Millionaire car! BYD is looking forward to the brand release, the hardcore SUV can be used as a boat, and there is also a supercar with a zero-hundred-acceleration 2s

At the opening of the brand and technology conference, BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu said, "BYD has a technological dream, to provide users with extremely safe cars by better controlling the posture of the body. In the past 20 years, BYD's R&D team has never given up on this goal. Bold idea."

BYD's technological dream almost ran through the entire press conference. During the event, BYD officially released the high-end automobile brand Yangwang, and demonstrated the first domestic mass-produced four-motor drive technology "Easy Sifang" to improve the safety of vehicles.

On the other hand, the million-level new energy hardcore off-road vehicle that has seen spy photos before the press conference also appeared, but the name is U8 instead of R1, and there is an easter egg that is also positioned as a million-level pure electric performance supercar U9 announced .

Look up to the origin of the brand: "Easy Square" technology

According to current outside news, only a small number of models will use four motors, such as Tesla Cybertruck, BMW M pure electric prototype, and Mercedes-Benz G-Class pure electric version, but these are not yet delivered products.

"Easy Sifang" is the first mass-produced four-motor drive technology in China. Both the hard-core off-road U8 and the supercar U9 are equipped with this technology as standard, which means that they will become the first four-motor models in China. The main value of this technology is in terms of safety, through the four-motor independent vector control technology to control the four-wheel dynamics.

The official revealed that the prototype of this project was displayed on the ET concept car released by BYD 20 years ago, but it was not able to go into mass production due to technical limitations at that time, but after years of exploration in the three major technical fields of battery, electric drive and electric control Finally landed.

Scenario 1: High-speed tire instantaneous pressure loss control. When a single wheel of the vehicle is blown out, this technology adjusts the torque of the other three wheels at a frequency of 1,000 times per second, and uses the driving wheel to compensate and intervene in the body posture in time, providing the user with a more controllable state to allow the vehicle to stop stably, thereby Avoid secondary accidents.

Scenario 2: Emergency floating and escape. This is one of the scenes that everyone is most looking forward to before the press conference. The core system of the car with this technology supports IP68 level of protection.

Scenario 3: Driving in the desert/high speed on ice and snow. It is understood that the maximum speed of the "Easy Sifang" platform reaches 20,500rpm, the horsepower exceeds 1,100 horsepower, and the best torque of the four wheels can be calculated. In the official video, looking up at the test vehicle to complete the desert dry pull in the Alxa V-groove slope challenge.

Scenario 4: U-turn in place with high adhesion. This technology is very practical for a large SUV like the U8. It can be driven in reverse by the left and right wheels to achieve in-situ rotation on high-adhesion roads such as asphalt roads.

One-sentence summary: "Easy Sifang" is a four-motor power system born for safety. It will become the standard configuration of all models of the Yangwang brand , but the experience needs to be evaluated after the actual test.

Hard-core off-road U8: equipped with lidar, the acceleration is comparable to that of Model X Plaid

Before the press conference, spy photos of this hard-core off-road vehicle have been circulating on the Internet, but this time the official name announced is U8, not the previously legendary R1. In terms of on-vehicle positioning, it is a typical full-size off-road vehicle, with a body length of more than 5 meters and a width of more than 2 meters.

Compared with the conservative and stable design of previous BYD models, the front face of U8 this time is more avant-garde, which is officially called the "gate of time and space" of the family-style design that looks up to the brand. The front face is equipped with large-area dot-matrix design daytime running lights, but it does not use a closed grille, and the air intake holes can still be seen.

From the wheel eyebrows and the top of the body, we can see the shadow of the lidar, which means that it has also become the first batch of BYD models equipped with lidar, and the ability to assist driving has been improved.

The shape of the tail, especially the spare tire in the shape of a small schoolbag, reveals its tough style. The taillights also adopt a large-area dot matrix design, which echoes the shape of the front face.

In terms of performance, the U8 supported by the "Easy Sifang" technology provides better hard-core off-road performance and safety, and the acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers can reach the level of 3s. what is this concept? At present, the acceleration time of Tesla Model X Plaid from zero to 100 kilometers is 2.6s.

One sentence summary: the appearance is very wild, and the highlights are far more than the "Easy Sifang" technology. For example, in the field of assisted driving , you can see BYD's new direction.

Performance supercar U9: You can buy groceries and get off the track, and accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 2s

The performance supercar U9, which is also positioned at the million-level level, is the "One More Thing" in this conference.

In the appearance design of U9, the front face also adopts the family-style "Gate of Time and Space" language, and adopts large-area dot matrix daytime running lights, but this is also a place where the appearance has mixed reviews. Viewed from the side, it is a classic supercar with a low profile and streamlined shape, and the scissor doors look very individual.

It is understood that the Yangwang brand R&D team has applied innovative technology to the U9 to create a safe body structure, taking into account both urban and track use scenarios. But this car is too ostentatious to drive to buy vegetables in the city.

In terms of performance, Wangwang U9 is also equipped with Yisifang power system. It is positioned as a supercar, and its acceleration does not disappoint. The zero-hundred acceleration reaches 2 seconds. In contrast, the current acceleration time of the Tesla Model S Plaid from zero to 100 kilometers is 2.1s.

One-sentence summary: It is a supercar with powerful performance, but its exterior design has mixed reviews. It’s time for everyone to get used to BYD’s new design.

In the next ten years, look up at the starry sky again

At the beginning of 2023, all major car companies have announced their annual sales data. Among new energy vehicles, BYD's annual cumulative sales ranked first, with a data of 1.8685 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 152.5%. It surpassed GAC Aian, which ranked second with 271,000 vehicles. Behind the hot sales, there is also the story of BYD brand exploration.

If time goes back to 2009, when talking about BYD, many people will think of the F3, which looks very similar to the Toyota Corolla but sells 30,000 units a month. It even became the best-selling car of the year, with cumulative sales reaching 3 million units. It is hard for everyone to imagine a reversal after more than ten years. Toyota bZ3 uses blade batteries and drive motors provided by BYD. What is even more unimaginable is that now BYD has also launched a high-end brand – look up, and it also brings more cutting-edge technology.

Why BYD wants to look up to the brand, I found some reasons at the press conference, Wang Chuanfu said:

"In the history of a century of automobiles, technological breakthroughs often bring brand-new products and experiences", "The performance of the market proves that our choice and persistence are correct, and it also ushers in opportunities for breakthroughs in the brand. The BYD brand has steadily gained Based on the awareness of the majority of users, we have launched the luxury brand Tengshi, and high-end brands look forward to the success."

I believe that no one will deny BYD's technology in the field of new energy vehicles at this stage. However, looking up to the brand for high-end users, this group of people needs more than just product power.

Although Nio's products have received mixed reviews from the outside world, it has successfully established a high-end brand image in the Chinese market. In contrast, many Chinese auto brands have only spent money on their way to the top without any obvious effect. Li Bin once said in his keynote speech at the Eighth Global New Energy Vehicle Conference in 2017:

I am often asked, what is the most difficult thing about building a car? Now I feel more and more that the most difficult part of being a car company is serving users. There may be times when the city is under siege. People in the city want to come out, and those outside the city want to come in, because now there are some reservations. During the whole process, I feel that the current car companies are facing some new barriers. In addition to the parts manufacturing mentioned above, the user service system is also a very important barrier.

Obviously, in addition to product strength and brand tonality, service is a factor that this group values ​​(including pre-sales, delivery, and after-sales services). This is not an area that BYD is good at, and it is also a challenge that looks forward to. At the press conference, the official stated that Yangwang will establish self-operated channels to ensure the consistency of services and rights felt by users, and set up experience centers in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other cities.

What I am looking forward to is the next ten years. When we look up at the starry sky of China's new energy vehicle high-end market, what kind of story will we have?

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