MIUI 12 and 11: all the bugs on Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones

miui 12 bug

The MIUI 12 is arriving on the most recent models produced by Xiaomi , Redmi and POCO , as shown by the official roadmap , but bugs can be on the agenda, even in the case of the previous MIUI 11 . Officially released last spring , the new version of Xiaomi’s UI is proving to be particularly popular. In addition to the aesthetic redesign adopted, the firmware introduces various functional innovations, including camera, system app and so on. This does not mean, however, that there are no builds with more or less relevant problems that afflict some models.

In order to have as broad an overview as possible, we have created an article containing all known bugs discussed within the community. It is not certain that, if you have the indicated smartphone, you have also found it. Obviously we invite you to let us know in the “Comments” section yours, if you have encountered problems that are not listed. For completeness, we would like to specify that these are bugs related to the month of September and not to the previous months, although they could continue to exist even months later. We would like to specify that, for obvious logistical reasons, the bugs you find reported may have been fixed. Given their quantity, we cannot keep track of each of them and delete them in case they disappear.

Last updated: October 23rd

MIUI 12 Stable: download link for various Xiaomi and Redmi models | Download

Here is the list of MIUI 12 and 11 software bugs that afflict Xiaomi smartphones

xiaomi miui 12


23/10 – Various users are complaining of problems with autonomy after updating to MIUI 12. Here you will find all the details .

20/10 – With the update of the Security app to version 4.2.6, the display of battery usage is limited to just 24 hours. A moderator reported that, given the various reports, the developers will consider what to do. However, it is unclear whether this is a bug or a very specific company choice.

07/10 Several users are reporting the impossibility of inserting a space when filling in the name and surname in the MIUI 12 Address Book.

02/10 – This time we are talking about a bug that seems to afflict multiple models, being linked to the MIUI 12 itself. The problems concern Google Assistant, Dark mode and Always-On Display: let’s talk about it here .

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G

28/09 – With the MIUI EEA ROM, you may not hear the voice calling with your Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G, especially as regards the Italian units. Here you will find all the details .

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

15/10 – After Redmi Note 9, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite is also having problems with the proximity sensor. Here you will find all the details .

Xiaomi Mi 9

Mi Pilot – Through the testing program it was noticed how Xiaomi Mi 9 has problems with the display of the icons in the status bar when the Dark Theme is activated. Floating screen video playback results in a black screen. Using the MIUI widgets, the one related to the Calendar does not work, while WhatsApp notifications have no sound. Also, the HDR photo function does not work when shooting in Macro mode and the Weather app returns an inability to use error.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

11/09 – The same problems of abnormal consumption of the Xiaomi Mi 9T battery with MIUI 11 and Android 10 are also found with MIUI 12 . Right from the start, the new version of the UI gave Mi 9T problems, as in the case of the notification bar bug . Unfortunately, Mi 9T has been having autonomy problems for a year, so we hope that it can be solved soon.

xiaomi mi 9t battery bug

Mi Pilot – Thanks to the work done by the members of the Mi Pilot program, many bugs have been found within the MIUI 12 for Mi 9T. For example, the incorrect display of the text in WhatsApp, the gesture for Recent Apps that sometimes do not work or the flickering of the screen during unlocking. But also the black floating windows with App Lock or in video playback, the Calendar widget not working, the notification icons disappearing, English / Chinese translations missing, no double tap animation on the notifications, the incompatibility of Android Auto when there are Dual Apps, the Mi Video app crashing and the Casting mode crashing.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

Mi Pilot – The testing phase of MIUI 12 revealed problems with the Always-On Display, which shows the time in AM / PM mode despite having set it to 24h. Scrolling widgets in the home inadvertently leads to lowering the notification curtain. And as with Mi 9 and Mi 9T, floating screen videos turn black, the Calendar widget doesn’t work and the keyboard gets stuck on the lock screen.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G

23/09 – After updating to MIUI 12 Stable , some users have noticed that Super Wallpapers no longer work on Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G. Despite being in the compatible model list , the 5G model of the latest member of the Mi MIX family no longer runs animated wallpapers normally. As a Xiaomi moderator informs us , the problem could be stemmed with an update of the Themes app.

xiaomi mi mix 3 5g super wallpaper bug

14/09 – The update to MIUI 12 has created problems for the connectivity department of Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G. The update has made it impossible for some users to have normal 5G support , castrating the connection to new generation networks. A major problem: if you want 5G to continue to work, the invitation is to stay with the previous MIUI until Xiaomi fixes the problem. Unless you are using 5G, then you can still consider upgrading.

xiaomi mi mix 3 5g bug

Redmi Note 9

20/10 – After the update to MIUI 12, some users complain about problems with the Redmi Note 9 camera. Here you will find all the details .

Redmi Note 9 Pro / 9S

21/10 – The problems continue for Redmi Note 9 Pro. With the Global and EEA releases some users are having problems with the speaker operation. Unfortunately, the bug also recurs with the latest builds: Xiaomi has confirmed that it is investigating the phenomenon.

09/28 – If you have a Redmi Note 9 Pro with MIUI EEA or Global, you may have encountered sudden reboots. The company is aware of this and is working on an update to fix them.

28/09 – In the case of the Note 9 Pro and 9S duo, the MIUI EEA and Global have problems with the inability to hear the audio on call. A decisive update has already been partially released and should arrive to everyone in these days.

Redmi Note 8/8 Pro

25/10 – The update to Android 10 seems to have “broken” the automatic brightness sensor. Here you will find all the details .

19/10 After the update to MIUI 12, some owners of Redmi Note 8 Pro are complaining of problems with energy consumption . After several reports, the moderators pointed out that this is an Android-related bug and that they are working to fix it .

16/09 – Some owners of redmi Notes 8 Pro reported the inability to open the page with the memory information (Storage Details) after you have upgraded to the MIUI 12 . As confirmed by the moderators, the bug is known to the developers and will be fixed in one of the next future updates.

redmi note 8 pro storage details

03/09 – With the update to MIUI 12, some units of Redmi Note 8 Pro found a bug related to the Control Center . Within the various Quick Toggles present, the one relating to the Auto Sync function has apparently disappeared.

redmi note 8 pro bug auto sync

Mi Pilot – In the testing phase of MIUI 12 Global, it was discovered that the watermark in the camera indicates a wrong model. Furthermore, Google Pay stops working, WhatsApp notifications are displayed poorly, the gesture bar has some transparency problems and some items are missing in the Hotspot options.

Redmi Note 7 Pro

25/09 – A Redmi Note 7 Pro owner pointed out that, with MIUI 12, it is impossible to disable the notification curtain on the lockscreen. The company replied that it will be fixed with the next updates.


20/10 Similarly to Redmi Note 9S, even POCO F2 Pro owners are having problems with Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity. Here you will find all the details .

03/09 – The update to MIUI 12 of POCO F2 Pro first messed up the Widevine L1 certification , then the Control Center . With the new UI, the blurred background does not seem to work, so the Quick Toggles end up annoyingly overlapping the home screen below. The moderators are aware of this problem and it will be fixed in the next updates.

little f2 pro bug quick toggles


15/10 – Many other bugs are popping up with the update to MIUI 12 Global Stable. Here you will find all the details .

11/09 – POCO F1 is also part of the models updated to MIUI 12 and not without some bugs. Right from the start there were problems, given that a ROM passed off as Stable began to circulate on the net but which was actually limited to users who are part of the Mi Pilot program. Then the official MIUI 12 Global Stable update arrived, but a mess of reports related to bugs of various kinds has arisen. The moderators of the dedicated groups also found themselves having to ban several particularly insistent users. But the point is, it has been confirmed that these bugs will be fixed in the next updates.

Mi Pilot – Even POCO F1 has been thoroughly tested, finding several bugs in MIUI 12. For example, by changing the Theme, the shortcuts in the Control Center are reset, as well as there are problems with the launcher refresh rate, notifications that do not open correctly, gestures malfunctions and screen recorder crashes.