Morning Post|Hongmeng 3.0 to be released at the end of July / iPhone 14 series camera thickness is amazing / Jay Chou’s new album sales exceeded 100 million

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  • Hongmeng 3.0 will be released at the end of July
  • iPhone 14 camera protrudes nearly two coins thick
  • Jay Chou's new album officially launched
  • The Today at Apple course is new, and Ai Faner takes you to explore the humanities documentary short film
  • Douyin denies internet transmission blocking rules
  • SpaceX Starship will make its first orbital flight as soon as August
  • Sued by Nokia, OPPO, OnePlus banned from sale in Germany
  • Apple AR/MR headset to be released in early 2023
  • Honor Tablet 8 opens appointment
  • Dr.Martens and Warner Bros. to launch joint shoes
  • Virgin Atlantic unveils Airbus A330neo
  • Makeup brand "Yeast" and "Cat's Eye Three Sisters" launch joint make-up

Hongmeng 3.0 will be released at the end of July

On July 14, Ma Chuanyong, president of Huawei's terminal cloud service payment business group, said that Hongmeng 3.0 will be released at the end of July.

According to CNMO news, Hongmeng 3.0 may be launched at Huawei's new product launch on July 27, and it will be launched on the Huawei Mate 50 series.

Previously, the owner once said that he had received a test push of the Hongmeng 3.0 Beta version. The beta version adds clipboard privacy protection, fuzzy positioning, and a redesigned app permission access record interface, or an anti-fraud function, which will greatly improve privacy protection capabilities. (China Securities Journal & CNMO)

iPhone 14 Pro Max camera protrudes nearly two coins thick

Recently, a netizen named "Apple Shenzhen Foxconn Producer" released the aluminum plate drawings for the iPhone 14 Pro Max accessories.

The drawings show that the camera module of the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a raised height of 4.17 mm, which is 0.45 mm thicker than two one-yuan coins combined.

Previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that in order to accommodate a larger 48MP wide-angle camera, the rear camera bump would increase the diagonal length by 33% and the height by about 10% in the iPhone 14 series.

9to5mac has also reported that the lens resolution of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be increased to 48 megapixels, and 8K shooting may also be possible.

In addition, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently pointed out that the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which will be launched in 2023, will be the only model with a new periscope lens.

A periscope lens allows for greater optical zoom, allowing the shot to be zoomed in further without blurring. (Fenghuang Technology & 9to5mac)

Jay Chou's new album sales exceed 100 million

Last night, Jay Chou's new album "The Greatest Work" was released in advance due to the time difference. The albums originally scheduled to be released at 0:00 on the 15th were released one after another at 21:00 on the 14th.

As of press time, the album has sold more than 4 million copies online, with sales exceeding 130 million, becoming the first digital album in mainland China with sales exceeding 100 million.

Once again, Ai Faner has prepared a comprehensive interpretation of this new album for you: Jay Chou's new album "Unpleasant" tops the hot search! How difficult is it to fully interpret

The Today at Apple course is new, and Ai Faner takes you to explore the humanities documentary short film

During Apple's back-to-school education promotions (July 14 to September 26), buy a select Mac or iPad with an education discount and get a pair of AirPods (2nd generation).

At the same time, Today at Apple also launched courses related to "Learning Efficiently with Apple".

This time, Ai Faner was also invited to participate, where you can learn to create humanistic short films from pre-conception to post-editing.

In this series of "Learn with Apple Efficiently", director Shen Yujie will share how he used an iPhone 13 Pro Max to capture the story of a street barber, using images to record the life and emotions behind traditional craftsmanship.

Ai Fan will also introduce the " Street Rubbing Project " of Shot on iPhone, inviting you to record the memories of cities that are about to disappear.

Douyin denies internet transmission blocking rules

Recently, the writer @shanglong said that during the normal live broadcast of the Douyin live broadcast, he was repeatedly prompted to violate the blocked words. Keywords such as "WeChat" and "live broadcast room" need to be changed to homonyms to avoid censorship.

The netizen believes that blocking rules like Douyin will lead to the prevalence of typos and mislead the way minors use Chinese characters.

In this regard, Douyin denies the false review rules circulating on the Internet, saying that there is a lot of false information in the netizen's statement, and "hope that the majority of netizens will not spread falsehoods."

SpaceX Starship will make its first orbital flight as soon as August

On July 13, Musk tweeted that the first orbital flight of SpaceX’s “Starship” could take place as soon as August if previous tests went well.

In addition, in the test footage released by SpaceX recently, Starship exploded violently during the ground test on the 11th local time in the United States.

Preliminary investigations revealed that part of the test rig and booster's auxiliary lines were damaged in the explosion. Musk revealed that the explosion may have been caused by the leakage and evaporation of cryogenic fuel. (Interface & DoNews)

Sued by Nokia, OPPO, OnePlus banned from sale in Germany

A few days ago, the District Court of Mannheim, Germany ruled that OPPO infringed Nokia's patents and granted Nokia a cease and desist order against OPPO. This means that OPPO and OnePlus devices that use related patented technologies may be banned in Germany.

In response, the relevant person in charge of OPPO responded that some products will be suspended in Germany. At the same time, he also said: "The company firmly opposes unreasonably high fees for patents, and firmly opposes malicious acts of coercing licensees to negotiate and accept unreasonably high license fees through litigation."

According to the "Global 5G Patent Activity Report (2022)" of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Nokia's patent family accounts for 7.6%.

This means that for every 5G mobile phone built, Nokia will receive a patent fee of 271 yuan. In 2021, Nokia's patent licensing business earned 10.2 billion in revenue. (Sina Technology & Times Finance)

Apple AR/MR headset to be released in early 2023

According to ET News, Apple's AR/MR headset may be scheduled to launch in early 2023.

The first generation of AR/MR headsets will focus on entertainment and gaming. The second generation is scheduled to be released in 2024. It will be lighter than the first generation, add the function of making calls, and be equipped with an "OLEDoS" display.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the second-generation Apple AR/MR headset may be divided into two models according to the price.

The supplier of Apple's AR/MR headset is preparing to start mass production of the first-generation headset in the fourth quarter of this year, but the initial volume is not expected to be large. (Home of ET News & IT)

M2 MacBook Air goes on sale

Apple's new MacBook Air with the M2 chip will be available for order on July 8 and will go on sale on July 15.

The new MacBook Air features a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, supports MagSafe charging, and is available in four colors: Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Space Gray.

The starting price of the MacBook Air equipped with the M2 chip is 9,499 yuan, and the starting price of the educational discount is 8,749 yuan. Each consumer is limited to two units.

If you are hesitant to start, Aifaner's evaluation is worth your reference.

Honor Tablet 8 opens appointment

On July 14, Honor officially announced that it will hold a full-scenario press conference on July 21. It is expected to launch a variety of new full-scenario products including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart screens, and TWS headphones.

It can be seen in the cooperation video of Honor official and B station UP master @Video Hurricane, Honor Tablet 8 adopts a right-angle frame, and a long oval-shaped lens module is installed at the rear. According to previous news, the Honor Tablet 8 will likely be equipped with the Snapdragon 680 chip, use a 2K resolution screen, and support 22.5W fast charging.

At present, Honor Tablet 8 has opened blind appointments on e-commerce platforms. (IT House)

Dr.Martens and Warner Bros. to launch joint shoes

DR. MARTENS recently teamed up with Warner Bros. to launch a collaboration series based on the classic Cult movie of the 80s.

The films of this tribute are "Seven Treasures", "The Archmage of the Underworld" and "Ghostbusters". Inspired by the iconic elements in the film, the two sides have reshaped the two classic shoe types of 1460 and 1461.

The series will be officially released in the near future. (Hypebeast)

Virgin Atlantic unveils Airbus A330neo

Virgin Atlantic debuts the Airbus A330neo and the Retreat Suite, the most spacious suite in the company's history.

It is reported that the Retreat Suite consists of two exclusive suites at the front of the cabin, including a bed of about 2 meters and a 27-inch touch screen with Bluetooth connection and wireless charging, allowing up to four people to dine, chat or play in a private space game.

Customers travelling with the Retreat Suite will pay an additional £200 on top of the standard upper class fare.

The first A330neo is expected to fly to Boston on its first customer flight in early October. (Later Finance & Virgin Atlantic)

Makeup brand "Yeast" and "Cat's Eye Three Sisters" launch joint make-up

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Japanese comic "Cat's Eye Three Sisters". Recently, the designer makeup brand "Yeast" co-branded "Cat's Eye Three Sisters" and launched the "Reverse Protagonist" joint series of makeup.

This is the first makeup IP joint product released by "Cat's Eye Three Sisters" in China, which includes three sets of different shades, each including an eight-color comprehensive plate "Cat's Eye Plate", a "Snitch Lipstick" and a brush Multi-purpose "reversed double-ended pen".

The packaging gift box is presented in the form of a book, echoing the attributes of comics, and drawing from the City Pop culture in the 1980s, incorporating the seaside and palm trees, neon and high-rise buildings in the comics.

Yeast Color was established in 2019. It explores the application of different themes in makeup on a practical basis, and provides consumers with more trendy and artistic "designer makeup". (Brand Planet & SocialBeta)


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