Montblanc SUMMIT 2+ In Pictures: A compromise between old-school gentlemen and digital geeks

The transformation of traditional fuel vehicle brands into new energy sources is not uncommon in 2020. However, it seems that there are still only a handful of traditional watch manufacturers that have transformed into smart watches.

Among them, Montblanc is considered an "activist." In 2015, the "smart strap" was launched, and in 2017, the first generation of smart smartwatch SUMMIT was launched. However, the appearance of the first-generation SUMMIT is really unremarkable, as the saying goes, "not the smell of Montblanc."


▲ The first generation of SUMMIT. Picture from: Hypebeast

So Montblanc immediately released SUMMIT 2 in 2018, which adopted a similar design language to its classic 1858 series watches, symbolizing that it had begun to "enlighten". We have written about the hands-on experience of this product before , and you can click to read if you are interested.

▲ Montblanc SUMMIT 2

Two years later, SUMMIT 2 has been updated, but the upgraded version is not called SUMMIT 3, but SUMMIT 2+. There are four versions of SUMMIT 2+, available in black stainless steel, bronze stainless steel, primary stainless steel, and ladies (rose gold), with leather and rubber models to choose from. I got the original color stainless steel leather model.

At first glance, SUMMIT 2+ seems to look the same as the previous generation. The same exquisite shell, the polishing and polishing process is the same as SUMMIT 2. But if you look closely, it is still easy to find the difference between the two.

Judging from the front face, the information on the outer circle of the dial is richer, and the positions are marked with numbers every ten minutes. Montblanc’s brand name is added directly above to further strengthen the brand attributes.

The diameter of the last representative disk is 42mm, but this generation has increased to 43.5mm. The area of ​​the AMOLED display screen has also been upgraded from 1.2 inches to 1.3 inches, which is more comfortable on the look and feel.

Another noticeable change is the crown. The crown is actually a very delicate component that highlights the watch's sense of refinement. However, many smart watches don't put much effort on the crown. The crown of Montblanc SUMMIT 2+ is also larger and more recognizable than the previous generation.

From the side, the Montblanc logo in black and white is printed on the top of the crown, and the design of the outer ring is still the taste of the 1858 series. Tap the top of the crown to call out the menu page, long press to call out the voice assistant. Rotate the crown to slide the menu, and cooperate with the almost native Google Wear OS, the interaction is very smooth.

After all, with the design and production experience of traditional watches, Montblanc SUMMIT 2+ has done a very good job in the interactive feedback of buttons. The process of pressing the crown is two-stage. The first stage is a buffer layer designed to prevent accidental touches, and the second stage can exhale the corresponding function. You don't need to press too much, and the feedback is soft and crisp. The damping feeling when rotating the crown is also relatively smooth, it will not be loose, and it will not be too tight.

The function keys on both sides of the crown are also larger than the previous generation. Both function keys can be customized. For example, I set up a brief menu by pressing the up button and a running coach by pressing the down button. In addition, the strength of the button feedback is also excellent, crisp and not soft.

It is worth mentioning that the weight of SUMMIT 2+ has been reduced from 132.4 grams of the previous generation to 93.6 grams, and the wearing comfort has been improved.

In addition to changes in appearance and weight, the biggest difference between SUMMIT 2+ and the previous generation is the addition of eSIM functions. Users can open the same or independent phone number as the mobile phone for SUMMIT 2+. With the built-in China Unicom eSIM card, functions such as independent call and network connection can be realized.

In terms of functions, Montblanc SUMMIT 2+ focuses on health, outdoor and business. Its built-in virtual fitness assistant can recommend a personalized exercise plan based on the user's height, weight, age and other information. Can monitor indoor and outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, free training several sports modes.

Montblanc SUMMIT 2+ has rich outdoor functions. Built-in speedometer, altimeter, barometer, compass and GPS global positioning system, suitable for users who often travel or love outdoor sports.

Its most distinctive feature is undoubtedly the "Timeshifter" application. It will provide personalized recommendations based on the user's sleep pattern, sleep type and flight plan to help travelers adapt to the new time zone more quickly. The built-in "travel information" application can provide information services for multiple countries or regions, such as important information words or phrases, currency and tips, etc.

In addition, Montblanc SUMMIT 2+ also has a built-in Google translation application. Just press and hold the microphone icon and speak the content to be translated, and the application will automatically translate into the target language, which is very suitable for business people who often travel to different countries.

In terms of compatibility, SUMMIT 2+ can be paired well on both the iOS and Android terminals. No function castration has been found yet. Notifications such as WeChat, Weibo, and information received on the iPhone will be displayed on the watch simultaneously.

In addition to the material design, the exquisite and advanced sense of a watch often comes from the dial. SUMMIT 2+ has built-in a variety of Montblanc revolution dials, such as the classic 1858 series, Boheme series, Summit series, etc., which are very suitable for changing to suit and leather shoes when attending formal occasions.

There are also some city series and sports series dials, which are younger and sporty, suitable for changing in daily life. In addition, the built-in "Small Question Dial" application can also download more dials online to keep the watch fresh.

In terms of battery life, SUMMIT 2+ inevitably charges once a day. After 6 hours of moderate use, the battery power dropped from 100% to 61%. With the included charging base, the battery can be charged from 0% to 100% in about two hours.

Finally, to announce the price of Montblanc SUMMIT 2+, the State Bank of China is 9,700 yuan. In terms of brand positioning, this price is not surprising. Compared with more than 20,000 LV and TAG Heuer smart watches, the configuration of this Montblanc watch is already "cost-effective".

For those who like the convenience of smart watches, but need frequent visits to formal occasions, perhaps this Montblanc SUMMIT 2+ can show your attitude towards trends: you have firm aesthetic standards and open yourself to new things. Satisfied.

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