with autonomous driving functions, which are called "traffic congestion pilots", which allow cars to drive autonomously on congested highways. When the car is driving under 30 kilometers due to highway congestion, the system can replace the driver to drive.

It is reported that Honda plans to produce 100 limited edition cars, priced at 11 million yen. In addition, Honda is one of the first major automakers in Japan to obtain Level 3 autonomous driving qualifications. Level 3 refers to vehicles that can drive autonomously under certain conditions, but the occupants in the vehicle must be alert and able to take over; Level 5 does not require it. Human input to navigate the road.

realme releases "realme GT"

Yesterday, realme released the Snapdragon 888 flagship "realme GT", this model is equipped with a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED full screen, 16 million pixel selfie lens, the screen supports 120Hz refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate, equipped with a new generation of optical screen fingerprint , With three colors of Galaxy battleship, deep sea airship and dawn.

In terms of price, the realme GT 8GB+128GB version is priced at 2899 yuan, the initial price is 2799 yuan, the 12GB+256GB version is priced at 3399 yuan, and the initial price is 3299 yuan, which will be officially launched on March 10.

Tencent Red Devils gaming phone 6 series released

Yesterday, the Nubia Red Devils held a press conference to launch its latest gaming phone Red Devils 6 series. This model is equipped with a 6.8-inch AMOLED straight screen, supports 1.07 billion colors and a wide color gamut, and brings the current highest refresh rate of 165Hz. Using the sixth-generation screen fingerprint; in terms of performance, this model is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 888 processor, a new memory virtual rapid expansion technology RAM Boost, equipped with a full-blood version of LPDDR5+UFS3.1, dual cooling system; battery life, Red Magic 6 Built-in 5050mAh battery, Red Magic 6 Pro built-in 4500mAh battery.

In terms of prices, the Red Magic 6 starts at 3799 yuan, the Red Magic 6 Pro starts at 4399 yuan, and the deuterium transparent version starts at 5599 yuan. The Red Magic 6 series will go on sale in all channels on March 11. In addition, Nubia also released the latest Red Devils watches (from 599 yuan), the Red Devils mobile game expansion dock and so on.

Marshall launches Mode II, the first truly wireless in-ear headphones

Yesterday, Marshall's first true wireless in-ear headphones Mode II was launched. Mode II has a battery life of 25 hours (including charging box). The customized dynamic unit can restore rich details, shape deep bass, natural midrange and crisp treble. Mode II adopts ergonomic structure, IPX4 waterproof rating, and is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 Technology, touch the earplugs to control music playback, answer calls, etc., and is equipped with a portable charging box.

Keep may go public in the U.S. in the second quarter as soon as possible

▲ Picture from: unsplash

According to Sina Finance exclusive news, Keep, which has just completed the F round of financing two months ago, will soon sprint for an IPO and apply for a listing in the United States as soon as the second quarter of 2021. In this regard, Keep public relations staff said, "At the moment, no news of listing has been received." According to insiders, Keep has appointed a CFO and recruited directors of investor relations through multiple channels.

In 2020, Chinese Internet companies will invest in R&D in the first half of the year, with Ali first and Tencent second

▲ Picture from: Time Magazine

36 Krypton news, on March 3, the reporter calculated the R&D investment of each company in the first two quarters of 2020 according to the financial report data of major Internet companies in China. Alibaba ranked first with 32.8 billion yuan, and Tencent ranked second with 17.9 billion yuan. Baidu,, Meituan and Pinduoduo were 9.3 billion, 6.9 billion, 4.7 billion and 3.1 billion respectively.

Uniqlo responds to price cuts only in the Japanese market

According to the Cailian News Agency, in response to Uniqlo’s overall price cuts in Japan, a reduction of 9%. According to related reports, the relevant person in charge of Uniqlo told Cailian News that the price adjustments of related brands in Japan this time are in line with the Japanese government’s policies. For markets outside of Japan, there are currently no relevant plans.

Netflix's most expensive movie "Grey Man" starts shooting this month

Deadline news, directed by the Russell Brothers, the new Netflix movie "The Gray Man" with a budget of $200 million will start shooting in Los Angeles in two weeks. Oscar winners Billy Bob Thornton and Alpha Wu Dade, Reggie Jean Page, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans will appear in this film, which is also the original film with the highest budget in Netflix's history.

"The Gray Man" is adapted from the novel of the same name published by Mark Greaney in 2009. The film can be called the female version of "The Bourne Shadow" and "Death End". It revolves around the freelance killer and the former CIA agent "Gray Man", showing the relationship between the killers. Deadly duel.

"Attack on Titan" pushes the giant version of the oversized comics

According to 3DMGAME news, the super-popular Japanese manga "Attack on Titan" has been confirmed to end on April 9. As part of the commemorative plan, Kodansha announced yesterday that it will launch a giant version of the super-large manga, which is 7 times the size of the normal manga and will be sold in limited quantities 100 books, 96 pages, completely imitating the original design of the first volume of the pamphlet. The contents of the first to second chapters of the original work are included. The price is as high as 165,000 yen. After all sold, it is planned to apply for the Guinness Book of Records.

It is reported that "Attack on Titan" is a comic work created by Japanese manga artist Isayama. It was first serialized in the October 2009 issue of Kodansha "Bezel Shonen Magazine" (the first issue). It caused a worldwide sensation after the animation in 2013. . The story is based on the conflict between humans and giants. Humans live in cities surrounded by high walls and fight against giants who cannibalize.

Haidilao beef cubes have become vegetarian

Recently, some consumers have reported that the beef cubes in Haidilao stores have been replaced with "flavor companions" that taste similar to them. This is a new product of Haidilao's plant protein. Yesterday, the Blue Whale reporter learned that 31 Haidilao stores in Shanghai have already started to implement small feeder product updates on a trial basis. Haidilao customer service said that this was because many customers used beef nibs as dishes without restrictions, which caused waste, so they replaced it with The taste partner reduces waste, and will give it to customers if they need it. At the same time, starting from March 5th, Haidilao’s 31 pilot stores in Shanghai also began to include beef cubes in their menus. They are offered separately at a low price, which is about 50g per serving, at a price of 0.8 yuan.

Netizen: "Does this vegetarian meat taste the same as real beef in your mouth?" "The tomato soup without beef cubes on the small feeder table seems to have no soul." "The cost saving is understandable, but the beef cubes are in your mouth." It's not a waste."

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The story of "Looking for the Dragon" takes place in a virtual world called "The Kingdom of Longyou". The protagonist is a female warrior named Raya. In order to resist the evil forces that come back 500 years later, she must find the last of the legends. One-stop.
The film integrates various cultural elements from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries in terms of story, characters, scenes, actions, costumes, etc., and will give birth to the first Southeast Asian heroine of Disney Animation.

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