More and more like Xiaohongshu, the lost “Dianping” loses the public

Poor taste is the original sin of food, and false evaluations are an accomplice to the abuse.

Now I want to find a good store in "Dianping". I really don't know if the chances of winning a lottery or stepping on thunder are high.

"The thunder I stepped on in the public praise" Douban group may restore its 2003 style.

At that time, Dianping was still an independent third-party consumer review website, which used the opinions of “public” to provide reference for more “public”. The good ones were praised, and the bad ones were derogatory. Criticism was the foundation of its foundation.

But after the merger with Meituan, it may be earlier. It has already lost the public. False positive reviews, malicious negative reviews, and cancellation of Orange V privileges are deadly.

When reviews start "inside scroll"

As the saying goes, "ten sellers and nine brushes", no matter which e-commerce platform, it is getting harder and harder to find a few real reviews in malicious negative reviews and false positive reviews. But Dianping is still a bit different. The difference lies in its membership mechanism and review method.

Orange V is the membership mechanism of "Dianping". The conditions for applying for Orange V are Dianping level ≥ Lv2, registration time ≥ 3 months, and 15-word compliance evaluation ≥ 10 or 100-word compliance evaluation ≥ in the past 3 months 3 articles. After becoming an Orange V, you have to embark on the long upgrade path of VIP1-VIP8.

▲ What kind of experience is it to become a V8? .

There are many rights and interests of Orange V, and the "Overlord Meal" (now renamed "Free Trial") lottery qualification may be the most important one.

The "Overlord Meal" campaign was jointly launched by Dianping's official and merchants. Orange V members are invited to eat for free by drawing quotas. Members only need to write a long review after having a good meal, and it is not required to be a good comment.

This is likely to be thankless to the merchants, and even in the case of "spending money in exchange for bad reviews," the platform will also take a lot of commissions from it.

The navy is a species that will inevitably appear at a certain stage of the development of the Internet. "Informal Overlord Meal" is at the right time. Some MCN organizations are often used to help businesses organize and distribute orders to different levels of Orange V members in the WeChat group. Task. Merchants can avoid a lot of intermediate costs, and they don’t have to worry about the quality of reviews. The entire process has a complete gray industrial chain.

In fact, even particularly mature and formal restaurants such as McDonald's and Quanjude still have the need to maintain monthly reviews. V8 user Fat Mao once entered McDonald's WeChat group, and the request for comments called "Operation" was very cumbersome. In terms of revenue, one V7 review is 70 yuan, and one V5 review is 50 yuan.

V7, V8 and other Orange V’s praises are more likely to be swiped by users because of their weights. Although the orange V that eats the "Overlord's Meal" may be a sincere and sincere praise, the appearance of false praise is inevitable.

Since "false positive reviews" are okay, so can "malicious negative reviews".

According to the "Shen Ran" report, the "delete bad reviews" service on the market is not completely deleted, but a complaint to the platform under the name of "malicious bad reviews". If the complaint is successful, this bad review may disappear in the selected reviews, and the possibility of customers seeing it is greatly reduced.

When you spend money on good reviews and delete bad reviews, merchants are caught in a vicious circle of false positive and malicious negative reviews. I brushed you and brushed him. No one can't help it. But in the end, KOC (Key Opinion Consumers) and MCN agencies are the ones who make sure that they don't lose their money.

For Dianping, this is tantamount to self-destructive foundation.

Therefore, in April 2019, Dianping officially launched the special platform governance "Action Clearance". In the first half of 2021, Dianping punished more than 10,000 merchants and 50,000 user accounts for issues such as reviewing orders and reviewing reviews.

But behind the bold and resolute, there are many dark corners that cannot be shot.

Some users’ five-star reviews were judged to be "false reviews", but the customer service was unable to give specific review criteria. It is of course a good thing to clean up false positive reviews, but if users are to be deprived of even the most basic evaluation qualifications, can merchants only use official promotion channels if they want to manage their own reputation and ratings? The stakes are hard not to let people think about it.

Many Orange Vs have been deducted credit points or even titled, most of which are due to "receiving business benefits." From the perspective of the platform, this is indeed a powerful way to prevent false positive reviews, and many old users who have been "injured by mistake" say that the love and time of those years have been wrongly paid.

It is precisely because of this that V7 and V8 users, who were originally favored and more weighted, will not be invited privately by merchants to participate in activities, because they are more likely to be punished for continuing to give good reviews.

While the Volkswagen platform actively or passively attacked old users, it was also rumored that it would support the official team. Some posts about recruiting official experience officers and commenters were circulating on the Internet.

WenJun, who has dealt with the business of Dianping's merchants, believes that Dianping, as an Internet platform, definitely hopes to use KOLs (opinion leaders) as resources instead of third parties or merchants. Therefore, on the one hand, it must limit vicious competition such as scrutiny, and on the other hand, it must find ways to increase the activity of existing KOLs on the platform.

For merchants with promotion needs, whether they choose official or third-party platforms to assist in promotion, the cost will increase slightly as the promotion threshold rises and the official risk control rules change.

Moreover, chain stores and Internet celebrity stores with rich financial resources are often the ones with high willingness to pay and strong demand for promotion.

V8 user Fat Mao uses Dianping on two mobile phones at the same time. One has an Orange V account, and the other has almost no usage history on Dianping. It turns out that if you search for "nearby" restaurants on the homepage, if you have a lot of browsing history, the top ones are those you frequently visit. If it is a new account, the top three restaurants may have moisture and space for commercial operations.

▲ On the left is the new account, and on the right is the Orange V account.

It seems difficult for Dianping to find the degree of control over Dianping. Merchants who review reviews and MCN are still walking in the gaps in the rules. Merchants who review reviews inadvertently are easily left behind. Consumers who need strategies are misled. Orange V, who seriously evaluates but is punished, is chilled. Those who really need public comment have failed to achieve their goals, which is a kind of involution.

Do you still believe in KOC?

From organizing V7 and V8 users in the past to recruiting shop explorers and official experience officers, it is actually the same logic. Their weight and prestige are relatively high, and the results are relatively controllable, and businesses can quickly rise to the list.

But the question is, as a consumer, are you still willing to believe in KOC?

The essence of Dianping is the UGC community, that is, content is produced by users. In the early years, there was a forum-like atmosphere, and collective wisdom was aggregated in the consumer experience spontaneously shared by users for consumers' reference.

However, with the development of the Orange V rating system, users with higher levels have greater volume. When they are organized by a third party to detonate a shop, it is enough to cover other noises. And instead of writing reviews seriously, the current traffic is easy to create through marketing methods, just like the previous celebrities rely on works, the current traffic celebrities rely on packaging.

But this is unavoidable. In the flood of information where attention is becoming more and more difficult to concentrate, the trend of the Internet is to develop towards the KOC model, allowing more consumers to grow grass in the form of short videos and graphics.

Although in the era of Internet decentralization, everyone has the opportunity to speak up, but in fact, most of the people who can enter the public view are still those KOCs that possess social capital (class is a kind of capital). This is the problem. The forum in the past was a garden of Eden when the Internet was not sinking.

To some extent, Michelin, which is world-renowned, is also an expert-centric "Quality Life List", with one-way control and interpretation of information. Its long-standing, mysterious and authoritative evaluation system is often questioned, but at least it adheres to a set of standards and is not so easy to step on thunder. But now KOC's standards are hard to say.

In the second half of 2020, Dianping has repeatedly revised its version. On August 3, 2020, Dianping closed the contribution value display, and the static rating changed to a dynamic rise; on January 1, 2021, Dianping officially cancelled the two privileges of Orange V (VIP exclusive group purchase and good quality coupons) .

The core of the previous initiative seems to be contradictory. Turning off the display of contribution value should be to combat the behavior of maintaining account and brushing orders, but changing the static level to dynamic rise and fall is to hope that users will continue to produce content.

The latter measure directly reduces the actual value of Orange V. Except for food lovers who are purely interested in generating electricity, the number of orange Vs who insist on writing reviews in order to obtain VIP privileges may gradually decrease, and the number of orange Vs that charge promotion fees will gradually increase.

In fact, most of Orange V who write reviews for privilege are high-frequency and high-quality users.

▲ Teach you how to write high-quality reviews.

When the "silent majority" who are used to reviewing business reviews find that the reviews are becoming more and more false and choose not to believe it anymore, the foundation of the public comment is gone.

Say goodbye to small but beautiful, and enter the "menopause"

On October 8, 2015, and jointly issued a statement announcing the establishment of a new company. After the merger, the two parties will retain their respective brands and businesses to operate independently.

Since then, the balance between Meituan and Dianping has been tilted to one end. The former has grown into a super application, while the latter has stalled.

In September 2020, "Meituan Dianping" announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that it decided to simplify the company's name to "Meituan". Dianping lost the name of fighting against Meituan. In the past, Mobike was the same.

According to China Business News, high-margin merchant marketing and digital services are important sources of income for Dianping. Dianping’s charges for merchants are diverse and not cheap. For example, in order to maintain the beauty of the shop’s search pages in Dianping, a layout fee of 3,600 yuan a year (such as shop logos, photos of recommended dishes, etc.) is required.

Therefore, Dianping’s source of income is mainly focused on the merchant side.

More importantly, the massive amount of user interaction content accumulated by Dianping for more than ten years is beyond the reach of competitors such as "Word of Mouth."

However, Dianping seems to be caught up in the conflict between content and business, and is trapped in the predicament of the "four dissimilarities".

On December 21, 2020, Dianping went offline for 14 years of "community" products and discontinued related services. The reason was that "more and more users are sharing their lives in the recommended information stream on the homepage, which originated from the PC era. Community products can no longer meet the needs of users in the mobile Internet era."

It can be seen that Dianping very much wants to be a mobile content ecological platform. It encourages users to continue to create note content through the "+" button at the bottom of the homepage. High-quality notes have the opportunity to be recommended to the homepage and be seen, followed and interacted by more users. The model is more and more like Xiaohongshu.

▲ The interface of Xiaohongshu (left) and Dianping (right).

Dianping’s current interface looks no different from Xiaohongshu. It not only has graphic notes but also short videos, not only food, but also clothing, travel, and life skills.

Dianping also uses various means to encourage users to produce pictures, texts and video notes, packaging users to become Internet celebrities.

It is worth mentioning that in 2018, Dianping had been questioned about directly carrying the content of Xiaohongshu. Xiaohongshu stated that "Xiaohongshu is not built in a day, and it is impossible to copy it with one click." Dianping also admitted its own " Reprinted in violation of regulations".

In the past, the content was moved, and now the reference model, the uniqueness of Dianping has been ruined a little bit by itself.

Douyin and Kuaishou also want to recreate "Dianping." In comparison, Douyin and Kuaishou have two content forms, short video and live broadcast, and they have more advantages in terms of content and integrity of the transaction chain. Dianping also has a live broadcast, but the location of the live broadcast entrance is very small, and the number of viewers is very small.

Dianping’s ambitions and anxiety are often present, but its series of operations have led to a worsening of user experience, becoming more and more like a group framework product without advantages and individuality. Even the original small and beautiful tools cannot be guaranteed. In the future May only be reduced to another traffic entrance for Meituan.

When the top stores are well-known but not delicious, Dianping has no reference meaning except for allowing users to check the store address and phone number.

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