Morning Post|Altman will undergo internal investigation after returning to OpenAI/Alibaba intranet revealed that Jack Ma has not sold any shares/Glory will change coaches and will enter the capital market through IPO



Altman returns to OpenAI as CEO, but faces pressing challenges next

Chairman changes, Honor will enter the capital market through IPO


Claude 2 gets massive upgrade, context length doubled

Alibaba internal disclosure: Currently Jack Ma has not sold any shares and is firmly optimistic about Alibaba


Police report the arrest of Douyu CEO: Chen Moujie was arrested on suspicion of opening a casino

Sources say Pinduoduo is entering the field of large models

Supply chain source: Li Auto expects sales of 800,000 units next year

Touch ID will not return on iPhone 16

Realme GT5 Pro debuts Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 + IMX890 telephoto combination

Feishu launches "Feishu Intelligent Partner" and other series of AI products

1.5 billion to sell education business to New Oriental, and Oriental Select to become a pure live streaming e-commerce company

ASICS x COSTS releases new joint shoe model GT-2160 "Shao Kei"

Union releases 2023 holiday collection


Jackie Chan stars in new version of "The Dragon King"

Netflix's hit drama "Black Mirror" renewed for seventh season

Drama version of "The Gentlemen" released stills


Altman returns to OpenAI as CEO, but faces pressing challenges next

On the evening of November 21, local time, OpenAI announced that it had reached an agreement in principle and Sam Altman will return to OpenAI as CEO.

At the same time, OpenAI co-founder and president Greg Brockman, who previously resigned, will also return. He said, "I will start programming again tonight."

Sam Altman has agreed to an internal investigation into actions that allegedly prompted the board to oust him, according to The Information.

As a condition of returning to OpenAI, neither Altman nor Brockman will regain a seat on the company's board of directors.

New board members include board chairman and former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Quora founder Adam D'Angelo.

Now, Altman faces difficulties mainly in repairing the rifts within the company and its corporate image.

One of the most pressing challenges is determining the role of chief scientist Ilya Sutskever and her allies on the AI ​​safety team, who initially supported Altman's ouster.

At the same time, Altman needs to move quickly to eliminate OpenAI's reputational damage among customers and employees. Competitors such as Amazon, Anthropic, Cohere and Adept have spent the past few days taking advantage of the opportunity to attract customers or recruit employees.

Chairman changes, Honor will enter the capital market through IPO

Yesterday evening, the board of directors of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. issued an announcement stating that in order to realize the company's next stage of strategic development, the company will continue to optimize its ownership structure, attract diversified capital, and promote the company's entry into the capital market through an initial listing.

According to the announcement, in accordance with relevant regulations such as the Company Law and the Articles of Association, Mr. Wu Hui will serve as the company’s director and chairman, and Mr. Wan Biao will serve as the vice chairman, elected by the company’s shareholders’ meeting and the board of directors.

According to China Business News, Wu Hui was previously the chairman of Shenzhen Water Group Co., Ltd., and sources said that the purpose of this coaching change is to promote the listing process of Honor. At the same time, affected by rumors of Honor’s “backdoor” listing, many concept stocks have recently hit their daily limit.

As an indirect shareholder of Honor, Tianyin Holdings issued an announcement to clarify on the evening of November 21, saying that it was concerned about media rumors that Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. might be listed on the backdoor of Tianyin Holdings, which was inconsistent with the facts.

big company

Claude 2, a strong rival of ChatGPT, undergoes a large-scale upgrade, doubling the context length

While OpenAI is in turmoil, rival Anthropic has launched a massive update to its Claude 2 chatbot.

The updated Claude 2.1 has doubled the context length from the original 100,000 tokens to 200,000, allowing the robot to process approximately 150,000 words of text at a time, which is equivalent to more than 500 pages of documents, surpassing GPT-4 again.

The upgrade also reduces Claude's hallucinations by half, a problem that artificial intelligence like Claude and ChatGPT have long struggled to solve.

Additionally, Anthropic revealed that in the recent Claude 2.1 update, the chatbot’s error rate decreased by 30% when processing extremely long documents.

Anthropic says it still takes several minutes to upload and analyze such a large amount of content. However, the company expects processing times to decrease as technology advances.

Alibaba internal disclosure: Currently Jack Ma has not sold any shares and is firmly optimistic about Alibaba

According to "LatePost", in response to recent news that Jack Ma has sold a huge amount of Alibaba shares, Alibaba partner and chief talent officer Jiang Fang posted on Alibaba's intranet yesterday: "Jack Ma has not sold a single share."

Jiang Fang said that in order to invest in agricultural technology at home and abroad and obtain funds for public welfare projects, Jack Ma's office signed a holding reduction contract with a stock broker in August this year.

According to regulations, this conditional future holding reduction plan will be announced to the public in mid-November.

Since the selling price set at that time was much higher than the current stock price, as long as the stock price did not reach the set selling price, the shares would not be sold. Therefore, in fact, not one share of the stock held by Jack Ma was sold.

Jiang Fang also conveyed to Alibaba employees through the intranet that Jack Ma was firmly optimistic about Alibaba, "Alibaba's stock is currently much lower than Alibaba's actual value, and he will not sell it."

Regarding the recent rumors that Alibaba will lay off 25,000 people, Jiang Fang said, "We have called the police to hold the rumor mongers accountable. We hope to see the rumor mongers take responsibility as soon as possible."

Police report the arrest of Douyu CEO: Chen Moujie was arrested on suspicion of opening a casino

Yesterday, Chengdu Dujiangyan Public Security Bureau issued a notice: After investigation, it was found that Chen Moujie (male, 39 years old) was suspected of opening a casino. Currently, Chen Moujie has been arrested in accordance with the law. The case is under further investigation.

Previously, Douyu announced that the company’s CEO Chen Shaojie was arrested by Chengdu police around November 16, 2023. The company has not received any formal notification of the investigation into Chen Shaojie or the reasons for Chen Shaojie's apparent arrest.

As the CEO of a listed company, Chen Shaojie last appeared in the public eye when he attended the company's second quarter financial report analysis call in August.

Public information shows that Chen Shaojie was born in 1984. In 2010, he bought Station A, the “originator of two-dimensional websites” in China, and established Station A’s “Shengbang” channel. Four years later, he made the “Shengbang Broadcasting” channel independent from Station A and changed its name to “Douyu TV”.

Sources say Pinduoduo is entering the field of large models

According to Tech Planet, Pinduoduo has established a large AI model team of dozens of people, located in Shanghai.

According to reports, Pinduoduo’s large model team will explore the application of AI large models in customer service, dialogue and other scenarios, and will expand to its cross-border e-commerce platform TEMU smart customer service, search, recommendation and other business scenarios. Currently, the entire process is still in the research and development stage.

Industry analysts believe that Pinduoduo’s large-scale model will serve its e-commerce system, including applications in AI shopping guides and intelligent generation of product images.

Pinduoduo has begun recruiting in the field of large models through its official website and other recruitment channels. The annual salary for large model positions is in the millions, with the highest being nearly 1.3 million yuan.

Supply chain source: Li Auto expects sales of 800,000 units next year

According to The Paper, reporters learned from supply chain authorities that Li Auto’s sales forecast for supply chain companies in 2024 is 800,000 vehicles.

Regarding this sales target, the relevant person in charge of Li Auto responded that the specific target figures for 2024, including production capacity, have not been disclosed to the public. Generally speaking, Li Auto hopes to challenge the number one luxury brand in 2024.

The data currently disclosed by Li Auto shows that Li Auto’s sales in the first three quarters of this year were 244,200 units. In its third-quarter financial report, Lilith gave delivery guidance for the fourth quarter of 125,000 to 128,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 169.9% to 176.3%.

Based on this calculation, Li Auto will complete sales of approximately 370,000 vehicles in 2023. To achieve the sales target of 800,000 vehicles in 2024, it will need to increase by approximately 430,000 vehicles from this year, an increase of 116%.

New product

Touch ID will not return on iPhone 16

According to digital blogger @手机 Chipmaster, Apple’s iPhone 16 series to be released next year will not be equipped with under-screen Touch ID fingerprint recognition.

He said, "The fingerprint recognition chip is a special 8-inch process. Most of the devices originally used for Apple's fingerprint recognition have been shut down and sealed. Basically, Apple will not use fingerprint recognition as a way to unlock mobile phones."

Currently, Touch ID is only available on iPhone SE 3 models. There are reports that iPhone SE 4 will be modified based on iPhone 14 and equipped with Face ID unlocking solution, replacing the previous generation iPhone models that are still equipped with Touch ID.

However, there are still rumors that Apple is developing under-screen fingerprint technology, which may debut around 2026. There are also reports that Apple will move Face ID to the bottom of the device display at the same time.

Realme GT5 Pro debuts Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 + IMX890 telephoto combination

At the realme super core imaging technology communication meeting held yesterday, realme said:

The upcoming flagship new product Realme GT5 Pro will be equipped with the third-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 + IMX890 super light periscope telephoto, which can reduce image power consumption by up to 10% and increase single frame processing speed by 44%.

According to reports, the Realme GT5 Pro’s super-core telephoto imaging system supports main-level DOL-HDR at the telephoto end for the first time. Through a new 2×6+1 multi-frame optimization strategy, it achieves ultra-high dynamic range HDR effects.

In addition, Realme has also reached an in-depth cooperation with ArcSoft to jointly calibrate and launch the telephoto ultra-light and shadow engine, which further improves telephoto imaging capabilities from the three dimensions of AI semantic perception, image quality enhancement, and calculation of light and shadow.

Feishu launches "Feishu Intelligent Partner" and other series of AI products

Yesterday, Feishu held a product launch conference and officially released a series of AI products such as "Feishu Intelligent Partner". 10,000 places are open for a limited time, and users can make an appointment to try it out.

It is reported that "Feishu Intelligent Partner" is an open AI service framework. Enterprises can independently select suitable underlying large models according to business scenarios, and support business scenarios such as content summary, content creation, data analysis, and system construction.

At present, "Feishu Intelligent Partner" has been put on trial in companies such as Anke Innovation and Yuanqi Forest, and has achieved AI efficiency improvements in multiple work scenarios such as sales and marketing.

new consumption

1.5 billion to sell education business to New Oriental, and Oriental Select to become a pure live streaming e-commerce company

Oriental Selection announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that it will sell its education business to parent company New Oriental for a total of 1.5 billion yuan, to be paid in cash.

After the sale, the industries operated by the Group and New Oriental Group will be differentiated and different from each other. The Group will no longer operate in the field of online education, but will become a specialized operator of self-operated products and live broadcast services.

This sale specifically includes all the equity interests of Youbo Hong Kong, Kuxuehuisi and Xi'an Ruiying. In addition to the education business's own debt of 153 million yuan, this transaction is expected to bring a profit of 1.653 billion yuan to Oriental Selection.

The specific delivery will be completed within ten business days after March 1, 2024 or a date otherwise agreed by the parties.

ASICS x COSTS releases new joint shoe model GT-2160 "Shao Kei"

Recently, ASICS teamed up with Shenzhen fashion house COSTS to jointly release a new joint shoe model GT-2160 "Shao Kei".

This cooperation is based on the design concept of "THIS IS COSTS WAY" – providing comfortable products and creating exclusive trends for consumers. It highlights the design language with Lingnan characteristics and presents more possibilities for combining daily utensils with trendy soil. .

COSTS x ASICS GT-2160 "粲箕" will be first sold on the COSTS website and stores on November 24th, and will be sold in designated ASICS channels around the world from November 28th.

Union releases 2023 holiday collection

Recently, Union released its brand new lookbook for the 2023 holiday series.

The new season adheres to the consistent practical aesthetics and perfectly integrates modern and retro aesthetics. The brand's FRONTMAN logo, "PEACE" slogan and graffiti Vintage patterns highlight the street style, complementing the retro colors represented by plaid and hippie JOPLIN patterns.

The new series includes sweatshirts, plaid shirts, overalls, sweaters, parkas and other items, and is now available on Union's official website.


Jackie Chan stars in new version of "The Dragon King"

Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio have announced that they will star in a remake of the famous action film "The Kid" and have launched a global audition for the film's leading role to find a new generation of "The Kid".

Released in 1984, "The Kid" was previously a remake of the movie "Kung Fu Dreams," which tells the story of an American kid who comes to China and learns martial arts.

The original version tells the story of an American teenager learning karate from a Japanese master in California and understanding its philosophy. Macchio starred in the 1984 version, and Jackie Chan also starred in the 2010 version.

The movie is scheduled to start filming next year and will be released in North America on December 13, 2024.​

Netflix's hit drama "Black Mirror" renewed for seventh season

Netflix's popular drama "Black Mirror" has been renewed for a seventh season. The cast and script details are currently unknown. Creators Charlie Brooker, Annabell Jones, and Jessica Rhodes will return as executive producers. It is planned to be later this year. Start filming.

The show launched its sixth season in June this year after a four-year absence, with record ratings.​​​

Drama version of "The Gentlemen" released stills

Stills from the drama version of "The Gentlemen" created by Guy Ritchie have been released, and the world of London gangsters/drug lords is once again in turmoil. Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Giancarlo Esposito, Vinnie Jones Waiting to appear.

It is adapted from the crime action comedy of the same name directed by Guy Ritchie. He also directed the first two episodes of the drama version and served as co-writer and executive producer of the first episode. It will be produced by Miramax TV and will be launched next year.​​​

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