More than 35 companies including Meta, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Huawei, etc. established the “Metaverse Standard Forum”, but Apple was not seen

The metaverse that many companies have entered the game, in their view, is the future of the Internet and the virtual world that people will step into in the future. The emergence and development of every new field always has to go through the stage of "exploration". After a rollercoaster of ups and downs in curiosity about the metaverse, syndication in the industry has finally emerged.

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Not long ago, many well-known companies joined forces to establish the "Metaverse Standards Forum". It is intended to facilitate the development of interoperability standards for an open and inclusive metaverse and to accelerate its development and deployment through pragmatic, action-based projects.

A "forum" that brings together leading standards bodies and companies for industry-wide collaboration on the interoperability standards needed to build the Open Metaverse. At present, the founding members of the "Metaverse Standard Forum" already include more than 35 companies including Meta, Microsoft, Huawei, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Epic Games, Unity and Adobe, IKEA, etc.

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In addition to the founding members, this "forum" is also open to any for-profit or non-profit organization (including companies, standards organizations, industry associations or universities) free of charge, providing a venue for cooperation between standards organizations and companies.

That is, this "forum" is not an organization that creates new standards, but it coordinates requirements and resources to facilitate the creation and development of standards within standards organizations working in related fields. In short, what it wants to do is to promote interoperability standards for the Open Metaverse through the collaboration of leading standards bodies and companies.

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According to the "forum," the forum will focus on the implementation of certain projects, such as hackathons, plugin festivals, and open-source tools, to accelerate testing and adoption of standards, while developing consistent terminology and deployment guidelines. The range of projects the Forum plans to focus on include, but are not limited to, interactive 3D assets, financial transactions, and human-machine interface programs such as AR and VR.

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It is worth mentioning that there is no Apple in this industry "forum" that brings together many technology giants, which naturally caused a lot of speculation.

As a technology giant that has returned to the number one market value, Apple is also currently developing AR/VR headsets, which is obviously not completely unintentional to the Metaverse. After all, Cook only mentioned his AR vision in a recent interview: "I'm very excited about the opportunities we see in this space."

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But the reason why Apple did not join the "forum" may be the AR/VR headset the company is developing. Meta, a founding member of the Forum, is also working on the next-generation headset, the Quest 2 Pro, which many believe could be more than a match for Apple's headset in this space.

In addition, Epic Games, a founding member of the forum, also has a legal entanglement with Apple. These "festivals" and competition may hinder Apple's footsteps in the "forum".

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But people always say that there are no permanent rivals in the marketplace. In addition, the Metaverse seems to have become a "competitive place" for technology companies, so Apple chose to join the "forum", perhaps in the eyes of this technology giant, the current organization does not seem to have to join, and Or, it wants to create its own metaverse ecology.

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The future of the Metaverse has not yet arrived, and everything has not yet been determined. Where the Metaverse will go with the joint organization of "Forum" is still full of unknowns and "surprises".

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