Morning Post|Folding screen MacBook may be mass-produced in 2027/Wahaha will take a half-day holiday on Women’s Day plus a 100 yuan meal subsidy/Ideal will launch a pure electric SUV to compete with the Model Y


Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple expects to mass-produce foldable MacBook in 2027

SpaceX Starship will conduct third test flight as soon as mid-March

Apple bans Epic iOS developer account

Microsoft engineers report Copilot security issues

Nikon acquires RED

Changes in Douyin’s Life Service Department

LeTV interview resume does not need to fill in age, marriage and childcare information

Chen Rui: Station B’s virtual anchors are far ahead in the country

MiHoYo’s revenue surpasses NetEase’s in 2023

Lideal will launch pure electric SUV M6 to compete with Model Y

Huawei P70 series mobile phone release delayed

iPhone 16 renderings exposed

Tesla launches two-seater Model Y in France


Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple expects to mass-produce foldable MacBook in 2027

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple plans to launch a 20-inch MacBook with a foldable screen in 2027.

When asked whether Apple has plans to mass-produce foldable iPhones or iPads, Kuo said that the only foldable product that Apple currently has a clear development progress is the MacBook product with a 20.3-inch display and expected to be mass-produced in 2027. .

According to Patently Apple reports, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple, which covers future foldable devices, covering iPhones, hybrid tablets, laptops, etc. The patent proposes a way to chemically create textured glass at the folds of the screen to prevent it from cracking.

Apple's largest laptop currently on sale is the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Apple once launched the 17-inch MacBook Pro, which was discontinued in 2012.

SpaceX Starship will conduct third test flight as soon as mid-March

SpaceX announced that the third flight test of Starship will start as soon as March 14 and is currently awaiting regulatory approval.

SpaceX stated on its official website that this test flight will attempt to achieve a series of ambitious goals, including successfully completing two stages of lift-off combustion, effectively opening and closing the Starship's cargo bay door, and conducting a propellant transfer demonstration. Reigniting the Raptor engine in space and achieving controlled re-entry of Starship.

SpaceX says it is working to create a fully reusable transportation system, so recursive improvements to it are essential. SpaceX hopes the transportation system can carry crews and cargo into Earth orbit, help return humans to the moon, and eventually travel to Mars and beyond.

A live webcast of the flight test will begin approximately 30 minutes before liftoff and can be viewed on the SpaceX official website and social platform X @SpaceX.

big company

Apple bans Epic iOS developer account

Epic issued a press release stating that Apple terminated its developer account and Epic's plan to develop a third-party app store on iOS in the EU was suspended.

Apple said Epic is "untrustworthy" and may not fulfill its contractual obligations, posing a threat to Apple's software ecosystem. Apple may terminate its Developer Program License Agreement at its sole discretion.

Epic accused Apple of blatantly suppressing its main rival and said it would complain to European regulators about Apple's actions.

According to the Financial Times, the European Commission has asked Apple to provide "further explanation" for its decision to terminate the Epic Games developer account yesterday. The European Commission said it is investigating this under the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Epic's game "Fortnite" was removed from the Apple App Store in 2020. After the EU asked Apple to open up iOS, Epic announced that it would launch the Epic Game Store on EU iOS devices and bring back "Fortnite."

Microsoft engineers report Copilot security issues

A Microsoft engineer, Shane Jones, expressed concern about the use of Copilot Designer, Microsoft's AI text and image generator, to generate violent and pornographic images.

The engineer, who had been working at Microsoft for six years, tested Copilot Designer in his free time and discovered that the AI ​​tool generated pornographic and violent content. He issued a warning to the company, but said Microsoft failed to take appropriate action.

Jones worked to highlight these issues within the company, ultimately choosing to write to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Microsoft's board of directors.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that they will resolve issues raised by employees in accordance with company policy and that the company has established internal reporting channels to properly investigate and remediate any issues.

Nikon acquires RED

Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon (NIKON) announced that they will acquire American movie camera manufacturer, LLC, and RED will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nikon. At present, the two parties have reached an agreement, but certain closing conditions under the agreement must be met.

Nikon said in a press release that the agreement was the result of the mutual desire of Nikon and RED to combine the strengths of both companies in the future.

In May 2022, RED sued Nikon because the N-RAW format introduced in the 2.0 firmware update of its Z 9 camera infringed on seven of RED's patents. In the end, before the lawsuit between RED and Nikon officially entered the trial stage, both parties filed a joint motion to dismiss the lawsuit, and the Z 9 could therefore continue to use the internally recorded N-RAW format.

Changes in Douyin’s Life Service Department

"LatePost" exclusively reported that the organizational structure of Douyin's life service department and Byte's commercial sales department will undergo major adjustments, and will involve two-way mobility and rotation of some middle-level managers.

Douyin's life service department was originally divided into three parallel departments based on "industry": in-store catering, in-store comprehensive, and hotel and travel. Now it will be reorganized into three regions based on "region": North, Central, and South. At the same time, it will be established to serve the whole country. The NKA department of the large merchant chain is expected to improve the efficiency of its sales team.

Douyin’s food delivery business has temporarily contracted, and the focus of its delivery business may shift to instant retail.

At the same time, the core backbone of Byte's commercial sales department will be transferred to the life services business and will be responsible for taking over the newly established department. Managers who are not transferred externally will also participate in internal rotation.

LeTV interview resume does not need to fill in age, marriage and childcare information

Before Women's Day, LeTV announced that starting from March 7, in LeTV's recruitment process, applicants do not need to fill in age, marriage and childbirth, etc. in their resumes. During the entry process and on-the-job stage, only those responsible for employee file management will be required. Have the right to view the applicant's identity documents and other personal information.

LeTV stated that age, marriage and childbearing status should not be used as a criterion for judging whether one is qualified for a certain job, nor should they become a stumbling block that prevents individuals from realizing their self-worth.

At the same time, LeTV also revealed that the ratio of male and female employees in the company: 1.6:1, and the ratio of employees aged 35 and above to employees aged 34 and below: 1.5:1.

Chen Rui: Station B’s virtual anchors are far ahead in the country

On the evening of March 7, Bilibili announced its fourth quarter and full-year financial results for 2023.

In 2023, Bilibili's turnover was 22.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3%, with a net loss of 4.8 billion yuan. The loss narrowed significantly by 36% compared to last year.

In a conference call, Bilibili Chairman and CEO Chen Rui said that among the company’s value-added businesses, the one with the greatest potential for growth will be live streaming. In the field of virtual anchors, Station B "should be the strongest in China, far ahead."

Station B’s focus on live broadcasting this year will be to place more emphasis on the quality of live broadcast business operations, pay more attention to the improvement of gross profit and gross profit margin, and improve the quality of business growth.

The two most important tasks of Station B in 2024:

  • Achieve profit targets and are confident that profits will turn positive and start making profits in the third quarter of 2024;
  • On the basis of ensuring profitability, we will maintain the healthy development of the content ecosystem, focus on discovering high-quality UP owners, and provide smooth monetization channels for more high-quality UP owners.

MiHoYo’s revenue surpasses NetEase’s in 2023

The data website announced the 2024 Global Publisher Awards. NetEase's ranking fell from 5th last year to 9th, with annual user spending of US$2.06 billion; MiHoYo's ranking rose again, ranking 8th, with annual users Expenditures amounted to $2.15 billion. More than NetEase.

The top five are: Tencent, ByteDance, Google, Activision Blizzard and Playrix.

New product

Lideal will launch pure electric SUV M6 to compete with Model Y

"Everyone Auto" exclusively reported that Ideal will launch a pure electric SUV M6 (internal codename W04), which is expected to be mass-produced and delivered in March 2025.

More information said that the Ideal M6 is positioned as a pure electric 5-seater luxury SUV, competing against Tesla Model Y, Wenjie M5, Xpeng G6 and other models.

Lideal has just released the pure electric MPV MEGA and the 2024 L7/8/9. In the second quarter, Lili will release the Lili L6, a large 5-seater SUV, and three more SUV models will be released in the second half of the year.

It is speculated that the three pure electric models that Ideal will launch in the second half of the year may be M7/8/9, corresponding to the existing L series 7/8/9 models respectively. M6 corresponds to L6.

Huawei P70 series mobile phones revealed to be delayed

Weibo blogger @ Digital Chat Station broke the news yesterday that the release of Huawei’s P70 series of mobile phones will be delayed. Previous reports were that this series of phones will be released in late March.

The blogger continued to reveal that the P70 standard model will be equipped with a relatively small-sized 2.5D 1.5K display, providing a 50Mp ultra-large bottom main camera + periscope lens + wireless charging + Beidou satellite communication, the main camera of the "Super Large Cup" version There will be breakthroughs in telephoto modules and satellite communication technology.

A few days ago, some media reported that Huawei had issued an "order increase" to the supply chain, and the order increase for the production of P70 series mobile phones was up to 50%.

iPhone 16 renderings exposed

Blogger Majin Bu broke the news on X and shared CAD renderings of Apple’s iPhone 16, revealing some major design adjustments.

The first is the change in the rear camera module. The iPhone 16 series may use a vertically arranged dual camera configuration; the iPhone 16 series models will inherit the Action button of the iPhone 15 Pro series; Mark Gurman said that the entire iPhone 16 series may be equipped with A "photo button" – and possibly, like a DSLR, using pressure sensitivity to adjust focus before shooting.

Tesla launches two-seater Model Y in France

According to foreign media reports, Tesla has launched a two-seat Model Y specifically for French business owners so that they can enjoy a unique tax loophole.

This new version of Model Y has only two seats, provides ample storage space of 2158 liters and an amazing cruising range of up to 565 kilometers, and is eligible for commercial vehicle taxation.

In France, 2- or 3-seat commercial vehicles are exempt from TVA tax. According to reports, Tesla launched this model to capture a share of France's huge diesel vehicle market.

new consumption

Nongfu Spring responds to packaging controversy

Recently, some netizens questioned whether the green tea product packaging of Oriental Leaf, a subsidiary of Nongfu Spring, is "Japanese style".

In response, Nongfu Spring customer service said that the architectural patterns on the green tea product labels are artistic creations based on the architectural images of Chinese temples.

The customer service also said that the label text of Oriental Leaf Original Tea Beverage Green Tea product reads "In 1267 AD, the Japanese monk Nanpu Shaoming practiced Buddhism and tea at Jingshan Temple, and brought steamed green tea to the East. This is where Japanese Matcha originated." According to many documents There are descriptions and arguments in all of them. The sources of the content described are authentic and clear. They are designed to demonstrate the impact of Chinese tea and tea culture on the world and to demonstrate national confidence.

CPPCC member: It is recommended that the country completely ban online games for minors

Hong Mingji, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said in an interview that "games can no longer harm people." Minors under the age of 18 should be completely prohibited from playing online games.

He said, "Although games are equipped with anti-addiction functions, many children are addicted to online games and cannot control how long they play games. If the means of controlling games are not effective, we hope that the country will introduce policies to completely ban unused games." Adults play online games." "Games are too harmful. They damage eyes, kill family ties, and inspire greed, cruelty, and selfishness…"

Wahaha takes half-day off on Women's Day and adds 100 yuan meal subsidy

A screenshot posted online shows that Hangzhou Wahaha Group issued a notice on Women’s Day: According to the relevant holiday regulations of the State Council, reflecting the company’s care and love for the majority of female employees, Wahaha’s female employees will have a half-day holiday on the afternoon of March 8, and will be given a 100 yuan meal. repair.

In response, relevant Wahaha staff stated that the situation was true.


"Digimon 02: The First Summon" is scheduled to be released in Mainland China

The theatrical version of the animated film "Digimon 02: The First Summon" has released a trailer with Chinese subtitles, and it is officially announced that it will be released in theaters in mainland China on April 20. Yesterday also marked the 25th anniversary of the launch of Digimon TV.

The new theatrical version will tell the story of Owada, the first human to come into contact with the digital world after the "Hitsuoka Incident", and his Digimon Ukomon. The crisis in the digital world has come again. Daisuke Motomiya and other selected children will Start a new round of adventure.

"The Big Bang Theory" Sheldon & Amy guest star in "Young Sheldon"

"The Big Bang Theory" "Sheldon" actor Jim Parsons and "Amy" actor Mayim Bialik have confirmed to guest star in the finale of "Young Sheldon", which is currently airing in the seventh season ’s final episode, specific details have yet to be revealed.

The one-hour finale of "Young Sheldon" is scheduled to air on May 16.

"Dune 2" is released in mainland China today

The science fiction movie "Dune 2" was officially released in mainland theaters today.

"Dune 2" grossed $178.5 million in its first weekend overseas. Legendary Pictures said that "Dune 3" is actively progressing.

"Dune 2" will explore the legendary journey of Paul Atreides (played by Timothée Chalamet). He joins forces with Qini (played by Zendaya) and the Fremen to embark on a duel. The path of revenge for the conspirator whose family was destroyed. When faced with a choice between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, he must fight to prevent a horrific future that only he can foresee.

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