Mijia Vacuum Cleaner K10 Pro Experience: How to improve the product experience without stacking materials?

Nowadays, many small household appliances use "lazy household appliances" to advertise themselves, erecting practical and cheap "personal design." However, according to my observations, these lazy home appliances, after using the freshness to "coax" their owners to try them out for several times, they will be thrown into a hidden corner or put on an idle platform, waiting for the next owner to take over.

Don't ask, I have forgotten where I left the air fryer at home.

In my opinion, the only people who really deserve the title of "lazy home appliances" are vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots. No matter what, the chores of housework, at least the two things of sweeping and mopping, become quick and easy to complete. Thing.

▲Mechanical vs. manual

For me, who got the Mijia Vacuum Cleaner K10 Pro this time, I finally got free from housework and replaced the traditional manual cleaning tools with mechanical tools, which made me experience the transition from the "handicraft era" to the "machine industry era". The efficient and refreshing feeling.

The appearance is unremarkable, but there are small surprises

This vacuum cleaner is a new member of the Mijia family, even if I don’t look at the picture, I can imagine that it must have a white shell design, which is simple and beautiful.

I have to say that Mijia products really implement the concept of "white goods" to the end.

The unpacking process is saved, because the process of unpacking each accessory one by one is too tiring. The designer of the packaging is even more tiring than me. To put the vacuum cleaner body, battery, charger and 5 kinds of suction heads into this 1-meter-long corrugated carton tightly, there must not be any extra space to prevent the contents from being damaged due to bumps during transportation. It seems that this job is as complicated as designing a building.

But what makes me even more troublesome is that it is even more difficult to restore the original shape after unpacking, so these brush heads must have a "home", that is, a storage holder.

This storage bracket can hold up to three brush heads, and can also be connected to a power source to charge the K10 Pro through the built-in contacts. However, it needs to be fixed with expansion screws. I will not complete this big project. Place the K10 Pro against the wall. It's pretty stable.

There are a total of 5 suction head accessories in the package, which are: rotary suction and wipe integrated brush, electric anti-winding floor brush, electric mite removal brush, flat-nosed brush nozzle and long-mouth gap nozzle.

▲ List of items in the box

After some experience, I personally use the suction scrubbing brush most often. The reason is simple. It can handle enough scenes and grounds. Wooden floors, ceramic tiles, self-leveling, as long as it is a flat surface, can be used.

The second is the de-mite brush. The first thing I did after unpacking the box was to install a de-mite tip on the K10 Pro and do a "deep cleaning" for the bed. Although the bed sheets were cleaned not long ago, nearly 10 grams of "white powder" was still sucked out. Inside, there should be dust and the corpses of mites.

I have an allergic physique, and I happen to be allergic to dust and mites, so I really hate seeing each other with this mite removal brush.

The last is this floor brush. Before the wiping technology is available, the main brush head of all vacuum cleaners has a larger suction caliber than the wiping floor brush. In other words, it is more efficient. For users who have carpets at home, use The frequency to it is destined to not be low.

In fact, there is a careful thought about brushing the interior of this ordinary floor.

The brush part is embedded with a blade set, which periodically cuts the hair wound on the floor brush through electronic control, similar to the principle of an electric shaver. The cut hair will be sucked in with the rolling of the brush, and there is no need to manually pull out the long hair entangled in the brush one by one. Once the machine is turned on, the trouble thread will be cut off.

There are also two tips, which will not be repeated. First, they are common designs. Second, they are more like special products for special situations. Compared with the three tips mentioned above, they are slightly more universal. Inferior.

However, without the vacuum cleaner body, all the front suction heads can only be displayed. The body is about the size of an impact drill, but it is lighter. At the end is an LCD screen, the green outer circle shows the remaining power, and the current working mode is displayed inside the circle.

The two buttons below, the left button controls the suction and water output, and the right button switches the working mode.

Further down, there is a mechanical switch that dumps garbage with one button. Press it down, and the entire dust cup and the motor part at the back will be upturned. When the front cover is opened, the dust will fall down. After the cleaning is completed, the entire structure will be moved down. You can close it tightly by pressing it, and your hands will not be contaminated with dust during the whole process. I personally think that this solution will be better than 80% of vacuum cleaners on the market, and it is recommended that other manufacturers follow up.

If you have to say a shortcoming, it is that the dump switch is not easy to handle. Basically, there is no way to operate it with one hand. You can only hold the vacuum cleaner with one hand and click the switch with the other hand.

By the way, although this dust cup adopts a one-key dumping design, and the transparent part can be taken out and cleaned separately, the motor part after it is used up and wiped, don't put it in the water.

Picking up the vacuum cleaner, I found that the overall center of gravity is on the top of the wrist, and it is easy to push it. After installing the extension rod and brush head, the center of gravity goes down. Pushing it when cleaning is just taking advantage of the situation.

The battery adopts a detachable design. When it is dead, change a spare battery and pull the trigger. This process gives me a feeling of "I am not doing housework but on the battlefield." Regrettably, only one battery is included as a random gift.

If the house is too big and one battery does not have enough battery life, it is necessary to buy two more batteries when placing the order.

70 points for design, 90 points for experience

The suffix of this vacuum cleaner is Pro, but the aerodynamic power remains unchanged from the previous generation, both are 150AW, and the vacuum suction power is up to 22000Pa.

Although the aerodynamic performance of the two generations remains unchanged, it does not mean that the experience is the same.

The difference is reflected in the brush head accessories. The function of each tip is briefly described in the previous section, and the performance of each tip is described below in the actual experience.

The first is to absorb and wipe the integrated floor brush. The top water tank has a capacity of 400ml, but it looks very thin. The height of the entire floor brush is within 10 cm. This height determines the shortest pass height of the K10 Pro. The measured bed bottom and cabinet bottom are both You can reach in for cleaning.

The water inlet is on the side and is usually sealed with a rubber plug. Add water and install it, and this kind of integrated absorbing and mopping brush does not have a fast water output speed (otherwise it will leak), so before mopping the floor, you must first moisten the bottom two mops to keep moist while mopping the floor.

Pull down the trigger, the two mopping cloths start to rotate, press the left button to switch back and forth between dry mopping/semi-wet/wet mopping, and press the right button to turn on/off vacuuming.

In the integrated suction and wipe mode, I will slow down the walking speed. First, it is difficult to move straight under the rotation of the mop. It is necessary to fine-tune the direction of advancement artificially. Second, slow down the speed and scrub back and forth to make it cleaner.

In front of the mixed stains of ketchup and soy sauce, I turned off the vacuuming mode, and it was cleaned with a light push, and then turned on the vacuuming mode to clean the living room, which was nearly 40m², and ran away nearly 30% after the end. Power. If it only runs in mopping mode, it should be able to complete the cleaning work of an area of ​​150m². If there is a spare battery, there is no panic in the face of large houses.

After wiping, remove the mop, wash it and wring it dry, and then stick it on. Although it will still stain your hands, the entire cleaning process is much less labor-intensive than traditional mops.

The wipe is not clean, you can see from the mop, from white as cotton to black charcoal, it only takes a few minutes. Seeing that the small stains on the ground disappeared after repeated scrubbing, the effect was still satisfactory to me.

The shape of the anti-entanglement floor brush is the same as the previous generation, except that the magnetic suction box is cut off.

▲The brush is removable and washable

After replacing this suction head, the suction power can be switched from three modes of automatic/strong/long-lasting. As the name suggests, the automatic mode adjusts the suction power according to the dust flux inhaled by the infrared sensor. During the actual measurement, two suction strengths were found. In an environment with more dust, there will be a stronger suction state.

▲The sandblasting coating of the extension rod is not scratch resistant

In the long-lasting mode, the suction power is small. If you have the habit of daily cleaning, the ground is not too dirty, you can use this mode to clean.

Although the long-lasting mode is "little force" and the noise is low, I use the K10 Pro to vacuum in the living room in the morning and will not disturb the family resting in the bedroom. At this time, the battery life is about 50 minutes.

If you encounter a dirty ground with a large area of ​​dirt, you can quickly clean it up when you switch to the power mode. Of course, the battery will drop quickly, and it can be squeezed out in 10 minutes. In this mode, the volume near the air outlet of the end motor can reach 80 decibels, but the howling is small, which is loud but not harsh.

In general, the Mijia Vacuum Cleaner K10 Pro did not take the path of stacking materials, but worked hard on the experience. On the basis of ensuring the original cleaning level, it added functions such as electric floor cleaning, anti-hair entanglement, and removable battery. , Optimize the experience of dumping garbage, do not get dirty hands during light cleaning, fast and effective during heavy cleaning, and have a strong competitiveness in the market within 2,000 yuan.

"Be lazy" or "Comprehensive"

Many people who are accustomed to the "broom + mop" cleaning combination are faced with the dilemma of selection difficulties when they enter the consumption upgrade. Whether they choose a sweeping robot in one step and implement "laziness" to the end; or choose a "semi-automatic" vacuum cleaner , To firmly grasp the autonomy of housework in your own hands?

I have used both types of products, and my conclusion is: vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots, neither one can replace the other.

The sweeping robot certainly has the advantage of being fully automatic, saving time and effort. It wanders around the room and you can rest assured to do other things. However, its suction power is not as good as a vacuum cleaner, and it is difficult to do so, and it is undeniable. By replacing the suction head, the vacuum cleaner can circulate freely in the ground, mattress, car and other spaces. The multi-purpose machine is its biggest advantage.

So if you happen to have strong financial resources, of course it is recommended that you need both. If you have to choose one, it depends on whether you want to be lazy or comprehensive.

I choose the latter.

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