Morning Post|Apple responds to the system stealing traffic / Weilai opens second-hand car direct sales / Maimai: The average year-end bonus of the top ten factories exceeds 100,000

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  • Apple responds to iOS 15.5 system stealing traffic
  • NIO's official second-hand car "direct car owner sale" service begins trial operation
  • Maimai: The average year-end bonus of the TOP 10 manufacturers exceeds 100,000
  • lululemon releases new SenseKnit running series
  • Fuji mirrorless digital camera X-H2s released
  • PUMA x Modibodi Launch a Leak-Proof Sports Bra Collection
  • Qualcomm CEO says it intends to buy ARM stake
  • Douyin live broadcast rectifies the list function to strengthen the protection of minors
  • Hema launches group purchase and storage service
  • Nike Releases New Recycling Program "Re-Creation"
  • The first Decathlon Sports Park flagship store in the country will be unveiled
  • Resale prices of trendy toy [email protected] plummet

Apple responds to iOS 15.5 system stealing traffic

Recently, several iPhone users reported that after updating the iOS 15.5 system, the "time and location service" in the cellular network service will consume a lot of data in the background of the mobile phone. A screenshot of a netizen showed that his mobile phone traffic was "stolen" as high as 6.3 GB under the service.

In this regard, Apple's senior product experts said that if it is caused by software, the problem can be solved by "resetting the factory settings", and users need to make backups in advance before implementation. If it still cannot be solved, the user can feedback to the engineering department for investigation.

In addition, some netizens suggested that Apple users turn off "Location Services" and iCloud-related functions in "Privacy" to alleviate the problem. (Tech Planet)

NIO's official second-hand car "direct car owner sale" service begins trial operation

On May 31, NIO launched the trial operation of the used car "direct sales by car owners" service, providing users with a platform to freely trade vehicles.

At this stage, the platform provides two services: "sales information release" and "vehicle inspection". Buyers can enter the second-hand car mall through the NIO app to purchase vehicles directly sold by NIO owners, and directly negotiate to confirm the transaction price and transaction details.

In addition, services such as "fund guarantee", "extended warranty" and "financial installment" are being prepared.

NIO’s official used car service will be launched as early as 2021. Used car owners can enjoy 7-day worry-free returns, 1-year or 30,000 km extended factory warranty, free 7kW home charging piles, free life-time road assistance, free life-time car networking, etc. service, and share the BaaS battery rental service. (IT House)

The average year-end bonus of the top ten factories exceeds 100,000 yuan

The "New Economy 2021-2022 Year-end Award Observation" year-end award list released by Maimai colleagues shows that the average year-end award of the TOP 10 companies exceeds 100,000 yuan.

Among them, OPPO, Tencent, and Ant Group ranked among the top three, with an average year-end bonus of 217,100 yuan, 206,300 yuan, and 175,700 yuan respectively. Followed by Alibaba (170,900 yuan), Huawei (168,600 yuan), Kuaishou (168,300 yuan), Baidu (159,300 yuan), Shell Search (154,900 yuan), ByteDance (149,000 yuan) , Didi (102,800 yuan).

However, in the list of the average monthly income of employees, Alibaba employees ranked first with an average monthly income of 33,500 yuan, followed by Shell Search and ByteDance.

At the same time, the report data shows that 78% of workers have year-end bonuses less than three months' monthly salary. (Phoenix Network Technology)

lululemon releases new SenseKnit ™ Running series

Recently, lululemon announced the launch of a new SenseKnit running series, including professional running tops, tights, bodysuits and accessories.

This series of new products uses SenseKnit fabric, which can provide corresponding protection and support for the important muscle groups of the body. In addition, the positioning breathable design and streamlined shape also enhance the running experience.

At the same time, in order to welcome the "Global Running Day" on June 3, many lululemon stores launched running activities such as "scavenger jogging". Users can log in to the lululemon WeChat applet to participate in related community activities.

Fuji mirrorless digital camera X-H2s released

On the evening of May 31, Fuji released its new flagship camera "FUJIFILM X-H2s", which is priced at 16,700 yuan and will be available in July.

In terms of sensors, the X-H2S uses a new 26.16-megapixel back-illuminated stack "X-TransTM CMOS 5 HS" sensor, which has a signal reading speed 4 times faster than the current model.

In terms of processor, the X-H2S adopts "X-Processor 5", which improves the accuracy and speed of autofocus, can achieve continuous shooting at up to 40 frames per second, and also supports shooting 6K/30P and 4K/120P video.

In addition, the X-H2S offers five-axis in-body image stabilization with up to 7.0 stops of compensation, various interface options such as a new card slot for CFexpressTM Type B cards, and an optional file transmitter.

At the press conference, Fuji also released the XF18-120mmF4 power zoom lens and the XF150-600mmF5.6-8 super telephoto zoom lens, and announced the research and development plan of the new lens. (Zhongguancun & IT House)

PUMA x Modibodi Launch a Leak-Proof Sports Bra Collection

In order to solve the embarrassing problem of women's menstrual movement, PUMA and Modibodi recently launched a new series of leak-proof sports underwear.

The collection includes 3 styles of "thong" thong, "brief" briefs and "boyshort", available in dark slate and wine colorways.

It features Modifier Technology fabric that wicks moisture and locks in liquids and odors, replacing the need for disposable pads, pads, and tampons.

The series is currently on the PUMA official store, with the "thong" style priced at $25.50 and the "brief" style at $32.50. (ATP convenience store)

Qualcomm CEO says it intends to buy ARM stake

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said on Monday that the company hopes to participate in the upcoming initial public offering of ARM, the chipmaker owned by SoftBank Group, and buy a stake.

Cristiano Amon said Qualcomm intends to invest with rivals. If the acquisition consortium is large enough, it may also join other companies to acquire ARM directly. He said that Qualcomm has not yet communicated with SoftBank Group about investing in ARM.

After Nvidia failed to acquire ARM for $40 billion, SoftBank Group chose to list ARM. SoftBank will reportedly seek a valuation of at least $60 billion for ARM in the public offering. (Sina Finance)

Douyin live broadcast rectifies the list function to strengthen the protection of minors

On May 31, Douyin Live released an announcement on regulating online live broadcast rewards and strengthening the protection of minors.

On the one hand, anchors need to set up real-name authentication in the broadcast certification link to prevent minors from becoming anchors, and minors cannot start broadcasting or appear on the scene with adults at the same time.

On the other hand, in the "teenage mode", minors cannot watch live broadcasts, and cannot make recharges and rewards. At the same time, the list function has been completely rectified, and the amount of reward consumption is no longer the only basis for ranking anchors and users.

Previously, Douyin has launched strict anti-addiction measures for teenagers, requiring all real-name authentication users under the age of 14 to enter the youth mode, and at the beginning of this year, it launched a special campaign to crack down on inducing underage groups to recharge consumption. (TechWeb)

Hema launches group purchase and storage service

A few days ago, Hema President Hou Yi said that nearly 80% of Hema’s stores have basically resumed online operations, and the supply of more than 5,000 products has resumed.

At the same time, Hema will retain the "mobile supermarket" model previously created during the epidemic, and add community group buying and storage services. The Hema X member store will serve as a pilot, opening group purchases of large-packaged goods to the community once a week.

The mobile supermarket, community order collection, and storage mode are similar to the community group purchase model, which means that Hema has entered the community group purchase track again in a new way. (product play)

Nike Releases New Recycling Program "Re-Creation"

Recently, Nike released a new "Nike Re-Creation" program, the specific content is "collecting vintage and slow-moving items locally and using them to create new locally designed and manufactured products".

The first wave of products will be a limited-edition collection of hoodies and sweatshirts, inspired by Los Angeles' sports culture. Crafted with hand patchwork, dyed patterns, screen-printed graphics and decorative stitching details, each piece is unique.

"This program embodies Nike's co-creation ethos and brings together experts in design, retail, supply chain and sustainability to strategize and learn," said Nike Chief Design Officer John Hoke.

The Nike Re-Creation collection is currently only available at Nike The Grove stores in Los Angeles. (Hypebeast)

The first Decathlon Sports Park flagship store in the country will be unveiled

Decathlon's first sports park flagship store in Greater China, "Decathlon Huguan Store", will start its trial operation on June 2.

The store is located in Suzhou High-tech Zone, with a shopping mall area of ​​5,500 square meters and a sports venue of 1,700 square meters, including a basement floor and a ground floor.

According to reports, the store has immersive camping areas and exclusive exhibition areas for bicycles, roller skating and other sports, and provides immersive sports shopping experiences such as interactive screens and 3D foot scanners, aiming to reach the target audience of families and parents.

Decathlon opened the first physical mall in Asia in Shanghai in 2003, and officially entered the Chinese market. By 2021, it has covered 178 shopping malls in 46 cities across the country.

Resale prices of trendy toy [email protected] plummet

[email protected], which has been popular with young people in recent years, is facing the dilemma of a rapid decline in value, whether it is a limited edition, a joint edition, or a relatively cheap mass sale.

In January of this year, the 1000% size doll jointly sold by [email protected], Bape and Kong Shanji, the price in the secondary market dropped from about 28,000 yuan to about 18,000 yuan; [email protected], the cat and mouse known as the weather vane, Prices in the secondary market fell from a high of 9,000 yuan to around 6,000 yuan now.

"That NG" reported that [email protected] is still a niche in the so-called pan-trend collection field in China. Every price drop of [email protected] is related to scams and scandals, and the epidemic is also an important reason for [email protected]’s status. In addition, the price of 1000% toys produced by domestic trendy toy brands has risen, and NFT and other outlets have become new targets for investors. (that NG)

If all the water in the world turned into beer

TERRA, a beer brand owned by South Korea's HITEJINRO, made an advertisement to drown the world with beer.

After the TERRA dam was opened, the beer flowed to all parts of the world along the river, and everyone began to take a bath and surf in the beer… In the end, the blue planet became a golden planet.

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